Milestone hands making it rain in 75 billionth hand promo

ps_news_thn.jpgSo, you're walking down the street. You've got your earbuds in, maybe grooving to a little Sly and the Family Stone and thinking about how you wished you had chosen a different pair of underwear to wear that day. Without warning, you trip over a plain brown envelope and fall flat on your face. After the requisite amount of obscenity and personal inventory for injury, you grab the envelope and prepare to throw it in a nearby river. But, first, you think, let's just check and see what's inside. Oh, look there. It's $4,273.60.

What do you do? Do you stuff it in the pocket of your peacoat? Throw it in the river anyway? Seek out the rightful owner? Or do you just consider it The Day I Ran Good, and head on home to put it in the pile with the rest of your money?

Let's be honest. This is probably not going to happen to you on your way to the deli. However, if you're like PokerStars' sipinho13, it might just happen to you while you're playing on PokerStars this week, and you won't have to worry about injury or finding someone to whom you should give it back.

Over the last day or so, the PokerStars 75 Billionth Hand promotion has kicked off again with milestone hands raining down on people like sipinho13.

As we mentioned a few days back, people are going to be winning money all this week in the promotion. Get dealt into a milestone hand, you'll win extra money based on the number of VPPs you've recently earned. Win the hand, you'll win more. Win the 75 billionth hand, and you'll rake in at least $20,000.

Thumbnail image for 10th_anniversary_72b-2.png

It will look a lot like this, but maybe with you in the picture

So, it's all the found money joy, without any of the guilt of wondering if you should give it back to somebody.

To get a look at who is already winning money, check out our PokerStars 75 billionth hand winners page.

Now, get out there, adjust your pants, turn on your iPod, and find you some money.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news