#PS100K challenge, the finale: BOOM! a hand, win one of five $700 WCOOP tickets!

ps_news_thn.jpgWe're coming into the home straight of our #PS100K promotion and, boy, we're pulling out all the stops to celebrate the @PokerStars Twitter account breaking through 100,000 followers. We're giving out five tickets into the WCOOP-23: $700 NL Hold'em tournament? The two-day tournament, which takes place 9 September, has a $1,500,000 guarantee and will pay the winner hundreds of thousands of dollars. We are going to make you do some work for it though. Boooo. But it involves playing poker. Hurray!

We're setting five poker challenges - bluffing, cracking aces, making a royal flush, beating a sponsored player and playing the biggest pot - which must be then be tweeted through the PokerStars BOOM! player using the #PS100K hashtag (as well as the designated hashtag, see below). First let's take a quick look at who completed yesterday's challenge, @Levi_L90 who persuaded UFC fighter Shane Carwin to take a swing at the re-tweet with his 115,896 followers.

Shane Carwin ‏(@ShaneCarwin)
"RT @Levi_L90: "congrats #PS100K " you have found an amazing fan to support your brand."

Levi Lightning (‏@Levi_L90)
"@ShaneCarwin wow thanks man your the best. GL against Nelson, KO him #carwinarmy"

Mr Lightning is now a proud owner of a $530 WCOOP ticket having pipped @Boyvbeu to the prize, who managed to get glamour model Bobbi Eden to re-tweet to her 111,733 followers. Looks like there are more fighters than lovers out there.

boom hand replayer.jpg

Challenge number nine: Aug 17 & 18
This is the final challenge, a two-day bonanza that runs until midnight (ET) on Saturday, 18 August. We're giving away five $700 WCOOP tickets, one to each of the following categories:

#Bluff - BOOM! a hand where you've made a great river bluff
#CrackedAces - BOOM! a hand where you beat pocket aces
#RoyalFlush - BOOM! a hand where you make a royal flush
#PSPro - BOOM! a hand in which you beat a PokerStars sponsored player in a pot (a member of Team PokerStars Pro or Team PokerStars online)

One $700 WCOOP ticket winner will be picked at random from each of the categories listed above (we will verify that you have met the conditions). The final category will go to the largest pot:

#MegaPot - BOOM! the largest real money ring game pot you get to showdown in

When you use Twitter to BOOM! a hand your tweet will pre-populate with text. You must add the #PS100K hashtag AND the correct hashtag from the above categories or you will not be eligible for entry. The hand must also have played out between 12am (ET) on 17 August and 12pm on 18 August and make sure that the BOOM! hand replayer link is still live so that we can check the hand.

If you're new to BOOM! then find out about how to use the BOOM! hand replayer right here. And don't forget that the #PS100K freeroll is up $15,000 and takes place on the 20 August.


Beat a PokerStars sponsored player and BOOM! it

Get involved
Step one: Make a deposit ($10 minimum) using the bonus code TWITTER100. Once you do that, you will get a ticket into the PokerStars 100K Challenge tournament (Tournament ID 594920526).

Step two: Follow @PokerStars on Twitter (and you can always follow @PokerStarsBlog while you're at it).

Step three: Complete the #PS100K challenges, which will be tweeted each morning and can be found here at the PokerStars Blog.

Step four: Win thousands of dollars for free. Okay, you can't all do that but there could be as much as $25,000 up for grabs for free.

Terms and conditions

  • Each challenge will last 24 hours (12am -12pm, ET) except challenge 1 which will run from the 1st - 9th August.

  • Only followers of the main @pokerstars twitter account are eligible to take part in the daily challenges.

  • All tweets must contain #PS100k.

  • The depositor freeroll will only be available to those customers who can access the .com, .ee, .be, .dk or .eu clients.

  • The 100k tournament will be take place on 20 Aug, 5pm ET.

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