ZOOM! PokerStars launches new fast-paced poker game in beta

ps_news_thn.jpgFor the longtime PokerStars player, there is a familiar feeling that occurs when the "updates to install" notice appears upon launch of the software. For some people, there exists the mild annoyance of having to wait an additional 30 seconds before playing poker. For many others, there is a flutter of anticipation as they wonder, "What new updates does PokerStars have today?" Today's update should satisfy both the impatient and the excited. Moments ago, PokerStars released a real money beta version of its brand new Zoom poker.


Patience, Grasshopper

The format is as simple as it is fast. You can play up to four tables of poker at a time As soon as you fold a hand on one table, you are taken to another table for a new hand. With three different animation options and a chance to hang around and see how the hand plays out after your departure, Zoom poker is the answer to anyone who hates to wait.

Now, I'll give you this: it is a lot to be excited about at once. It is my duty to warn you, however, that this is only a beta release. As of right now, there are only four games of Hold'em and four games of Omaha running (two micro stakes and two play money of each). There might still be a few little bugs and things to work out before the higher stakes get here.


Zoom Poker lobby, ready for business

As you might be able to see, this is something for which a lot of people have been waiting. Zoom currently allows for player pools as large as 1,500 players. Those real money games are as full as full can be and likely will be around the clock for some time.

Fear not, however, because if all goes well, you will see more limits, more tables, and more rooms in the coming weeks.

If you can't get in quite yet to see what it looks like, here's a screen shot of the play money games in action right now (borrowed from elsewhere, because there is no way I'll ever get into a Zoom game today).


As of right now, we have no specific timeline on when more is coming, but rest assured: MORE IS COMING.

We expect to see bigger stakes, other game types, and maybe Zoom tournaments in the future.

Again, please note, this release is still in beta, so if you get a chance to play and spot any bugs, please shoot the folks at PokerStars a note to beta@pokerstars.com with any reports.

For full information, visit the PokerStars Zoom Poker page.


Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news