WSOP 2012: Rousso roached

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If you're a constant Twitter refresher you may have caught wind of a shooting bet between the Fab Four -- Vanessa Rousso, Maria Ho, Liv Boeree, and Vanessa Selbst -- all whom are living together in Rousso's new home. Apparently, Wednesday, June 20, the four decided to got out to a shooting range, and a prop bet ensued.

"We were at a shooting range, shooting targets," Boeree explained. "And naturally, Vanessa (Rousso) was running her mouth, saying how she was the best, and how she was going to do better than the rest of us, so we ended up making a bet."

"What we decided on was $500 from each person, and the loser would have to wear a costume of the winner's choice," Boeree continued.

"And it's not just for today either," Maria Ho chimed in. "It's for the whole tournament, so you may see her win a bracelet dressed as a cockroach."


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When it came to choosing a costume, Boeree took to twitter and asked for suggestions.

"There was a lot of choices really," Boeree said about the costume. "I just felt like this was the best of them."

Among the tweet recommendations for costumes were "a giant penis," "Snookie," and "Pippy Longstockings."

Rousso wasn't upset about it though. She was more than happy to go along with the bet.

"I'm just going with it," Rousso said. "Liv had some mercy on me because the other costume choice was a penis. I'm just really thankful it wasn't that. It's cutting off the circulation to my face a little, but that's it. When you make a bet, you have to follow up."

Vanessa Selbst had never shot a gun before, but apparently, she had some natural skill.

"I had never really shot a gun before," Selbst said about the experience. "It was interesting."

Maria Ho was the other member of the Fab Four at the bottom of the pack.

"I am really enjoying it," Ho said. "It's great because it was all four of us in the bet, and clearly Liv was No. 1, and Vanessa was in second, so I had to sweat it out."

This is definitely one of the most exciting prop bets that we've seen so far at the World Series of Poker, but we're sure that there will be much more to come.

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