#PS100K challenge, 1: Ask Duhamel a question, win a share of $25,000

ps_news_thn.jpgTwitter is aflutter with #AskDuhamel hashtags. They're everywhere, flapping their electrical wings across the worldwide web looking for the WSOP 2010 champion as the opening throw-down of our @PokerStars Twitter promotion.

To celebrate @PokerStars breaking the 100,000 fan milestone - we've currently got 99,293 - we're launching the #PS100K challenge which gives you easy entry into a $10,000 freeroll, rising to $25,000 should @PokerStars tweet fans complete all the objectives set over the next ten days. The first, which was started last week, is to ask Team PokerStars Pro Duhamel a question using the #AskDuhamel and #PS100K hashtags. And you've been doing so in your droves.

Duhamel will conduct a live Q&A on Twitter at 5pm (ET) today fielding questions on, well, everything and anything so get your Twitter thumb a moving. If 500 questions are asked using those hastags $1,000 will be added to the $10,000 already in the freeroll. And every day that could grow by another $1,000. If all ten challenges are successfully completed we'll kick in a bonus congratulatory $5,000 to make it a chunky $25,000 in the middle of the table.


Hmmm, let me think about that one...

Get involved
Step one: is to make a deposit ($10 minimum) using the bonus code TWITTER100. Once you do that, you will get a ticket into the PokerStars 100K Challenge tournament (Tournament ID 594920526).

Step two: is to follow @PokerStars on Twitter (and you can always follow @PokerStarsBlog while you're at it).

Step three: is to complete every #PS100K challenge.

Step four: is to win thousands of dollars for free. Okay, you can't all do that but there could be as much as $25,000 up for grabs for free.

Each challenge will last 24 hours from midnight to midnight ET (so don't jump the gun on any of these challenges). Tomorrow's challenge - starting from midnight tonight - is to get 250 #FF @PokerStars using the #PS100K hashtag . If you're not aware of the lingo, the #FF hashtag stands for 'Follow Friday' and is a way to suggest to your followers who they might like on Twitter.

Terms and conditions

  • Each challenge will last 24 hours (12am -12pm, ET) except challenge 1 which will run from the 1st - 9th August.

  • Only followers of the main @pokerstars twitter account are eligible to take part in the daily challenges.

  • All tweets must contain #PS100k.

  • The depositor freeroll will only be available to those customers who can access the .com, .ee, .be, .dk or .eu clients.

  • The 100k tournament will be take place on 20 Aug, 5pm ET.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in PokerStars news