PokerStars' 85 billionth hand, big prizes both in sight

100-bill-blog-thumb.PNGIf you haven't checked your map or GPS for a while, I'd suggest you do so right now. When you do, you might realize you've been on the Road to 100 Bilion for a long time and not realized it. Now is a good time to start paying attention, because there is a waypoint on the horizon that could end up winning you some big money if you're paying attention.

Sometime in the next couple of weeks, PokerStars will deal its 85 billionth hand. If you're at all familiar with the PokerStars Road to 100 Bilion promotion, you will know that the lead-up to that big event could mean sizable prizes for you. How big? Well, here is how much money PokerStars awarded at the waypoints along the road:

  • 72 billionth hand promotion: $1.01 million
  • 75 billionth hand promotion: $1.02 million
  • 80 billionth hand promotion: $1.05 million
  • Each time, PokerStars has awarded more than 1,500 individual prizes, which is cool in itself. But the biggest attention always goes to the player who hits the big one. Last time it was funex700 who won $22,940 for hitting the 80 billionth hand in a .10/.25 game.

    Now it's your turn. The milestone hands are going to start hitting soon. If you are dealt in to one, you will earn a lot of money based on the number of VPPs you have racked up at your table. Win the 85 billionth hand, and you'll win a minimum of $10,000.


    If you're playing in a regular ring game next week (alas, Zoom tables are ineligible), keep an eye on the lobby for the milestone hands leading up to the 85 billionth. Sit at extra tables, sit earlier or play a little looser to build up your VIP Player Points. Do anything you can to get dealt into the next milestone hand.

    Now, we can't tell you when the milestone hands are going to hit, but, if we were giving advice, we'd say to start paying some really close attention to the lobby on Monday.

    For now, head on over to the Road to 100 Bilion for all the details you need on the promotion.

    Good luck!

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in PokerStars news