PokerStars' 80 billionth hand makes funex700 brightest star in Spain

ps_news_thn.jpgThe Hubble Telescope, the giant marvel of space-watching technology, can see 80 billion galaxies in the observable universe. When it looks through its giant eye, it sees things we can't see and translates that ridiculously large number into something we can understand. Eighty billion. It's almost an almost impossible number to conceive, but for one PokerStars player, it's a number he'll never forget.

Today, funex700, a PokerStars player from Spain, won PokerStars' 80 billionth hand at a .10/.25 no-limit hold'em table. The pot earned him $179.88. The Road to 100 Billion promotion means funex700 won an additional $22,940. Everybody else at his table won at least $10,000 just for being there.


It was the middle of the afternoon in Madrid when the PokerStars hand counter rocketed toward 80 billion. Lighting struck at funex700's table where his tablemates broke down in almost blubbering appreciation. Here's just a sample of the chat:

Starfighte86: OMG
PatrickStoia: yes
Starfighte86: this is so wonderful
Starfighte86: i could cry :D

The wait for the deal seemed interminable. Players watched their internet signals to make sure they weren't disconnecting. Finally, the PokerStars host pressed the big green button and made it rain.

Indeed, all it took was runner-runner two pair with 5♦A♠ on the Q♣4♠T♥A♥5♣ board to change funex700's day in a big way. If he had been waiting for PokerStars 80 billionth hand in a live poker room with one dealer, it would've taken 2,537 years. On PokerStars, it took just a little more than ten years.


funex700 wins PokerStars' 80 billionth hand

We said all of that to say this: it's widely believed that there are many, many more galaxies beyond what the Hubble Telescope can actually see. Just like that, there are billions and billions more hands to come on the PokerStars Road to 100 Billion. The next stop is 85 billion. It's not light years away. It's coming soon to a PokerStars promotion near you.

Stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled on the PokerStars Blog. We aren't the Hubble Telescope, but we like to think we're pretty enlightening.

Once again, congratulations to funex700 on his big win. See you in another five billion?

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news