PokerStars Hot Turbos: Guaranteed turbos every day

hot-turbos-thumb-blog.pngI'm going to make this quick, because, I know you are busy. You've got three appointments before noon, a meeting with somebody important, and five phone calls to return. But, hey, there's still time for a PokerStars tournament with a big guarantee, right?


Seriously, right.

Today PokerStars launched the Hot Turbos, a daily series of turbo tournaments that all have guaranteed prize pools. Starting with 55-cent buy-ins and going all the way up to $109, the Hot Turbos have guarantees that get as big as $30,000.

There are 13 Hot Turbos throughout the day starting at 2:30am ET and running through 11:45pm ET. It doesn't matter what time zone you live in. You'll have a chance to win some big turbo cash in the time it takes to watch a movie.

Want to plan your fast day? Check out the schedule below.


  • The Hot $109: 02:30 ET -- $10,000 guaranteed
  • The Hot $2.20: 04:30 ET -- $4,000 guaranteed
  • The Hot $3.30: 06:30 -- $6,000 guaranteed
  • The Hot $4.40: 07:30 -- $8,000 guaranteed
  • The Hot $33: 10:30 -- $10,000 guaranteed
  • The Hot $11: 12:30 ET -- $25,000 guaranteed
  • The Hot $16.50: 13:30 ET -- $25,000 guaranteed
  • The Hot $75: 14:30 ET -- $30,000 guaranteed
  • The Hot $55: 15:15 ET -- $20,000 guaranteed
  • The Hot $0.55: 16:45 ET -- $2,500 guaranteed
  • The Hot $44: 18:30 ET -- $25,000 guaranteed
  • The Hot $5.50: 19:45 ET -- $5,000 guaranteed
  • The Hot $22: 22:45 ET -- $10,000 guaranteed
  • While the buy-ins for these events are fairly reasonable, there are satellites running all the time that can get you in to the Hot Turbos for pennies on the dollar.

    The Hot Turbos are running now. You can find them in the PokerStars tournament lobby under Tourney-All. Or, just type the word HOT into the tournament filter for all the steamy action.

    For more information, visit the Hot Turbos web page.

    Now, go win you some money in a hurry!

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in PokerStars news