You really can play anywhere with PokerStars' mobile app

ps_news_thn.jpgA few short days ago it was Valentine's Day, the day of happiness, love and adoration. A day of hugs, kiss and cuddles but it was also the day PokerStars completely changed the online poker world.

After reading my Valentine's Day card from my other half and opening the gifts she had bought me (comedy T-shirts BTW), I toddled off upstairs, where my office is located, and started my usual daily routine. Every day without fail I check the PokerStars Blog, read the tournament summaries, Team Online and Team Pro blogs and any news that the site may have for me, and boy did it have some news.

There was an article from Brad "Otis" Willis informing readers that PokerStars had released a mobile app for the UK market that not only worked on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch but would also work on my trusty Android-running HTC! A fist-pump, a little jig, and a few "ship its" later, I was downloading the app and preparing my beady little eyes for staring at my favorite online poker site on a device that only has a 3.7 inch screen. My phone finished downloading and installing the software within a minute or two and I was ready to go, it was just a shame I had some work to do before I could play.

Being the nice, but also oh-so-lazy type of person, I thought I could earn some brownie points from the Mrs and please myself at the same time, by offering to do the washing up and testing out the new PokerStars Mobile app. So on my lunch break, I headed downstairs, filled the sink and started to wash the dishes while grinding out some monster stakes of $0.05/$0.10 no-limit hold'em.


Editor's note: playing while washing up could end badly

By the time I had finished washing up I had won close to $6 and could now treat the Mrs to a lovely fast-food meal. What a result! The next time I got to use the new app was in my local pub where a couple of friends and I were sinking a couple of cold ones before our bi-weekly curry night. While discussing a few poker hands we had played the night before, I decided to produce my mobile and show them the new, shiny PokerStars Mobile app. Of course my iPhone-sporting friends chuckled to themselves when they saw my Android-loving HTC Desire but the last laugh was mine as I promptly won another buy-in with my aces against a poor chap's queens.

Next round is on me lads!


Cheers: play on PokerStars in the pub (other brands of beer available)

The main thing that surprised me regarding the PokerStars Mobile app is how much like the actual "desktop version" it looks and feels. I admit I was half expecting a buggy, stuttering and potentially ugly table to be displayed but it looks exactly like the "Black" theme I use when I am playing poker on my laptop. If anything, it actually looks crisper and sharper. The sounds are exactly the same as the desktop version and I noticed absolutely no change in the speed of the games either.

This was turning out to be the best Valentine's Day present ever and it wasn't even from my beloved.

When I arrived back home nicely lubricated from the couple of pints of ale and the belly full of tasty, spicy goodness, I thought I would give the mobile app another workout and install it on my fiancée's iPad 2, which I am sure you are aware has a much larger screen than my phone.

Again it only took a few moments to download and install and when it did --WOW! The app looks even more amazing on the bigger screen and runs just as well as the Android version. The larger iPad screen made it easier for my fat fingers to multi-table (I managed three tables at one point) and also to choose different bet sizes but the damned rubber ducks kept tickling my legs and putting me off. Rubber duckies? Oh yes, I was in the bath, sorry I forgot to mention that point.


The nuts: Poker in the bath (not recommend, Ed)

Overall I am nothing short of amazed at how perfect the new PokerStars Mobile app is. It could quite easily be a stand-alone product in its own right but the fact I can now play against the entire PokerStars player pool wherever I can pick up a mobile or WiFi signal is nothing short of --what do the cool kids say?--sick.

To learn more about the new PokerSars mobile app, visit the PokerStars Mobile page. Currently for UK players only, excluding Northern Ireland

Matthew Pitt
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