Winning the MicroMillions

MicroMillions logo.pngThe MicroMillions on PokerStars is a great new idea for any kind of poker player!

It gives everyone a chance to play in a big tournament, and to experience a deep run in a major tournament is very fun, which is why it is great that they run so many a day. You have so many chances to build up chips and make a run and the prices are small so everyone can play. You have to start somewhere in poker, and to win one of these is a great way to start a poker career. It is also very entertaining for the players who play for fun because it is a very small buyin and there are so many different games and variations.

I think that in these tournaments there are so many players so I think in the non turbo tournaments you should just not bluff at all and try to get the maximum value every time you get good hands because most people aren't going to fold anything decent especially in the beginning.


In the turbo I wouldn't try to bluff much either but if you are able to make it into the middle or later stages of the tournament then you can take advantage of the big blinds and pick up a lot of chips by shoving in ways where people aren't going to call.

I love playing 8 game for fun, I really love all of the games and have a lot of fun playing Omaha High- Low I would say is my favourite game and I love to play those when the SCOOP and WCOOP series comes around.

I love to play those games. I think it is great for PokerStars to have all kinds of tournaments and they are all small so you could try to learn a game for a small price and get some good practice when there aren't usually many of those tournaments.

I am really looking forward to playing some of these when I leave Madrid for the EPT. See you all at the tables.

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