#PS100K challenge: Big wins for the @PokerStars crew

ps_news_thn.jpgIt was quite some blow out. Ten days of #PS100K partying to celebrate the @PokerStars Twitter account breaking through the 100,000 follower barrier. There was a $15,000 freeroll and WCOOP tickets aplenty as challenges were thrown down to the growing horde (currently all 103,711 of you). You took them on and - largely - won out.

Stumbling out into the cold light of day there are a few party-goers who have more reason to smile than most; 2,700 of you picked up a free pay day in our $15,000 freeroll (which started at $10,000 but cranked up $5,000 thanks to challenges met) with NastyJack269 from Slovenia bagging the $1,500 first place prize, and ten others won big money WCOOP tickets.

ps100k_freeroll payout.jpg

The #PS100K freeroll pay outs

In the grand final, a two-day BOOM! challenge, four of the five challenges were met and the following players won a $700 WCOOP ticket.

#Bluff - @jaydee_97
#CrackedAces- ‏@quixotic78
#MegaPot - @lipaonline
#RoyalFlush - @marcossketch_

If you missed out on the #PS100K celebrations then make sure that you follow @PokerStars on Twitter for next time round (and you can always follow @PokerStarsBlog while you're at it).

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