PokerStars ready to deal 90 billionth hand

Let's just put this on the table: 90 billion is a ridiculous number. It's far beyond our ability to comprehend. You might even be a smart person and be able to grok the idea of a light year, but if you try to wrap your noggin around the idea of 90 billion light years (which is, you know, the approximate size of the universe, man), you'd probably end up building structures with your mashed potatoes.

But, here it is. We're once again on the verge of PokerStars dealing a massive milestone of a hand. Some time in the next couple of weeks, PokerStars will deal its 90 billionth hand. It's an inconceivable number, but in the past eleven years, that's exactly how many hands PokerStars' virtual dealers have spit out.

Because PokerStars doesn't do much of anything without a party (and, ahem, my birthday is just a couple of weeks away, Stars people), it's about to get crazy up in here. PokerStars has just announced it is once again throwing a milestone party in its Road to 100 Billion promotion.

And what's a party without making it rain? PokerStars is kicking in a million bucks in prize money.

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To win money, all you have to do is be dealt into one of the milestone hands--every million between hand number 89,700,000,000 and 90,000,000,000. If it happens, you win cash. If you hit the big one, you will win at least $20,000. What's more, depending on how how many VPPs you have earned at your winning table, your prizes could be much bigger.

The milestone hands haven't started yet, but they should start hitting within the next few days. So, keep your eyes on the PokerStars lobby and get ready to start celebrating.

For more information, visit the PokerStars Road to 100 Billion information page.

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging

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