Warm your chips at Mazagan Sunfest (11-14 October, Morocco)

ps_news_thn.jpgFancy jetting off for some late summer sun and playing some poker while you're at it? Then step right up to France Poker Series' Mazagan Sunfest. The €1,100 main event runs 12-14 October with side events, including a €3,000 High Roller, taking place. Morocco, it's lovely at this time of year, especially if you like playing in the France Poker Series.


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Thursday, October 11th
18:00: Satellite to the main event, MAD 1,500 + 150 (150€)
20:00: NL Hold 'em, MAD 2,000 + 200 (200€)

Friday, October 12th
14:00: FPS Main Event, Day1, MAD 11,000 + 1,100 (1100€)
18:00: Satellite High Roller, MAD 3,000 + 300 (300€)
20:00: PLO 8-Max, MAD 4,000 + 400 (400€)

Saturday, October 13th
14:00: FPS Main Event, Day2
16:00: Satellite High Roller - Turbo, MAD 3,000 + 300 (300€)
19:00: NL Hold 'em Knockout, MAD 3,000 + 300 (300€)
20:00: FPS High Roller, Day1, MAD 30,000 + 3,000 (3000€), re-entry

Sunday, October 14th
14:00: FPS Main Event, Final Day
14:00: NL Hold 'em 'Win The button', MAD 1,500 + 150 (150€)
16:00: FPS High Roller, Final Day

You can buy in through the PokerStars lobby and if you're heading there direct from EPT Sanremo you can find flights with Royal Air Maroc from Nice to Casablanca on Wednesday (October 10th) and Friday (October 12th). The main event starts at 2pm on Friday but late registration is open until the dinner break (at 8pm). Play your rush.

To book your room and organize a free shuttle from Casablanca
airport, contact mazaganreservations@mazaganbeachresort.com or call
(+212) 5 2338 8080.

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