WCOOP 2012: Wishing you all second places!

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgWCOOP holds a special place in my heart. Besides being the most important online poker tournament series of the year, it is also where I have won a bracelet. Now, just like some of the live poker tournaments that I have won, I find myself chasing that same incredible feeling. Traveling the world most of the year playing the live tournament circuit doesn't give me much chance to play online, and so I very much look forward to the fall, which is generally when WCOOP takes place.

Generally a month or so prior to the start, I will try to figure out which country exactly will be convenient for me to play from and then make sure to either rent a hotel room or a villa with friends that will have good internet. This year, since I'll be playing from Europe, most of the tournaments start in the evening and last deeply into the night and generally into the morning. Because of this, I have been getting ready to adjust to being more of a night owl, staying up most of the night and sleeping during the day.


Now that the WCOOP has started, I am doing the same things that I do prior to live tournaments. Eat healthy every day, work out, and just generally try to be on a schedule that promotes good energy and well being that is so vital to have when playing long hours. I have so far only played five tournaments in the first two days and have one cash. I find myself excitedly waiting for the next ones to start and constantly fantasizing about winning my second WCOOP bracelet!

Good luck to everyone in the series and I hope you all get second places!

Eugene Katchalov
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