Public Service Announcement: 75 billionth hand about to hit

ps_news_thn.jpgThe are rules of etiquette when it comes to things like this. If a ball is about to hit you in the face, I'm supposed to immediately yell, "Heads up!" If your mother-in-law is on her way to your house, I'm supposed to call you ten minutes in advance so you can hide in the garage. If PokerStars' is about to deal it's 75 billionth hand, I have to give you enough advance notice that you have a chance to be part of the fun.

So, this is it.

The person on whom I count to give me the warning just checked in to say that the big hand is coming. When? Well, I can't tell you exactly when, because that would just ruin all the fun. But suffice it to say, you won't sleep twice between the time you read this and the time someone wins at least $20,000 for taking down the 75 billionth hand (unless you suffer from narcolepsy, and in that case, your results may vary).

If you have no idea what this is about, you obviously don't spend much time reading this blog. Here. This is the PokerStars Road to 100 Billion page. It explains how people getting dealt into big milestone hands are winning lots of extra cash (around $750,000 so far). It also explains how you'll want to be around for the 75 billionth.

Now, if you're like me, you always see these sweepstakes things and think, "Nobody ever wins any of those things." In this case, however, they do. I have some proof.

Check out this list of PokerStars 75 billionth milestone hand winners. Go ask the people on the list. They'll tell you. It's for real.

So, this is your last warning. The next time we write on this subject, we'll be telling you who won all the money.

Will it be you?

(Oh, and your mother-in-law is on her way to your house. Heads up.)

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Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news