Joshua Jacobs wins the Rafa Nadal Dream Day poker face competition

Rafa Nadal is known around the world as the King of Clay, a tennis beast that simply can't be beaten on the dusty red surface. Joshua Jacobs isn't internationally known as anything, although from this day forth he could be known as 'that kid who pulled a confused simper in a photo and got to hang out with the King of Clay for the day'. It's not the catchiest of nicknames to be fair, but at least it's accurate: Jacobs has just been chosen as the winner of the Rafa Nadal Dream day poker face competition.


Joshua Jacobs, winner of the Rafa Dream Day poker face competition

The 19-year old, who is currently studying Economics at Nottingham University, UK, entered the Dream Day competition through a joint love (well, like) of poker and tennis. Although he plays poker with friends "a few times a week" Jacobs rates his tennis skills as having the upper hand, which is just as well as he gets to play a practice session against Nadal.

"How do I fancy my chances? Quietly confident. I'll target his back hand," said Jacobs.

Let's face it, he's got a better chance to beat Nadal on the felt, which he'll get a chance to during the first weekend of December when he'll get flown out to Majorca in an all-expenses paid trip.

Winner's bundle
-- A chance to meet with Rafa Nadal and play a short practice session of tennis as well as a poker home game on the evening of 1st of December 2012
-- Return flight to Majorca
-- Two nights' hotel accommodation in Majorca

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