Road to 100 Billion: Who wins the milestone hands?

Thumbnail image for 100-bill-blog-thumb.PNGIf you're one of those people who love a good conspiracy theory, you might sit there writing up your newsletter and think, "That Road to 100 Billion is just like all of those sweepstakes. Nobody really wins." Well, of course, we beat you to the punch by publishing all the names of the winners of the 85 Billionth hand celebration milestone hands.

"But those are just random screen names!" you write in the second paragraph of your manifesto. "They aren't real people!"

Fine. Fine. As it happens, we have chatted with a few of our recent winners and even got them to submit their photos.

For instance, meet Gazzerina from the UK. He won $1,327.40 in hand #84,716,000,000.

After his win, he told us, "I normally play Zoom, but on the day I participated in the milestone hand, I had a gut feeling to play ring tables, and an hour into my first session of 12-tabling, the spotlights were on my table and I was $1,300 richer!"



If that's not enough for you, check out prata2008 from Hong Kong. He pocketed $401 in hand #84,703,000,000. It wasn't even the first time he'd hit one.

"Milestone Hands had always been exciting and its a very interesting promotion from PokerStars. Although this is not my first time hitting the milestone hand, it still feels good to hit one," he said. "Its like Christmas. This is probably why PokerStars is not a random poker room, but a special place for everyone. Thank you PokerStars!"



Finally, we'll give you one to put in your conspiracy newsletter. It's not just your average Joes who hit the milestone hands. Team Online's Godlike Roy won $1,510 in hand #84,744,000,000 earlier this week. He chopped an Omaha pot and was surprised to see he won the milestone hand cash.

"A part of me was a bit first-world-problems-annoyed that I had only been at the table for 12 hands so my VPP count was on the lower end of what it usually would be - but that's silly. They say never look a gift horse in the mouth - I'm still incredibly happy with the bonus," he said. "I was having a losing day and the milestone hand put me back into the black. Seriously a fantastic promotion."

If you'd like a chance to be like the winners above, you still have time. By our current calculations, it looks like the milestone hands will be going on throughout the weekend. You can get a look at all the winners so far on our 85 billionth hand milestone winners page. For more information, visit the Road to 100 Billion information page.

Now, back to that newsletter.

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging.

Brad Willis
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