Road to 100 Billion: Who wins these things, anway?

100-bill-blog-thumb.PNGCome forth, all ye non believers, and gather 'round the flame of truth. Sit quietly while I speak of winners, of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and how the days of our lives can change in an instant. Or, if it's more your style, read quickly through the next few words for a small bit of enlightenment.

As you might know, PokerStars is getting ready to deal its 80 billionth hand. For the past several years, this kind of milestone has turned into a bit of a party. PokerStars throws money around, thousands of people end up with new bankrolls, and it's generally a small Bacchanalian event for a week to ten days.

That's what's happening now. In just the past few days, PokerStars has given out more than $300,000 to players have been dealt into milestone hands. It started with hand #79,700,000,000. Every million hands since then (and until the 80 billionth), PokerStars gives out money. Whoever hits the 80 billionth hand earns at least $20,000.

But, may be among those people who think the winners are ghosts, phantoms, or sock puppets. I'm here to tell you (with as much politeness as I can muster) you couldn't be more wrong.

Here I offer some measure of proof in the form of a list of PokerStars 80 billionth hand milestone winners.

Ta-freakin'-da! Brilliant, eh?


You, too, have time to win. This celebration will go on until PokerStars reaches the 80 billionth hand, which will happen at a super-secret time in the future (*cough*thisweekend*cough). Just keep an eye on the corner lobby of the PokerStars to see when the next big hand is about to hit. And remember, the winners are...among us.

For all you need to know about this week's celebration, check out the Road to 100 Billion information page.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news