'Take this ace-king and shove it up his Jaka'

When you study how some tournament players manage to build stacks on their way to multiple big cashes, you understand they are using aggression more than just good cards. It's easy to come to that conclusion when you're reading up at home, but when you're confronted by it in a high-profile live event, it's sometimes impossible to go with with the courage of your convictions.

We've got a perfect example here from our friends at PokerStars.tv. Faraz Jaka is a beast, having won $3.5 million in live tournaments, most notably coming third at the PCA Main Event last January for $755,000. He's also known to be, shall we say, expressive with his play, no matter what his cards may be.

Other players at his table know that, but can't always pull the trigger even if they suspect he's trying to bully them off the pot. In this hand during the EPT 8 Grand Final in Monte Carlo, Richard Lyndaker, himself an accomplished player, finds himself in just such a spot...

As our commentator reflects, just wish Lyndaker could have "shoved that ace-king up his Jaka".


Faraz Jaka

Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in PokerStars news