Tobias Huber: From Ivey's neighbor to Red Spade Open champ

ps_news_thn.jpgPhil Ivey didn't want his picture taken. He didn't have to say so. His ice-bath stare made it pretty clear. He would've probably rather hit the photographer in the face than hear the shutter click one more time. The problem was this: Ivey was the biggest news that day. When he showed up at APPT Macau in November, it was the first time he'd been seen at a live tournament in nearly a year. It was the kind of breaking news that had the photographer on guard for the best shot (and potentially Ivey's wrath).

Caught in the crossfire was a lesser-known poker player by the name of Tobias Huber. He wasn't news. He was just in Macau for the tournament. It was something he once did for a living. Nobody pays him to be Ivey's photo-bomber, but on this day, Huber showed up next to Ivey and was de facto news.


Tobias Huber (right) and some other guy

You should know this about Huber: he likes to party. He also likes to relax. The two sort of go hand-in-hand on a Sunday. So, this past weekend, Huber was grinding. Sort of.

"Grinding the TV," he said with a smile.

Regularly a cash game player, Huber started looking at the PokerStars lobby while he was grinding out the television-watching. He noticed the Red Spade Open was getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

"I started the tournament out of boredom, and I guess a little bit because it got so huge," he said.

It was, indeed, big. Nearly 25,000 people entered. It would take more than half a day to finish.

"I obviously ran super hot, proceeded to hit every board, and won most all-ins," he said.

Fourteen hours later, Huber (known as crackin_ty) had won the Red Spade Open for $247,000.

"With a hundred left the field, it seemed super-soft with a few exceptions," he said, "but, again, I continued to run super hot, got awesome table draws. and could really abuse my super-sick nitty competition!"

And so, we now look back to that photo taken in Macau a few months ago and realize there was more than one piece of news we should've been keeping an eye on.

So, a personal request: if you plan on winning a big PokerStars event in the near future and you see our photographer, smile for the camera. It will look better on the blog next time.

Congrats to Tobias Huber for his Red Spade Open win. Now, get back to grinding that TV, man.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news