January 2013

31 January

UKIPT unveils new stops for Season 4

If you're looking for up-to-date information then please click on through to the UKIPT website here, which always has the most current schedules and structures. **************************************************** If you're a fan of the UKIPT as it has been for the past three seasons, you might want to sit down. Things are...more

The first EPT Deauville

Things change. You don't think they will. The world around you feels firm, static, and fated to be the same from now until you blink for the last time. The people you see everyday? You expect they'll be there tomorrow and ten years from now. The heroes are everlasting. The...more

Getting real with Vanessa Selbst

Vanessa Selbst doesn't get distracted by much of anything when it comes to poker. Even her latest achievement, becoming the highest earning woman in poker of all time, doesn't seem to faze her. When I asked her recently if she thought this achievement would affect her game in any way,...more

Hello from Antwerp, goodbye from Antwerp?

Hello from Antwerp! It's a new year, and like everyone I'm thinking about the future -- both 2013 and after as well. As far as poker goes, when I look ahead to the coming year and think about my goals, obviously winning an EPT Main Event would be great. I...more

30 January

EPT London has its first players as satellites get underway

Right now, most people concerned with the European Poker Tour have one thing on their minds: Deauville. That festival will kick off in earnest this weekend. In the meantime, however, there are some folks who have already turned their attention to EPT London, its new (old) venue, and its new...more

FPS Deauville Main Event begins today, EPT gears up

The France Poker Series Deauville Main Event began today kick-starting the European Poker Tour Deauville festival in earnest. The €1,100 buy-in event shuffled up at noon today and, if you think you can parlez le francais well (I can't), then jump on through to the local PokerStars coverage here. The...more

Canada, finally

After a long break from online poker, I'm finally getting back to the tables. I recently went up to Canada to look at some places so I can set up a second residence and get back on PokerStars. I haven't played online since Black Friday, and I'm really excited to...more

PokerStars Strategy: Hellmuth vs Stern (and the table)

Poor old Phil Hellmuth. Does he really deserve this level of grief? Not only does he get torn to pieces by Dani Stern, no little thanks to a certain turned straight, but the rest of the table (Eugene Katchalov, Daniel Negreanu, Jason Mercier and Prahlad Friedman) dissect Phil's play away...more

Sunday Million: 27 January 2013

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at https://accounts.brightcove.com/en/terms-and-conditions/. --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

kondikurt carves them up in Super Tuesday (1/29/13) for $99k win

After the huge record-setting Super Tuesday of last week, all eyes were on the number of entrants to see if those numbers could be matched once again. We fell just short of last week's numbers, but the 500-barrier was again cracked with kondikurt from Denmark emerging victorious after almost eleven...more

29 January

PokerStars Women: Talonchick Talks Omaha

It's no secret that Team PokerStars Online's Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome enjoys the game of Omaha. Her player bio highlights some of her Omaha tournament accomplishments, and she even won the $1,000 Omaha/Stud Hi/Lo tournament at the 2012 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. Her personal website often chronicles her experiences with poker, too,...more

TCOOP 2013 Player of the Series Jaroslav Tjepan proves Gus Hansen's confidence

It's the day before the Main Event of the World Series of Poker. You're in Las Vegas but don't happen to have a spare $10,000 knocking around. That is annoying. Then Gus Hansen ambles by, probably checking out the talent on the rail. He offers to buy you in. You...more

PokerStars Strategy: Learn with Lodden

Does anyone know what Johnny Lodden thinks? No, probably not but it doesn't stop plenty of players having a go at guessing what's going on in his head. The game even has an officiated mention on Wikipedia (see, 'Lodden thinks'). If you watch this first session of Johnny playing the...more

LAPT Awards still need your vote

Season 5 of the Latin American Poker Tour is finished, and two of its top players are walking away with top honors in the LAPT Awards. Nevertheless, there are still votes that need counting. Daniel Ospina has won Player of the Year and a season's worth of main event buy-ins....more

About that time I got murdered on the way to making love

I've been a professional poker player for a while now, but as many know I pursued a couple of other passions before this one -- baseball and acting. In fact, at one point early on I had to make a choice between the two, and ended up forgoing a minor...more

28 January

EPT Deauville: The Main Event starts this Sunday

The EPT season resumes this week with a return to the North coast of France. EPT Deauville, one of the most visited stops on the European Poker Tour, has a rich vein of poker history. Find following a Deauville crash course, including all the relevant links you'll need for this...more

Chinese Insanity

It is no mystery that loads of gamblers and poker players enjoy killing time with Chinese poker. I confess being one of them. I have played some seriously insane sessions of Chinese poker, and I doubt if there is anyone in Finland who has played more hands of Chinese poker...more

Adrian Mateos wins ESPT Madrid and €103,000

Eighteen-year old Adrian Mateos yesterday became the youngest Estrellas Poker Tour champion after putting in a dominating pillar to post performance in Madrid to win the trophy, glory and €103,053. Mateos' aggression secured the largest chunk of a three-way deal, which also saw Jose Álvarez and Scotsman Richard Milne handsomely...more

PokerStars TCOOP and weekend review (1-28-13)

Breathe. It's okay to breathe. TCOOP is over for 2013 and you have the rest of the year to recover. Put some ice on that mouse finger and waft some smelling salts under your nose. The Turbo Championship of Online Poker was a huge success with 240,321 tournament entrants across...more

Sunday Million: Popiedejopie closes out a $192k win

Over the last year, major final tables became familiar ground for Popiedejopie. In January 2012, he made a runner-up finish in TCOOP Event #8 ($82 NLHE Big Antes), good for $40,000. That July, he found himself right here, at the final table of the Sunday Million. His first go at...more

27 January

TCOOP 2013: pierrott77 survives hyper-madness in Event #50 ($215 NLHE Sunday Supersonic Special)

It's been a spectacular Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP) series. 50 events and millions of dollars in prizes have been given away at lightning speed. And what better way to end the series than a Wrap-up Party in the form of a $215 Hyper-Turbo as a the weekly Sunday...more

TCOOP 2013: First place for frma1103 in Event #49 ($700 NLHE Main Event)

Are we here already? Such is the nature of the TCOOP -- blink and it's over. And today's last day of play saw the $2 million guaranteed Main Event (Event #49) play out blazingly fast in just over five, breath-taking hours, with frma1103 of Sweden ultimately outlasting a huge field...more

AATaschAA triumphs in 1/27/13 Women's Sunday

When it came to AATaschAA and pkrbadgirl, one of them got lucky early, the other got lucky late. Pkrbadgirl dominated the first half of this final table, sending the ninth, seventh, and sixth-place finishers to the rail. But the endgame belonged to AATaschAA, who eliminated everyone from fifth place on...more

Battle of the Planets: FPSTAG shoots down table for January title

With the closing of the 2013 TCOOP series today, January has been busy month for our SnG grinders. What better way to earn a profit than an investment with zero dollars invested? Well, maybe a couple of bucks spent earning the ticket to today's Battle of the Planet $50,000.00 triple...more

TCOOP 2013: glosik is mixed-game master in Event #48 ($320 8-Game)

In last year's TCOOP, Kaila final tabled Event #48 8-Game mixed event, but finished in second place out of 557 runners. In this year's TCOOP, Kaila made another deep run and advanced to final table in consecutive years. However Kaila's luck ran out and busted in sixth place, which opened...more

TCOOP 2013: Big win for BigMeech99 in Event 46, $215 Sunday Warmup TCOOP Special

Well, here we are on the final day of the 2013 installment of the Turbo Championship of Online Poker. It's a Sunday, traditionally the biggest day of the week for tournaments at PokerStars, which means there's no going small. You go big on Sundays, and that's just what Event 46...more

TCOOP 2013: Jeremiade takes high roller title, George "Jorj95" Lind fifth in Event #47 ($2,100 NLHE)

PokerStars' High Roller events attract the cream of the crop, and the TCOOP was no exception. A quick scan of the entries reveals a slew of screen names that'll put the fear of God in you, and more than a few of them ended up on the final table. However,...more

TCOOP 2013: Fukuruku wins one for Ukraine in Event #45 ($109 NLHE Turbo)

The final day of the 2013 TCOOP schedule kicked off with a $109 turbo event that drew 2,941 players. The final prize pool of just under $300,000 meant that first place was scheduled to receive just over $46,000. After a five-way chop that number dropped but for Fukuruku it was...more

26 January

TCOOP 2013: Goods0077 has the goods in Event #44 ($33 Saturday Speedway Special)

Poker is a game of waves. Some days the waves just keep crashing on top of you, and others, you can just get on the perfect wave and ride it all the way to victory. Today, that wave headed all the way to Australia as Goods0077 literally had the goods...more

TCOOP 2013: ongggg goes 10-0 to win Event #41 ($215 PLO Heads-Up, Super KO)

Win one heads-up match, get half your buy-in back. Win two, and you're freerolling. Win three, you're in the black, and win ten, you're a TCOOP champion! One of the longer events on the schedule, TCOOP Event #41 took almost eight hours to find a winner, the Philippines' ongggg going...more

TCOOP 2013: Belabacsi takes Event #42, Team Pro Marcel Luske third ($27+R NLHE 2x-Turbo)

Event #42 presented TCOOP players with another fast-paced, action-filled challenge with a small buy-in and large field. A $27 no-limit hold'em event with an extended ("2x") re-buy period, the tourney drew a whopping field of 8,587 whose re-buys and add-ons built a prize pool of more than $645,000. And after...more

TCOOP 2013: Assad91 takes 97 minutes to win $23K and title ($109 NLO8 6-max HT)

On the front page of the PokerStarsBlog in the revolving window of recent story highlights the TCOOP 2013 symbol came up with a slogan "Play fast, win big". Well, today's 1,360 entries into the $109 buy-in Event #43 No Limit Omaha Hi-Low 6-Max Hyper-Turbo would get to put that catch...more

TCOOP 2013: Smertin smokes field in Event #40 $215 H.O.R.S.E. victory

Slow and steady wins the race. That's a nugget of gamblers' wisdom imparted to me by an uncle who spent more time at the race track than he should have. A horse that exploded out of the gate and led early on doesn't always win the race after expending way...more

25 January

TCOOP 2013: Total domination by LCFG-NPDA in Event 39 ($82 FLHE 6-max)

No talk of deals. No debates about ICM chop or chip-count chops. Just utter silence and total domination, letting the chips fall where they may (as it were). In the 2013 Turbo Championship of Online Poker Event 39, $82 FLHE (6-max), the chips all fell to LCFG-NPDA. That player notched...more

TCOOP 2013: outlaw523 outlucks AznTiltU for Event #38 title ($215 NLHE Ante-Up)

Five all-ins and a call in the last ten hands of this tournament made for one of the more exciting finishes of a -COOP tournament. The turbo aspect of the Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP) tends to push players into adding more of the luck aspect of poker into...more

TCOOP 2013: All hail robinho, winner of Event 37 ($27 PLO 6-Max 2R1A)

Players sometimes surprise even the most experienced online poker minds. When setting up the 2013 Turbo Championship of Online Poker, they looked at this Friday tournament - a Pot-Limit Omaha 6-Max - and decided that the $27 buy-in should offer two rebuys and one add-on. Their expectation for turnout was...more

TCOOP 2013: Nicoji83 leads, loses lead, then leads again to win Event #36 ($82 NL Hold'em)

If the TCOOP demonstrates one thing it's the capricious nature of a game turned up to full speed. One minute you're three-handed, riding high with a massive chip lead, turning down deals and bullying everyone with a series of big bets, forcing the others to fold. The next minute, or...more

Eureka Poker Tour ready for Season 3

It's called Rozvadov, and despite its small size, the town is about to become one of the biggest things in Eastern European poker. It's a city that's home to only 700 people. Rozvadov and the Pilzen regioin are more famous for their beer than anything else. But in mid-March, the...more

TCOOP 2013: Champions leading charge to main event

As you look forward to the final three days of the 2013 Turbo Championship of Online Poker, you might do well to look to the people who have already won a title this year. Their lives and games are as wide and varied as the TCOOP tournament options. Take for...more

TCOOP 2013: Main event looms as leaderboard tightens

The 2013 Turbo Championship of Online Poker is heading into its final weekend and the race for the Player of the Series continues to tighten up. As of this moment, Norway's Tinas21 holds a 15-point lead over Denmark's Tjepan. That's a lead that could be erased with one decent cash...more

Estrellas Madrid sees biggest field in its history

The Estrellas Poker Tour's main event in Madrid has crushed its previous attendance records. Prior to this week, the biggest field the ESPT had ever seen in Madrid was 498 players. When registration closed after Day 1B, the Estrellas organizers announced it had broken all previous records with a field...more

Borderline Gambling: Lima, Peru

I landed in Lima without forethought or reservation. I had been here before, after all. The officer at immigration's first question was "when are you leaving Peru?" I answered truthfully - March 12th, 2013 - after about one hundred days. He didn't take this too well. I am told the...more


It's not often that I travel without thinking about poker. Maybe I'll go see some tourist attraction or go out for dinner or for drinks or whatever else people do when they travel, but at some point during the day I'm going to grab my computer and play a bit...more

Duhamel uses three-way pressure to topple Mercier and Katchalov

Jonathan Duhamel wasn't crowned World Champion for nothing. The French Canadian proved he owed the stones to make some big bluffs on The Big Game and owned a couple of other tournament greats in doing so. Both Jason Mercier and Eugene Katchalov are forced to fold the best hand (both...more

24 January

TCOOP 2013: Ph4N flies away with $21K in Event #35 ($82 PLO 4-max)

Hearts, Spades, Euchre, and the latest rage Open-Faced Chinese are perfect games when only four like-minded individuals can be found to sling cards. Most of the time only the fourth game of the list will have degenerates slowly turning over cards hoping they do not set a fouled hand and...more

TCOOP 2013: From Zero to Hero, Risco Zero wins Event #34 ($215 NLHE 2x Chance)

In poker, there's no such thing as zero risk. Everything involves some gamble and some element of chance. But that didn't stop Brazil's "Risco Zero" from taking down today's TCOOP title in impressive fashion. Event #34 of the PokerStars TCOOP saw a healthy field of 2,816 players take to the...more

TCOOP 2013: jarmari jets to Event #33 title, $10K in 4 hrs. ($27 Razz)

The one and only Razz tournament on this year's Turbo Championship of Online Poker played out today, sporting an inexpensive $27 buy-in and cool $25K guarantee. A total of 2,886 decided to accept the invitation, thus building a $70K-plus prize pool and nearly tripling the guarantee. And just a little...more

TCOOP 2013: Winning better than dealing for Pookezz in Event 32 ($7.50+R NLHE)

Players like to do final-table deals in turbo tournaments. The rationale - a pretty solid one - is that the shallow stacks and quick blinds make the last few hands an exercise in luck. In the 2013 Turbo Championship of Online Poker Event 32, $7.50+R NLHE (3x-Turbo), the final three...more

LAPT announces Season 6 schedule to start in Chile

In less than two months, the Latin American Poker Tour will return for its sixth season. The biggest and richest poker tour in the region plans to kickstart the year with a full festival at the Enjoy Casino & Resort in Viña del Mar, Chile. Running March 13-17, the $1,000...more

The race to Supernova Elite gets dirty

There's a stink hanging around this Herculean race to Supernova Elite. It's an acrid yet musty, Gallic smell. It's.. mouldy onions. Yes, MouldyOnions aka Ryan Bell, is well out in front in the 2013 race to Supernova Elite. Alex 'AWice' Wice may well have struck the first blow by making...more

Shaun "The Dealer" Harris: From Urkel to Hulk, and getting better

Between 1989 and 1997, the American sitcom Family Matters ran for nine seasons. It starred a young Jaleel White as the gangly, bespectacled Steve Urkel, the consummate nerd. He became an icon, one Shaun Harris has never forgotten. Family Matters' television run coincided almost exactly with the time Harris was...more

California dreamin'

Last summer I went to the States to play in the World Series of Poker. I was supposed to stay for a month and a half, but I decided to extend my trip after the WSOP was over. I was in need of business inspiration and went looking for it...more

TCOOP 2013: Day 8 review, Joep van den Bijgaart among the turbo champs

If you've ever played on the European Poker Tour you'd probably recognise Joep van den Bijgaart. Those big glasses and even bigger hair are hard to miss up close. Van den Bijgaart finished seventh at EPT Berlin for €100,000 a couple of seasons ago and more recently scored a solid...more

TCOOP 2013: Watch the TCOOP-25: $215 NLHE final table

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at https://accounts.brightcove.com/en/terms-and-conditions/. --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

23 January

TCOOP 2013: Dr dakon has prescription for Event 31 win ($27 Stud H/L)

A day like Wednesday is stuck, not exactly the beginning of a week but not terribly close to the weekend. What can Wednesday do to change its image? Hosting a low buy-in Stud tournament in the Turbo Championship of Online Poker is a good start. There were other TCOOP options...more

2013 TCOOP: Kolbi111 clobbers PLO field en route to victory in Event #30 ($11+R PLO 6-max)

Germany's Kolbi111 began the final table third overall in chips and sat back until it got three-handed before launching an full-out assault on the other two players. They never saw it coming. In consecutive hands, Kolbi111 dispatched each of them and secured a TCOOP title in Event #30. Event #30...more

TCOOP 2013: Pappe_Ruk puts away Event 29 ($215 NLHE Shootout, Super-Knockout)

One of the things we don't see a lot of in the later stages of TCOOP hold'em events is post-flop play. The turbo structures move so quickly that by the time you get down to the end of a tournament the leader usually only has somewhere around 15 or 20...more

TCOOP 2013: khanrava cashes top prize in Event #28 ($82 NLHE 2X-Chance)

Second chances, we all want them, but we don't always get them. Event #28 was one of the few opportunities where players were given one. The $82 buy-in event was a 2X-Chance tournament, and out of all the second chances, only one player made it to the top, khanrava. khanrava...more

Rafa Nadal wins first poker tournament

There are some people who simply have winning in their blood. Tennis legend Rafa Nadal is one of those people, and he proved it again today as he won his very first PokerStars tournament. Nadal beat out 47 other players in a €10 freeze-out tourney on PokerStars.es. It took him...more

EPT Barcelona wins big at the GPI European Poker Awards

EPT Barcelona last night won the coveted Best Tournament of the Year category at the GPI European Poker Awards. When you look back at the event it comes as little surprise that the event took the silverware given its record breaking figures; the largest tournament to ever take place in...more

TCOOP 2013: Day 7 review, PSMozak making a mark

The TCOOP motor is in full spin with 27 of the 50 events played out and a staggering $11,265,986.55 won, but that elusive Triple COOP and Grand Slam is yet to be claimed. Among those putting pedal to metal the most yesterday was PSMozak who won TCOOP-24 for $24,436.71. That...more

Deuces in the booth

Over the last five years I've been taking music classes online. I studied sound design, music theory and composition, digital production and lyrics and songwriting. At this point, I consider myself a well-rounded musician. I can compose songs, take the instrumentation and produce it, put it all together into a...more

ESPT Madrid starts in earnest today

Today the sun rises on the first main event of the brand new season of the Estrellas Poker Tour, a five day €1,100 tournament with a €400,000 guarantee attached. It's big, it's bold and it's taking place at the Gran Casino Madrid from 2pm today. The festival may well have...more

eisenhower1 rises above record-setting 1/22/13 Super Tuesday field, wins after four-way chop

It was a record-setting night for this week's Super Tuesday, the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament at PokerStars. A whopping 597 played the tourney -- an even 50 more than the previous record-high for entrants -- and after 10 hours and 20 minutes it was eisenhower1 of Sweden coming out...more

22 January

TCOOP 2013: jonesbn rides to the top in Event 27 ($27+R NLHE, 2x-Turbo)

Turbo events can drive one crazy, what with all the roller coaster swings that happen due to the speed that the blinds are going. For jonesbn that roller coaster continued all the way through the final table and even down until they were down to just three players. By the...more

TCOOP 2013: recusant_89 lays down the law in Event 26 ($27 Stud)

Chop-blocking is an art form in poker - a risky art form. Sometimes the blocks extract a few extra dollars out of a deal. Sometimes they fail, and both the blocker and the rest of the table are left to take their chances with the cards - for better and...more

TCOOP 2013: Something to believe in for cynicalfish in Event 25, $215 NLHE

Deal-making is a funny thing. There are some players who won't ever make a deal, no matter how good it is. Others want to start talking about ways to chop when the tournament reaches the money. Even among those who fall between those extremes, the desire to haggle varies from...more

2013 TCOOP: PSMozak obliterates the final table and wins Event #24 ($109 6-max PLO Hi/Lo)

With ten players remaining in Event #24 $109 PLO Hi/Lo (6-max), Bulgaria's PSMozak seized the chip lead and proceeded to decimate the rest of the field. When the final table began, PSMozak sitting on a mountain of chips -- more than half of all chips in play -- put on...more

TCOOP 2013: Sex Shop owner inspires TCOOP winner

This is a story about Christian "iPUNI$H" Bauer, a German man who won TCOOP event #19 for nearly $47,000, a player who uses Sesame Street's Cookie Monster as his PokerStars avatar, and a dreamer who found one of his greatest inspirations in the owner of Ronnie's Sex Shop. To understand...more

Meet Gerry Dee

If you didn't Gerry Dee him at the PCA, now you have a chance. After making it to Day 2 at this year's PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, Canadian comedian Gerry Dee talked a little smack to the Team Pros he out-lasted: "Busted after u "@jasonmercier @realkidpoker @vanessarousso, @vanessaselbst @jonathanduhamel @cmoneymaker. Happy...more

TCOOP 2013: Ghita 'SorinRF' Sorin, the little aggressor winning big

Ghita 'SorinRF' Sorin is not a high stakes player, yet given the $59,259.48 profit he raked in little more than two hours by winning TCOOP-15 you'd be forgiven for thinking that he was. Sorin, a 22-year-old originally from Caransebes, a small city in Romania, has come a long way since...more

TCOOP 2013: Not-so-average average guy near top of leaderboard

Allan Drake, currently #2 on the Turbo Championship of Online Poker leaderboard, is convinced he once played $1/$2 with Phil Ivey and Jennifer Harman at the Excalibur in Las Vegas. It was nearly ten years ago, not too long after the Chris Moneymaker WSOP win. "At the time, hardly anybody...more

TCOOP 2013: Day 6 review, Tjepan leading at the halfway mark

We're almost at the halfway point of TCOOP, the curvature of the horizon coming close to showing us the end point coming on Sunday (which is going to be incredible, check the list below). Denmark's Tjepan has surged to the top of the TCOOP leader board, pushing ahead of Allan...more

Poker as art?

I come from a very geeky family that plays a lot of game. I love games. My boyfriend loves games. My sister games all the time, and so does her boyfriend. Whenever our whole family gets together, things often turn to games. At the last party we had, we played...more

Sunday Million: 20 January 2013

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at https://accounts.brightcove.com/en/terms-and-conditions/. --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

21 January

2013 TCOOP: hoffy26631 cruises to turbo title in Event #22 ($82 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo)

Team PokerStars Pro Marcel Luske went on a deep run Event #22 $82 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, but the Dutchman got knocked out just before the final table when he fizzled out in 11th place. When the final table was set, Canada's hoffy26631 sat second overall in chips. With five to...more

TCOOP 2013: sanpri sizzles in Event #23 ($215 NLHE 6-Max, Hyper-Turbo)

44 hands, five eliminations, and 39 minutes... 30 of them spent in deal negotiations. So went the final table of the third of five hyper-turbo events in the 2013 TCOOP, Event #23 presenting the added element of a short-handed format. 2,863 players cried "gambool!", tossing their $215 into a prize...more

TCOOP 2013: Victory for VeTaXa1988 in Event 21 ($27 NLHE 4-Max)

Poker players love a challenge, and short-handed games present that challenge. While six-max tables are common, four-handed creates even more opportunities to utilize different strategies because of the need for quick decisions and faster all-around play. Event 21 of the Turbo Championship of Online Poker presented No Limit Hold'em with...more

2013 TCOOP: Ticiz takes time in Turbo to win Event 20 (PL Omaha 6-Max)

It was a Turbo event, that much was certain, number 20 of 50 in the 2013 PokerStars TCOOP. And yet for the few minutes that the blinds allowed it felt like a deep stack, with little rush among the six finalists, least not from Ticiz, from the Netherlands, who, with...more

UKIPT Edinburgh: From worst to first, Nicolau Villa-Lobos wins UKIPT Edinburgh and £101,000

At 12pm today Nicolau Villa-Lobos started the final table as the short stack with just 313,000 of the 9,140,000 in play. Less than five hours later he had them all, a trophy and a six-figure boost to his bank balance. It's fair to say the 24-year-old boy from Brazil, who...more

TCOOP 2013: Day 5 review, Don't miss your deadline for TCOOP glory

"TCOOP... it's on!" That's about as much time as most grinders and have-a-go heroes have to say when the PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Poker comes around. Any wasted time could mean a missed satellite or, heaven forbid, a failure to late reg for one of the 50 events that...more

UKIPT Edinburgh: Final Table, level 29 updates (Blinds 40,000 - 80,000 ante 10,000)

4.45pm: Nicolau Villa-Lobos wins UKIPT Edinburgh(£101,000); Vladislav Donchev eliminated in 2nd place (£61,000) The most amazing final table comeback the UKIPT has ever seen was completed with the elimination of Vladislav Donchev. The Bulgarian was down to less than ten big blinds when he shoved from the button. Nicolau Villa-Lobos...more

Countdown to EPT Deauville

Bonjour!* Are you getting ready for EPT Deauville? We certainly are and with good reason. While the kiss of the sun may still feel fresh on those that went to the PCA (or the bite of the air-conditioning for those of us working the event), the early events of Deauville...more

TCOOP 2013: Thomas "GaggleoKings" Ambler ambling to quick money

There's a fuzzy picture of a young man sitting in a card room. He's wearing a loose-fitting t-shirt. His hair is bit tussled. He's got a look on his face that says, "Take this picture if you want. I honestly just...don't...care." That is Thomas "GaggleoKings" Ambler. It's a fitting name...more

The Mad Professor at at PokerSchoolOnline

As I cast my mind back to my school days I have faint distant memories of dull and dreary days in the classroom watching our teachers creaking about the place dusting the cobwebs and chalk dust off themselves. Thankfully our poker school is a much more vibrant place where you...more

9ine lives

I have some really exciting news to share. I've been signed as a client by 9ine, one of the top sports and entertainment agencies in Brazil. The owner and president of the company is a man many of you might be familiar with, especially if you follow soccer--Ronaldo Nazario, one...more

PokerStars weekend review (1-21-13)

It's been another jam-packed weekend of action at PokerStars, both online and at red spade emblazoned events around the world. TCOOP is in full swing and the Sunday Majors were - as usual - pulling in big numbers, as did UKIPT Edinburgh and the Macau Poker Cup: Red Dragon tournaments....more

UKIPT Edinburgh: Final Table, level 26-28 updates (Blinds 30,000 - 60,000 ante 5,000)

3.20pm: Break time The players are on a 15-minute break. Updates from here will appear in a new post. 3.10pm: Chip counts After those two big pots in the past 20 minutes here are the current chip counts Nicolau Villa-Lobos - 4,000,000 David Vamplew - 2,250,000 Vladislav Donchev - 1,450,000...more

20 January

Stackarn stacks all chips for Sunday Million win

It was a weekend like few others on PokerStars, as the Turbo Championship of Online Poker was in full swing and offering everything from Hold'em to Omaha. All of the TCOOP events have turbo structures, obviously, so the Sunday Million was a nice addition to the lineup this week. For...more

TCOOP 2013: iPUNI$H punishes them in Event #19 ($215 NLHE Sunday Supersonic Special)

Just when you thought the Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP) couldn't get any more "turbo", PokerStars kicked things up a notch with the Special Edition of the Sunday Supersonic. A $215 buy-in, hyper-turbo, hold on to your hats and buckle your seat belts event that requires equal parts gamble...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Gerge Jung gets the win, banks $111k

Dejanaceking is no stranger to a PokerStars final table. He's been there during the SCOOP and the MicroMillions, banking some solid five-figure cashes. Gerge Jung, however, is more likely to be found beating up 18-man SNGs, although he's been on a MTT hot streak as of late. Gerge Jung never...more

TCOOP 2013: maciekzbg makes it big in Event #18 ($27+R 6-Max PLO 2X-Turbo)

The blinds were twice as fast and NLHE players got twice the amount of cards they're used to. Players could re-buy as much as they wanted in the beginning, but then the safety net was gone. There were 4,117 players that signed up for Event #18, but only one survived,...more

No tears for kry19kry, winner of January 20 Women's Sunday

The online tournament world is on fire this weekend with the return of the Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP). The second running of the series began on Thursday and runs through January 27, which leaves plenty of time for players to get into those tournaments. Satellites are always available....more

TCOOP 2013: Paul "padjes" Berende grabs 2nd COOP victory in Event 17 ($109 NLHE, 1R1A)

You hear it all the time. "I run bad at flips." Or, "I can't win my flips." Or, "I never seem to win flips when they matter." At the final table of the 2013 Turbo Champion of Online Poker Event 17, $109 NLHE (1R1A), Dutch player Paul "padjes" Berende -...more

TCOOP 2013: sirgenutz edges patpatman for Event #16 title ($320 NLHE KO)

Sirgenutz is a successful mid-stakes MTT grinder. He puts in volume, racks up final tables, and has over half a million in tournament earnings on PokerStars. The vast majority of you reading this would be thrilled to have his kind of results; I know I would. Patpatman is a bit...more

UKIPT Edinburgh: Dajer leads Sykes and Vamplew in final charge for a ₤100k payday

The most frantic of days at a UKIPT main event has come to an end as our final table of eight is set for tomorrow. A total of 49 players returned to the Balmoral today, all assured of a payday, but all with far bigger aims. Apart from a plateau...more

TCOOP 2013: SorinRF soars to victory in Event 15, $82 NLHE (6-max, Hyper-Turbo)

What have you done with the last two hours and 18 minutes of your life? Some of you might have been sleeping, in which case you didn't even notice the time go by. Maybe some of you were eating a meal or spending time with friends or family. You definitely...more

TCOOP 2013: Erä_Koira captures Event 14 win ($82 NL Omaha H/L, 6-Max, 2R1A)

Part of the fun of a tournament series like the Turbo Championship of Online Poker is the variety of events offered. Players who enjoy poker variations that don't often garner a lot of attention can find their niche amidst the expansive TCOOP schedule. Omaha has become a staple in any...more

UKIPT Edinburgh: Day 3, level 21-25 updates (Blinds 15,000 - 30,000 ante 3,000)

10.30pm: Day 3 ends That's all for day 3. Przemysław Dajer managed to keep hold of his chip lead. Full details of all counts and a wrap of the day's play will be up shortly. -- MC 10.30pm: Isaac Opoku eliminated in 9th Place (£6,850) It took two players to...more

The Unstoppable Yoshitaka Okawa Wins the Red Dragon

Starting a final day with two tables, as opposed to just the final table, is always a daunting task. It's a simple equation of having to bust twice as many players to make it through the day. Well, to say that today went twice as quick as expected is an...more

UKIPT Edinburgh: Day 3, level 17 - 20 updates (Blinds 5,000 - 10,000 ante 1,000)

4.23pm: Break time The rest of the day's updates will appear in a new post. 4.20pm:Brett off to live Angells Brett Angell busted just before the break to Jamie Burland. Burland has been sat to the left of Angell for long periods this tournament, not a fun place to be....more

MPC Red Dragon Day 3: Level 25-26 (Blinds 40,000-80,000, Ante 10,000)

Yoshitaka Okawa Wins the Macau Poker Cup: Red Dragon Main Event! A massive day of poker has come to an end as Yoshitaka Okawa has proven too strong for the competition to claim the MPC: Red Dragon Main Event title! Starting the day fourth in chips, Okawa went into the...more

MPC Red Dragon Day 3: Level 23-24 (Blinds 20,000-40,000, Ante 5,000)

6.50pm: Extended Break The three remaining players have been sent on an extended 25-minute break. 6.45pm: Confusing Times Sometimes the language barrier is hard to get past here in Macau. There are so many nationalities represented at the tables, that things can get lost in translation. Just before the break...more

19 January

MPC Red Dragon Day 3: Level 21-22 (Blinds 12,000-24,000, Ante 4,000)

4.25pm: First Break The action has flown fast, but the players can finally have a breather! The first ten-minute break of the day has just begun! 4.10pm: Double For Eemil Yoshitaka Okawa couldn't win every hand he was dealt. That was certainly the case when he recently doubled up Eemil...more

TCOOP 2013: gorglav gorges field in Event #11 ($109 NL Heads-Up)

Finland's cannotletgo looked unstoppable in TCOOP Event #11 $109 Heads-Up NL, especially after knocking out Team PokerStars Pro Matthias De Meulder in fourth place. Only one player, gorglav from Russia, stood in the way between a disappointing runner-up finish and first place. The final match lasted a little more than...more

TCOOP 2013: DARE U TOO dares and wins in Event #13 ($33 NLHE Saturday Speedway Special)

The Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP) is now in full swing with thousands of players enjoying the fast-paced action and huge prize pools on offer. Today was no different as the Saturday Speedway was turbo-charged as the 13th event of the TCOOP schedule. The great thing about the TCOOP...more

TCOOP 2013: powerhockey shoots, scores Event #12 title ($27 Triple Stud)!

With much fanfare and following a lengthy delay, the National Hockey League finally opened its season today to the delight of hockey fans all over the world. Meanwhile as pucks finally dropped around North America, Event #12 of this year's Turbo Championship of Online Poker offered players a chance for...more

TCOOP 2013: GaggleoKings gains kingship in Event #10 ($11+R 3X-Turbo NLHE)

Action, poker, 3X-turbo and $610,340 was up for grabs to anyone willing to put up at least $11 in Event #10 of this year's TCOOP. Aside from a 3X-turbo format, Event #10 also featured unlimited re-buys for the first 90 minutes and gave players the chance of adding-on after that....more

UKIPT Edinburgh: Derrick leads final 49 at UKIPT Edinburgh

When play started today 267 players remained; some were looking to further increase their sizable stacks, whilst others were looking for a much-needed double up to give themselves a fighting chance. All were intent on making the top 72, the qualifying point at which you'd get paid. Of course whilst...more

TCOOP 2013: No time for talking, viticov wins Event 9 win ($82 PL Omaha)

In the end it all looked a little easy for viticov, winner of Event #9 of the 2013 PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Poker, who waltzed to victory and a first prize of $30,516.70 (plus bounties) in the $82 pot-limit Omaha tournament, cutting a deal with Essu123 heads-up. Viticov, from...more

Shashank Scrambles into MPC: Red Dragon Final Day Lead

The difference between 157 players and 18 is huge. The task we had today in the Macau Poker Cup: Red Dragon Main Event was to eliminate dozens of players and usher in at least the final two tables. That's exactly what we did here in the PokerStars Macau poker room...more

UKIPT Edinburgh: Day 2, level 13 - 16 updates (Blinds 2,000 - 4,000 ante 400)

9.10pm: Play has ended Play has now finished for the day, we think 49 players in total made it through, news on the chip leader and the rest of today's action coming up in a wrap shortly. -- NW 8.55pm: Last four hands Each table will play four more hands...more

MPC Red Dragon Day 2: Level 18-20 (Blinds 8,000-16,000, Ante 2,000)

1.30am: 18 Bags Full The 18 remaining players have bagged their chips and will now head off into the night, returning tomorrow at 2.00 pm. We are quite certain that Shashank Rathi is going to be our chip leader, but we will have confirmation, along with a wrap of the...more

TCOOP 2013 Event #4

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at https://accounts.brightcove.com/en/terms-and-conditions/. --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

UKIPT Edinburgh: Day 2, level 9 - 12 updates (Blinds 800 - 1,600 ante 200)

4.22pm: Break time The players are on a 15-minute break. The next level updates will appear in a new post. 4.20pm: Kay firing blanks Dominic Kay's day has taken a dramatic downward turn after he "emptied the clip" on Christopher Derrick in a huge pot. We picked up the action...more

MPC Red Dragon Day 2: Level 16-17 (Blinds 4,000-8,000, Ante 1,000)

9.25pm: Time for Dinner The remaining players have 40 minutes to recharge before getting back to the action! 9.20pm: Okawa and Tan Trade Places Jay Tan and Yoshitaka Okawa have traded places. Tan's stack of around 700,000 has been chopped in half, while Okawa is now the beneficiary of a...more

MPC Red Dragon Day 2: Level 14-15 (Blinds 2,000-4,000, Ante 500)

7.20pm: Break It Up With the bubble burst, the remaining players have been sent on a 10-minute break. 7.15pm: Unfortunate Roller Coaster Bubble Finishing as the bubble boy is hard enough. But doing it the way we just witnessed is just plain cruel. The hand that ushered 65 players into...more

18 January

MPC Red Dragon Day 2: Level 12-13 (Blinds 1,200-2,400, Ante 400)

5.00pm: Break Time The approximately 93 remaining players have been sent on their first ten-minute break of the day! 4.40pm: The Rich Get Richer Our chip leader at the start of the day, Vyacheslav Kuzmin, has had a huge start to the day. We recently wandered past Kuzmin's table and...more

TCOOP 2013: LastDrive is the last one driving in Event 8 ($82 NLHE, Big Antes, 2x Chance)

Everyone knows that these events in the TCOOP series are a quick affair. They all know that if they are lucky enough to make it to the final table that most of the action will be preflop, and that they will have to make some loose calls to be the...more

TCOOP 2013: FrankThomas8 hits a home run in Event 7 ($27+R NLHE)

Look, we understand. There's lots luck involved in turbo tournaments. But there's lots of skill involved as well. Take, for example, the 2013 Turbo Championship of Online Poker Event 7, $27+R NLHE. Canadian FrankThomas8 started that final table as the chip leader. He ended it at the top of the...more

TCOOP 2013: Apostolis20 achieves win in Event 6 ($55 NLHE 6-Max Shootout)

It can be tough for poker players to show up to a tournament on time, especially when late registration often allows some leeway. TCOOP Event 6, however, was a shootout and offered no late entries. Those who didn't make it were shut out of the shootout. It behooves players to...more

UKIPT Edinburgh: Horgan pips Yong to claim overall lead heading into Day 2

A total of 358 players turned up to play Day 1B of the UKIPT Edinburgh in the Balmoral Hotel, making the final number a record breaking 612, beating last year's 519. That means someone will walk away from Monday's final table with a huge £101,000, not a bad way to...more

Zhu Scrambles To Take Red Dragon Day 1b Lead

Once again the surviving players are exiting the PokerStars Macau poker room at the Grand Waldo Entertainment just shy of getting to witness the sun rising. Last night marked the beginning of the second and final Day 1 flight here in the Macau Poker Cup: Red Dragon Main Event and...more

TCOOP 2013: Job done in nine minutes as mimoletka wins Event#5 ($27 Draw)

It was the first TCOOP event of the second day of the Championship and featured one of its more esoteric variants. For anyone tuning in it was a chance to see a five card draw revival, played by some 2,340 enthusiasts who paid $27 to play. But they had to...more

MPC Red Dragon Day 1b: Level 9-11 (Blinds 800-1,600, Ante 200)

3.50am: Chips in Bags, Tight Race to the Finish The chips are all bagged up and the surviving players are making their way out of the PokerStars Macau poker room. Approximately 94 players have survived the night and it has been a real scramble to try and find the chip...more

Poker in a war zone

Darryl Snoddy might be the reigning king of the understatement. "Life out here is a lot different from back in the UK," he told us recently. Think on that for a moment as you consider the fact that Snoddy is currently serving in Afghanistan. His job? He goes out with...more

UKIPT Edinburgh: Day 1B, level 5 - 8 updates (Blinds 300 - 600, ante 75)

9.20pm: Done for the day That's the second starting day of UKIPT Edinburgh in the books, 358 players took to the felt today to swell the total number of runners to 612. A full wrap of what transpired over eight levels of play is on it's way and will be...more

TCOOP 2013: Festival crowns four new champs as DONG dings another COOP

When we announced the people who had a chance at the PokerStars Grand Slam and Triple COOP yesterday, Jonathan "MONSTER_DONG" Karamalikis was not among them. Despite being famed around the world for a WCOOP title, an APPT victory, and a screen name that makes my Google search history really uncomfortable...more

Good start to 2013, but more to come

I'm not generally one for sentimentality, but I can't help but be reflective at the start of a new year. January 1 sort of compels you to think back on the last year of your life--the things you accomplished or didn't accomplish--and think about how you might do things differently...more

MPC Red Dragon Day 1b: Level 5-8 (Blinds 400-800, Ante 100)

1.30am: Half the field down With a couple more table breaks, the Day 1b field has been chopped in half. If we were the kind of people who placed wagers, we would suggest that around 85-90 players will be left standing at the end of the night. 1.20am: Bryan Winning...more

UKIPT Edinburgh: Day 1B, levels 1 - 4 updates (Blinds 100 - 200)

4.20pm: Half-time break Oranges for all. You'll find new updates in a brand new post. -- MC 4.15pm: Final number is in We have the final numbers for UKIPT Edinburgh and we've broken through the 600-mark! After checking the numbers the powers that be informed us that 357 players sat...more

MPC Red Dragon Day 1b: Level 1-4 (Blinds 100-200, Ante 25)

10.30pm: The Asia Champ is No More Winning the Asia Championship of Poker Main Event back in November was worth a massive HK$3,547,500 to Xing Zhou, but unfortunately he wont be adding any more cash to his resume this weekend. We recently watched Zhou's demise begin on a J♣3♦A♥ flop....more

17 January

TCOOP 2013: MONSTER_DONG pairs WCOOP bracelet with TCOOP title in Event #4 ($55 NLHE)

Only this morning, PokerStars introduced the "Triple COOP" milestone and revealed a list of 27 players who could potentially complete the trifecta during the 2013 TCOOP. Although the list was peppered with many of his contemporaries, Jonathan Karamalikis wasn't on it. The Aussie pro best known by the cheeky screenname...more

TCOOP 2013: Patokaka2007 takes down Event #3 ($215 NLHE Knockout)

Turbo time has arrived! Event No. 3 on this first day of the Turbo Championship of Online Poker at PokerStars came and went in a blurry blitz of bets, bluffs, and busts. There were lots of bounties collected, too, in this $215 buy-in no-limit hold'em "knockout" tourney, and after just...more

TCOOP 2013: jogin23 sprints to a win in Event #1, $27 NLHE (6-max)

There are lots of excellent big-money poker tournaments around the world in January. The ongoing PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, for instance, is a big favorite with players from all over thanks to its diverse schedule and big prize pools. Other tournaments in Australia and North America draw big crowds, too. But...more

TCOOP 2013: Yaba smashes field and wins Event #2 ($55 NL Omaha Hi/Lo)

Canada's Yaba did not back down on the final table bubble. With action hand-for-hand, Yaba took on the chip leader and won a decisive pot in a double up to avoid elimination. That daring move propelled Yaba into the chip lead with ten to go. Yaba held the lead when...more

UKIPT Edinburgh: Liam Batey best placed after Day 1A

Over the near three seasons of the UKIPT it's hard to think of a stop that's taken place in a more picturesque venue than The Princes suite here at The Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh. Chandeliers - check, Corinthian columns - check, delicate carvings in the ceiling - check. The Balmoral...more

Kuzmin Cruises to Lead on Day 1a of the MPC Red Dragon

At 5:00 a.m. most people in the world are just a short while away from waking up and starting their day. Not in Macau and certainly not poker players. It's a city that never sleeps, where the lights never go off and where finishing a poker tournament early in the...more

Gerald Foo wins Event 5 at Macau Poker Cup

For most of the players at the PokerStars Macau tournament room, Thursday was all about Day 1A of the Red Dragon -- the Macau Poker Cup (MPC) main event. However, for 20 others it represented the Day 2 Final of the $5,000 KO Bountyside event. The eventual victor would be...more

MPC Red Dragon Day 1a: Level 9-11 (Blinds 800-1,600, Ante 200)

4.05am: Day 1a Concludes with Approximately 75 Remaining The final hands have been dealt and the surviving players have bagged up their chips. At this point it is looking highly likely that Vyacheslav Kuzmin is going to end up as the chip leader, while Michael Marvanek and Team PokerStars Pro...more

Kroko-dill up for PokerStars Grand Slam, nearly 30 set for Triple COOP

As the Turbo Championship of Online Poker kicked off this afternoon, we started looking at some numbers, and we realized something. In the history of the World Championship of Online Poker, Spring Championship of Online Poker, and Sunday Million, no one has won what we call the PokerStars Grand Slam--a...more

PCA 2013 in review: Selbst tops off a fantastic PCA as six bank more than a million

There aren't many festivals about where you can find six players banking more than a million dollars each. The PokerStars Caribbean is one of them. Scott Seiver and David 'Doc' Sands kicked off the festival with a first and second place in the $100,000 Super High Roller for $2,003,480 and...more

UKIPT Edinburgh: Day 1A, level 5 - 8 updates (blinds, 300-600, ante 75)

9.05pm: Done for the day Play has ended for the day, a wrap of the day's play is on the way. Day 1B starts at noon tomorrow. -- NW 8.50pm: Last three hands The tournament clock has been paused and each table will play three more hands before bagging up...more

Preparing for a road trip

Whether you play poker for a living or just travel to play tournaments for the enjoyment of it, I assume your goal before getting on that airplane is to win the tournament. The question I have for you, is do you do everything you can to best prepare yourself for...more

PokerStars Women: TCOOP advice from the pros

Today is the first day of the second running of the Turbo Championship of Online Poker. The next 10 days offer 50 tournaments and a cumulative guarantee of $15 million. TCOOP is appealing to a crowd that varies a bit from WCOOP, SCOOP, and MicroMillions in that most of the...more

MPC Red Dragon Day 1a: Level 5-8 (Blinds 300-600, Ante 75)

1.35am: Marvanek is the Man... To Catch Someone had to get there eventually and we can report that Michael Marvanek is the first player to reach the illustrious six-figure chip stack. The hand that saw Marvanek's stack soar into the dizzying heights of over 100,000 in chips was a doozy....more

MPC Red Dragon Day 1a: Levels 1-4 (Blinds 100-200, Ante 25)

10.55pm: Level Up, Blinds 150-300, Ante 25 10.45pm: Who's Flying and Who's Dying It's still early days here on Day 1a of the MPC: Red Dragon Main Event, but some of the players who have seen their stacks increase well above the 15,000 they started the evening with include Michael...more

UKIPT Edinburgh: Day 1A, level 1 - 4 updates (Blinds 100-200)

4.22pm: Break it up in there We've reached halfway point of the day and it's time for another break. Updates from here on in will be in new post. -- MC 4.15pm: More chip counts Some more counts for you now: Brett Angell (34,000), Jamie Burland (21,000), Andrew Teng (17,600),...more

Macau's Poker Year Begins with a Red Dragon

Just a few weeks ago the year that was 2012 came to an end and was replaced with the allure of fresh start. Slates were wiped clean, goals were made and New Year's resolutions were vowed to be kept. Of all the people in the world, I would wager that...more

16 January

Andre Coimbra sets out on $100 to $100,000 challenge

A lot of poker players might well think Andre Coimbra is crazy. The 2009 Magic: The Gathering world champion became a member of PokerStars' Team Online a couple of years ago and has since shown himself to be...well, mildly insane. The first flashes of his madness came last summer when...more

TCOOP 2013: Players, start your engines

Don't blink. Use toothpicks to keep your eyes open if you must. But just don't blink. The PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Poker begins tomorrow, and the action moves so fast, you might miss it if you close your eyes for a millisecond. PokerStars unveiled TCOOP last year to rave...more

Everything changes everything

Right before Christmas and almost six months after filming ended, the final episode of Benelux Survivor aired and I was at last able to reveal what I'd been holding back for so long... I won! I'm pretty good at keeping a secret, right? The night of the final episode, my...more

Tetsuya Tsuchikawa wins Event 4 in Macau

Late Tuesday night, Japan's Tetsuya Tsuchikawa won the HKD $3,000 NLH Turbo side event at the Macau Poker Cup (MPC) hosted by PokerStars Macau. He beat the 158-player field and collected HKD $101,400 for his effort in the fast paced, one-day event. The tournament prize pool exceeded HKD $400,000 and...more

Ronny "1-ronnyr3" Kaiser is king of 1/15/13 Super Tuesday, earns $95K

This week's Super Tuesday saw the first 500-plus player field of 2013 with 502 coming out for the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament. That meant the $502,000 prize pool well exceeded the event's $300K guarantee, and in the end it was Ronny "1-ronnyr3" Kaiser of Switzerland topping that big group...more

15 January

PCA 2013: Shannon Shorr takes down the $10,000 turbo for $160,610

Every EPT and PCA festival ends up with a popular high stakes turbo. The PCA 2013 offering came in the shape of a $10,000 six-max turbo which pulled in 88 entries, including many that had played the $25,000 over the two days previous. Those high stakes guys, they don't like...more

Martin Liang wins Event 3 at Macau Poker Cup

Tuesday afternoon saw 22 players return for the Event 3: $2,000 Deepstack title at the Macau Poker Cup (MPC). The tournament, hosted by PokerStars Macau, originally began with 199 runners but played down to the money late Monday night where each Day 1 survivor was guaranteed at least HKD $4,300....more

PCA 2013: Dreams come true, charity shines in Women's Event

This year's Women's Event at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure was filled with fun players, interesting stories, and poker action at every turn. The tournament brought 66 players to the tables in the massive poker room set up for PCA players. That created a $66K prize pool, enough to pay out...more

Andrea Montini bags PokerStars IPT title

PokerStars online qualifier Andrea Montini has won the Italian Poker Tour Season 4 event in Campione, pocketing CHF 200,000 (about $215,000) in the process. He beat a field of 385 players at the Casino Municipale, where the Italian Poker Tour generated a CHF 892,546 prize pool. Montini's heads-up opponent was...more

PCA 2013: Affif Prado wins the PCA (mini) Main Event for $16,090

Affif Prado is the PCA Main Event champion. No, scratch that, he's the mini Main Event champion. The Brazilian finished off his PCA with a solid $16,090 win in the $300 buy-in event that follows the same structure but plays with much shorter blind levels. Prado beat Englishman Ian Simpson...more

Vanessa Selbst wins PCA High Roller, makes history

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at https://accounts.brightcove.com/en/terms-and-conditions/. --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

Ted Wang wins Event 2 at Macau Poker Cup

Monday's action at the Macau Poker Cup (MPC) saw one event finish while another tournament got started at thePokerStars Macau tournament room. The challenging Event 2: $4,000 Mixed Max was won by China's Ted Wang who beat the field of 58 players and collected HKD $66,800 for his victory. The...more

14 January

PCA 2013: Vanessa Selbst makes history to win PCA High Roller and $1,424,420

The talk before the High Roller final was of the record Vanessa Selbst looked certain to break. Selbst, 28, would become the highest-earning woman in poker if she finished fifth or better, overtaking Kathy Leibert with more than $6 million to her name. In the end Selbst cleared that mark,...more

PCA 2013: Walter Oaquim wins the $2k turbo bounty, Victor Ramdin comes in second

Brazilian Walter Oaquim scored a career best $32,480 win in the $2,150 turbo bounty beating Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin heads-up. Among those in the money were Scott Baumstein (12th, $2,480), Pierre Neuville (9th, $2,740) and Steven Tripp (4th, $9,340), all of whom have cashed in other events. Tripp won...more

PCA 2013: Ippei Nishiyama takes the trophy among a three-way chop in event #35

Ippei Nishiyama has capped off a fantastic birthday week here at the PCA. Yesterday Nishiyama turned 19 having been one of the most valued players in the World Cup of Poker representing Japan. He's topped that by winning the trophy and $24,970 in event #35: $1,100 NLHE six-handed. The 19-year-old,...more

PCA 2013: Party time

You simply haven't been to a poker party until you've been to a PokerStars party. This is the 10th running of the PCA, and last night's party to celebrate was fitting of the occasion. I'm not saying we send cameras to these events to remind people what they might have...more

PCA 2013: Spotlight Rousso

Vanessa Rousso seemed to be enjoying the Bahamas so much, she almost missed her plane. According to Jake Cody, the airline had to call her name five times before she made it to the plane. Certainly it couldn't have had anything to do with her DJing the PokerStars party last...more

PCA 2013: Ross 'badblood1' Ruby takes the trophy after a nine-way deal

You don't often see a nine-way deal at final tables and one presumes that this was a two-stage affair. Step one was the decision to pay nine rather than eight and then a second chop with four players remaining. After all negotiations were said and done Ross Ruby was the...more

PCA 2013: Marcel Luske wins two side events at the PCA, don't call his bluff

It really shouldn't be any surprise that Marcel Luske is good at mixed games. Take a look at his Twitter feed some time @MarcelLuske - the guy's enigmatic to say the least. Luske, who won the Sunday Warm-Up a few weeks ago, told us that he's been working on his...more

PCA 2013: David Bernstein beats the turbo for another PCA final table

This time last year David Bernstein was at the final table of the PCA Main Event where he finished seventh for $260,000. This year his final table was just perhaps a little less exciting and certainly less lucrative. Bernstein picked up $5,780 for his win in event #38: $300 turbo....more

2013 PCA: Vanessa Selbst becomes top-earning female tournament player

Vanessa Selbst wanted only one thing when she walked in the room today. She wanted to win the PCA $25,000 High Roller and take home its $1,424,420 first prize. "I play for money," she said this morning. "I play for titles. I play for the fun of the game." That...more

PCA 2013: Grant Levy takes down the $5,300 six-max

Grant Levy may not be known well by the poker community at large but down under (that's in Australia) he's a pretty big deal. Levy won the APPT Sydney Main Event in 2007 for A$1,000,000 (around $875,000) and followed that up with the ANZPT Perth title in 2011 for A$131,500...more

PCA 2013: Deeb leads high roller final with Selbst set to make history

A little after midnight this morning, nine high rollers were sitting around a table when suddenly a lightning bolt struck. It came in the form of a pair of aces, in the possession of Shaun Deeb, a lethal combination that Micah Raskin had no way of knowing about. At the...more

New Estrellas Poker Tour season dawns

Like any proud parent, we watch our offspring develop and tell anyone who'll listen that they're "growing up fast". And as those children get older, they get used to people coming up to them and saying: "Last time I saw you, you must have been only this big." The PokerStars...more

PokerStars weekend review (01-14-13)

Yes, yes. We know things in the Bahamas have been coming to a thrilling conclusion. Yesterday Dimitar Danchev won the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure main event for a pleasant $1,859,000, while today someone, maybe Shaun Deeb, will win the PCA High Roller for $1,424,420. That's big, once-a-year live payouts for you....more

Charles Wong wins Event 1 at Macau Poker Cup

PokerStars Macau had a successful launch at the 17th edition of the Macau Poker Cup (MPC) over the weekend. Headlining the first three days of the 10-day schedule was Hong Kong's Charles Wong who won the opening HKD $5,500 NLH side event after defeating the 212-player field. Wong was awarded...more

13 January

Sunday Million: nietbangzijn nets over $186k after four-way deal

Listen, when you're running well, you're running well and a trio of familiar faces proved that in spades by landing on the final table of this week's Sunday Million. Chaz D 87 won a Sunday Major only a month ago, taking down the Sunday Warm-Up for nearly $89,000. Casey "bigdogpckt5s"...more

Dimitar Danchev wins PCA main event

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at https://accounts.brightcove.com/en/terms-and-conditions/. --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

PCA 2013: Dimitar Danchev wins main event for $1,859,000

Dimitar Danchev, a 27-year-old one-time European Poker Tour Sanremo runner-up, is the newest champion of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. Danchev won his seat to the tenth annual PCA in a $700 qualifier, and after six days of play has turned his investment into $1,859,000. It is his native Bulgaria's first...more

PCA 2013: Shaun Deeb storms to the lead as high rollers reach final

In the shadow of the main event final table, the $25,000 High Rollers played on in almost reverent silence as the returning 79 players set about surviving what most acknowledged was going to be a very long day. Over on the main television stage friends of the finalists, some more...more

PCA 2013: Will Shaun Deeb finally take that big money live title?

If you were to discount the One Drop tournament then today marks Shaun Deeb's largest tournament score - and he hasn't even been knocked out yet. Although the records show that Deeb's largest score is a $1,000,000 for his second-place finish in a mega satellite into the One Drop tournament,...more

PCA 2013: Steven Kreinik books a $17,835 win in event #28

Steven Kreinik booked a solid win in one of the PCA $300 nightly turbos to pick up a $17,835 first place prize and a big, shiny PCA trophy. Kreinik sped past a field which included PokerStars Team Online's Caio Pessagno and EPT final table finisher Ismael Bojang. PCA 2013 event...more

PCA 2013: From 100K to 25K high roller, annoying people along the way

You may recall the name Vladimir Troyanovsky from the $100,000 Super High Roller final table earlier this week. Troyanovsky, from Russia, finished in seventh place, surprising a few people along the way and massively eclipsing his previous tournament best. Well, he's back and within the last two tables of the...more

PCA 2013: Canadian Cup runner-up Joseph Stiers wins the $5,300 heads-up

Joseph Stiers must have felt like that he needed some heads-up practice. Just a few days ago he made it to the final two in the Canada Cup against Danny Noseworthy with a four-to-one lead. He didn't manage to convert it to the win. This time round Stiers learnt his...more

PCA 2013: Micka up, his rail's pants down

The exuberance of Joel Micka's rail cannot be overstated. There are not enough adjectives to properly describe the raucous, joyful, elated, cacophonous rumble that comes from the rail of the 2013 PCA main event. As a man who trades in words, I feel at a loss to properly impart just...more

Sunday Warm-Up: zen_mec topples Saul heads-up for $107K victory

Triskaidekaphobia (say it thirteen times REALLY fast, don't worry it won't bite), as you probably know is the fear of the number thirteen, as players no longer part of Tenth Annual PCA event (at press time the PCA main event final table was down to just three players click here...more

PCA 2013: Randy 'nanonoko' Lew plays out the Challenge Team Online

Randy Lew loves a challenge. He's mad for them. Give him a record to break and he'll charge headlong at it smiling. Give him a suitcase to climb into and he'll clamber on into that bad boy risking asphyxiation and crippling social abuse. Last year he took a world record...more

Women's Sunday: alfaromea leaves 'em in the dust

Mere moments after Corrina Lupascu came from behind to win the 2013 PCA Ladies Event, the Women's Sunday crowned its second winner of the year. 224 ladies from all corners of the globe bought in this week, creating an $11,200 prize pool that eclipsed the guarantee. 36 players earned a...more

PCA 2013: Corina Lupascu wins 2013 PCA Women's Event

The Women's Event at the 2013 PCA was exciting from start to finish. A starting field of 66 players was reduced to only six on the first day of play, and those finalists returned on Sunday, January 13, to play to the end. Initial chip counts of Day 2 were...more

PCA 2013: Raskin feeling it on way to high roller chip lead

The clear leader in the high roller this afternoon has been Micah Raskin, who stretched out by more than 700,000 ahead of the next guy at one point earlier today. Raskin still lead when the money bubble burst at 24 players. Incidentally, an indication of how this event has grown...more

PCA 2013: A meditation on Jerry Wong as Jason Bourne

At this point in the day, as players have evaporated from the final table at a speed that can only be described as nuclear, it's tempting to look at the Jerry Wong story and want to turn the script into an action film. He was cast as the hero. The...more

PCA 2013: The bubble bursts in the PCA High Roller

"Good luck, everybody," said Nicholas Petrangelo. In these High Rollers you may have just bubbled for $54,980 but you're simply not allowed to show any anguish or distress. You are meant to be a high roller after all. Petrangelo had got it in with pocket nines from under-the-gun and Shawn...more

PCA 2013: The Ballad of Joao Nogueira

A couple of months ago, Portugal's Joao Nogueira had a pretty good life. He worked with his dad installing air condition units. He had a girlfriend who had been the love of his life for the past three years. He was a happy 21-year-old man in a small town. Life...more

PCA 2013: It's no party for the high rollers

It became apparent late last night that this high roller had shattered all expectations. For a start it was amassing a huge field, not only in actual bodies present, but in re-entries, with 44 players bouncing rather than busting, and re-entering before registration closed at noon today. The effect of...more

PCA 2013: A tremendous win for Alexander Treimanis in the nightly PCA $300 turbo

Alexander Treimanis took the trophy and largest chunk of the cash in last night's $300 turbo beating Waldemar Fiala heads-up. Team PokerStars Pro Juan Manuel Pastor booked a fifth place finish... No, wait, it was Juan Martin Pastor from Argentina. PCA 2013 event #33 Date: 12 January Buy-in: $300 Game:...more

PCA 2013: Wong way

There is no accounting for fate or the actions of an optimistic Russian. These are facts that one-time PCA main event chip leader Jerry Wong now understands in a way that likely makes his stomach spasm. As you know, the Brooklyn, New York poker pro came into today's final table...more

PCA 2013: Hellmuth arrives for flying visit

Five minutes before the start of the second day in the $25,000 high roller Phil Hellmuth was walking in the wrong direction. Hellmuth cuts a striking figure in the hallways of the Atlantis Resort. For a start he's the only man with his name on his shirt, or at least...more

PCA 2013: The man who wasn't there (aka Carlos Mortensen)

Carlos Mortensen is an elusive figure on the tournament floor. Despite being one of the most successful tournament players around - he's 16th on the all-time money list and the 4th highest placed European - Mortensen can often camouflage into the background of a field. Sometimes he seems to be...more

PCA 2013: My best moment of the PCA

I'm not sure what day it was. This is not as unusual as one might suspect - ask any PokerStars staffer who has been at the PCA. You just go out and do what you need to do; the particular day of the week isn't relevant. And if you make...more

PCA 2013: Main event final table about to get underway

Sometime between now and when we leave here tomorrow morning, one of the people in this room will be $1.8 million richer. He will have a PCA main event title. He will officially be the tenth PokerStars Caribbean Adventure champion. Now, it's just a matter of determining which of these...more

PCA 2013: PCA main event players

The final eight players of the 2013 PCA main event will sit down at 1pm ET to fight for the championship. Here's a look at what they bring to the table. Seat 1: Joao Nogueira, 21, Penefiel Portugal - PokerStars qualifier - 2,890,000 Joao Nogueira is a 21-year-old air conditioner...more

PCA 2013: Day 2 begins with 6 at final table

The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is winding down in its last days, and the Women's Event is in the midst of an exciting final table. Of a 66-player starting field on Saturday, the final table of nine was set late in the evening hours with the final eight players in the...more

PCA 2013: Welcome to Day 2 of the $25,000 High Roller

Day 2 of the monster High Roller field has just begun. Including the 42 re-entries that have been made we have racked up 198 $25,000 buy-ins to create a $4,851,000 prize pool. Vladimir Troyanovskiy - a Russian in case you couldn't guess - currently leads the field and is looking...more

PokerStars Women's Club PCA Treasure Hunt

PokerStars Women's Club launched last week offering friendly low buy-in games with plenty of prize gifts to win. To celebrate the launch of this exciting promotion at PCA, PokerStars Women is holding a friendly treasure hunt with 50 prizes for those smart enough to solve clues. Mysterious clue cubes started...more

PCA 2013: Vladimir Troyanovsky leads packed $25,000 High Roller

If at first you don't succeed, it will just cost you another $25,000 to try, try again. Today marked the start of 2013 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure High Roller, a $25,000 buy-in re-entry tournament that saw bullets flying in so many direction, it was impossibile to watch the prize pool number...more

12 January

PCA 2013: Dinner to 2am leaves six women vying for Event 31 title

It was quite the day here at the PCA, and the night got more exciting as the women neared the money, burst the bubble, and played for a bit before the clock told them to quit for the night. Event 31, better known to us as the PCA Women's Event,...more

PCA 2013: Russia lifts World Cup of Poker trophy ahead of defeated Tajiks

In the best of clichéd senses there was everything to play for when the World Cup of Poker entered its last, critical stage. Made up of a round of nation vs. nation sit & gos, determined by their standings after the penultimate round, the final stages pitched everyone together in...more

PCA 2013: In for the long haul

"Are we just playing one more level?" asked Jason Somerville. No, two more he was told by the floorman. And you're coming back to resume play at noon tomorrow. Somerville did not look thrilled. "So we're playing to 2.30am and then coming back at noon?" he asked. Yes, that's about...more

PCA 2013: Railbirding the High Roller with Negreanu and co

Your average High Roller is a railbird's dream, possibly even more so than a Super High Roller, because on the EPT or here at the PCA you get massive fields jammed full of big names. This $25,000 field is something else though: 176 entries and 21 re-buys. Ludicrous. Every table...more

PCA 2013: Jerry Wong with the advantage as main event reaches final

After a short day yesterday it took a little longer than expected for main event players today to go from 21 to a final eight, set to return tomorrow. There was perhaps not the drama to close as there was yesterday, when Dimitar Danchev won a massive hand to take...more

PCA 2013: Jeremy Wray wins PCA "Stress Star" contest

British hedge fund manager Jeremy Wray has won himself a stunning Tag Heuer watch and a $215 TCOOP ticket for coming closest to guessing how many Stress Stars filled the giant tank outside the #PCA10 Players Lounge. There were more than 400 entries to the competition with players going to...more

PCA 2013: Randy Lew lacing up his running shoes

There's no denying that Team PokerStars Online's Randy Lew has one hell of an appetite for the game. He's already set records for the most online hands played profitably in eight hours, and now he's back at it again. All this week at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) in The...more

PCA 2013: Going Mobile with PokerStars.tv

If you're one of the few people who hasn't heard of PokerStars Mobile, yet, you're going to want to pay very close attention here. PokerStars' mobile client is sweeping across the globe and getting better every day. It's been a central feature here at the PCA as part of the...more

PCA 2013: WSOP runner-up John Racener takes down the PLO Big O8

John Racener finished runner-up to Team PokerStars Pro Jonathan Duhamel in the 2010 WSOP Main Event for $5,545,955. Yesterday he went one better than that, notching up a win in the PLO Big 08 (albeit for a slightly less life-changing $16,000). Allen Kessler and Leif Force both notched up their...more

PCA 2013: New champion to be crowned from 66-player field

Registration allowed players to join the Women's Event at the PCA until the beginning of Level 3, and some of the late entrants included names you may recognize. Maria Ho? Ana Marquez? Fatima Moreira de Melo of Team SportStars? The final number of players is 66, which created a prize...more

PCA 2013: Nacho Barbero high rollin'

Jose "Nacho" Barbero is a two-time LAPT champion. He has enough money to buy into the $25,000 High Roller. But don't try to get him to play What Johnny Lodden Thinks for $100. Jose Barbero Barbero was seated at a table today with ElkY and Antonio Esfandiari when Michael Phelps...more

PCA 2013: Alexis Gilbard tops the $300 turbo, beats Baumstein into third

Scott Baumstein has notched up $1,202,608 in live tournaments so while you might not have expected him to play a $300 turbo once he final tables you'd probably put your money on him. Baumstein, who final tabled the Bounty Shootout here two years ago, had to settle for third and...more

PCA 2013: Life on the road

When you travel down the windy and shadowy highways and byways of poker, you're bound to run into some characters. You're bound to have some bad days. And if you're Liv Boeree, Vanessa Rousso, and Lex Veldhuis, you've got some stories. Lots of stories. Liv Boeree It's not often you...more

PCA 2013: Regent Lacroix crowned $80,020 champion of event #19

Regent Lacroix topped a huge 380-strong side event field to pocket $80,020 and a PCA trophy. PCA 2013 event #19 Date: 10-11 January Buy-in: $1,100 Game: NLHE Players: 380 Prize pool: $368,600 Regent Lacroix 1. Regent Lacroix, Canada, $80,020 2. Jakub Oliva, Czech Republic, $61,500 3. Andrei Koliadin, Russia, $30,920...more

PCA 2013: Main event player turning $10 into...well, he has no idea

In the north of Portugal, there is a village called Lagares that's not too much bigger than the Atlantis Imperial Ballroom. This very story might well serve as invitation for the town's 2,500 residents to attend a very big party. Joao Nogueira calls Lagares home, but he's currently on vacation....more

PCA 2013: Max Lehmanski binks the $5,200 turbo for $162,960

Max Lehmanski has recorded a career largest score by winning event #21 for $162,960 trumping his sixth-place finish at the WSOP last year (worth $113,618). Jonathan Aguiar also final tabled (but his other half did better by winning a $300 event outright). PCA 2013 event #21 Date: 10 January Buy-in:...more

PCA 2013: Bonomo chops for $218,710 as Andoni Larrabe Sanchez takes the title

Justin Bonomo can add another $218,710 to his $5,607,851 live tournament career winnings having chopped event #18 of the PCA 2013 with Andoni Sanchez. The Spaniard, whose previous largest score was €70,000 for his 11th place finish at last season's EPT Grand Final, took it down heads-up not only winning...more

PCA 2013: "He saved Japan," now Nishiyama has eye on MVP

A unique thing about the World Cup of Poker is that it brings together players of various backgrounds and makes a team out of them. Then, to make it easier for them recognise each other they give them a shirt to wear with their countries flag on the breast pocket....more

PCA 2013: Joel Micka leading the island hopping Supernovas to a million dollar payday

What do you do if you're a young American who smashes the pokers but due to certain regulatory decisions you can't play from the US? You up sticks and move country obviously. Thailand seems as good choice as any: it's a beautiful hot country with low living costs, good food,...more

PCA 2013: Solid Start for Women's Event

The 10th Anniversary of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure wouldn't be complete without a ladies tournament, and Event 31 is it. It is a chance for PokerStars Women players to gather for a $1,000 buy-in No Limit Hold'em challenge that some (ahem, Vanessa Selbst) have described as the best ladies event...more

PCA 2012: @oliv3rrr wins PCA Photo Pimp Off

The picture was so cool, it was probably decided the moment @oliv3rrr clicked the shutter, but now it's official: @oliv3rrr's Instragram PCA Photo Pimp Off entry is the official winner the contest. As a result he will get a seat in a $1,000 PCA side event. This morning, Team Pros...more

PCA 2013: Lawrence DiChristina, the anonymous hero

As Day 2 began at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, Lawrence DiCristina was not the most famous man at his table. Six feet away sat a young bearded kid named Ashton Griffin, the overall leader of the tournament at the time. All around them sat hundreds of famous poker players and...more

PCA 2013: World Cup of Poker IX enters Day 2 sans France

As the PCA main event restarts over on the television stage, the World Cup of Poker restarts for its second and final day. It's about this time that the WCP gets rowdy, although to be fair the participants got started on that yesterday, with each round celebrated with good natured...more

PCA 2013: $25,000 High Roller ready to roll

By this point, one could fairly believe the 2013 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure was on its way to winding down. We've seen the Super High Roller, main event, World Cup of Poker, and more side events than we can count. But, no. Even though this festival has now been running for...more

PCA 2013: Danchev leads with 21 set to become eight

The story of the main event so far is the hand that took place in the closing stages of play last night. As the last three tables played out the final few hands of the day, two tables had finished and were bagging up when Patrick Kelly, an earlier chip...more

PCA 2013: Septimiu Popescu wins the PLO dealer's choice for $27,140

Septimiu Popescu took down the PLO dealer's choice for $27,140 beating a field of 80 players for a career largest cash. PCA 2013 event #20 Date: 10 January Buy-in: $1,100 Game: PLO - Dealer's choice 4/5 cards Players: 80 Prize pool: $77,600 Septimiu Popescu 1. Septimiu Popescu, Canada, $27,140 2....more

How EPTLive became award-winning web TV

Over 60% of TV shows are cancelled after their first season. Precious few make it to a seventh run with their ratings and reputation intact. EPTLive - recently voted Favorite Web-based Poker Show in the 2013 BLUFF Reader's Choice Awards - is a member of that exclusive club. This Sunday...more

11 January

PCA 2013: Dimitar Danchev wins monster pot to take Day 4 chip lead

If you threw ice-water in Dimitar Danchev's face, he wouldn't flinch. The water would freeze, and he would turn back to the poker game he's playing. Today, that game is the 2013 PCA main event, a tournament in which he took a monster chip lead for the night with three...more

PCA 2013: Anatomy of a hand

It may only be so for a short time but the biggest pot of the tournament just played out, sending Griffin Benger to the rail and leaving Patrick Kelly with a stack of more than 2.3 million. The hand had all the drama of a pivotal stage of the tournament,...more

PCA 2013: Four from four for Eddy Sabat

"He's one of the good guys." It's a phrase that you'll often hear when a field gets towards its final stages, when friends of friends are implored to root for someone left in the field. We're not entirely sure what it takes to get the red rubber stamp reading 'GOOD...more

PCA 2013: A Bahamas history lesson (and an aphrodisiac)

Over the past nine years (and non-stop for the past eight days), we have told you a lot about what's going on around Paradise and Atlantis. We thought it was time you learned a little more about the history of the Bahamas. So, out across the bridge went our Sarah...more

PCA 2013: "The Rest of the Story" from World Cup of Poker history

Readers of a certain age may recall an American radio personality of the prior generation named Paul Harvey. He had a syndicated radio "column" called "The Rest of the Story." He would lead with some kind of story that was mildly interesting, then have a commercial break. After the commercial,...more

PCA 2013: Eugene Katchalov alive for Triple Crown

Eugene Katchalov is not only the only remaining Team Pro left in the field. With the elimination of Caros Mortensen, Katchalov remains the only person left in the field still alive for a Triple Crown win. Early in his live poker career, Katchalov won the WPT Doyle Brunson Classic. Two...more

PCA 2013: Five players turning ten dollars into PCA history

When you turn $10 in a PokerStars satellite into a PCA package worth $16,000, you've essentially already won. Yours is a trip to the Bahamas, where you'll stay in a luxury hotel and play poker against some of the best players in the world. For a lot of people that's...more

PCA 2013: Do online poker skills translate to live poker? Yep.

There are many stark differences between online poker and live poker, but when it comes going deep in tournaments, the skill translates. How well? Well, consider this: the man who won the 2012 World Championship of Online Poker Player of the Series is still in the field. Mikal Blomlie is...more

PCA 2013: Henrik Eide beats Hellmuth, Jelassi, Chen and Failla to title and $122,220

Henrik Eide topped an all-star final table in the $5,300 PLO at the PCA. The Swede beat the likes of EPT Prague champ Ramzi Jelassi, 11 WSOP bracelet holder Phil Hellmuth, PCA bounty champ Andrew Chen and Will Failla to the trophy and a six-figure score. Hellmuth, who finished fourth...more

PCA 2013: World Cup of Poker IX takes centre stage

Few words muster as much anticipation and excitement as "World Cup of Poker". The ninth running of the Cup begins today, a highlight not only of the PCA schedule, but of the poker calendar in general, for few events can compete in levels of sheer unadulterated complication as this innovative...more

PCA 2013: Getting stuck into the side events, plus $1k redraw

The winner of the PCA Main Event will pocket $1,859,000. That's a big time pay day but if you don't make the final table in the main (which 979 of the field will not) then there are plenty of side events in which you can rake it in. And if...more

PCA 2013: Jason Mercier and Shaun Deeb's Open-Face Chinese Poker lecture video

We took a walk around Atlantis last night to see the sights. When we left the Imperial Ballroom, almost every one of the high stakes cash game tables had an Open-Face Chinese Poker game going on it. As we walked, we passed several hotel bars, and every one of them...more

PCA 2013: Kick off your shoes for the Photo Pimp Off's fourth finalist

The PCA Photo Pimp Off is entering its final day, and whoever gets the last finalist spot better bring some game. So far we have seen: @hiatullah behind a waterfall @katherinexhong on the beach @oliv3rrr high in the sky Now we have this, a pic that proves even a shot...more

PCA 2013: Day 4 kicking off with talented field

Maybe you haven't been paying attention so far. And if not, you can be forgiven. The long slog from nearly 1,000 players to a PCA champion can be exhausting. But, now, you must stay focused. The final 59 players of the 2013 main event make up one of the strongest...more

PCA 2013: Win a TCOOP ticket with @PokerStarsBlog

Pick a horse. Let 'em run. Win a TCOOP ticket worth $27. Easy. We're giving away five $27 TCOOP tickets to tweeters that successfully pick the PCA winner. All you need to do is tweet us your answer to the @PokerStarsBlog Twitter account. And even if you don't get the...more

Free $27 TCOOP ticket offer

After the success of our first Turbo Championship of Online Poker last year, you'd expect us to be content to chill, sit back and let you pile in again. You see, the entry numbers were so good last time around that it's fair to assume they will be again. Well,...more

Esposito leads IPT Campione after Day 1A

We're a global operation, I'm sure you'll agree. So while there is much attention focused on the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure right now, it should come as no surprise that another live event is happening somewhere else. And that place is the Italian Poker Tour, where IPT Campione began yesterday. The...more

10 January

PCA 2013: Patrick Kelly leads final 59 of main event

Another day ends at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, with Patrick Kelly leading the main event with just 59 players remaining. This was perhaps the most critical of days, when build up turns to business, when the empty-handed become the paid, when the bubble bursts and relief fills a room formerly...more

PCA 2013: Cody's naked ambition pays off with the ducks

You may know by now that Jake Cody is the newest member of Team PokerStars Pro, and if you don't, well, you've obviously not be reading this blog. Getting sponsored doesn't guarantee you success or fortune but those getting patched tend to be among the players that will gun for...more

PCA 2013: Once a shark, always a shark - Golfing with Ville Wahlbeck

There is more to the PCA than non-stop outstanding poker. The sun, sand, and outdoors can be a welcome reprieve from a bust-out or a gruelling day of stacking chips. One of the great recreation opportunities at PCA is nearby access to a world-class golf facility, the one and only...more

PCA 2013: Who is Nicolas Godoy?

The chip lead just changed hands in the main event. Joe Serock now tops the chip list with 1.3 million, overtaking the former leader Nicolas Godoy. But while we know a lot about Serock, a multi WPT finalist with more than $1.8 million in earnings, Godoy was completely unknown until...more

PCA 2013: Steven Tripp tops the $2k turbo

There are a lot of tournaments here at the PCA. Forty-one if you count them. Some of these side events are big and chunky, like the $2,150 turbo which took place yesterday. Almost half-a-million went into that prize pool allowing for a large four-way chop which saw Steven Tripp, Nikolaus...more

Adventures in Foie Gras

Since my last update, I took a couple of short trips with my fiancé Yvette and our daughter Liliana. A few days before Thanksgiving, we flew to Texas to visit my mother. She got to spend some quality time with Lili and for Thanksgiving dinner, we drove out to my...more

PCA 2013: Different kind of 10K for Lee Jones

"If you had told me five years ago that we would be doing a 10K at the 2013 PCA, I would've said, 'There's no way we could swing that buy-in.'" That's PokerStars' Lee Jones running down Nassau's Bay Street. The air smells like fish and salt and the exhaust of...more

PCA 2013: Christopher Frank wins the turbo bounty, Lodden finals again

Johnny Lodden may not have had much success in the PCA Main Event but at least he's made two side event final tables. The Norwegian Team PokerStars Pro won $60,820 in a turbo the night before finishing runner-up to Mike Telker. He adds $13,080 to his PCA haul. In terms...more

PCA 2013: Classy Santos heads for the rail as bubble burst in main event

When play goes hand for hand players instinctively ask about the clock, specifically what time will be added on to account for tankers (there is in fact a formula used). At EPT Prague last month the tanking was staggering, deliberate and obstinate, with one player in particularly slowing the tournament...more

PCA 2013: Eugene Katchalov wins the $100 last longer bet

Did you choose Eugene Katchalov in the $100 bonus last longer? If so, you can celebrate for he is the last man standing thanks to the short stack bust out of Fatima Moreira de Melo just moments ago. If you don't know what I'm banging on about then you must...more

Winning the PokerStars Women Live event and other PCA favorite things

When it comes to special poker memories, ask any player and they will most likely tell you that winning an event tops the list. Vanessa Rousso has that special accomplishment at the top of her list, but there are many other memories about the PCA that are noteworthy more for...more

PCA 2013: Joshua Bergman wins the button and $37,464

Two years ago Joshua Bergman got near the big one here at the PCA but a rivered king courtesy of Bryan Colin's big slick knocked Bergman's queens out in 23rd place for $75,000. Last night Bergman would have put some of those regrets to bed with a trophy in the...more

PCA 2013: @oliv3rrr flies high for Photo Pimp Off spot

We knew people were going to go to great lengths to win the $1,000 PCA side event seat in the Photo Pimp Off contest, but we had no idea they would go to such great heights. As you might have heard, the people around Atlantis this week have a chance...more

PCA 2013: Rousso, Boeree and Veldhuis talk life on the road

This morning the last of the Q&A sessions took place in the player lounge at the PCA, the subject up for discussion being "Life on the road." Initially Lex Veldhuis and Liv Boeree had volunteered their services for the audience of players and guests, before Vanessa Rousso agreed to join...more

PCA 2013: Marcel Luske beats Moneymaker, Kihara and Kessler to HORSE trophy

If you stumbled into the PCA tournament room last night, possibly taking a wrong turn on your way to the Coral lobby bar or Nobu, then you would have happened across a great table where Marcel Luske, the flying Dutchman, was taking down the HORSE. Fellow Team PokerStars Pro Chris...more

PCA 2013: The Rum Diary, Nassau style

Anybody who gets bored on Paradise Island clearly isn't making full use of all the amazing things there are to do. But if you do get tired of the pools, the waterslides, the cocktails and the fine dining while you're here for the PCA, you can always go over the...more

PCA 2013: Day 3 players on target for money bubble

There is an optimism in the air. Call it joie de vivre. Call it an endorphin rush from the breakneck run through Day 2. Call it what you will, but the Imperial Ballroom is feeling just a little bit more Imperial as we get set to embark on Day 3...more

Olympic swimming star Michael Phelps at the PCA

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at https://accounts.brightcove.com/en/terms-and-conditions/. --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

9 January

PCA 2013: Good day for Nicolas Godoy as Day 2 passes at warp speed

Near-earth asteroid Apophis is going to whiz by Earth tonight but it won't cause nearly the breeze as the second day of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure main event. In an afternoon that hemorrhaged players like a razor-cut artery, Day 2 ended prematurely with Nicolas Godoy as the chip leader. He...more

PCA 2013: How to queue, spend, eat and spill ketchup in 15 minutes

The refrain is one heard at the break, and one heard every year just outside the tournament room, spoken by dozens of players every year: "You have to get tickets?" The tickets are those sold outside in the hallway, which you exchange for food from the poker kitchen. But this...more

PCA 2013: LAPT Player of Year still alive in main event

The Latin American Poker Tour has proven to be a solid poker circuit. Visiting eight countries with 24 tournaments, the LAPT is ready to start Season 6 next March in the lovely city of Viña del Mar, Chile. During those first five years, the most respected poker tour in South...more

PCA 2013: Adrienne 'talonchick' Rowsome takes down the Triple Stud

Adrienne 'talonchick' Rowsome last night took down the $1,100 Triple Stud tournament, making it back-to-back trophy winning years at the PCA. Last year, Rowsome, a popular member of PokerStars Team Online, booked the top spot in a mixed game side event for $10,900. Last night she bettered that. She won...more

PCA 2013: Michael Phelps still swimming in main event

Olympic legend Michael Phelps knows all he need to know about being famous. Well, he does now anyway. Of all the things the 18-time gold medalist has experience, he had never sat on the televised featured table of a major poker tournament. That changed when he made Day 2 of...more

PCA 2013: Kerry Shears clips a $13,770 win at the PCA

It's not all about $100,000 Super High Rollers and thousand-strong $10,000 buy-in tournaments, there's room for some little turbos at the PCA, too. Kerry Shears came out on top in a 220-man turbo to book a sweet $13,770 win at the front end of the PCA festival. PCA 2013 event...more

PCA 2013: Douglas Ferreira busy before World Cup

Last August, Douglas Ferreira played an $11 tournament on PokerStars that changed his life. Beating a field of more than 200 players, he earned a spot on Team Brazil and will be playing the ninth edition on the World Cup of Poker here at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. And he...more

PCA 2013: $1,859,000 for the win as 144 heroes get paid

Just in case you haven't had your eyes glued to our live coverage I'd like to point you to the table of payouts below. For those players that have a lot of chips it's really pretty: $1,859,000 paid out to the winner and a final table worth $5,489,900. For those...more

PCA 2013: @katherinexhong second finalist in Photo Pimp Off comp

If history is any indication--and if popular music has taught us anything--pimpin' ain't easy. But this week at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, it may be easier than a lot of peopler realize. The PCA and Team PokerStars Pro are hosting the PCA Photo Pimp Off, a contest to see who...more

PCA 2013: Cada on a heater in spite of earlier setback

It all looked like it would be over too soon for Team PokerStars Pro Joe Cada when he arrived at the tournament room this afternoon. Frustrated with a stack of just 34,000 coming into the day, the former WSOP Main Event winner lost a third of it on the second...more

PCA 2013: Cody in his natural three-betting habitat

Jake Cody yesterday joined Team PokerStars Pro and we waxed lyrical about him then: Triple Crown this, SCOOP that and five-bet jamming the other. Today it's back to the fundamentals. Win more pots than you lose. Make your winning pots larger than your losing ones. Do it consistently. Go deep....more

PCA 2013: Akkari's light at the end of a tunnel? A train.

It's an expression everyone knows: "The light at the end of the tunnel" André Akkari, at the beginning of each year, searches for the sun rays of the Bahamas. This year, those rays were tough to find. Last Thursday, André went to São Paulo International Airport at 9pm to begin...more

PCA 2013: Jason Mercier and Shaun Deeb's Open-Face Chinese secrets

When I think of Jason Mercier and Shaun Deeb's fascination with Open-Face Chinese Poker, I think of two children in a science fiction film. They're stumbling down a familiar forest path when they stumble on something alien and shiny. They don't run. They don't cry. They let their mouths hang...more

PCA 2013: "What can you do with 20K chips in 12 minutes?"

The PCA always offers a few new and different things for the players and this, our tenth PCA, is no exception. We've rolled out the Zoom Challenge, which we've done before at other events, but this time we're doing it for real money. You buy in for $1K and you...more

PCA 2013: The perfect way to leave a poker tournament

The opening level has been dominated by one thing, the rapid disappearance of a lot of players. Some 500 of them returned today but with an hour played that number had already dropped considerably. It becomes lower with each passing minute and the cry of "seat open" is one of...more

PCA 2013: The $100 PCA last longer bet

Did you take part in the $100 bonus last longer bet? If you did you'll know what I'm talking about. If you didn't you can see what you missed by clicking here (but don't worry, we'll be running our own PokerStars Blog last longer bet for TCOOP tickets in the...more

PCA 2013: Vladimir Zakharau beats Cheong and Baker to the cheese in the $5k PLO turbo

Now then, you can point to the $100,000 Super High Roller as a first class example of shot taking and spin-uppery but surely that's topped by the $5,000 PLO turbo. Less time, more cards and greater swings. It. Is. Great. As one of the earlier events of the PCA 2013,...more

PCA 2013: Awaiting fate on Day 2 of the main event

There was a telling scene outside the tournament room this morning. A crowd of players had gathered around the giant screens mounted on the wall showing a rotating list of the seat draw for today. Each player, none of whom I recognised, was staring intently at the screen with almost...more

More awards for PokerStars

We're a humble and modest bunch. But, heck, everyone loves to get awards. Even us. So it was with good cheer that we received news of the 2013 BLUFF Reader's Choice Awards, littered as they are with PokerStars back-slaps. What makes this so gratifying is that 10,000 poker fans had...more

Casey "bigdogpckt5s" Jarzabek binks 1/8/13 Super Tuesday, earns $78K

The second Super Tuesday of the year saw another above-average field of 485 turn out, thereby continuing the long streak of guarantee-busting prize pools. The top 54 finishers divided the $485,000 (well over the $300K guaranteed), and after a little more than 10 hours and 20 minutes of play it...more

8 January

PCA 2013: Ashton Griffin takes overall lead in main event

Ashton Griffin leads tonight after the conclusion of the second day of the main event, the second of two starting flights. Griffin led for much of the day today and bagged up 253,700 at the close. That was good for the combined lead, just short of 5,000 ahead of yesterday's...more

PCA 2013: The player of the year fight resumes as Rettenmaier and Smith tangle again

Players often talk about tournament variance. You can count on the fact that there will coolers, suck outs and flips and even that you might run good in all your low buy-in sessions but go colder than cold in all your largest tournaments. What's often not discussed is that first...more

2013 PCA: Pierre Neuville not going gentle...

By today's poker standards, Pierre Neuville is an old man. He will turn 70 while here at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. Neuville has felt the physical strain of getting older--the mental fatigue and the deviations from life's routines that come with everything else that surrounds advancing age. Even he, an...more

PCA 2013: @hiatullah becomes first Photo Pimp Off finalist

If there's one thing you see a lot of on Paradise Island, its people taking photos. That's probably because there are so many damn things to shoot, from marine life to the beach, and everything else in between. All this week the PCA 10 Photo Pimp Off contest has been...more

PCA 2013: Jason Alexander going, going...

... gone. Or so his tweets would certainly imply. Jason Alexander, known to many as "George from Seinfeld", got off to a brutal set over set start to the day and never really recovered. We'd hoped that the intervention of Sarah Grant may have helped his cause but, alas, it...more

PCA 2013: Scott Seiver talks Super High Roller

Yesterday Scott Seiver was crowned champion of the PCA10 $100,000 Super High Roller, a victory worth more than $2 million to the American who wrapped things up against Doc Sands just before 11pm before celebrating with friends in the bars and night spots of Atlantis. Seiver had started the final...more

PCA 2013: Zoom Challenge makes its PCA debut

Zoom is the game format that's been taking the poker world by storm since it was introduced by PokerStars May last year. You can fold instantly each hand you play, and when you do you get moved to a new table with a new set of opponents. It's fast, it's...more

PCA 2013: Watch the 'Staking and the poker economy' Q&A session

Yesterday morning Daniel Negreanu and Jason Somerville hosted a Q&A session explaining staking, backing and how to go about picking horses. We took a look at some the highlights yesterday and got some tips from Somerville about staking on a budget. Now you can watch the session in full courtesy...more

PCA 2013: WCOOP hero Mike Telker pips Johnny Lodden in the $5k turbo, wins $96,750

When you think of this year's WCOOP most people will remember Marat 'maratik' Sharafutdinov, the FPP qualifier who ended up winning the $5,200 Main Event and ultimately getting his wish when he demanded, "I wont million". A couple of seats to Maratik's left sat Mike 'munchenHB' Telker who got the...more

PCA 2013: First in, first out? Maybe not.

I'll let you in on a little inside joke. We arrive earlier than most people do for tournaments. There are administrative duties, tedious research projects, and coffee sourcing required before we can face the inevitably long day and grind of a professional poker tournament. As such, we always see the...more

PCA 2013: Players enter stage left as feature tables fired up

The television set is back in service today after the celebratory scenes of the Scott Seiver and the Super High Rollers (not a bad name for a band) yesterday. The feature table and the secondary table hog the attention of the TV crews who have just refreshed their clip boards...more

PCA 2013: Getting here on the cheap

The PCA main event costs $10,300 to buy-in direct, but there are hundreds of players here who won their seat for less thanks to online qualifier tournaments at PokerStars. They make it possible to bag a prize package for just a few bucks, but for those that qualified via the...more

PCA 2013: Peter Jetten is the Open-Face Chinese champion

Late last night Peter Jetten won the $2,150 Open-Face Chinese tournament, the first of its kind, here at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. The Canadian claims the first scheduled Open-Face Chinese poker title having come out on top of a field packed with the game's most vocal - and high stakes...more

PCA 2013: Michael Phelps swims into big money poker tournament

The Imperial Ballroom of the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island has 50,000 square feet of floor space. The ceiling is 26 feet overhead. At capacity, it can seat 4,000 people. It's barely big enough to handle the amount of celebrity that just walked through the door. Photographers walked backward, boom...more

PCA 2013: Talking mixed games with Barry Greenstein and Vanessa Selbst

This morning the second of four Q & A sessions took place in the Zoom lounge at Atlantis, featuring Team PokerStars Pros Barry Greenstein and Vanessa Selbst. The pair, who between them have five World Series bracelets and six major titles, engaged in a fascinating discussion, drawing on Greenstein's experience...more

Triple Crown winner Jake Cody joins Team PokerStars Pro

Jake Cody was today unveiled as the newest member of Team PokerStars by fellow Team Pro Daniel Negreanu, just moments before the start of Day 1B of the tenth Anniversary PCA Main Event at the Atlantis Hotel and Resort, The Bahamas. "PokerStars always looks for young up-and-coming ambassadors for the...more

PCA 2013: Day 1B set to be a memorable one

Know this: today is going to be one of those days at the PCA that we're going to remember. It's going to be one of those days that you hear about and say to your friends, "Hey, did you hear about...?" Why? Well, I can't say that officially right now....more

Scott Seiver wins PCA Super High Roller

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at https://accounts.brightcove.com/en/terms-and-conditions/. --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

7 January

PCA 2013: Maxim Lobzhanidze leads main event after manic day of poker

Maxim Lobzhanidze finished Day 1A of the 2013 PCA main event with the chip lead (248,900), one of more than 150 left out of the 320 who started the day. Scott Seiver triumphed over the $100,000 Super High Roller final table, the only person there who could overcome David "Doc"...more

PCA 2013: Scott Seiver wins PCA Super High Roller and $2,003,480

All hail Scott Seiver, the new PCA Super High Roller champion, after a magnificent day of poker which he spent overturning a once mighty chip advantage of Doc Sands to lift the trophy. Scott Seiver Both Seiver and Sands duelled in a brief heads-up finale to what had been the...more

PCA 2013: Danny Noseworthy wins the Canada Cup

Danny Noseworthy has been crowned Canada Cup Champion after defeating Joseph Stiers heads-up. Already something of an established player, with a list of previous live event cashes including several at the World Series, Danny started today's final table as chip lead and didn't look back. When play got down to...more

PCA 2013: One word to describe Viktor Blom?

One word to describe a player? It sounds easy enough, unless the player you're trying to describe is a certain Viktor Blom. Viktor Blom in his victory position Blom is not be here to play the PCA this year, or to defend the High Roller title he won a year...more

PCA 2013: Katz gone as Seiver takes charge

Finally, an end to the stout performance of Cary Katz, whose tenacity took him through 97 hands of four-handed play before he was ultimate declawed by Doc Sands. Katz's performance may not have been conventional, but it was certainly effective, and worthy of a hat tip. He may have held...more

PCA 2013: Aleksey Afanasyev wins event #4 for $13,400

A win is a win. It's hard to contest that statement and Aleksey Afanasyev wouldn't like it if you tried for he last night the $300 turbo, the baby of the PCA festival. You'd have to bundle up all 174 buy-ins and then double it to get anywhere near one...more

PCA 2013: My first, at long last

I've been lucky enough to work for PokerStars for five years. Precisely five years to the day, in fact. A lot has changed since I started in January 2008. I'm older, although I like to think a little wiser. I got married. I got way more grey hairs (those last...more

PCA 2013: Reigning champ John Dibella wins the first side event for $69,780

Reigning PCA champ John Dibella last night took down the first turbo tournament of the PCA10 continuing an incredible run of Bahamian form. Dibella won $1,775,000 here last January beating Kyle Julius heads-up. Although the prize wasn't quite so juicy last night, just $69,780, that cash pushes the New Yorker...more

PCA 2013: Katz on a roll, into second

Forgive the dreadful pun, but it seems that Katz may have nine lives. The businessman looked a dead cert to depart in fourth place, or should that be he has done for about two hours now. But since then he's turned a short stack into a slightly bigger stack, three...more

PCA 2013: Faces of distinction

Photographer Joe Giron is stalking the main event tournament room today and shooting prey like a man without limit. Each target could be mounted as a trophy on a wall of safari heads in a wood paneled room. Indeed, Giron is nabbing the faces if distinction that have appeared on...more

PCA 2013: Looking back with Lee Jones

I met Lee Jones over the phone in December of 2004. I was in the lobby of Las Vegas' Excalibur hotel when he called to ask me to join him at the 2005 PCA five weeks later. It was a phone call that changed the course of my life and...more

PCA 2013: Open-Face Chinese heating up

"Woooh, straight flush!" said Eli Elezra, leaping to his feet like an excited kid on his birthday. Open-Face Chinese poker will do that to a man, even one that was a regular on High Stakes Poker. And Elezra isn't alone. At last look there were 59 players in the first...more

PCA 2013: In the main event for the price of lunch

When you spend much time on Paradise Island, you begin to look for good bargains. It's a struggle to stretch the per diem through the meals when a container of mixed nuts can cost more than $20. As such, many members of the blog team today partook of the $10...more

PCA 2013: Seven hands that changed the final table

Could that have been the most action riddled start to a PCA final table? Of any kind? As those watching the live coverage will attest, it probably was. Anyone thinking they could tune in at their leisure to the live stream without missing much would have missed three eliminations, all...more

PCA 2013: Canada Cup live final gets underway

The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure main event has now taken centre stage, with the world's greatest players and hundreds of online qualifiers starting the long journey towards glory. But in one corner of the huge tournament room the cameras and crew are gearing up for a different but no-less important event:...more

Sarah Grant and Brad Willis at PCA

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at https://accounts.brightcove.com/en/terms-and-conditions/. --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

PCA 2013: Daniel Negreanu and Jason Somerville on staking

For the next four mornings in the PCA Players Lounge PokerStars institution Lee Jones will hosting Q&A sessions with some of the brightest minds in the game. All four line-ups look good on paper but it's going to be hard to top Daniel Negreanu and Jason Somerville's performance which played...more

PCA 2013: Team Pro last longer has Negreanu as favorite

PokerStars players have overwhelmingly chosen Daniel Negreanu as the favorite to outlast a select list of Team PokerStars Pros, Team Online, and Team SportStars members competing in a promotional last longer. A couple weeks back, PokerStars announced that anyone picking from the list who chose the correct player in the...more

PCA 2013: Sands unstoppable as Super High Rollers face off in final

The first major final of the tenth PCA starts today, the conclusion of the $100,000 Super High Roller, which will be broadcast live on PokerStars.tv. It's the finale to a three-day tournament that attracted 59 entries, 47 of which were actual people, 12 of whom opted to re-enter after initially...more

PCA 2013: Main event kicks off

Today we mark a milestone that some people might have thought impossible in the recent past. With the call of "Shuffle up and deal," the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure main event kicked off for the tenth consecutive year. From a cruise ship, to a small conference room, to a 50,000 square-foot...more

Packed schedule at PokerSchoolOnline

You know, it's not all about the poker training at PokerSchoolOnline. Sure you'll find tons of daily live training sessions, videos, hand analysis questions and other such learning material available to you for free courtesy of PokerStars, but there's a lot of fun stuff and some cool promotions going on...more

PokerStars weekend review (01-07-13)

Unless your over-indulgence during the holiday season caused a blackout of embarrassing proportions, you will know that the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (or #PCA10 as the cool kids call it on Twitter) began over the weekend. The biggest 10 days of poker on the planet is the billing. And in terms...more

6 January

Smasherxx67 smashes first Sunday Million of 2013

Poker players often make New Year's resolutions that pertain to their bankrolls, tournament goals, and amount of playing time. Six days into 2013, many players were already putting those aspirations into action, and the first Sunday of the New Year offered more opportunities for that. Winning a Sunday Million is...more

PCA 2103: Doc Sands rolls into Super High Roller final table with huge chip lead

Twelve players remained in the 2013 PCA $100,000 Super High Roller when there arose such a clatter from the feature table stage, there was left no doubt in anyone's mind that an adult man had fallen and fallen hard. It was a sound so violent and off-putting that nearly every...more

PCA 2013: Satelliting to glory

Each day before the dual Day 1 starting days a $1,000 super satellite to the Main Event plays out. Some of the field look like they've strolled in from the main body of Atlantis, holiday-goers decked out in baseball caps and mismatching t-shirts looking to take a punt at the...more

PCA 2013: What Mercier can do...

Jason Mercier's time post dinner break could be better. He ran queens into kings and fell down to the lower part of the chip counts. But, hey, we all know he can do a lot with a little. Or at least that's what we learn in the video below. Mercier...more

PCA 2013: Behind the scenes of the Super High Roller with Garry Gates

For a man who has helped coordinate the biggest $100,000 Super High Roller in history, there probably isn't enough room in Garry Gates' pockets for actual cash this week. At any given time, you can find the young man carrying two cell phones and a walkie talkie. He uses them...more

Sunday Warm-Up: A calming $97K win for madsamot

With all eyes on Atlantis for the 10th annual PokerStars Caribbean Adventure one would think the population of tonight's $500,000 guarantee Sunday Warm-Up might be down. Considering those players often frequently play the Sunday Majors they might be enjoying the live poker action or something call "sun" and "warmth" that...more

PCA 2013: The bustle is back

Well it's here. You can just about feel it. The bustle. It's the increased energy in the tournament room making this place feel like what it is - the venue for something big. Up until now the ballroom has been for the exclusive use of the Super High Rollers, who...more

Serbia's Chuperak BG wins first 2013 Women's Sunday

A new year always brings excitement, especially in the world of poker. New goals, combined with interesting promotions from PokerStars Women, give players the chance to start 2013 on a high note. The newest addition to the PS Women offerings is the PokerStars Women's Club, a way for female players...more

PCA 2013: Down to two tables in the Super High Roller

The $100,000 Super High Roller is down to its final two tables, although those two tables are devoid of any players as they've gone to dinner. Nick Schulman leads with 1.8m and is no stranger to success here at the PCA: he finished fourth in this tournament for $400,000 in...more

PCA 2013: Balance

Poker is all about balance. Be too passive and the aggressive players of the world (and here I mean specifically Vanessa Selbst) will eat you alive. Be too aggressive and people will simply lay back, let you win the small pots, and then crush you when the serious money goes...more

PCA 2013: How to fight jet lag, courtesy Kid Poker

By the time the main event gets rolling here at Atlantis, people will have flown from all corners of the globe to play in one of poker's destination events. Not all of them will handle the time zone change very well. Many of those players might do well to chat...more

PCA 2013: Wake up with Daniel Negreanu...and more

I don't know about you, but when I wake up in the morning, the first thing I usually think is, "I wonder what Daniel Negreanu is doing right now." Tomorrow, that answer will come a lot easier than usual. Just before the kickoff of Day 1A of the 2013 Main...more

PCA 2013: What exactly does it take to be a Super High Roller?

There are 27 players remaining on the second day of the Super High Roller, an event that costs $100,000 to play, or, if at first you don't succeed, $200,000 after re-entering. Some of those players have since burned up on re-entry, while others have been eliminated in the usual way...more

PCA 2013: Open-Face Chinese - passing fad or a new standard?

The Rubik's Cube, florescent pop socks, Mr Frosty, microwave meals, pet rocks, online poker, the Atkins diet, fridge magnets, wearing your cap back to front, the mullet. All of these have been described as fads at some point. While some have stood the test of time others have not. The...more

PCA 2013: Players Lounge grind paying off

So, the idea went like this: I heard that there was an online player named Ryan 'Piggysnipz' Pignatelli grinding in the PCA Player Lounge here. The story said he'd been there all morning using the free internet and that he'd just made a final table of a $109 freezeout. That's...more

PCA 2013: Tweet, win, swim with the dolphins for free

Within the next few hours, we expect to see hundreds of faces around us, many of whom we've never seen before. They might be poker players coming in for tomorrow's main event. They might be poker players' families. They might just be lookie-loos. But they're coming. We fearless writers of...more

$100,000 Super High Roller Day 2 intro

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at https://accounts.brightcove.com/en/terms-and-conditions/. --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

PS Women in December: Looking Toward 2013 and PCA

The last month of the year is often a time for reflection and relaxation. The live tournament poker circuit takes a break in the latter half of the month for the holidays, and though online poker thrives nonstop, the holidays are a time to look toward the New Year with...more

PCA 2013: Gruissem leads Super High Rollers as door closes on re-entries

Philipp Gruissem leads the $100,000 Super High Roller coming into the second day of play, having bagged up 771,500 at the close. It's a position that the German has become accustomed to in the past few years. Since 2011 he has won a €10k event in Barcelona, and the €20k...more

Finding Fantasyland

Today, I'm playing in Day 2 of the PCA $100,000 Super High Roller, and if I survive until tomorrow it's going to put a serious dent in my plans to play the PCA's first Open-Face Chinese Poker tournament. After spending over two months traveling around Europe for tournaments, I was...more

5 January

PCA 2013: Gruissem leads record field in Super High Roller

For a tournament that costs $100,000 to play it might appear odd for there to be so much laughing. As play began there were giggles coming from everywhere - Scott Seiver, Jason Mercier, Dan Shak, Daniel Negreanu and Doc Sands. We may not hear their voices, but you can tell...more

PCA 2013: Record-breaking $100,000 Super High Roller field

All around the Imperial Ballroom there are nine-foot high black pillars. On each of these pillars--facing all four points on the compass--are six televisions. Four of those televisions feature Slyde watch advertisements, the massage company's commercial, and occasional disturbing still shots of beating hearts from the PokerStars "We Are Poker"...more

PCA 2013: Size matters

A couple of months ago, I turned on my television to watch my college alma mater play in a basketball tournament. I took a step back from the television with my mouth agape. "I know that carpet!" I said. There, in high definition, I saw the familiar startling floor covering...more

PCA 2013: Vanessa Selbst gets engaged

For as big and serious as today's $100,000 Super High Roller is, you might think this is the biggest thing that's happened to Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst this weekend. After all, this is the first time she's played the PCA Super High Roller tourney. But, there is something bigger...more

PCA 2013: On and off the beaten track

There are few venues on the poker calendar which your arrival at is met with powerful blasts of heat. In Las Vegas it's a scorching flash that makes you sweat three hours later, while at the PCA the warm air is soaked with moisture, as are your clothes. Both encourage...more

PCA 2013: The rectitude of Busquet, Dwan, Negreau and Seiver

Definition of rectitude noun [mass noun] formal morally correct behaviour or thinking; righteousness: Now then, this is not the kind of conversation that you usually get at a poker table. But then again, this $100,000 Super High Roller is no ordinary tournament. At table six Olivier Busquet, Daniel Negreanu, Tom...more

PCA 2013: It's the festival, stupid

The PCA 2013 is crammed full of poker, competitions and honest-to-goodness fun. Let us guide you through some of the highlights you really should keep an eye open for. There are 41 events scheduled here at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. Roll that number around in your mouth: forty-one. Go on,...more

PCA 2013: Jason Mercier's $100,000 makeover

Jason Mercier looks like a new man. I don't know what it is exactly. Well, he got a haircut, which always helps. And he shaved off his big hippy beard. Now, he looks young and happy again, which is how one should be when paying $100,000 for a tournament. Just...more

PCA 2013: What $100,000 looks like

There is a sick and uncomfortable evolution that has taken place a few dozen times in the past few hours. To understand it, we first turn to young Noah Schwartz, a man who is often justifiably mistaken for Superbad's McLovin. In his sweet, lovin' hand the life cycle began. Just...more

PCA 2013: Welcome to the PCA

Today is the first day of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. It is, as the kids say, going to go off. There are Super High Rollers, photo comps, stress ball tests, conch chowder eat-offs (that's just us) and more. Let PokerStars.tv's Sarah Grant gently welcome you to 10 days of top...more

PCA 2013: It's all about the money but not about the money

You might think that a $100,000 buy-in Super High Roller would be different to an ordinary tournament, like that costs only a measly $10,000 to play, for example. Six figures might suggest gold leaf, flunkies and free drinks. But the reality is a lot different, or exactly the same depending...more

PCA 2013: $100,000 Super High Roller sets the pace

The PCA 2013 kicks off with the $100,000 Super High Roller as stars of the poker world turn out in their droves. Can you feel it? There's electricity in the air, the blue sparking kind. While the finishing touches are applied to the fixtures and fittings of the red spade...more

Pokerstars Women's Club: Free Chocolate Celebration

What happens when something new launches? There might be a party; people celebrate with champagne and share good food. PokerStars Women's Club launches on January 7th. We want to celebrate, but we have a problem... Our game is online, and people are scattered to all corners of the globe. A...more

4 January

PokerStars Women's Club: Welcome to the Club

PokerStars Women is proud to introduce the PokerStars Women's Club! Mark your calendars for January 7. Next Monday will launch a new era that will provide an innovative way for women to enjoy their favorite games on PokerStars, win weekly prizes, and join a rapidly growing community of amazing online...more

PCA 2013: Paradise ten-fold

Ten years. It seems as impossible as the color of the Caribbean Sea, but it's just as true. Tomorrow begins the tenth PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. It was 2004 when the annual poker reunion began on the Voyager of the Seas cruise ship with just a couple hundred people. Now as...more

Moored in Moscow

2012 has been a trying year for me. As you know, back in April when I turned in my documents to apply for a U.S. visa to come out for the World Series of Poker, the U.S. embassy lost my passport. Not only was I forced to skip the WSOP,...more

3 January

Women's Poker League: Stellar finishes in final month

What an exciting way to end the WPL! It was a great month for a number of women who participated, and even more names were added to the year-end freeroll roster. That $10K freeroll will award the final prizes of the Women's Poker League, along with the cash prizes given...more

Phil Ivey's failure to recognise Jonathan Duhamel: fail or level?

Jonathan Duhamel. You may have heard of him. You know, he won the World Series of Poker Main Event for $8,944,310 and is second to only Daniel Negreanu on the Canadian all-time money list with more than $11m in live tournament winnings. Phil Ivey. You've probably heard of him, too....more

Alex "AWice" Wice blazes to first 2013 Supernova seat

Alex "AWice" Wice made PokerStars' VIP Club Supernova status in less than 40 hours. Chew on that for a second. When the clock ticked over to 2013, Wice started playing and didn't stop until he was a Supernova. It's never happened faster. It's never happened with more drama. It's never...more

Poker is not a crime

In my last blog, I wrote about my involvement in the business and media side of the Italian poker industry. This time, I want to talk about my broader role as an ambassador for the game. Even though the "boom" was several years ago now, there are still a lot...more

Watch the December 30 Sunday Million, cards up

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2 January

David "dhilton12" Hilton in the penthouse with 2012 TLB win

Here's what you need to know about David Hilton. He spent the past 12 months grinding PokerStars tournaments with the kind of intensity few can imagine. He had one-figure cashes. He had five-figure cashes. When it was all said and done, he picked up a prize worth another five figures:...more

The luck of Ludovic

I had a horrible downswing after the World Series. Not only was I running bad, but the variance was pretty whack. I was feeling pretty awful as I got ready to travel to the EPT San Remo but once I got there, something clicked inside of me and everything changed....more

1 January

Nice start to year for quirino jamb, 1/1/13 Super Tuesday champ

The first Super Tuesday of 2013 is in the books, with quirino jamb of Brazil topping another big field to earn a cool $86,930.70 to start off the new year. Before discussing quirino jamb's triumph, though, let's use this first day of the year to look back for a moment...more

The teacher becomes the student

Happy New Year! As I begin a new year, I'm looking back on the end of my 2012. In November, I played the Asian Championship of Poker (ACOP) in Macau and was fortunate enough to do very well in the series. I won the first event and nearly final tabled...more