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teampro-thumb.JPGWith the rising popularity of the fun, fast-paced Zoom poker on PokerStars, players are now getting a handle on the ring format game where their opponents change every hand and it is time not just to adapt, but thrive. To help other players come out ahead, we approached Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu for his top tips on how to maximize your Zoom experience.

1. Don't get in over your head: Zoom is fast and the action is awesome; however, you don't want to overwhelm yourself by popping up too many tables. This will cause you to play too robotically which will cause your results to suffer.

2. Don't over-fold your blinds: It can be very enticing to fold your marginal hands when in the blinds in favour of seeing the next hand; however, doing this will cause you to be very vulnerable to steals which will lead to you bleeding money slowly but surely.

3. Don't over-defend your blinds: Contrary to the above, you also don't want to over defend your blinds versus steals. This is a key ingredient to fancy play syndrome and your goal is to achieve a balance regarding blind defence.

4. Take notes on opponents: This can be a bit difficult as the games are super fast paced. I think the most effective way to take notes is to do it after the session when it's all over and done.

5. Do go back and see what happened last hand: If there was a big pot being played out and you folded and got moved, you can either hold CTRL when folding to watch the hand play out or you can click on "previous hand" on the left of the table to see what happened. Don't overlook this simple task as it can gain you valuable information down the road.

6. Don't get personal: If someone is messing with you in position, don't worry. The next hand it will be another person since you will move. Therefore, when faced with a decision you don't really have to factor meta-game or game dynamics in there. Zoom poker is more about how to deal with THIS specific hand on the spot.

Keep these simple and useful tips in mind the next time you play Zoom and you'll be playing like a Pro before you know it. Have fun at the tables! For more information about Zoom poker, visit the Zoom Poker home page.


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