Race to Supernova... and beyond!

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In 2011 Andrew 'azntracker' managed to make Supernova Elite in a record two months, busting PokerStars Team Online's George 'Jorg95' Lind previous record by some three weeks. That's an incredible performance of persistence, focus and sheer bloody-mindedness. Yes, he won plaudits. Indeed, he won all the huge cash bonuses that go with racking up 1,000,000 VPPs (in just a couple of months). But did he get his face on a playing card? No, he did not. This year you can.


Li (centre) and Lind look set to go to war again

We've got a couple of great prizes lined up for the first player to cross the 100,000 line to Supernova and a couple more for the first grinder supreme that busts through the 1,000,000 VPP threshold to Supernova Elite. Will Lind come back to reclaim his title? Will Li keep on punching? Or will someone else make their mark? Alex Wice (who final tabled EPT Deauville) has also made some big predictions on the year. Maybe you should too. Sign up to our race leader board by sending an email with your User ID to the VIP guys at vipclub@pokerstars.com to get your name registered.

First to Supernova (100,000 VPP)
Win the race to Supernova and you'll get the following prizes (on top of all the usual incredible VIP gifts)...

1) VIP Store shopping spree: You've just clocked 100,000 VPP points? And you're the first to do so in 2013? Well, you should go shopping to celebrate. Here you go, let the PokerStars VIP Club give you a bonus 100,000 FPP to spend in a frenzy on VIP Store merchandise. (Tournament tickets, live event packages, gift certificates and bonuses are excluded).

2) Join the deck: Be commemorated in the 2013 PokerStars Collectible Card Deck along with Team PokerStars and other outstanding live and online PokerStars players.

First to Supernova Elite (1,000,000 VPP)
If you're the first to one million VPPs you'll get the following prizes (again, on top of the other mountains of cash bonuses, tournament tickets and premium freerolls)...

1) Double points day: If you're the first Supernova Elite of 2013 - congratulations! - you get to pick a 24-hour period of your choice where you earn double the normal VPPs and FPPs. That's free money right there. How much depends on how much you want to grind. Given that you'll be the first Supernova Elite of the year, we're guessing that answer is 'a lot'. (You have to let us know in advance your chosen 24 hours)

2) Become a face (card): Like the first Supernova of the year, you'll get your face on one of the cards of 2013 PokerStars collectible card deck along with members of Team PokerStars and other headline poker players. Just imagine drawing to your own face for royalties in a post tournament game of open-face Chinese!

Annual VPP totals are reset at the end of the year so make sure you start the year off with a bang!

Find out more about the VIP Club here. Also, make sure that you sign up to the @PokerStarsBlog Twitter account to follow updates about this race and much more.

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