Play the $1m Red Spade Open this Sunday, destroy Team Pro for cash

ps_news_thn.jpgDum-der-dum-der-dum. Can you hear that? Dum-der-dum-der-dum. It's the sound of war drums pealing in from across the valley. Head hunters and scalpers are getting ready to take down Team PokerStars Pros in this Sunday's $1,000,000 guarantee so ready your war gear (laptop, power drinks, lucky hoody and AAA batteries for your headphones) and register for Sunday's $55 tournament. Each Team Pro that you bump off will pocket you $100 and should you go deep (should? when!) then there's a guaranteed $200,000 pay out for first place. Amazing scenes.

The tournament takes place this Sunday, 12 August at 3pm (ET). Find out more about the Red Spade Open, only the fourth to be held, by clicking through the link here.

Last time around Austria's 'crackin_ty' pocketed $247,378 for the win. It's hard not to give that kind of ROI a shot! There are already 1,608 players registered but you can expect that number to rocket through satellites and FPP entries to create an enormous prize pool.

pca_bounty 2_deeb bounty.jpg

Everyone loves a bounty, not least of all Sean Deeb (pictured here at PCA 2011)

Seats are available by direct buy-in, cash satellites and the PokerStars VIP store. For those and and for those with 500 FPPs spare they'll be special 500-seat guaranteed VIP Bash satellite running on Saturday (that's tomorrow, folks). This can be found under 'Tourney' > 'VIP' > 'SilverStar'.

You can go to the tournament lobby direct by clicking on 'Find a tournament...' under 'Requests' and using number 611010577.

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