Pavlikova takes FPS Snowfest

ps_news_thn.jpgThe France Poker Series has found its latest winner, and she is Veronika Pavlikova. On Sunday, Pavlikova, an 18-year-old, finished atop the 296-player field. Her take? The FPS trophy and €70,000.

The PokerStars qualifier scored her first major victory in an event featured many seasoned players, including Guillaume Darcourt, Thibaud Guenegou, and Team PokerStars Pro Matthias de Meulder.


Veronika Pavlikova, FPS Snowfest winner

Here are the final results from this year's FPS Snowfest final table.

FPS Snowfest Final Table

1. Veronika Pavlikova: €70,000
2. Ludovic Marguerat: €43,500
3. Serge Didisheim: €27,500
4. Guillaume Darcourt: €21,160
5. Gregory Raffalli: €16,000
6. Damien Denis: €12,000
7. Gilles Mellet: €8,500
8. Morgan Franz: €6,000

Congratulations once again to Veronika Pavlikova for her amazing win in Evian.

FPS Staff
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