Win big on the Road to 100 Billion now!

The Road to 100 Billion is paved with good intentions. Actually, it's not. It's paved with loads and loads of free money: $351,930 up to and including Milestone hand #89,889,000,000. PokerStars is paying out big bonuses to everyone dealt into each millionth hand from the 89,700,000,000 all the way through to 90,000,000,000. The winner of the 90 billionth hand will win big, real big. If one of this afternoon's winner's, yandex182, had binked that hand he would have won $361,940*, which isn't to say that the $20,345 they won in their $10-$20 FL Hold'em game wasn't astounding enough. Winning a thousand big bets in a fixed limit game? That would take some grinding.

* This is according to limited skills of the PokerStars Blog's arithmetic. It's safe to say, it would have been a lot.


As if an $800 pot wasn't enough...

Keep an eye on the banner in the top left of the PokerStars lobby and you'll see a countdown to each and every Milestone. 89,899,000,000 has just hit so there's still a good 100 bonus hands to be involved in. Find out more about the promotion here and you can see all the winners so far through this link.

Maximise your chances of hitting a Milestone
* Play on more tables: If you are able to play on more than one table at a time, you will increase your chances of being dealt into a milestone hand.

* Play longer sessions: The size of the prizes depends on the number of VIP Player Points (VPPs) you have earned while sitting at the table. Try to take a seat at a table well in advance of the next milestone hand to increase the amount of your potential prize.

* Loosen up: You earn VPPs every time you contribute to a raked pot. The more pots you play in, the more VPPs you will earn.

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