Road to 100 Billion: The second happiest day of a winner's life

ps_news_thn.jpgAt 44 years old, Sergey "som6873" Tsiganov probably already had an inkling that he had already known his happiest days. Almost any parent will tell you, the happiest day of his life is watching his child come into the world. Tsiganov is no different, and he remembers the day his son was born as the happiest ever.

Consider that as you consider this: on August 20th (just a day after his son's birthday, by the way) Tsiganov won more than $26,000 in PokerStars 85 billionth hand. He'd been playing .02/.05 microlimit no-limit hold'em when his table hit the big-money hand.

"I thought it was a joke," he said.

No joke. He managed to make top pair in the 85 billionth hand which was good for the pot and the double-prize money milestone hand.


The 44-year old builder, like many others, started playing cards after seeing it on TV. He hopped on PokerStars, played for play money for a year, and finally started to dabble in the microlmits. He'd never won more than $50 in a sitting. All of a sudden he was sitting on a $26,300 bankroll. In all, his table won more than $93,000 for the milestone hand.

"The last time was so happy was when my son was born," Tsiganov said.

If you can read Russian and want to learn more about the big winner and his life, head on over to the Russian PokerStars's Blog's interview with Sergey "som6873" Tsiganov.

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