PokerStars hits 85 billionth hand, pays out big prizes

ps_news_thn.jpgBefore everything stopped, the previous pot was worth 12 cents. The entire purse wouldn't buy a stick of gum in most industrialized parts of the world. But then, the poker world stopped turning for a moment at a .02/.05 no-limit hold'em table. For an uncomfortable second, it was as if the internet had shut down and he game was finished. And then something amazing happened.

The winner of the next pot at the same table pocketed more than $26,000. That's how PokerStars rolls on the Road to 100 Billion.


I see the Road to 100 Billion like a very big family. There's a father with a dozen daughters. All of them are going to get married eventually, and when they do, daddy is going to have to shell out a lot of money. When the big day comes, though a million bucks has changed hands, everybody is happy. That's the Road to 100 Billion, with Papa PokerStars footing the bill.

Just a few minutes ago, PokerStars dealt its 85 billionth hand. It ended a week and a half-long celebration during which time PokerStars paid out hundred of thousands of dollars in milestone hands (you can see all of the big winners right here on the Road to 100 Billion 85 billionth milestone hand winners page).

More than a quarter million people were playing on PokerStars when the 85 billionth hand came off the ethereal stub. The lucky hand fell on a table named Josephina, a .02/.05 micro-limit affair that would usually afford its players more practice than riches. But on this day, that changed. When the banner flashed, the players went nuts.

3x0r: i <3 PS
exxu: i heart pokerstars
Kostas poker: PS is the best
Kostas poker: thanks for promo

Of all the players at the table, Posonap seemed the happiest. He's getting married this Sunday.

"My wife is here," he said, "and wants the half."

To get the big prize (and give his bride half), Posonap would have to win the big one. Regardless of the outcome, he was in for a big payday. Here's how the hand played out.

That was all it took for som6873. He showed down 4♣K♣ for top pair on the 7♦3♣K♥ J♦8♥ board, and it was good for the $26,300 prize. In all, PokerStars handed out more than $93,000 at the table. Here's how the prize money broke down.

  • volkmar1961 --$13,430
  • s3x0r -- $12,040
  • Kostas poker -- $13,680
  • Posonap -- $13,310
  • exxu -- $14,280
  • som6873 -- $26,300
  • 85-billion-hand-winner.jpg

    PokerStars' 85 billionth hand

    It won't be long before the Road to 100 Billion hits the 90 billionth hand waypoint. Click on that link to keep up with the party.

    In the meantime, congratulations to som6873 for winning in PokerStars 85 billionth hand.

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