The $1m Red Spade Open returns on 12 August

ps_news_thn.jpgDo you have $55? Would you like to turn that into $200,000 while scalping some $100 Blom-Mercier-Selbst-ElkY bounties along way? Yes, yes and oh-yes? Well, it seems that the stars have aligned for you because the Red Spade Open is returning on 12 August - one of the most eagerly anticipated tournaments for low-stakes grinders all the way up.

A $1,000,000 guarantee has been put on this $55 tournament with a minimum of $200,000 for first place. Should you click in for the start at 3pm (ET) of this fourth Red Spade Open you could find yourself with close to quarter-of-a-million dollars come the end of the tournament, such as Austria's 'crackin_ty' did last time round scooping $247,378 for the win.

A large chunk of the Team PokerStars Pro stable will be thundering along the tournament course and if you're the one to rein them in you'll have $100 credited to your account. As if the bragging rights weren't enough...

red spade open_jason mercier.jpg

'What do you mean there's a bounty on my head?' Jason Mercier

Seats are available by direct buy-in, cash satellites and the PokerStars VIP store. For those and and for those with 500 FPPs spare they'll be special 500-seat guaranteed VIP Bash satellite running the day before. This can be found under 'Tourney' > 'VIP' > 'SilverStar'.

You can go to the tournament lobby direct by clicking on 'Find a tournament...' under 'Requests' and using number 611010577.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in PokerStars news