Santa has a fistful of dollars for YOU!

Jolly old Santa. Good ol' Father Christmas. Top lad Saint Nick. Papa Noel isn't just good to little boys and girls he's also a fan of the PokerStars cash game tables (he's got to do something between eating mince pies, right?). During 24-26 December Santa 'SantaClaus' Claus is going to be dropping down more than chimneys, he's going to be plunking himself into cash games and if you're dealt into a hand with him you could be in for a surprise.

Yes, SantaClaus (a multi-table Supernova grinder, of course) will gift you a nice little festive treat into your PokerStars account. You'll get up to $50 as a present so keep your fingers crossed and, whatever you do, don't stop believing!


Santa's coming to throw some dollars your way

Look out for the man above at your cash game tables from 24-26 December!

is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

Rick Dacey
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