Jonathan Ross' PokerStars Charity Special - live blog

EDIT: See a highlight video of this event here

6pm: Thanks all round from Jonathan Ross
Jonathan Ross wrapped things up by presenting Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren with her trophy, a nice silver PokerStars spade (as in spade the card suit, not a spade for her shed).

Ross said: "It's been a fun evening and it was close. It looked like Adam (Mohamed) would win, but in the end it was the pro, Vicky, who won it."

He then thanked each of the players for taking part, as well as the audience who clearly had a great time getting up close to the action.

Afterwards, comedian John Bishop said: "It's been great fun to do. It's been good watching people who know what they are doing, like Vicky and Adam. I would definitely do it again!"

With that, we'll call an end to our coverage here from No 5 Cavendish Square in central London. We hope you enjoyed it. Good night!

1st Vicky Coren, £30,000 to St John's Hospice, London
2nd Adam Mohamed, £25,000 to Macmillan Cancer Support
3rd Jason Manford, £20,000 to the Children's Adventure Farm Trust
4th John Bishop, £15,000 to the Liverpool Homeless Football Club
5th Boris Becker, £10,000 to Laureus Foundation
6th Jonathan Ross, £5,000 to the Variety Club

5.54pm: Vicky Coren wins!
That's it, Vicky Coren has come from behind in her heads-up battle with PokerStars qualifier Adam Mohamed to win Jonathan Ross' PokerStars Charity Special. On the final hand, her [10c]4♠ overtook Mohamed's A♥3♦ on the 3♠Q♠5♥4♥K♣ board.

Vicky wins £30,000 for her chosen charity, the St John's Hospice in north London, while Adam gets £25,000 to pass on to his charity, the Macmillan Cancer Support.

We'll have a trophy ceremony shortly.

Congrats to all our celebrity players - Jonathan Ross, John Bishop, Jason Manford and Boris Becker - together with our heads-up finalists, for making today such a great success.

5.35pm: Jason Manford eliminated
He spent most of the early levels as our chip leader, but now Jason Manford is out, floored by Vicky Coren who had doubled up against him just minutes ago.

Comic Manford was all-in with A♥K♠ but he found no way to improve against Coren's 9♦9♣. Manford gets £20,000 for his chosen charity, the Children's Adventure Farm Trust.

So we're heads-up, with Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren against our own PokerStars qualifier Adam Mohamed.

5.30pm: Coren gets lucky
Comedian Jason Manford thought he was going to get a pro player's scalp when he got Vicky Coren to call his aces with K♠9♠.

Alas! The flop was 4♠7♠J♠ - and Coren, recently married, doubled up.

"That's a late wedding present for Mrs Coren-Mitchell," announced Lee Jones.

5.20pm: Lookalikes
In a worrying turn of events, three separate people have asked one of my PokerStars colleagues if I am related to Jonathan Ross.

We may share similar looks, but let me tell you there is a very large difference in our bank balances. Here are the Young/Ross twins...


Jonathan Ross and Simon Young

5.15pm: Bishop out
John Bishop's luck has run out. Vicky Coren just did the dirty deed, leaving us with three players - Coren, Jason Manford and Adam Mohamed.

For finishing fourth, Bishop collected £15,000 for his chosen charity, the Liverpool Homeless Football Club. Well done to him.

5.10pm: Mohamed survives... just
Adam Mohamed just got all-in with A♠6♥ but was up against Jason Manford's dominating A♥K♠. The flop was the irrelevant 3♥9♥8♥, the turn a meaningless Q♠ - but the river was 6♣!

A huge roar from his friends in the audience, and Mohamed, who works for a credit card company, doubled up.

According to his pals, Mohamed plays low-ish stakes MTTs on PokerStars, but has a habit of finding some value freerolls. So it was he entered the Jonathan Ross charity satellites - and won the final to get here today.

5.05pm: No bashing the Bishop
The action has speeded up as the blinds start to bite. This time it was John Bishop's turn to push. He had pocket aces, and got out of his seat. "Is it tradition to stand up?" he asked. "Boris started it."

The aces held, and the audience roared as Bishop remained in the game. And sat down.

5pm: Becker out, too
Just a hand or so after Jonathan Ross' exit, Boris Becker followed. He pushed with J-4 on a 2-4-2 board, but had walked straight into Jason Manford's pocket kings. The over pair held up, and Boris leaves in fifth place, good for £10,000 to his chosen charity, the Laureus Foundation.

4.52pm: Ross out!
Jonathan Ross is our first casualty! He got all-in pre-flop with similarly short-stacked Boris Becker. Ross had A♠K♣ and was confident until Becker turned his cards over. "TWO RED ACES!" exclaimed Ross, aghast at his luck. The bullets held up, and Ross bust, but was able to pay £5,000 to his chosen charity, the Variety Club, as a result for his sixth-place finish.

Becker, meanwhile, is still short (in chips, I mean he is well over six foot).

4.50pm: Ross is a PokerStars man
Jonathan Ross earlier recounted how he came to team up with PokerStars today. He had Tweeted to his 2.7 million followers - almost as many as me - asking which poker site he should play on. "Many of them, including Vicky Coren, said PokerStars. So I gave it a go and I liked the layout of the site and it seemed fun.

"The PokerStars guys were very helpful and bent over backwards to help with this charity day. It may have my name on it, but they have done all the hard work," he said.


4.40pm: Chips! Manford leads
I've just done the chip count with Lee Jones, and it's not encouraging news for John Bishop, Boris Becker or Jonathan Ross, who only have a few big blinds left. Much more healthy-looking for Jason Manford, however. Blinds after the break will be 50-100.

Adam Mohamed (PokerStars qualifier): 1,375
Boris Becker: 325
Jason Manford: 2,425
Vicky Coren: 1,400
John Bishop: 275
Jonathan Ross: 200

Shout out to Mike Hall and Rich Eatock, who not only claim to be massive PokerStars players, but who are here to support Adam Mohamed. They are keen to point out they are NOT drinking champagne. No, no. They've been on the beer!

4.30pm: Break
We're on a break. I am chip-count hunting.

4.30pm: Ross all-in
Amidst all the joking around, no-one really noticed Jonathan Ross was getting low in chips. Suddenly, he pushed his remaining few hundred chips over the line, announced he was all-in and stood up. One by one the table folded, until it came around to Jason Manford, who had the chips to call. And the cards apparently:

Ross: A♦[10s]
Manford: A♥3♠

Ross was well ahead and looking for a vital double up. The A♣8♣5♦6♠K♠ duly gave it to him.

Lee Jones has said we will have a short break in five minutes. I will actually be able to get you some chip counts then!

4.25pm: Boris all-in
Boris Becker just moved all-in for the second time in an orbit. It was folded around to John Bishop, who looked for the world like he was going to make the call. Becker was at risk of elimination, and the crowd roared in anticipation as the comedian thought, and thought. And folded.

4.20pm: Who is winning?
No idea, I'm afraid, I can't get close enough to the action. However, the poker is secondary here. This is entertainment primarily, and charity will be the winner. Each player is representing a charity, and the winner will receive a nice cheque to forward on.

Jonathan Ross, for example, has chosen to represent the Variety Club. "It's important to remember people less fortunate than ourselves at this time of year," he said.

I am sitting here with my cap upturned on the desk.

4.14pm: Kenny Rogers alert
Jason Manford and John Bishop just broke out into song, a rather dodgy rendition of Kenny Rogers' The Gambler (you gotta know when to hold'em, know when to fold'em etc).

"Listening to that was like being stuck in a lift with Peter Kay," Jonathan Ross said.

4.06pm: Applause for Mohamed
"Look everyone, Adam is playing a hand," taunted John Bishop, as Adam Mohamed appeared to make his first bet of the game so far. "Of course, he may just have accidentally knocked his chips over," he added.

Our comedians, despite being amateurs at this game, knew danger when they saw it, and everyone folded. Mohamed, our PokerStars qualifier, won his first pot to loud applause from the crowd.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Ross has been musing about who may be first out. "I think it will be me," he reflected. Boris Becker, thinks it may be him. "I can barely afford to pay the big blind," he said.

4pm: Manford getting hands
Comedian Jason Manford was losing chips, then pulled in a decent pot with two pair. "Phew! That was frightening," he said. "I was just checking to see about going home."

Then he took another pot, this time of Boris Becker, who asked if he would be able to rebuy - no, was the answer - before folding reluctantly on a board of 6♣K♥J♥7♥6♦. "Show me!" pleaded Boris. And Manford obliged, turning over A♥5♥ for the flush.

3.45pm: Ross destroyed by Vicky
Play is going along nicely, but there are no casualties or major swings in stacks. Ross told earlier how he once played heads-up against Vicky Coren for fun. "I won just about every hand against her... until the last one," he said. "Then she took everything I had."

Meanwhile, John Bishop has been speculating how Boris Becker plays online at home. "He'd be sitting there in his silk smoking jacket and glass of champagne," he quipped.

Boris has the audience close to his back, and Ross is keen to get some help. "If you can see his cards, can you tell me if he is bluffing?"

Everyone seems to be enjoying the banter, although right now Adam Mohamed, our online qualifier, is a little quiet. If he is trying to size up his opponents, he may simply confuse himself more. How can you read the likes of Jason Manford and Bishop if they themselves don't really know what they're doing?

3.28pm: Shuffle up and play
And we're off. Our celebrity guests, together with online qualifier Adam Mohamed have taken their seats, and Jonathan Ross has introduced them to the audience.

"I'd like to thank you all for coming today. I'm going to make some introductions then we will start to play poker. I think that's the game. Are any of you poker players?"

The roar from the crowd suggested many of them are indeed masters of the felt. They cheered as Ross made the introductions, including comedian John Bishop, whom he claimed was the dark horse.

"OK, let's shuffle up and play." Normally it's deal, of course. But this is not meant to be an entirely serious tournament.

Banter began straight away, with Ross pulling up Boris Becker for his icy stare. However, I think he always looks like that.

3.20pm: Missing, presumed doing chores
Vicky Coren recently married TV star David Mitchell, but he is nowhere to be seen today. I'm assured there is no truth in the rumour she has got him putting up shelves and decorating the spare room.

We've still not started, by the way, which gives me a chance to explain that last night was PokerStars' Christmas party, which resulted in something of a, erm, late night. Suffice to say, when I did (eventually) get to bed, I slept like a baby and had a weird dream that I was watching an exotic dancer.

Then when I woke up I found this picture on my phone...


I remember it all, honestly

3.05pm: Boris banter
Boris Becker counts Jonathan Ross as a "good friend". He explained: "Jonathan is a great television personality. We have been good friends for a number of years and I am sure he will be very chatty at the table, just as I am sure he has been training for this event for weeks. I also think he may have rigged a couple of cards to give him a hand or two!"

The audience, clutching champagne, has just been asked to take their seats. Master of ceremonies is our very own Lee Jones, who will be introducing our players shortly.

A reminder of our line-up for this charity special: Jonathan Ross, John Bishop, Jason Manford, Vicky Coren, Boris Becker, and our online qualifier Adam Mohamed.

Actually, Mohamed is the one the others fear most. "He won a big tournament to get his place here today, so he must know what he's doing," Ross said.

2.50pm: 'Ancient Boris'
Jonathan Ross fancies his chances in this tournament. Chatting about how he thinks this will pan out, he said: "Well, Vicky (Coren) has just about survived in poker, and Boris Becker, well he last won Wimbledon in 1940. As for John Bishop and Jason Manford, I only asked them along to make me look good.

"So at the moment, I am the winner!"

A confident man, is Mr Ross. I reckon play will begin in around 15 mins.

2.40pm: Filling up
The audience and guests are arriving at our plush headquarters at No 5 Cavendish Square. What's more they seem to be hitting the champagne, and already it looks like a couple of them could get a little rowdy. Bit early for me, though.

If you want to get in touch throughout today's event, Tweet us @PokerStarsBlog

2.20pm: What's going on here, then?
Good afternoon and welcome to this unique live update from central London. Today, PokerStars Blog brings you all the fun and frolics from Jonathan Ross' PokerStars Charity Special, a one-table tournament with some very cool guests.

As well as chat show king Ross, one of Britain's best-loved television stars, we've got top comics John Bishop and Jason Manford, together with PokerStars' Vicky Coren, just returned from her honeymoon, and Boris Becker, who was not on honeymoon with Vicky (at least I think not). Completing the line-up is Adam Mohamed. You may not have heard of him - that's because he's a lucky PokerStars player from Brighton who qualified to take his seat here via an online final. He probably won't believe he's about to play poker with this lot.

I'll be quite honest here, I'm not expecting any world-beating poker when we get going in around 30 minutes. But that's not the point. This will be top entertainment, with banter-a-plenty, laughs and probably some severe mickey-taking. And although someone will come out on top, the real winners will be the charities our players are representing. More about those later.

How did all this come about? Well, Ross has become something of a poker fiend, and he and PokerStars thought it would be great to get together for charity. This is the result, and now we sit in a swanky central London venue near Oxford Circus, the sort of place where I should probably have taken my shoes off before walking on the carpet.

A live audience is arriving as we speak, eager to see Ross and his star-studded line-up in action. It will be quite a ride, so keep this page open and hit that refresh button to see the latest updates. Meanwhile, take a gander at our launch post yesterday.

I'll be back with you shortly.

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