May 2013

31 May

ANZPT Repechage: An orbit with Dejan

Day 1c of the ANZPT Repechage Main Event is over the half way point as our field is starting to reduce. We started with over 350 entrants with around half of those still alive. One of them is a young man who has taken the ANZPT by storm in Bosnia's...more

ANZPT Repechage: Revenge of the reporter

Being a poker reporter is one of the best jobs in the world. We are very fortunate to travel the world to watch and write about the game we love, and we get paid to do so! But there's one thing we'd prefer to be doing than writing about poker,...more

ANZPT Repechage: In our own world

When you're sitting inside the Crown Poker Room to watch or play a poker tournament, you're totally removed from everything that's happening in the outside world. The poker room itself is like its own world, and we're locked away in a bunker, oblivious to what's going on outside of these...more

Greatest Poker Hand: Daniel Negreanu has a secret

Daniel Negreanu is on the button with 9♦T♦. He's facing a big pre-flop raise. He calls. He calls because he's on the button with a fun hand. He calls because he's Kid Poker. Oh, and he calls because he has a secret. He knows what his opponent has, and it...more

Miraculous George 'Jorj95' Lind conquers his million VPP challenge

George Lind, who is better known as Team PokerStars Online's 'jorj95', has just completed what they said couldn't be done. And by 'they', I mean 'we'. When Lind made his bold proclamation that he would notch up a million VPPs, stay in pre-rakeback profit and lose 10 pounds in weight...more

Am I successful Team Online player?

Lately I had the idea to check all my cash-game results since I joined Team PokerStars Online. As I was chosen in the original 'draft', my Team Online adventure started on Dec 15th, 2009. In 2009 and 2010 I was still using PokerTracker (before switching to HM and HM2) and...more

Dad won the lottery

I was on a break during the Sunday tournaments and was getting ready to throw some chicken in a pan for dinner when I went to check my phone. My heart nearly pounded out of my chest when I saw several missed calls from my mother, my cousin, and my...more

SCOOP winner Jan 'JacktShipper' De Smet, an old head on young shoulders

While the likes of Daniel Negreanu, Viktor Blom and George Danzer may have taken the biggest headlines it should not be forgotten that the SCOOP crowned a lot of heroes during its $75 million festival. One hundred and thirty-30 heroes, in fact (two players won two events). One of those...more

Asia Millions to be webcast around the world

The GuangDong Ltd Asia Millions (GDAM) was always going to be a big event. With a $130,000 buy-in and the world's top players flying in from the far reaches, the tournament was going to be one for the record books. Now, it's going to be one you can watch on...more

No fuss for Dan Neilson on Day 1b of ANZPT Repechage

Day 1b of the ANZPT Repechage Main Event brought together a very strong field of 254 entrants to quickly dispel any concerns over this tournament not meeting the $750,000 prize pool guarantee. With satellites pushed hard in the Crown Poker Room throughout the day, a massive field is expected tomorrow...more

ANZPT Repechage: TGIF

Friday night is my favourite time of the week. The working week has come to an end and it's a chance to put the feet up, grab a drink and relax. If you're in Melbourne then Friday night offers a plethora of things to see and do. Melbourne is renowned...more

ANZPT Repechage: Quality and quantity

Day 1b of the ANZPT Repechage Main Event is nearing the half-way mark and looking around the room we see a rather impressive field, both in terms of quality and quantity. Yesterday we mentioned how there were a few nervous thoughts about a potential overlay in this event with the...more

30 May

ANZPT Repechage: It's good to be home

We're lucky enough to come to the Crown Casino pretty regularly. Every month or so, we find ourselves back here in the poker room reporting on a major poker championships. This place is like a second home. Whether it's the Aussie Millions, WSOP-APAC, APPT or ANZPT, the Crown Poker Room...more

ANZPT Repechage: Thank God for the French

Repechage (French: repêchage, "fishing out, rescuing") is a practice amongst ladder competitions (those with a series of rounds of competition) that allows participants who failed to meet qualifying standards by a small margin to continue to the next round. The French were on to something when they created the "repechage"....more

SCOOP champs around the globe

Viktor Blom doesn't do a lot of media work. Even in the few opportunities I've had to talk to him, I've walked away without a perfectly clear understanding of what we just talked about. That is a short way of explaining why you don't yet see a long, in-depth piece...more

Help Cancer Research UK with Liv Boeree this weekend

Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree is a special case. When she heard about the Race for Life to raise money for Cancer Research UK, she immediately dedicated herself to a training regimen as she wanted to run her Race for Life. She's not only inspired, but she's quite physically fit...more

Hachem King on Day 1a of ANZPT Repechage

It was a miserable day in Melbourne today, but that didn't stop 224 entrants taking part on Day 1a of the historic ANZPT Repechage Main Event. It's an event that has brought a lot of hype and excitement. It's the first time a repechage format has been employed in an...more

ANZPT Repechage: The life cycle of a poker player

The Crown Poker Room has seen many transformations over the years. From the tables of Two-Card Manila in the back corner with registration on whiteboards, to the seventy-something tables and digital displays that are now spread throughout the basement level space here in the Crown Casino. Even today, one end...more

Greatest Poker Hand: Who is that kid named Mercier?

If you listen closely, you can almost still hear the echo of people saying, "Who is this kid?" In the days before EPT San Remo's Season 4 main event in five years ago, there weren't a great many people who knew the name Jason Mercier. "Mercier?" poker people were heard...more

Lights, Camera, Bluff!

After going about five months without cashing in a live tournament, I finally put an end to the streak at the France Poker Series High Roller event in Evian. It was a beautiful destination up in the mountains and it drew a lot of players from Germany and Switzerland as...more

ANZPT Repechage: Golden rule of guarantees

In the poker world, guarantees are made to be broken. We've seen it throughout Macau where the Red Dragon prize pool guarantees are always smashed. We've seen it online in the recent SCOOP series where over $75 million in prize money was given away. Will we see the same here...more

ANZPT Repechage: Money talks

The money or the title? The cash or the glory? We all play poker tournaments for different reasons but it's the age-old question - would you prefer to take home the top prize or the trophy? It's possibly a question that many players in Australasia had to consider before playing...more

29 May

ANZPT Repechage shines through gloomy Melbourne skies

As I sit here and look out the window at a miserable, rainy Melbourne day, I can't help but think of Las Vegas. You may have heard that there's a little poker tournament called the World Series of Poker which has just kicked off in the scorching Nevada desert heat....more

Eureka3 Croatia: Achilles Bozso wins Eureka3 Croatia and €59,100

When heads-up play began in Dubrovnik we knew one thing for sure, that a player from either Hungary or Croatia would be winning their countries second Eureka Croatia main event title as Richard Bodis had scored one for Hungary in season one and Alija Filipovic had equalised for Croatia in...more

Rafa hits the clay in Paris and doesn't break a sweat

It's Paris in the springtime. It's a clay tennis court. It's the heralded arrival of Rafael Nadal. But it's not the French Open. It's a poker tournament where the biggest star is the King of Clay. This past weekend, Rafa warmed up his competition engines with a 200-player PokerStars Zoom...more

Workouts, willpower, and the World Series of Poker

I've spent a lot of time in London lately. I was down there for the UKIPT and the EPT, but didn't end up doing well in either event. Well... there was the matter of the media tournament. It was a charity event and both Chris Moneymaker and I ended up...more

Road to 100 Billion: Your map to $5 million in prize money

It's been a long road. It's taken eleven years to make the trip. We've stopped at waypoint after waypoint and milestone after milestone. Now, our destination on the PokerStars Road to 100 Billion is just ahead, and the party is going to be as epic as they get. PokerStars is...more

Eureka3 Croatia: Day 3, level 23-25 updates (20,000 - 40,000 ante 5,000)

10pm: Achilles Bozso wins Eureka3 Croatia (€59,100); Boris Kuzmanovic second (€48,200) There was simply no way back for Boris Kuzmanovic, something had to give and finally it did. He moved all-in for 480,000 with 9♣7♣ and Achilles Bozso snap called with pocket queens. The Q♣6♠Q♠ flop gave Bozso an unbreakable...more

$130,000 Asia Millions crests 70 players

With one week remaining until the $130,000 GuangDong Ltd Asia Millions (GDAM) at PokerStars LIVE at the City of Dreams Casino in Macau, organizers have announced that they already have seventy registrants. Chew on that for a second. In all the super high rollers in all the cities on all...more

Wow! Could you EVER make this play?

We're used to seeing some extraordinary plays in our major series like SCOOP, but sometimes a player does something that takes our breath away. Step forward Sami 'Lrslzk' Kelopuro, who pulled off a masterstroke during this hand in the $21,000 SCOOP High Roller. As you watch the hand play out...more

Eureka3 Croatia: Day 3, level 19-22 updates 10,000 - 20,000 ante 3,000

5.35pm: Break time The players are now on a 15 minute break, you'll find level 23 updates in a new post. 5.25pm: Double elimination! After the lull in play we were well and truly woken from our slumber by a double knockout! From the cut off Marek Uharcek raised to...more

Straight to first for stato_1, 5/28/13 Super Tuesday champ

It has been a wild couple of weeks around here, with the 2013 Spring Championship of Online Poker setting records as the richest ever online poker tournament series. The Super Tuesday took a couple of weeks off during the SCOOP, and so we'll forgive a little post-SCOOP hangover perhaps affecting...more

28 May

SCOOP 2013: Main Event

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

Eureka3 Croatia: Greek chipping magnet leads final dozen in Dubrovnik

Just 12 players remain in the hunt for the Eureka3 Croatia title, the €64,000 frist prize, the trophy and the right to call themselves a champion. Leading the final dozen when play resumes tomorrow will be Theodoros Aidonopoulos, the Greek player was the only player to break the one million...more

VIP Club Live making four stops in 2013

How does an open bar, non-stop food, games, prizes, and entertainment while rubbing shoulders with Team PokerStars members and fellow grinders sound? That's what the PokerStars VIP Club is proposing this year this year with its second round of VIP Club Live parties. The parties take place at prestigious venues...more

SCOOP 2013: Event 39 - $5,200 PL Omaha [6-Max]

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

I skipped SCOOP (and that's okay)

My last days in Monte Carlo were mostly spent fielding the question "Where are you playing SCOOP?" The question is never "Are you playing SCOOP?" or "Do you think you'll play SCOOP this year?" or "Do you have anything else going on in your life that would cause you to...more

Taking initiative

It's not too often that I get to play a poker tournament in my home country, so I was super excited to make the short drive to Middelkerke for the Belgian Poker Series. I bought in to a few events and ended up min-cashing in the Main. When I play...more

SCOOP 2013: Richest online series ends with a bang

This year's Spring Championship of Online Poker saw Team Pro Daniel Negreanu win his first ever online title. It saw Team Pro George Danzer win two events and put forth a Herculean effort to win the overall Player of the Series.* It was, by all accounts, a festival rich on...more

Not all poker players have beards and smell bad

The image that people have of the average poker player is far from the reality. I did a little test. I walked around asking people how they think the average poker player looks. I received the funniest answers. "A poker player definitely has a cowboy hat on." "Poker players have...more

Eureka3 Croatia: Day 2, level 14-18 updates (blinds 4,000 - 8,000 ante 1,000)

11.35pm: Day 2 is done And that's the end of Day 2 of the Eureka3 Croatia main event. We're down to the final dozen and a full wrap on how we went from 103 players to just 12 is on the way. Play resumes at noon local time when we'll...more

Eureka3 Croatia: The €64,000 question, who will win?

Hot off the press is the prize pool structure for the main event here in Croatia. A total of 283 players entered the main event of Eureka3 Crotia creating a prize pool of €274,510. The winner, as you can see below will take home €64,000, whilst the loser of the...more

Eureka3 Croatia: Stacks and exits as bubble approaches

The bubble is in sight here in Croatia as just 59 players remain, 40 of whom will get paid. So all in all that means at least two-thirds of the players who remain will make the money. The actual bubble is still probably a good level and a half away...more

Eureka3 Croatia: Last shorter and last longers

Poker tournaments come in all shapes and sizes but if there's one thing you can guarantee about them all it's this. At the start of Day 2 there will be carnage. No matter how many levels you play on Day 1, be it 6, 8, 9, 10 or more the...more

Eureka3 Croatia: Day 2 is moving day

Hello and welcome to Day 2 of Eureka3 Croatia, 103 players from the 283 who started have made it this far and all of them will be hoping to still be around when Day 3 shuffle ups and deals 24 hours from now. First order of business is to make...more

27 May

SCOOP 2013: Viktor "Isildur1" Blom bests Boeken heads-up, wins over $1m in Main Event #43-H ($10,300 NLHE)

It's been a wild couple of weeks around here... historic, even. A total of $75,585,305.05 has been won in the 132 tournaments of the 2013 Spring Championship of Online Poker, making it the richest online poker tournament series in history. And a big chunk of that was awarded in Event...more

SCOOP 2013: gaucho47 outguns Joe "ender555" Ebanks in Event #44-H, $2,100 NL Hold'em (8-Max)

The 2013 installment of the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker entered today with just a few two-day events left to close out, but the final numbers for the series were complete yesterday. PokerStars players made this year's SCOOP the richest tournament series in online poker history, awarding more than...more

SCOOP 2013: VAMOOOO! Brazil's Nicolau "nicofellow" Villa-Lobos wins Event #43-M, nanonoko 4th ($1,050 NLHE Main Event)

A $4 million prize pool is serious business. It's nearly as rich as an EPT Main Event. In fact, it's so lucrative Daniel Negreanu decamped from Las Vegas to Vancouver the weekend before the WSOP just to be able to buy in. In its fourth year, SCOOP continued breaking records...more

SCOOP 2013: MLiz magnificent in Main Event with victory in Event #43-L [$109 NL]

According to the Kevin Costner film Field of Dreams, "If you build it, they will come." Instead of driving out to the middle of nowhere to watch a bunch of ghosts play baseball in a corn field, PokerStars created the Spring Championship of Online Poker. SCOOP has become one of...more

Eureka3 Croatia: PokerStars qualifier Christian Kolke leads after Day 1

The second of two flights was the day when the big guns came to town and the field was not only bigger in size, but reputation. But, the old adage of the bigger you are the harder you fall came to pass an unknown PokerStars Qualifier topped a Day 1B...more

SCOOP 2013: An uphill victory for SlyderS1 in Event #42-M ($215 NLHE 8-Max)

The SCOOP is coming to a close and SlyderS1 took one of the last watches of the year. While the Main Events were raging on, SlyderS1 was slowly beating 8-handed table after 8-handed table. There were 5,436 players that signed up to play the 8-max event. This created a $1,087,200.00...more

SCOOP 2013: All too easy for nbk_oli who wins Event #42-L ($27 NL Hold'em, 8-Max)

With only a handful of events left to play in the 2013 SCOOP there was a sense that nobody wanted any of it to end, at least in the final table of event 42-L. There were 24 all-ins that went uncontested, 12 of them in a row, amounting to nothing...more

Eureka3 Croatia: Easy come easy go for Dag Palovic

You don't have to be in the presence of Team PokerStars Pro Dag Palovic to notice that he stands out at the poker table (even when sitting) for a couple of reasons. Firstly he's usually the only one smiling! The Slovakian has a perma-grin etched on his face, even when...more

Eureka3 Croatia: Hey it's you from off the telly

If you've ever tuned in to watch Champions League football on a rainy Wednesday night in Slovenia then the face below would be instantly familiar to you. If it's not then that's not an insult either as I doubt many people outside of the UK know who Matt Smith is...more

Eureka3 Croatia: The Belgians are coming (and going)

They might only be four strong but what a quartet the nation of strong beer, buns containing sultanas and chips with mayo have bought to Eureka3 Croatia. Matthias De Meulder Opening the batting for the Belgian's are the De Meulder twins. Both Christophe and Matthias are Team PokerStars Pros and...more

Eureka3 Croatia: Lodden loving life

"It was the best feeling I've had in poker," says Johnny Lodden, his poker face breaking out into a grin. "Making it to that final table was amazing. I've had a lot of top 20 finishes so to make it to the final at the Grand Final with the players...more

Steve O'Dwyer on winning the EPT Grand Final, the WSOP, championship floating and the Illuminati

Less than two weeks ago Steve O'Dwyer won the EPT Grand Final beating what was arguably the toughest final table ever to seal a career-best €1,224,000 win. His triumph not only added his name to a growing list of greats, but also froze out Daniel Negreanu's Triple Crown attempt as...more

SCOOP 2013 heads to star-studded final day

It's a holiday where I am, and I'll be candid with you: I intended to take the day off. I thought things would run themselves. I thought, "Hey, the main event of SCOOP isn't even finished yet. Why worry with work?" And then I saw just how crazy today was...more

Eureka3 Croatia: The final countdown

This is the tenth Eureka Poker Tour main event, meaning that thus far, as the official final table of Eureka events are eight handed, that roughly 72 players have made a main event final table on the tour. Of course it's slightly less as Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez, for example, has...more

Eureka3 Croatia: Meet Hana Soljan

Yesterday we reported about Full Tilt Poker's Eureka moment and how on Saturday night they'd unveiled three Full Tilt Poker Tour Ambassadors for the Eureka Poker Tour. One of those is Hana Soljan she's Croatian and is in her final year at the University of Applied Sciences in Zagreb, studying...more

Eureka3 Croatia: Johnny come latelies

It's a curious phenomenon but poker tournaments rarely start on time, usually it's just a few minutes after the advertised start time as was the case today. That might be down to any number of reasons - maybe a backlog at registrations , or a few last minute wrinkles with...more

Eureka3 Croatia: Second flight about to spread its wings

Welcome back to Eureka3 Croatia here at the Golden Sun Casino in Dubrovnik. It's a balmy 17 degrees outside here on the Adriatic cost today but the poker action inside the casino promises to be just as hot. For today the big guns have come to town there are no...more

26 May

SCOOP 2013: Danzer does it again in Event #41-H ($2,100 NLHE 4-Max)

Four-handed poker is one that always excites many of the game's professionals. It's an action game. There's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, giving pros a chance to maximize their perceived "edge". So it's no surprise that we saw a couple of big name professionals make a deep run at...more

SCOOP 2013: EPT London champ Ruben "rubenrtv" Visser wins Event #44-H, $1,050 NL Hold'em Wrap-Up (Turbo, 3x-Chance)

There was never any doubt that Event #44-H, the $1,050 version of the SCOOP Wrap-Up, would draw a tough field. SCOOP is one of the most popular tournament series here at PokerStars and this tournament was the last chance to earn a champion's watch at the High buy-in level for...more

SCOOP 2013: TiltMeHarder avoids mega-tilt and binks Event #44-M Wrap-Up [$109 NL Turbo, 3x-Chance]

Redemption time. One of the last events of the Spring Championship of Online Poker gave Sunday grinders a final opportunity to win a SCOOP title and pad their bankrolls (or get unstuck in some extreme cases). The Triple Chance Turbo format of Event #44-M Wrap Up featured five-minute levels that...more

SCOOP 2013: Pablito_2121 is number one in Event 44L ($11 NLHE Turbo, 3xChance)

Anything can happen in a turbo tournament, but all it takes is one player with momentum to sail through it. Pablito_2121 started slowly at the final table but soon took over, eliminating player after player and dominating with such a large stack of chips that no one could do much...more

SCOOP 2013: Ben "KidCardiff6" Warrington wins HU High-Roller Event #40-M ($2,100 NLH Heads-Up, High-Roller)

Heads up tournaments always bring out some of the top players and the final HU event of SCOOP 2013 was of the High-Roller variety. Buy-ins were raised 10 fold across the board for each of the three levels of tournaments for some big money prizes. The Medium event brought 247...more

SCOOP 2013: Ashton "theASHMAN103" Griffin wins first SCOOP title in Event #40-L ($215 NLHE Heads-Up, High Roller)

Not too many folks can say they won and lost a million dollars before their 21st birthday. But Ashton Griffin is one of those people. Before he could legally play in a U.S. casino, Griffin had built and busted multiple online bankrolls, but what he lacked in fiscal discipline, he...more

Leka.TiM.Sin goes wire-to-wire in 5/26/13 Women's Sunday

Leka.TiM.Sin brought the chip lead into the final table, and for the most part, it stayed that way. Although roxieforu05 charged to the top spot in the early going, Leka.TiM.Sin knocked her down a few pegs when she picked up pocket kings and got three streets of value. Leka.TiM.Sin moved...more

Battle of the Planets: jSorc casts a spell on final table for $12K win

Former champions and players who have made the final table of the Battle of the Planets monthly $50,000.00 triple shootout freeroll often make return trips. It took two our final table players three and four years respectively to come in and say hi today. But, the month tonight would go...more

SCOOP 2013: hownorez has way after three-way chop, wins Event #41-M ($215 NLHE 4-Max)

The four-handed events always guarantee lots of action, and there was no lack of such in Event #41-M, the $215 buy-in version of the 4-max. no-limit hold'em event. Scheduled as a two-day affair, it would begin on Saturday afternoon and conclude early Sunday evening, with hownorez of the Czech Republic...more

SCOOP 2013: zhenmao75322's wall of chips wins Event #41-L ($27 NLHE 4-Max)

Raise or be gone. Four-max is no place to wait for aces and the players who successfully entered day two of the $200,000 guarantee SCOOP $27 Event #41-L knew that. zhenmao75322 would grab the chip lead at the five-player final table and did not back down until all of the...more

Eureka3 Croatia: Daniel Ebersold leads Day 1A of Eureka3 Croatia

The second stop of season three saw the tour touch down in Croatia for the third season in a row. However, unlike the first two seasons when the action happened in the capital Zagreb, the destination for this tournament was Dubrovnik some 600 killometres to the south at the southern...more

Eureka3 Croatia: No guts no glory, no chips no chance

There are many bubbles that aren't bubbles in poker tournaments, at least in a monetary sense and perhaps the biggest artificial bubble of them all is the Day 2 bubble. We're now into the ninth and last level of Day 1A and players that are averagely stacked or below generally...more

SCOOP 2013: mrGR33N13 does the talking, Ben86 does the winning in Event #40-H ($21,000 heads-up high roller)

Heads-up poker for high stakes is intense. It's a relentless test of skill and endurance among players who, in the case of event 40-H, don't flinch at paying $21,000 to be one of 32 taking part in the Series' most exclusive tournament. To watch it is to see poker at...more

Eureka3 Croatia: Satellites - a decent Moneymaker

Hands up if when you first got into poker you knew what a poker tournament satellite was? Yeah not many of us did, when ironically it's a poker satellite that probably got many of us into poker in the first place. Eric Drache is credited with inventing the poker satellite...more

Eureka3 Croatia: The ups and downs of Team Online's Dale Philip

Just what Dale Philip is doing playing this tournament today I don't know. You see Philip, a Scotsman, who's spent the last few years living in Thailand, is a member of Team PokerStars Online. And today, I'm sure it can't have escaped your attention is Sunday, which whilst it's an...more

Eureka3 Croatia: Nothing average about Georges Yazbeck

It's not an exact science but in the middle to late stages of Day 1 of a poker tournament when searching for big stacks and chip leaders you can take a look at the average stack, multiple by it a factor of three and you'll not be far off the...more

Eureka3 Croatia: Full Tilt Poker's Eureka moment

For the last few weeks as well as being able to win your way to Eureka3 Croatia on PokerStars you could also try your luck on Full Tilt Poker. And last night at a welcome party at the oldest nightclub in the world (the building it's housed in is some...more

Eureka3 Croatia: You've got to be in it to win it

There are many poker sayings that you'll hear on media row at most every poker tournament, one of those is, "You can't win a tournament on Day 1." Usually this is followed up by the addendum of, "but you can certainly lose it." It's a phrase born of experience and...more

SCOOP 2013: Event 31 - $2,100 NL Hold'em [Knockout]

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

Eureka3 Croatia: Who else?

The total number of players has increased by one this level to 102, but the number still active has decreased to 100. It took a while to lose the first player of the day I heard a cry of, "seat open table four," looked up to see the tournament clock...more

Eureka3 Croatia: Short-handed but not short changed

The definition of short-handed poker is sort of a grey area. Through the proliferation of six-max tables online both for tournaments and cash games we know that six-max definitely is, eight-handed and above definitely isn't and seven-handed falls somewhere in-between. Seven-handed poker is, you could argue, the pocket jacks of...more

Eureka3 Croatia: Fun in the sun about to begin

Hello and welcome to the second stop of Season 3 of the Eureka Poker Tour. Much like the first stop of Season 3, Croatia is a familiar stopping point for the tour, but we're in an unfamiliar location. For the first two seasons the Golden Sun Casino in Zagreb was...more

25 May

SCOOP 2013: Daniel Negreanu takes first major online victory in Event #39-H ($5,200 PLO 6-Max)

It's been a good year for Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu. Just last month, Negreanu won the inaugural WSOP APAC Main Event for his fifth WSOP bracelet and more than $1 million. Then, a few weeks ago, Negreanu finished 4th in the EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final Main Event for...more

SCOOP 2013: krondix crushes Event #39-M ($530 PLO 6-Max)

A check of the SCOOP stats page tells us that through the first 114 tournaments of this year's Spring Championship of Online Poker, a total of 32 countries have produced winners thus far, with three of them -- Canada, Russia, and the United Kingdom -- in a tight race for...more

SCOOP 2013: mossberg1988 mows down massive field and wins Event #39-L $55 PLO [6-Max]

Eric "AceQuad" Brix is so hot right now, he could melt ice by just looking at it. AceQuad has put on a clinic during this year's Spring Championship of Online Poker. Last night, one of the hottest online poker players on the planet made two final tables in "high" events...more

Great swag and good friends make PokerStars Women's Club a win-win

Who doesn't like getting together at a regular time each week to play poker and chat with friends while polishing their poker skills? Sitting in your favorite comfy chair with your preferred beverage and snacks close at hand makes it even better. When you combine that with some great swag...more

Rafa Nadal serves a PokerStars treat

You'd think playing against 200 fans might not be the most sensible warm up for Rafa Nadal as he plans his record-extending assault on the French Open. And you'd be right. Why risk picking up a freak injury before the serious business of bagging an eighth title begins? Well, Rafa...more

SCOOP 2013: JKMatthews denies Horecki and "JC" to add SCOOP title to MM silverware in Event #38-L ($27 NL Omaha Hi/Lo)

SCOOP 38-L had everything the spectator might wish for in a final table - a dominating chip leader, known as JulianChrist no less; good humour, a Team PokerStars Pro and a winner adding SCOOP to MircoMillions silverware in the shape of JKMatthews, who took the title and a first prize...more

SCOOP 2013: ninototoroko crushes in Event #38-M ($215 NL Omaha Hi-Lo)

Omaha Hi-Lo isn't everyone's cup of tea, but when you make the format No Limit, then it certainly adds a rather exciting element to the game. Brazil's ninototoroko was able to adjust best to the format to continue a superb SCOOP series with a dominant victory. It was Event #38-M...more

SCOOP 2013: Anthony "wwwBTHEREcom" Gregg wins first watch #36-H ($2,100+1R1A No Limit Hold'em)

SCOOP 36-H was a pure tournament for those looking to put some money into a prizepool and then spend a day proving they had what it takes to be a champion. PokerStars put together a structure for the High version of Event #36-H as a No Limit Hold'em where...more

SCOOP 2013: gumasta scoops up a win in Event #38-H ($2,100 NL Omaha Hi/Lo)

Twelve and a half hours is typically enough time to plow through a field of thousands, but in this case, it took over half a day to get from 118 to 1. When the final table did finally materialize, it was loaded with familiar faces. AceQuad made his sixth SCOOP...more

SCOOP 2013: pierrec_m pierces field in Event #36-L ($27 NLHE 1R1A)

When you enter a $27 poker tournament and are facing a decision for a $60,000+ prize, it's understandable if the palms get a little sweaty. It's life-changing money for many, so it often makes sense to lock in a deal and avoid any heartache. A three-way deal in today's SCOOP...more

24 May

SCOOP 2013: aDrENalin710 Wins Second SCOOP Title; George Danzer Denied Third SCOOP Crown in Event #37-H ($2,100 HORSE)

Horse racing has its origins with the ancient Greeks, but British royalty always held a unique fondness for thoroughbred racing, which is why it was once dubbed the "Sport of Kings." In the technologically advanced 21st Century, the current "sport of kings" is online poker, which has its own version...more

SCOOP 2013: Chance "ChanceCU" Kornuth shows poker's a skill game, wins Event #36-M ($215 NLHE 1R1A)

There have been a number of already-decorated players who have proven themselves again by doing well during this year's SCOOP, and Event #36-M, the $215 no-limit hold'em "1R1A" event, gave us yet another example. "What's the chance?" some might ask, that another WSOP bracelet holder would be winning a SCOOP...more

SCOOP 2013: Mitorun runs away with title in Event #37-M ($215 HORSE)

David "WhooooKidd" Baker was looking for his second SCOOP title in a matter of days as another mixed game event produced a fascinating SCOOP final table, but in the end Baker would fall short with Russia's Mitorun emerging with the title and almost twenty grand in prize money. It was...more

SCOOP 2013: klippen's wings aren't clipped in Event 37-L ($27 HORSE)

I couldn't tell you why but I really enjoy seeing totally dominant final-table performances. Some people love wild swings and players battling back and forth, tooth and nail. Not me. I love ruthless, pitiless domination. It feels more satisfying to see one player dismantle a final table. I'm feeling mighty...more

SCOOP 2013: Akademnuk ascends to victory in SCOOP #34-H ($2,100 PLO Hi/Lo)

Final table players got a nice break in Event #34-H. After 10 hands of play on the final table, Day 1 ended and players got a 13-hour break. After a good night's -- or day's, depending on global location -- rest, players came back at 2pm ET and Akademnuk was...more

SCOOP 2013: TheLandlord1 evicts opponents to win Event 34M ($215+R PLO H/L)

TheLandlord1 went into the final table with the chip lead but quickly found the competition to be quite tough. It took some tenacity and the skill to find the right spots to pick up chips in order to maneuver through the opponents. And patience was key during the heads-up match,...more

SCOOP 2013: bogdaniel111 breaks through, matt86ck takes top dollar in Event #34-L ($27 PL Omaha H/L)

From the moment registration closed, we had a feeling this would be an odd one. Thirty seconds with a calculator revealed that this particular two-day event had a strong chance of hitting the final table before the end of Day 1 and finishing up the following afternoon. As it turned...more

Dealing with a downswing

Life is good. I am on a downswing, actually, which isn't great, but otherwise all is going brilliantly. So far this year I've played a number of live tournaments as well as cash games online, and while things haven't been going too well in either, such downswings always provide lots...more

As the Stars Tweet: Liv Boeree & Jason Mercier Get Pumped Up for SCOOP

The 2013 Spring Championship of Online Poker is happening now, and it's no surprise that Team PokerStars Pros are out in full force. Not only that, many of them have already found success such as George Danzer, who took down PokerStars SCOOP Event #12-High $2,100 No-Limit 2-7 Triple Draw for...more

Curry, beer and Liv Boeree's charity tournament

My attempt to raise money for Cancer Research UK involves curry and beer. I know my friends like curry; I know they like beer. In fact, they like beer a lot. They also like invitations to come to my place and stay late. So, I've asked them for 10 pounds...more

Satellite into UKIPT Marbella today!

The UKIPT team have been onto us to write something about the upcoming UKIPT Marbella event. We're going on holiday, they say. The UKIPT is joining up with the ESPT, they add. So what? Why should we right about that? Everyone knows that there's a €1,100 UKIPT Main Event going...more

SCOOP 2013: Who dat? Dat WhooooKidd!

You have to know Maria "maridu" Mayrinck to really get a sense for how loud things can get during times of excitement. First, she's Brazilian, which means she's biologically predisposed to being overwhelmingly excited. Second, she's Maria, and that's a state of being that scholars have spent a couple decades...more

Meeting shaniac: Short film triggers old memories

Editor's note: Earlier this week, PokerStars released a short film about Shane Schleger that triggered a few memories in Trent Wyatt, a longtime PokerStars employee. In 2005, Wyatt was still a part-time player with a dream. This is what happened. March 25, 2005 started much like any other day off...more

23 May

SCOOP 2013: Alximik1203 withstands late charge to win Event #33-L ($27 8-Game)

Doing well in an 8-Game Mix tournament requires a warehouse full of poker skills with flop, draw, and stud games in the rotation. The low version of the SCOOP 8-Game tournament brought a large crowd looking to show their chops to the world. 2,780 players registered for the tournament creating...more

SCOOP 2013: David "WhooooKidd" Baker gets a second SCOOP in Event #33-H ($2,100 8-Game)

David "WhooooKidd" Baker finally got it. Baker had come so close to his second SCOOP watch several times this series. Baker finished 2nd in the $2,100 NLHE near the beginning of the SCOOP and then finished 3rd in Event #28-H ($2,100 Stud Hi/Lo) just two days ago. He made another...more

SCOOP 2013: A "high" win for highland, Event #31-H champ ($2,100 NLHE Knockout)

The "high" SCOOP events always attract tough, competitive fields, and Event #31-H, a $2,100 buy-in no-limit hold'em "knockout" event, was no exception. Spread over two days, the tourney saw tough competition from start to finish as players grittily defended their knockout bounties, with highland of Canada ultimately being the only...more

SCOOP 2013: BOOGANDEHAH boogies home in Event 35-L ($27 NLHE, Turbo, 2x Chance)

Event 35-Low of SCOOP 2013 called for a little NLHE turbo rebuy action. Given the low price point and the chance for a second bullet if the first bullet blew up in a player's face, turnout was huge. Almost 12,000 players vied for the SCOOP title in Event 35-L. At...more

SCOOP 2013: FellipeNunes Turbo Master in Event #35-M ($215 NL Turbo, 2x-Chance)

Turbo events are perfect for impatient people whom want instant gratification. Turbo events are tournaments specifically designed for people seeking extreme, high-pressure situations. This is not the type of tournament for someone with alligator blood pumping through their veins. Slow and steady does not win this particular race. Instead, of...more

SCOOP 2013: Pass a beer for meneerbeer, winner of Event 33M ($215 8-Game)

It can be intimidating going up against players who have a history with SCOOP wins, as well as a proven Team PokerStars Pro. But meneerbeer stayed focused and persevered despite the odds. Even during heads-up and facing aDrENalin710, who just won a SCOOP two days prior and clearly had momentum,...more

SCOOP 2013: Belabacsi scores second SCOOP title in Event #35-H ($2,100 NLHE Turbo, 2x-Chance)

If the 2012 SCOOP was the Year of Shaun Deeb, 2013 is shaping up to be the Year of the Repeat. With over 30 events still on the docket, six players have already won their second career SCOOP titles: George Danzer, David "Gunslinger3" Bach, Charlie "JIZOINT" Combes, Anders "Donald" Berg,...more

SCOOP 2013: Of course M1ghtyDucks comes from behind in Event 31-M ($215 NLHE Knockout)

There are days in poker when you can't even win the blinds and days where it seems as if you can do no wrong. At the final table of SCOOP 2013 Event 31-M, $215 NLHE (Knockout), it looked as if Steve "Illini213" Barshak was going to have one of the...more

SCOOP 2013: Jeff "jeff710" Hakim triumphs in Event #31-L, $27 NL Hold'em (Knockout)

With the possible exception of poker players who have a constitutional bias to playing so tight they can safely fall asleep at the table, everybody loves a knockout tournament. Though it is possible to run deep in tournaments without knocking anyone out, it's never a preferred path. So knockout tourneys...more

Exercising social control in poker

I don't have too much to report regarding my own play of late. However, I have been delivering some seriously good vibes to my friends who keep going deep in big tourneys. In fact, it seems like recently everyone around me in our little entourage has been doing well, and...more

SCOOP 2013: Daniel Kelly, the 6-COOP man

A few years ago, photographer Neil Stoddart and PokerStars' tourney guru Bryan Slick hustled Dan Kelly into what amounted to a large closet at the PCA in the Bahamas. They shoved two bracelets onto his wrists and took the picture below. Why? Well, it was a big deal. Kelly had...more

Ten years later: How Chris Moneymaker changed my life

On May 23, 2003, I was a television news reporter. I played online poker on the side. I'd already fallen in love with the movie Rounders. I played local home games regularly. I'd been to Vegas the year before and cut my teeth at the Bellagio. Two weeks earlier, a...more

More than 50 people signed up for $130,000 Asia Millions

Some of poker's best known names from the west are looking east for a chance at winning big. PokerStars Macau recently announced the June 5 HK $1 Million (US $130k) buy-in GuangDong Ltd Asia Millions (GDAM) tournament at the City of Dreams casino. There was never any doubt that the...more

Watch the $2,100 SCOOP #28-H final table

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

10 million man George 'Jorj95' Lind winning in life and poker

Do you know George Jorj95' Lind III? You should. Not only is he the first player to have crossed the monumental 10,000,000 VPP barrier, but the member of Team PokerStars Online is also contesting for the SCOOP 2013 leader board. Lind has racked up 15 cashes in the series so...more

SCOOP 2013: OverTheTop43 on top after chop in Event #29-H ($1,050 NLHE)

The second version of SCOOP's "Super Tuesday Special Edition" -- after last week's Event #8-H that ended in a five-way chop with Sobizzle21 claiming the watch -- played out once more this week, again as a two-day event. This time the event concluded with a three-way deal resulting in all...more

SCOOP 2013: Passagero-LM flies high in Event 29-M ($109 NLHE)

The structures at SCOOP 2013 are so deep and patient that when PokerStars puts a NLHE event on the schedule, they know that the event has to take place over two days. For SCOOP 2013 Event 29-M, $109 NLHE, it took almost a full 24 hours for Passagero-LM to claim...more

22 May

SCOOP 2013: zeus-tseuji wins first for Japan in Event #29-L, $11 NL Hold'em

The SCOOP Low tournaments have a habit of drawing some pretty sizable fields, especially when the game at play is no-limit hold'em. That was the case once again in Event #29-L, a two-day tournament with $100,000 in guaranteed prize money. With a 5K starting stack and 15-minute levels, there was...more

SCOOP 2013: Kelly captures sixth COOP title in Event 30-H ($2100 Razz)

Brad Willis, PokerStars' Head of Blogging, has made it known (repeatedly) how obsessed he is with Shaun Deeb. Brad has good reason - Deeb has won seven COOP titles on PokerStars, more than any other player. But if Brad ever gets tired of waxing eloquent about Shaun F. Deeb, he...more

SCOOP 2013: SWFAZ dominates final table to win Event #32-M ($215 PL Omaha Zoom Turbo)

If players were looking for a lot of action, they did not have to look much further than the Pot Limit Omaha Zoom Turbo SCOOP tournaments today. The structure combined with Zoom poker generated non-stop moves with a consistent parade to the rail. Just 250 of the nearly 1,500 starting...more

SCOOP 2013: lowballeric earns a lowball title in Event #30-M ($215 Razz)

We're nearing a special day here at PokerStars with tomorrow's 10th anniversary of Chris Moneymaker's historic win in the 2003 World Series of Poker. One aspect of Moneymaker's story that has always intrigued many is the coincidence of Moneymaker's last name and the huge cash prize that came with winning...more

SCOOP 2013: Jomppeli_32 jumps to a win in Event #30-L, $27 Razz

The turn of a single card can do you in no matter what form of poker you're playing, but there's probably no variant where the wrong card at the wrong time feels more brutal than Razz. Whether it's pairing your board on fifth street, watching an A-2-3 starting hand go...more

SCOOP 2013: FoRiu89 pots victory in Event #32-L ($27 Pot Limit Omaha Turbo ZOOM)

Pot Limit Omaha is already considered an action game, but when you combine it into a Turbo structure and add PokerStars' revolutionary ZOOM format, then it provides a cracking few hours of poker entertainment. It took just over four hours to reduce a field of over five thousand to a...more

SCOOP 2013: RandALLin runs over the final table in Event #32-H ($2,100 PLO [Turbo, Zoom])

Randal "RandALLin" Flowers is the youngest-ever two-time WPT champion. He has over $3.5 million in career online MTT earnings and another $1.9 million live. But until tonight, he had yet to ship a "COOP." At a final table that was stunningly fast even by turbo Zoom standards, Flowers arrived second...more

SCOOP 2013: Chidwick wins first, Bach gets second SCOOP title

Wait a second. Stevie Chidwick didn't have a SCOOP title? That simply couldn't be true. When I was introduced to the shy Chidwick years ago, he was the guy who was literally winning a dozen WSOP seats just so he had some extra cash. Somehow he's gone this long without...more

Chips, not Euros: Inside the Monte Carlo cash game

About a month before the EPT, I received an invitation to participate in the Million Euro Cash Game at Monte Carlo. One million euro buyin, no-limit hold'em, blinds of 1k/2k. It was to be, I believe, the biggest non-private cash game ever run in Europe, and definitely the biggest one...more

Schedule? What schedule?

It's tough to be a live-plus-online pro in Asia. Unlike Europe, which has lots of live events fairly close together and friendly online tournament times, Asian live tournaments are far-flung and major online tournaments start in the middle of the night. Since the start of the year from Singapore to...more

A call for a committee

We have good tournament directors around the world, but sometimes they and their partners make really bad decisions, and often the reason that they do is they aren't playing poker every day. What we need to have happen at all major events is to have a committee of players who...more

Watch the $2,100 SCOOP #22-H final table

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

SCOOP 2013: David "Gunslinger3" Bach takes second SCOOP in Event #28-H ($2,100 Stud Hi/Lo)

David "Gunslinger3" Bach is a stud. Not only is this Bach's second SCOOP victory, it's his second SCOOP victory in the same event. Back in 2010, Bach won the $2,100 Stud Hi/Lo and now he decided it was time for another SCOOP. While the field only had 95 players, it...more

SCOOP 2013: gnat777 flies wire-to-wire in Event #28-M, $215 Stud Hi/Lo

In a lot of poker games, particularly big-bet games, a chip lead doesn't necessarily mean a lot. It's not terribly uncommon to see incoming chip leaders exit a final table early when players have the opportunity to get all their chips in the middle in one big move. All other...more

21 May

SCOOP 2013: 2jokerSpb has the last laugh in Event #28-L ($27 Stud Hi/Lo)

Stud Hi/Lo may not be the sexiest poker game in the canon, but it still has enough fans to more than double the $25k guarantee on this $27 buy-in event. Whether they were specialists, adventurers, or seeking to fix a weak spot in their H.O.R.S.E. or 8-Game rotations, the 2,146...more

SCOOP 2013: Stephen "stevie444" Chidwick champ of Event #27-H ($2,100 FL Triple Draw 2-7)

This year's SCOOP series has produced numerous spectacular performances with many players collecting multiple cashes and making numerous deep runs. Event #27-H, the $2,100 buy-in fixed-limit Triple Draw 2-7 event, continued that trend, with several familiar usernames and avatars again turning up at tourney's end. This time it was Stephen...more

SCOOP 2013: zxz_ takes 1st with number 1 in Event #27-L ($27 FL Triple Draw 2-7)

It was a lengthy heads-up match that required the nuts to win. zxz_ overcame a field of 1,668 players, several former SCOOP champions and a number of Team PokerStars Pro and Online players to achieve victory. zxz_'s first hurdle was making the money with the final 216 players. All cashers...more

SCOOP 2013: What a rush! aDrENalin710 goes worst to 1st in Event 27-M ($215 FL Triple Draw 2-7)

Check or bet. Call or fold. Break or pat. These are the relatively bifurcated decisions that are presented to fixed-limit poker players. That's what 376 players signed up for in SCOOP 2013 Event 27-M, $215 FL Triple Draw 2-7. Grinders one and all, aDrENalin710 proved the ultimate grinder by entering...more

SCOOP 2013: Deeb on top of leaderboard as Anderson gets fourth

This time yesterday, I was writing about Shaun Deeb and how he was sitting in second place in the SCOOP Player of the Series. I don't know if he took offense or something, but it seemed to fire him up, because he made another final table last night and took...more

Playing a different angle

My PLO results since the middle of last year have been kind of frustrating. They've forced me to think about Omaha and poker in general in ways that I never did before. I thought back across my poker career. I started off playing limit hold'em. Then I transitioned to no-limit...more

Wu and Lin just miss the China Series of Poker trophy

We told you last week about the historic introduction of poker onto mainland China last week. We even told you how our Team PokerStars Pros Celina Lin and Raymond Wu were doing pretty well in the tournament. Both players showed how important skill is in the game by booking top...more

Viva Mexico: The Shane Schleger story

In the early part of my career in poker, Shane Schleger became one of the first people I identified as a real person with a fake name. That is, everyone called him "shaniac," and that was cool, because that's who he was. Over time, it became common to call real...more

20 May

SCOOP 2013: Jarcon86 wins for the Finns in Event #25-H ($2,100 FLHE 6-Max)

Some people need to know their limits. Event #25 offered players three chances to get their short-handed fixed-limit Hold'em game on. The high version of the event featured a $2,100 buy-in and drew 131 entrants, obliterating the $75,000 guarantee by creating a $262,000 prize pool. Jarcon86 came out on top...more

SCOOP 2013: Str8$$$Homey banks $377k in Event #22-H, $2,100 NL Hold'em

SCOOP is known and loved for its variety and its multiple buy-in levels. Still, some of the best events on the schedule remain no-limit hold'em freezeouts like Event #22-H. A two-day tournament with 30 minute levels, and a slow structure, this event featured plenty of room for post-flop play and...more

SCOOP 2013: Calvin "cal42688" Anderson wins watch #4 in Event #25-M ($215 FL Hold'em 6-Max)

Hey Shaun? Yeah, you. Shaun Deeb. The dude with more SCOOP watches than limbs. Hear that? Shhhhhh... listen! Those are footsteps, Shaun. Calm down, it's not the cops. It's just Calvin Anderson chasing down your record. It's safe for now, but let me tell you, the guy had a pretty...more

SCOOP 2013: ImaLucSac binks Event #24-H and prevents Shaun Deeb from winning a sixth SCOOP title

Shaun Deeb has five SCOOP titles in his brief professional career. Deeb is like the Tiger Woods of the Spring Championship of Online Poker because he's the master of his own domain and chasing his own ghost. Then again, Deeb has not won any SCOOP events in 2013. Is he...more

SCOOP 2013: Koraseg king of Event #25-L ($27 LHE)

Of all 132 tournaments on the 2013 SCOOP schedule, only the three Event #25 tourneys offered limit hold'em players a shot at their favorite game, and the $27 buy-in "low" version proved plenty attractive. By the time late registration concluded there were 3,463 registered for the six-handed event, thus building...more

SCOOP 2013: wadzon, we presume, is Event 24-M champ ($109 Mixed NLHE / PLO)

I'm no detective. If you present me with a locked room mystery, I'm likely to make a few polite inquiries and then, stymied by the apparent unsolvable nature of the mystery and the incomplete information in front of me, throw my hands up in the air and say, "The butler...more

SCOOP 2013: ARMEN1US accomplishes Event 24L victory ($11 NLHE/PLO)

The ups and downs that come with PLO are inevitable, and the mix of that game with NLHE is challenging. MrSax00beat entered final table play with the chip lead and increased it, but ARMEN1US overcame more chip fluctuations to end up in the heads-up battle against MrSax00beat. And the strong...more

SCOOP 2013: ratskerops runs great to win Event #26-M ($109+1R1A PL Courchevel H/L Turbo)

Every poker player loves an overlay and today's Event #26-M Courchevel H/L tournament provided $17,000 in additional money to meet the $150,000 guarantee. Courchevel is an interesting tweak to the game of Omaha with players dealt 5 hold cards and one of the flop cards revealed before action is opened....more

SCOOP 2013: kuhns89 cracks the code in Event #26-L, $11 PL Courchevel Hi-Lo (Turbo, 1R1A)

Courchevel Hi-Lo was just introduced here at PokerStars a few months back, making this year's SCOOP the first big Stars tournament series to feature the game. If you're an action player and you're not familiar with this Omaha variant, trust me when I say that you're going to fall in...more

SCOOP 2013: T3G3S wheels and deals in monstrous win in Event #22-M $215 NL

Quarter of a million dollars. If you woke up tomorrow with a quarter of a mil in your account what would you do with it? That's approximately how much first place paid out in SCOOP Event #22-M. A mere $215 investment netted the winner a shade under $250,000 for demonstrating...more

SCOOP 2013: 4rebmun FTW after chop with Ben "NeverScaredB" Wilinofsky in Event #21-H ($2,100 NLHE)

These higher buy-in events among the others in the Spring Championship of Online Poker series usually attract top performers and thus tough fields, and Event #21-H -- a two-day $2,100 no-limit hold'em event -- was no exception. Lots of top players came out, many went deep, and in the end...more

SCOOP 2013: Rodrigo "caprioli" Caprioli earns third SCOOP title in Event #26-H ($1,050 PL Courchevel Hi/Lo [Turbo, 1R1A])

Rodrigo Caprioli may not be a household name in the poker world, but he's the only 31- year old I know of who has already earned a lifetime achievement award. In December 2012, the Brazilian Supernova Elite was honored at the EPT Prague for amassing five million VPPs. That year,...more

SCOOP 2013: nuds400 doesn't budge and wins Event #22-L ($27 NLHE)

Event #22-L was pretty big. The online nature of online poker makes it easy to dismiss how large the fields are. What would take multiple Day 1s and hundreds of thousands of square feet with carpet, air-conditioning and cocktail service is reduced to a single number called "Entrants." The number...more

SCOOP 2013: Luciano S.H saves best for last in Event 21-M ($215 NLHE)

Tournament poker does not require that the winner of a tournament be the player who knocks out the most opponents. It simply requires that the winner be the person who acquires all of the chips. Luciano S.H proved that in SCOOP 2013 Event 21-M, $215 NLHE, by letting a Romanian...more

SCOOP 2013: OptionNz wins $54K in five way deal of death Event #21-L ($27 NL Hold'em)

This was the type of SCOOP table that the finalists will talk about for years; albeit with a degree of legend. Maybe one day they'll re-unite to talk about it with 20 years of hindsight, their families having brought them to this unlikely reunion, begging them to let it go....more

SCOOP 2013: Event 18 - $2,100 NL Hold'em (10-Max Shootout)

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more


For the last year I've been trying hard to improve my online cash games. I'd always played cash games before I got into tournaments, but when I started having tournament success I stopped playing them for a while. When I got back to them I kind of felt stuck. The...more

A documentary...about me?

Editor's note: Tomorrow, PokerStars Team Online will release a mini-documentary about Shane "shaniac" Schleger. We asked him to write a little bit about the making of the film. *** I'm not shy about expressing myself, but when it came time to start filming on my PokerStars Team Online short film,...more

SCOOP 2013: Shaun Deeb shows himself (again)

So, you thought you were going to get through this SCOOP series without three or four love letters to Shaun Deeb, didn't you? You thought, "Deeb...that's so 2012." Well, you thought wrong, dear readers. Deeb is making another run for Player of the Series, and he's found his footing once...more

19 May

SCOOP 2013: Serginh0 comes from behind to win Event #23-L ($11+R PLO, 6-Max, Turbo)

Turning disappointment into redemption. That's what happened for the champion of tonight's $50,000 guaranteed SCOOP Event #23-L $11+R PLO 6-Max, Turbo tournament. Just last night Serginh0 would climb through 2,653 players during Event #20-M (also a turbo tournament) only to be knocked out on the final table bubble. Tonight after...more

SCOOP 2013: Deeb chops, falls to Florian "FA_Morgoth" Langmann in Event #23-M ($109+R PLO 6-Max Turbo)

The run of consistent success in PokerStars' Spring Championship of Online Poker of Shaun Deeb -- a.k.a. "SCOOPerman" -- continues unabated, and we have yet another report to bring you of such tonight. Event #23-M, the $109+R 6-max. turbo pot-limit Omaha event nearly saw Deeb earn one more SCOOP title,...more

SCOOP 2013: Crazy Elior wins turbo PLO craziness in Event 23-H ($1,050+R PLO 6-Max Turbo)

INT. POKERSTARS ISLE OF MAN OFFICE - CONFERENCE ROOM SCOOP SCHEDULER 1, SCOOP SCHEDULER 2 and SCOOP SCHEDULER 3 are sitting around one corner of a conference table which is covered in stacks of paper. Someone has drawn a May 2013 calendar on a dry erase board that takes up...more

Haufniensis wins, Sjlot final tables May 19 Women's Sunday

This weekend was an exciting one at PokerStars because of the 2013 Spring Championship of Online Poker that was well underway. For a week, players had been flocking to the virtual tables with the hopes of winning a SCOOP title and collecting some of the tens of millions of dollars...more

Rafa wins in Rome

It was the 30th time Rafael Nadal had stood at the net with Roger Federer, and the King of Clay made it count. Today at the Italian Open, Nadal beat Federer 6-1, 6-3 for the title. It was the seventh time Nadal had won the championship there and the 20th...more

SCOOP 2013: L0stKeys unlocks Event #19-H to win $114,660 ($1,050+R PL 5-Card Omaha 6-Max)

The game was five-card pot-limit Omaha, one designed to add another layer, a fifth dimension if you like, to a game already laced with volatility. The result was a typical SCOOP final, one filled with good players, good play, and a winner worthy of the accolade "SCOOP champion". That was...more

SCOOP 2013: brianm15 goes wire-to-wire in Event #19-M ($109+R PL 5-Card Omaha 6-Max)

One of the newest games to hit the PokerStars lobby, Pot-Limit 5-Card Omaha is exactly like regular PLO, but with the bonus of an additional hole card. Hand values increase, redraws are vital, and the nuts, or something very close to them is most often the winning hand. This isn't...more

18 May

SCOOP 2013: I Am Benjami Completes Big O Conquest in Event #19-L ($11+R Big O 6-Max)

Short-handed Big O with rebuys. How much more exhilarating excitement can you ask for? For extreme skiers, 6-max Big O is like a run down the treacherous, icy slopes of Mt. Everest. In the ultimate thrill-seeking event, I Am Benjami faded 3,362 players to become the latest SCOOP champion. The...more

SCOOP 2013: Cem1994 hits a bullseye in Event #18-L ($27 NLHE 10-Max Shootout)

Win your first table, make the money. It sounds easy enough. But to get a shot at the big cash, players had to dispose of two more tables of ten. A format favored by SNG wizards and tourney grinders alike, Event #18-L offered the potential to turn a $27 investment...more

SCOOP 2013: andrekos0095 dominates final table to win Event #20-M ($215 NLH Turbo, Zoom)

SCOOP Event #20-M promised players a big payday in a short amount of the time. A Zoom poker tournament combined with a turbo structure was the perfect recipe for continuous action and fast play. 2,653 players bought into the event creating a $530,600 prize pool and a nice $83,834 to...more

SCOOP 2013: Buchanan denies JIZOINT in Event 18-H ($2,100 NLHE 10-Max Shootout)

When some events come up on the SCOOP calendar, you just know they're going to be special final tables. SCOOP 2013 Event 18-High, $2,100 NLHE (10-Max, Shootout) had all the makings of that: a steep price point and a shootout format that is favored by many pros who see it...more

SCOOP 2013: reelhugefish Triumphant in Triple Shootout Event #18-M ($215 NL)

Triple shootout. The mission is clear: win three shootout tables. It's that simple. Knock down three "SNGs" in a row and become the next champion in the Spring Championship of Online Poker. Costa Rica's reelhugefish made it look easy. Really easy. reelhugefish faded a sold-out crowd of 1,000 runners and...more

SCOOP 2013: Rkdel zooms to victory in Event #20-L ($27 NLHE Turbo ZOOM)

ZOOM poker has revolutionized the way online poker is played. No longer do we have to wait....ever. It's non-stop, card-flinging action, and the perfect way to reduce a multi-table tournament field of over ten thousand players to a winner inside five hours of game time. Rkdel from the Czech Republic...more

SCOOP 2013: T 54 T 97s goes worst-to-first in Event #20-H, $2,100 NL Hold'em (Turbo, Zoom)

There's no older saw in tournament poker than the one about "a chip and a chair." As long as you're in the game, the reasoning goes, you can still win. More often than not anybody who catches himself thinking that ends up busting out pretty quickly, especially when it comes...more

SCOOP 2013: ex6tenceLV wins 30 hour marathon Event #15-M ($82 NL Hold'em Ante Up)

Ex6tenceLV won event 15-M of the 2013 Spring Championship of Online Poker, earning $16,124.22 and a SCOOP watch in the process. It can be considered a thoroughly deserved victory for ex6tenceLV, who not only endured the seemingly unstoppable run of eventual runner-up WestCliff21, but also the unstoppable run of time,...more

SCOOP 2013: JIZOINT earns second watch in same format defeating Lind for Event #15-H ($700 NLHE Ante Up) title

Only 45 players out of the 395 entered would get a slice of the $262,675.00 prize and only 17 of those would make it to day two with a potential $50,827.76 payday and the SCOOP champion's watch. Some players have been here before, most already had a watch like JIZOINT...more

SCOOP 2013: JAMIEHUNT83 bags Event #15-L after five-way chop ($7.50 NLHE Ante Up)

The "low" version of Event #15 -- the "Ante Up" no-limit hold'em event -- represented a great opportunity for players to turn a little into a lot. Many did just that, with no less than seven players turning the $7.50 buy-in into five-figure paydays and JAMIEHUNT83 of the U.K. ultimately...more

Katie's anatomy of a Sunday grind: May 5

Sunday Grind: May 5, 2013 Cinco de Mayo falling on a Sunday inevitably meant it would be a working holiday for me. Each Saturday night, I feel like I did when I was nine and beyond excited to go to Space Camp the next day, the unfortunate effect of which...more

SCOOP 2013: Berg, Boeken bink big ones

I know. I know. Alliteration in headlines is cheap and hacky, but today it was a complete necessity. When the two biggest-name winners of the day are Anders Berg and Noah Boeken, don't think you're going to see a SCOOP wrap-up without some alliteration in it. Boeken, the longtime PokerStars...more

17 May

SCOOP 2013: Anders "Donald" Berg snags second SCOOP title in Event #16-H ($2,100 FL Omaha Hi/Lo)

It's a club so exclusive only 21 players have earned a membership. Its ranks are filled with online legends, Viktor Blom, Sami Kelopuro, Calvin Anderson, and Shaun Deeb among them. Tonight, two men had the chance to become #22. Finland's villepn won this very event back in 2010, while Anders...more

SCOOP 2013: thefish01x is the shark in Event 16-M ($215 FL Omaha Hi/Lo)

If you had locked up $20,000 for yourself in a $215 tournament, and were playing for only $2,000 more, how hard would you fight? Would you spend another hour after the deal playing heads-up poker, trying to snag that last $2,000 as skillfully as possible? Or would you let luck...more

SCOOP 2013: holako splits, quarters and scoops a win in Event #16-L ($27 Limit Omaha H/L)

There's a reason why you don't see Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo played on poker television broadcasts. It's a game which doesn't have the glitz and glamour of Holdem. It's a game of quarters, halves and scoops that requires a strong ability to hand read and a deep understanding of hand...more

SCOOP 2013: Leqenden locks up a win in Event 14H ($1,050+R NLHE Big Antes)

The final table of Event 14 was one that boasted of names like SCTrojans, niccc, and THAY3R. Almost every player at the table has had prominent online poker accomplishments to date, and the tough action reflected their experience. It was no surprise when Leqenden and SCTrojans made it to heads-up...more

SCOOP 2013: _H00DL0VE_ closes the door on Event #17-L ($27 NLHE, 6-Max, Super-KO, Turbo)

Guarantees getting crushed seem almost commonplace for SCOOP tournaments. Add tonight's SCOOP 2013 Event #17-L $27 NLHE 6-Max, Super-Knockout, Turbo tournament with a $200,000 guarantee on to that list. Because of the Super-Knockout format the prize pool was split two-ways: half for the overall prize pool to be shared by...more

SCOOP 2013: A second watch for player-to-watch Pollopopeye, Event #17-M champ ($215 NLHE 6-Max Turbo Super KO)

It was just under two months ago that the U.K.'s Andoni "Pollopopeye" Larrabe made a bit of history at PokerStars by winning the largest-ever first prize in a Super Tuesday, the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament, topping a field of 663 to earn a whopping $124,644. Pollopopeye would actually turn...more

SCOOP 2013: Colossal win for wilmy_x in Event #14-L (Big Antes)

Some of the mot intriguing events in the Spring Championship of Online Poker are variants of no-limit Hold'em. Big Ante events feature antes that are 20% the size of the big blind. The added equity in the pot pre-flop provides players with more incentive to play more hands. More players...more

SCOOP 2013: Yayoshow goes wire-to-wire on Day 2 to win Event #14-M ($109+R NLH Big Antes)

Everybody likes a little action and PokerStars delivered with their 2013 SCOOP $14-M NLH Rebuy Big Antes tournament. Antes were posted from the first hand and were bigger than standard structures. The added value of early levels brought out a large field of 1,534 who put more money in the...more

SCOOP 2013: Steve "gboro780" Gross survives carnage to win Event #17-H ($2,100 NLHE 6-Max Turbo Super KO)

The name of this event said it all. It was short-handed, turbo-charged, knockout bounty goodness dipped in chocolate and served up in under four hours of total play. Bliss. Surviving the carnage was a familiar name as Steve "gboro780" Gross wrote another chapter in his impressive online poker resume with...more

PokerStars' statement regarding May 17 NJ Superior Court ruling

We are reviewing today's ruling. We remain committed to New Jersey and to contributing to its economy. *** Eric Hollreiser is Head of Corporate Communications for The Rational Group...more

SCOOP 2013: It's a reign of terror777727 in Event 13-M ($215 PLO Heads-Up)

Chances are, if you're a poker player, you know somebody who's a heads-up specialist. I sat next to one in a poker game two nights ago. These players love being involved in every hand that gets played and believe the psychological battle of heads-up play represents poker in its purest...more

SCOOP 2013: JTDStreet finds the right road against Horecki in claiming Event #13-L ($27 PLO Heads-up)

12 wins in a row (without a bye in the first round) is what JTDStreet had to accomplish today and yesterday during the SCOOP Event #13-L $27 PLO Heads-Up tournament to take home the championship watch. In bowling to score a perfect 300 game you must roll 12 consecutive strikes....more

SCOOP 2013: Noah "Exclusive" Boeken binks Event #13-H ($2,100 PLO Heads-Up)

Four cards. Two players. Event #13-H invited high rollers to put up $2,100 apiece for a heads-up single-elimination pot-limit Omaha tourney, and after two days and eight rounds' worth of matches it was Noah "Exclusive" Boeken proving the only player to go undefeated to win the title and an $85,520...more

SCOOP 2013: Event 8 - $1,050 NL Hold'em

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

SCOOP 2013: George Danzer needs a new limb

Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer has run out of appendages. He has a WCOOP bracelet for each wrist. As of this time yesterday, he had a SCOOP watch for one ankle. Now he has a watch for the other ankle after winning Event #12-H, the $2,100 NL 2-7 Draw event....more

Eureka satellites ready to send you to Croatia

The Eureka Poker Tour's event in Croatia is just a week away, but you still have a chance to win your seat. Satellites are running on PokerStars with buy-ins as low as €1, and you can win your seat all the way up until the day before the festival starts....more

Borderline Gambling: Punta del Este, Uruguay

It was dawn. Horizon abounded. I was in the Pampas all right, the flat, fertile lowlands that cover Uruguay and spread across eastern Argentina. A wiry cat slunk under the ranch's fence, a day of sleep ahead of it. I declined Monica's offer of the potent, ubiquitous mate, to which...more

The beauty of balance

Last week I had the privilege of doing some commentary on the EPT Live webcast at the Monte Carlo EPT Grand Final. It's a privilege not least because I get to work with an astonishing web production team; when you get down to it, working with awesome people is what...more

When the poker player's lifeline fails

In April, Info Security Europe conducted a survey on the streets of London where they asked Londoners which household utility they couldn't live without. Of the 1,000 commuters polled, 38 percent said they'd be most stressed out by not having the internet. Only 32 percent said that not having water...more

Fish, chips, and more chips!

Before this SCOOP came along, I decided to take a long poker trip around Europe. My first stop was in Berlin for the EPT. It's a great city and I absolutely loved it. After the tournament ended, I stayed in Berlin for about a week then went straight to Monte...more

My passion for gaming

Many poker players would answer "competition" when asked about what motivates them most in poker. If I was asked, I would answer it's the game itself - or rather my passion for gaming. I have been playing cards since I was seventeen and there have been no other worlds in...more

The scenic route to Monaco

I didn't have much sleep before going to the EPT Final, because my nephew was born at 5am on day 1a. Obviously I had to stay in London to rail that in. Luckily, I was playing day 1b. So, after an hour's sleep and a dawn hospital visit to meet...more

Back to my roots

Before I got into poker I was a professional billiards player. I had quite a bit of success in my home country of Romania and in the rest of Europe. As a professional, I practiced a lot. If a big tournament was coming up, I would practice seven to eight...more

16 May

SCOOP 2013: Zenzor zaps the competition in Event #12-L ($27 NL 2-7 Draw)

There aren't many forms of poker as pure as no-limit deuce-to-seven single draw. With two rounds of betting bookending the single draw, there's a premium on knowing the value of your own hand and the tendencies of your opponents. NL 2-7 Single Draw might be a bit slower than some...more

SCOOP 2013: Danzer draws 2nd career SCOOP win in Event #12-H ($2,100 NL 2-7 Draw)

Danzer has done it! Again! Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer picked a tough event in which to earn his second career SCOOP victory, the $2,100 buy-in 2-7 Single Draw Event #12-H which saw a small but tough field of 46 players vying for title. But after nearly 11-and-a-half hours of...more

SCOOP 2013: yadio survives a marathon final table in Event #10-H ($2,100 NL Super-Knockout)

Super-Knockout events reward aggressiveness. You don't have to nit it up and squeeze into the Top 10% in order to earn any money. Simply put, the more opponents you take out, the more money you earn. If you knock out two players, you're essentially freerolling the rest of the tournament....more

SCOOP 2013: u1ker takes 1st in Event #12-M ($215 2-7 Draw)

Things are different in 2-7. Low is high and high is bad. A deuce and a seven isn't a diseased hand anymore. In fact, if you have three cards above the deuce and below the seven, things couldn't be better. In the vein of opposites, u1ker started the final table...more

SCOOP 2013: diouf999 tallies the most important knockout in Event 10-L ($27 NLHE Super-Knockout)

Patterns. To a large degree, that's what poker is all about - the patterns of one's opponents, your own patterns, and the patterns of the interaction of the two. At the final table of SCOOP 2013 Event 10-Low, $27 NLHE (Super-Knockout), ace-king and pocket 5s played a prominent role in...more

SCOOP 2013: Victor "Puropoker123" Lemos claims Event #10-M ($215 NLHE Super-Knockout)

In a knockout tournament, collecting those bounties can be an excellent way to earn some ROI even if you do not make it into the money like 4,052 players did tonight. It is also an excellent way to claim enough chips to win a tournament such as the SCOOP 2013...more

SCOOP 2013: Event 2 - $2,100 NL Hold'em

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

Big hands from EPT Grand Final

The 2013 PokerStars and Monte-Carlo Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final Main Event is in the books, and after seven days of play, which included two starting flights, Steve O'Dwyer topped the 531-player field by defeating arguably the most talented final table in EPT history, one that included four PokerStars...more

Japanese perfection

I just got back a few weeks ago from a trip to Japan. I went right before WSOP Asia Pacific, and I am really glad I did because I'll be busy over the next couple of months with the EPT and SCOOP, and then with the WSOP this summer. I...more

APPT Macau releases schedule for Season 7

The Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) has released its APPT Macau* - Season 7 schedule which takes place at 'PokerStars LIVE at the City of Dreams' from June 7-16. The ten-day schedule includes eleven Official Asia Player of the Year Events (APOY) featuring the HKD $25,000 (US $3,200) Main...more

SCOOP 2013: Hansen, Chidwick, Luske headline Wednesday action

Thor Hansen. The mere name conjures the image the old-time rounder's smile. Hansen is one of the guys who was around long before online poker. He's also one of the older players who has made the successful transition to the online game. Need proof? Well, Hansen won his first SCOOP...more

Natalie Hof: a pretty German face for EPT shows

Here we are again. The Grand Final of the European Poker Tour Season 9. When you work on the tour, it feels like years are months and months are days. This is going to be my fourth season as the Belgian EPT presenter, and I can still remember my first...more

Ready for Medellin

Within the poker community in my country the only thing anybody talks about is the Colombian LAPT in the city of Medellin, and it's just around the corner. This tournament was voted the best stop of the LAPT Tour in 2011. It also broke records with nearly 700 players playing...more

Lin, Wu make Day 2 of China Series of Poker

When Days 1a and 1b closed their registation at the first mainland China PokerStars-sponsored event, 379 players had put down their cash for a chance at the first CSOP title. A quick look at the chip counts shows Team PokerStars Pros Celina Lin and Raymond Wu still alive in the...more

SCOOP 2013: donki4 takes the cash, Sobizzle21 gets the title in Event #8-H ($1,050 NLHE)

With so much money on offer at the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker, it's understandable when players put egos aside to strike a deal and secure themselves a nice pay day. Sometimes deals work out favourably when a player is next to be eliminated, and then there are times...more

SCOOP 2013: osten overcomes lengthy final table to win Event #11-H ($2,100 Stud)

Stud events don't always attract the largest field, but they're always far from the easiest. Sixty-six players signed up for Event #11-H, including Team PokeStars Online George "jorj95" Lind III and Team PokerStars Pros Eugene Katchalov and George Danzer. While these players didn't make it to the final table, a...more

SCOOP 2013: UwouldntKnow knows how to win Event 11M ($215 Stud)

It was a tough tournament. Play was slow heading to the final table, and that final phase of the tournament took several hours to complete. UwouldntKnow was almost always near the top of the chip counts, but all of the players were quite formidable. Without a deal, UwouldntKnow stayed strong...more

SCOOP 2013: _1453_1905 has the right number in Event #11-L ($27 Stud)

Stud may not be everyone's cup of tea. Some struggle with seven cards, while others thrive on the mixed game formats. We saw plenty of both today with a couple of prodigious young "studs" making a deep run in today's SCOOP Stud event, as _1453_1905 grabbed victory sending the SCOOP...more

SCOOP 2013: potbet11 prevails in Event #8-M ($109 NLHE)

Think about a $100 tournament at your local casino. We've all played them. Short levels, shallow stacks, and the whole thing is over in half a day. Even here in my beloved Southern California, land of mega-turbo-re-entry cattle calls complete with a dozen starting flights and a sketchy dinner buffet,...more

15 May

SCOOP 2013: Zesty conquest by Zevik in Event #9-H [$700 PL 5-Card Omaha Hi/Lo]

Big O is Omaha on steroids. It has all of the same thrill-seeking elements of normal Omaha Hold'em, but the additional hole card cultivates a bacchanalian atmosphere. 5-Card Omaha is a truly a fetish game for dilettantes craving intensified adrenaline. The field in SCOOP Event #9-H PL 5-Card Omaha Hi/Lo...more

SCOOP 2013: 1hmm11 wins one in Event #8-L ($11 NLHE)

It was a large field. Event #8-L saw 20,045 entries, doubling the $100K guarantee to create a $200,450 prize pool. A few of these entrants -- of course -- included Team PokerStars players. Several red-spade pros made it to the field and three of them scored a cash. Mickey "mement_mori"...more

SCOOP 2013: Fun run for Furunduk, Event #9-M champ; Luske fifth ($82 5-Card Omaha Hi/Lo 6-Max)

It's new but it's old, this five-card Omaha game that PokerStars introduced just six weeks ago. A variation on a variation, you might say, adding that intriguing fifth card to Omaha, which itself adds two cards to hold'em. The game's becoming popular, too, as a big field of 1,157 players...more

SCOOP 2013: Marbik demonstrates Big O mastery in Event 9-L ($7.50 5-Card PLO8, 6-Max)

They call it Big "O" at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas - 5-card PLO8. For 2013 SCOOP PokerStars decided to showcase the addition of 5-card Omaha to the site's game offerings by making Event 9-Low a $7.50 Big "O" tournament. Belgian player Marbik was the biggest of...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Max Altergott brings festival to a close with victory in Super High Roller

The finale of the European Poker Tour's ninth season is over with Max Altergott triumphing in the last major event of the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino EPT Grand Final, the €100,000 buy-in Super High Roller event, earning a first prize of €1,746,400, and a Shamballa Jewels bracelet worth €10,000, courtesy...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Schemion makes it three! Wins €100,000

News just in as the PokerStars Blog was wrapping up for the night: Ole Schemion has just won the €10,000 six-handed NLHE turbo to complete a hat trick of side event wins here in Monaco. First place paid out more than €100,000 but until results reach us - which will...more

EPT9 Grand Final: The Bafta winners behind the cameras bringing the EPT to your living room

Television coverage of the European Poker Tour is so slick that we take it all for granted. You probably don't notice the camera operators, floor managers and producers busying themselves in the background of the pictures you watch -- you're not meant to; they're all dressed in black after all....more

EPT9 Grand Final: Ekaterina Samborskaya wins a Crazy Pineapple worth €3,490

Ekaterina Samborskaya took down the €330 Crazy Pineapple title for €3,490 beating a final table which included EPT Live contributor David Yann who bust in 5th place. EPT9 Grand Final, event #46 Date: 14 May, 2013 Buy-in: €330 Game: NL Crazy Pineapple Players: 30 Prize pool: €8,730 Ekaterina Samborskaya 1....more


I spent some time in Canada this spring trying to get in some relaxation time. I've been playing a lot online, but also trying to take breaks, too, to keep myself alert and focused. One thing I like to do when not playing is to watch various television series like...more

SCOOP Event 1-H highlights

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

SCOOP 2013: Lrslzk, Roothlus get wins, Team Online settles for runner ups

We have the utmost respect for Sami "Lrslzk" Kelopuro. The guy won his second Spring Championship of Online Poker title last night. It's an accomplishment achieved by fewer than 20 people in SCOOP history. I mean, we should have all stood up and applauded it, because it's simply amazing. Alas,...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Too easy for Ole Schemion as he takes second trophy

Ole Schemion has won his second trophy here at the EPT Grand Final. We wrote about the rise and rise of Ole Schemion when he won event #16. All we can say is, 'We told you so.' And some handy info from EPT Media Coordinator Mad Harper: "This is his...more

EPT9 Grand Final Super High Roller: Season's end in sight

The European Poker Tour's ninth season is now in full retreat, ready to dig in against a long and dreary summer with nothing to do. As in all retreats there's an unintentional element of scorched earth to it all, a trail of devastation that is more noticeable now that there...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Joachim Haraldstad takes €12,700 and trophy

Joachim Haraldstad was another winner at the EPT Grand Final taking down a €1,100 Hold'em event for €12,700, picking up his first recorded live win. EPT9 Grand Final, event #43 Date: 14 May, 2013 Buy-in: €1,100 Game: NLHE Players: 40 Prize pool: €38,800 Joachim Haraldstad 1. Joachim Haraldstad, Norway, €12,700...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Paolo Mangeruca bags a trophy and €1,460

Paolo Mangeruca picked up a trophy at the EPT Grand Final with a €1,460 win in one of the more economy led tournaments here. EPT9 Grand Final, event #42 Date: 13 May, 2013 Buy-in: €220 Game: NL Omaha 8 or better Players: 15 Prize pool: €2,910 Paolo Mangeruca 1. Paolo...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Patrick Van Den Dries wins a turbo for €5,870

Patrick Van Den Dries took down a turbo at the EPT Grand Final winning the Dutchman a pocketful of notes, a lovely shiny trophy and a winner's photo (see below). EPT9 Grand Final, event #41 Date: 13 May, 2013 Buy-in: €330 Game: NLHE turbo Players: 56 Prize pool: €16,296 Patrick...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Alexander Dovzhenko wins a pony (a small H.O.R.S.E.)

Alexander Dovzhenko won a small mixed game event at the EPT Grand Final collecting his second EPT trophy and a handy €5,040 bump to his bankroll (thanks to a heads-up deal with Tobias Hausen). EPT9 Grand Final, event #39 Date: 13 May, 2013 Buy-in: €1,100 Game: H.O.R.S.E. Players: 13 Prize...more

EPT9 Grand Final Super High Roller: Crowd does its best to give Watson a send-off

These people may be super high rollers, but it's not exactly a super high roller crowd. There is no elevation in status; the crowd are not decked out in diamonds and pearls. Quite the opposite on what is a Spartan rail, numbering, with me included, six. One man watches intently,...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Cheeky little ten kay

The flame that has burned all week in Monaco is flickering now, on its way to being extinguished. We are definitely entering the final stages of proceedings here in the Principality, although there are still small pockets of embers glowing, refusing to give in to the inevitable. One of them...more

China Series of Poker kicks off

Today in Sanya, China on the beautiful island of Hainan, PokerStars made history with its first foray onto mainland China. PokerStars is the lead sponsor of the China Series of Poker (CSOP) hosted by the Hainan Province Bureau of Culture and Sports and the Sanya municipal government. Today players from...more

EPT9 Grand Final Super High Roller: Mercier chasing four-hour record, adoration, and €1.75m

Jason Mercier is loved pretty much universally in the poker community, but especially among tournament reporters in this part of the French/Italian/Monégasque Riviera. In April 2008, when he was still "21-year-old PokerStars Qualifier Jason Mercier", rather than Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier (and all round tournament sensation), he won the...more

SCOOP 2013: I'am_Sound makes some noise in Event #7-M ($82 Heads-Up)

Face-to-face. Some say it's the purest form of poker. Just you and an opponent, playing every hand until one of you is gone. It's the ultimate standoff and last challenge to winning any poker tournament. But in Event #7, every stage consisted of this last, face-to-face challenge. Well, it was...more

14 May

SCOOP 2013: KumariOy unleashes tsunami to win Event #7-H ($700 NL Heads-Up)

In heads-up matches you cannot hide. You cannot take off a couple of hands, or sit out an orbit to walk off a tilt-inducing losing hand like you could do at a full ring table. Heads-up matches are laborious, nonstop confrontations and mentally taxing because you're constantly on the defensive...more

SCOOP 2013: TiltPlayerr topples shaniac in Event #6-M, $109 NL Draw (2x Chance)

One of the greatest things about poker is that the game is an equalizer. No matter how famous you are, or how obscure, you're equal once you're sitting at the table. That's what makes it possible for a hometown champ to beat a world champ if he plays his cards...more

SCOOP 2013: snegir76 completes marathon to win Event #6-L ($11 NL Draw 2x Chance)

2013 SCOOP Day 3 was full of big tournaments and interesting stories wherever you looked. The early tournaments of the day were sure to add to those stories for anyone interested in this brand of poker. No Limit 5-Card Draw can be a test of skill and stamina, as those...more

SCOOP 2013: sundalyonly has a fat Tuesday in Event #7-L ($7.50 NLHE Heads-Up)

Only last night, JacktShipper defeated a 12,000-strong field to win his first SCOOP title in Event #5-L, banking over $58k. Remarkably, he plowed through over 16,000 more today to make the elite eight in Event #7-L ($7.50 NLHE Heads-up). While JacktShipper was gunning for back-to-back titles, sundalyonly was looking to...more

SCOOP 2013: Jon011 defeats Team Online's Jorj95 to win Event 6H ($1,050 NL Draw 2x Chance)

The final table of Event 6H was one that NL Draw fans will want to watch. The action was intense and lasted for several hours, and heads-up alone was two hours in length. While Team Online's George "Jorj95" Lind made a stellar run for his second SCOOP title, it was...more

SCOOP 2013: Sami "Lrslzk" Kelopuro rocks Event #3-H ($530+R NLHE 6-Max Action Hour)

The "Action Hour" tourneys featured in this year's SCOOP perhaps recall bands that start their careers in the garage rocking land-speed-record style like there's no tomorrow, then if they're lucky enough to survive a couple of decades often see their beats per minute slow down as they unplug to sing...more

EPT9 Grand Final Super High Roller: Jason Mercier leads again going into season finale

By now you've probably noticed that super high rollers are a different breed to the rest of us. It's why they're kept apart from normal people as the world cannot really cope with 6 billion of them. They have a charisma of their own which, when piled together with every...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Adam 'Roothlus' Levy's online-live double final table

Adam Levy has just won the SCOOP-03-M ($55+R six-max) for $76,484. This post was written in the lead up to that SCOOP win. While the €100,000 Super High Roller field was playing down towards the final table, news filtered through that Adam Levy was busy trying to achieve his own...more

2013 SCOOP: Adam "Roothlus" Levy scores live and online in Event #3-M ($55+R NLHE 6-Max Action Hour)

Adam "Roothlus" Levy was multi-tabling today. He wasn't doing your standard online multitable or running back-and-forth in a poker room. Levy was seated at two final tables at the same exact time, never missing a second in either. One of Levy's final tables was over in Monaco and the other...more

SCOOP 2013: The Italian in the kilt with the SCOOP title

So, imagine it as a murder mystery. It's an apartment in London where ElkY, Nicolas Levi, Anthony Roux, Arnaud Mattern and some other guy live. They sleep through the day. They rage at night. They talk about poker in between. One day, everybody wakes up, and more than 26,000 people...more

EPT9 Grand Final Super High Roller: Double bubble toil and trouble

"They're finally thinking about that €218K money jump," said Isaac Haxton, sitting in the EPT Live commentary booth. He was talking about a notable slow down in action at what has now become a single table tournament. A single table tournament for close to five million euros. There are nine...more

SCOOP 2013: They were out to get paranoik333 in Event 3-L ($5.50+R NLHE, 6-Max, Action Hour)

It's a hard thing to go wire-to-wire in an online poker tournament. With fields of thousands, just making it to the final table takes a blend of skill, stamina and luck. Today one player tried to go wire-to-wire on Day 2 of SCOOP 2013 Event 3-Low, $5.50+R NLHE (6-Max, Action...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Back to back festival wins for Joe Kuether, wins €16,800

It looks like Mr Joe Kuether should play more on this side of the Atlantic having won his second EPT trophy in as many festivals. He picked up €36,500 and his first silver spade in Berlin. Yesterday he added €16,800 to his live winnings (and Konstantin Puchkov cashed yet again)....more

EPT9 Grand Final Super High Roller: The silent, calm man amid the chaos

If you have any knowledge of low-cost air travel in Europe, you will know all about that airline from Ireland that pretty much just prods you in the back with a stick until you've walked to your destination (and then charges you for the privilege), and also that other one...more

SCOOP 2013: Ana Marquez masters Event 5H ($1,050+R NLHE Turbo)

She's no stranger to the tables of PokerStars. Ana Marquez' No Limit Hold'em game has come a long way in the past few years, and that wasn't more obvious than when she took over Event 5H of SCOOP tonight. She eliminated all but one of her opponents at the final...more

Teaching the game

In addition to playing a pretty full schedule this year, I've gotten back into teaching poker more regularly as well, and it has really been rewarding to do so. I obviously started out as an amateur player, then shortly after winning the WSOP Main Event in 2003 I began to...more

EPT9 Grand Final Super High Roller: Scott Seiver on headphone-gate

Scott Seiver has been to plenty of major tournament final tables and won his fair share, including the Super High Roller event at the PCA in January. He didn't mind being moved to the television set this afternoon, but he was unaware that he couldn't wear his headphones there. Seiver...more

SCOOP 2013: Spindler picks up number 2, Deeb denied number 6

Oh, Shaun Deeb. You were trying to do it to me again, weren't you? After spending all last year year burrowing yourself into my consciousness, you were just trying to get back in. I know. I know. I miss you, too. For the uninformed, Deeb spent all of last SCOOP...more

EPT9 Grand Final Super High Roller: New boy takes seat among the old boys

There was a new boy in class this morning when the draw was made at the start of play. Little is known of Sami Taouint except that he showed up with a roll of bills, two friends, and absolutely insisted on playing the super high roller. It's poker's equivalent of...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Alexander Uskov wins second Grand Final trophy

Well, well, well, it seems that Alexander Uskov is a short-handed specialist. By that we don't mean format, we mean the size of tournament. We reported yesterday that the Russian had won an eight-man tournament. Yesterday Uskov stepped up again beating an enormous four-man field. EPT9 Monaco, event #38 Date:...more

EPT9 Grand Final: German wunderkind Marvin Rettenmaier wins again

'Mad' Marvin Rettenmaier has won another EPT trophy following up from that €365,300 win in the EPT Prague High Roller last December. That result not only bagged the gregarious German a big bag of cash, but also pushed him over the finishing line in one of the Player of the...more

EPT9 Grand Final Super High Roller: Shock as Phil Ivey breaks silence

There's some breaking news from the Salle des Etoiles. Phil Ivey has been heard to speak. Out loud. Coming out of the glass box he plays main events in, Ivey, seated alongside Talal Shakerchi and Isaac Haxton, slowly began talking, the first time ever at an EPT, for a period...more

EPT9 Grand Final: An intro to the day's Sarah Grant talks to the's Rick Dacey about how Day 2 of the Super High Roller is going to play out. And you can follow the action live on EPTLive and our own live coverage (preferably both). By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove...more

EPT9 Grand Final Super High Roller: Chewing the fat with Pat, Dan, Ant and Vik

There was widespread conviviality this morning as the High Rollers showed up again to kick of day two of this event. Viktor Blom, one of the first seated and originally on the table furthest from the television stage, was absolutely delighted to see Sorel Mizzi enter the room. Blom pointed...more

EPT9 Grand Final: This is what it takes to be a Super High Roller

Philipp Gruissem and Vladimir Troyanovskiy have some of the best results around in PokerStars High Rollers, but neither have what you would call mainstream 'profile'. Gruissem has clocked up $3,194,228 in High Roller cashes quickly establishing himself as one of the most consistent big buy-in tournament players around. Troyanovskiy is...more

EPT9 Grand Final Super High Roller: Ivey re-enters as last 32 pursue seat on final table

The Super High Rollers enjoyed a day on the main stage yesterday, which, after eight levels of play left 30 of them. There was an heir of relaxation, as you'd expect in an event in which the threat of elimination comes not from your opponents, but the familiarity of your...more

13 May

SCOOP 2013: HatePkr hearts Badugi, banks $12K in Event #4-M ($215 Badugi)

When this final table got down to the thick of things, Christian "charder30" Harder was pitted against four Russians. Always a major presence in SCOOP, Russians made up half the population of this final table and all of them finished in the top five. Although the Maryland native turned part-time...more

SCOOP 2013: Roxie Hart draws a win in Event #4-L ($27 FL Badugi)

Badugi is a fun game that's growing in popularity, judging by the large turnout for today's Badugi SCOOP events - the only opportunity for players to experience this triple draw, lowball format during this SCOOP series. In the end it was Roxie Hart from the United Kingdom who overcame signs...more

SCOOP 2013: rossing rides out 322 hands heads-up in Event #2-M ($215 NLHE)

Poker tournaments are a lot like baseball. Both have definite starting points but there's no way to tell how long either will go once they've begun. Most baseball games finish in a few hours and most final tables are over with within a few blind levels, but occasionally you get...more

SCOOP 2013: JacktShipper ships Event #5-L ($11+R NLHE Turbo)

The Spring Championship of Online Poker is well underway with large fields and impressive prizepools. The "low" version of Event #5 provided plenty of action for all those involved with a NLHE Rebuy Turbo tournament format for $11. The chips were moving between the players at a brisk pace and...more

SCOOP 2013: Paul "paulgees81" Volpe denies Deeb sixth title, victorious in Event #4-H (Badugi $2,100)

Many recall last year's Spring Championship of Online Poker as the Shaun Deeb show, with Deeb earning four SCOOP watches -- all in "High" events, in fact -- on his way to winning SCOOP Player of the Series. Having won a SCOOP event previously, that brought Deeb's overall watch count...more

SCOOP 2013: Hope_Flooky's Event 5-M victory no fluke ($109+R NLHE Turbo)

Hope_Flooky was not the most decorated player at the final table of SCOOP 2013 Event 5-Medium, $109+R NLHE Turbo. That honor probably belonged to cal42688, a WCOOP winner in 2010 and a SCOOP winner in 2011. There were other players at the table, in addition to cal42688, whose names have...more

SCOOP 2013: ringosnuff snuffs them out in Event #2-H ($2,100 NLHE)

The Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) is off to a flying start with an enormous prize pool generated in Event #2 of the championships. The High version offered a $2,100 No Limit Holdem buy-in with such a good structure that play would be held over two days. In the...more

SCOOP 2013: Gowardo goes for gold in Event #2-L ($27 NL)

Sometimes a specific hand propels you to greatness. In this instance, pocket fives was the magical hand for Gowardo. After losing a heads-up chip lead against KoRn1337, Gowardo avoided an elimination with pocket fives for a timely double up. Gowardo's run continued with a second double up to narrowly avoid...more

SCOOP 2013: Spindler spanks spangled final, scores 2nd SCOOP title (Event 1-H, $2100 NLHE 6-max)

After a year of waiting, SCOOP is back. It kicked off in style yesterday, just as the EPT Grand Final Main Event and High Roller Event were coming to an end in Monaco. Today, the first SCOOP 2013 winners were crowned - and one of them is both an EPT...more

SCOOP 2013: 12ziz12 sizzles, wins Event #1-M ($215 NLHE 6-Max)

The Spring Championship of Online Poker is finally here, and judging by the turnouts for this year's initial tournaments, many have decided the time for hunting SCOOP watches has at last arrived. Like both the "low" and "high" versions of this year's kickoff SCOOP event -- Event #1, six-handed no-limit...more

EPT9 Grand Final Super High Roller: Chips dig Jason Mercier, Team Pro leads after day one

You might be under the impression that it is impossible to knock Phil Ivey out of a poker tournament, especially one with a buy in of €100,000. But we have grown very accustomed these days to making the impossible possible. And then doubling it. And unfortunately for Ivey in this...more

EPT9 Grand Final Super High Roller: Good food, bad food, booze, and the dinosaur diet

Dan Smith snapped. Could everyone be quiet for 20 seconds, he asked while grinning. "I'll be quick!" Smith had been involved in a hand in the middle of a drawn out conversation between Daniel Negreanu, Fabian Quoss, and anyone else who cared to join in. But it had been getting...more

SCOOP 2013: Reshafim87 reaps riches in Event #01-L ($27 NLHE 6-Max)

Things are changing up in the Northern Hemisphere. We've passed the vernal equinox, snow is melting, flowers are blooming and all types of woodland critters are waking up and jumping in front of cars. There's another sign of spring too, a very profitable one. The PokerStars Spring Championship of Online...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Alexander Uskov wins a small one, bags €10,100

Alexander Uskov won a small turnout side event at the EPT Grand Final to pick up a bang tidy €10,100 payday. Uskov beat fellow Russian Mikhail Ustinov heads up to take home the trophy. EPT9 Monaco, event #35 Date: 12 May, 2013 Buy-in: €1,100 Game: NL Omaha - one rebuy...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Gilbert Diaz wins the (mini) Main Event!

Gilbert Diaz won the turbo edition of the Main Event here at the EPT Grand Final pocketing €14,800, a great spin up from his €330 buy-in. Diaz is a regular on the European Poker Tour having bagged 10 cashes in main and side events over the last few seasons. EPT9...more

Felix 'xflixx' Schneiders joins Team Online

PokerStars' Team Online has a new German powerhouse in its stable tonight. Team Online announced this weekend that Felix 'xflixx' Schneiders is officially carrying the flag of the big red spade. "I still can't really grasp what happened over the course of the last few weeks, but here I am,"...more

SCOOP 2013: The tourney itch

The first poker game I played was a cashgame. I think a lot of people started with small SNG's at home with friends but back when I started I didn't even know you could play the game in a tournament format until at least 2 years later. My main game...more

Maxim-izing my time at home

I've talked before about my visa problems. They forced me to stay home in Russia all winter. As a result I spent a lot of time playing online poker and working on my game. Eventually it all paid off in a big way. March was an amazing month for me....more

EPT9 Grand Final: On form Paul Volpe calls time on Mike McDonald, wins €130,500

Paul Volpe is currently one of the world's most on form players, as proved by his €130,500 win here in Monaco. Volpe clocked up his fourth six-figure score of the year by beating Mike 'Timex' McDonald to bring his 2013 live tournament winnings up to $1,566,464. Volpe has been happy...more

EPT9 Grand Final Super High Roller: Dan Smith discovers his inner Cinderella, refuses to go to the ball

Few people know as much as Dan Smith either about winning tournaments in Monaco or winning Super High Roller events. He's done three of the former and one of the latter and is trying to tick both boxes at once this week. As he tells Sarah Grant of he...more

EPT9 Grand Final Super High Roller: Stake and chips

You might think that €100,000 for a poker tournament is an extravagance too far. And, if so, you wouldn't be alone. At least half of the players in today's field (currently at 37 and counting) would not dream of putting up €100,000 of their own money for a single tournament....more

EPT9 Monaco Super High Roller: Signs of the times in the tournament room

In the lift to breakfast this morning two Russian poker players appeared. I said good morning and one of them replied "morning," in a thick accent. His friend, jerked to attention, asking his friend to repeat what he had just said. "Morning" he said again. His friend replied saying he...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Matthew Ashton beats Schemion and Schwartz to €43,600 in the 8-game

Mixed game specialist Matthew Ashton won the €5,300 8-Game here in Monaco beating, among others, Ole Schemion (who had won side event already) and fellow Brit Luke Schwartz. Ashton finished 6th in the $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. Championship at the 2011 WSOP for $101,813, just one spot behind Tom Dwan. EPT9 Grand...more

SCOOP 2013: Day 1 explodes with $7.5 million in prize money

Normally on this day of the week, we hit you with as many weekend majors results as we have. Fear not, we have all of the 5-12-13 final table results right here. But, you will note, there is no Sunday Million. There is no Sunday-Warm-Up. Why? Well, the Spring Championship...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Faraz Jaka in €99,000 buy-in disaster

Faraz Jaka must have had at least a couple of heart palpitations this afternoon when he looked down at his ticket into the €100,000 Super High Roller and found instead a seat allocation into the €1,100 Monaco Cup. Sure, the Monaco Cup has a nice overlay (which has levelled at...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Marijn Van Puffelen beats Annette Obrestad in €5k heads-up final

Annette Obrestad was yesterday beaten by Marijn Van Puffelen in the final of the €5,300 heads-up to claim the €37,830 first place prize. WSOPE winner Obrestad has had a pretty slow time on the live circuit over the last year but had a close miss at EPT London a couple...more

Sarah Grant: On or off camera, poker work is the surprisingly perfect balance

How did Sarah Grant go from film school at New York University to interviewing poker players in Monte Carlo? Her answer is simple: "The universe pushed me into this, and it's made me happier than anything ever before." Sarah's path to her current role with PokerNews and PokerStars wasn't one...more

EPT9 Monaco Super High Roller: The new game in town

There's a new game in town today, taking place at the entrance to the Salle des Etoiles tournament room. It's called "Guess which tournament the new arrival is playing." Both the Super High Roller and the Monaco Cup take place today, attracting a different breed of poker player for the...more

EPT9 Grand Final: €168,000 overlay in Monaco!

There's currently a €168,000 overlay on the €500,000 guaranteed Monaco Cup with registration open for just a couple levels more. We currently have 130 players in the third and final starting day of play, which combined with the 202 that entered during Day 1A and Day 1B, makes a total...more

EPT9 Grand Final Super High Roller: Wait, there's more...

Wait, wait, wait...yaaaaaawn...wait, wait...stretccccch...wait, wait...blink, breathe, rub those weary eyes. Welcome back to Monaco for what is in so many ways the morning after the night before. Last night, the poker world, which has decamped to to the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort this week for this magnificent festival,...more

12 May

xHAPKOMAHx crushes final four in May 12 Women's Sunday

Everyone at this final table learned a valuable lesson today-- don't mess with a woman on a hot streak. Eight days ago, xHAPKOMAHx made one of her largest-ever online scores, finishing second in May 4th's Hot $11. Now, she's a Women's Sunday champion. A quiet threat in the early stages,...more

EPT9 Grand Final: All hail the Hairy Beast! Steve O'Dwyer is EPT champion at last

Just about all season on the European Poker Tour, all anyone has been able to talk about has been open-face Chinese poker. It's been "royalties" this and "scoop" that for sessions lasting hundreds of hours. But this week at the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final, no...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Steven Silverman beats Anthony Gregg to High Roller title

It could turn into the spin up of a lifetime, but whatever it is it's a high roller win for Steven Silverman. Silverman wrapped things up in the high roller after seven hours of play, defeating long-time friend Anthony Gregg heads up to the biggest share of a three way...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Andrey Volkov wins €51,500

Russian Andrey Volkov has won a career-best €51,500 at the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final. Well done, Andrey. EPT9 Monaco, event #22 Date: 10-11 May, 2013 Buy-in: €1,100 Game: NLHE six-max Players: 180 Prize pool: €174,600 Andrey Volkov 1. Andrey Volkov, Russia, €51,500 2. Kakino Cohen, France,...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Yann Belkheir stop Onrust from making it three

Yann Belkheir last night won an EPT trophy at the Grand Final in Monaco. The Frenchman managed to stop Dutch amateur Jesper Onrust from completing a three-trophy salute (we spoke to him after his second win). EPT9 Monaco, event #31 Date: 11 May, 2013 Buy-in: €330 Game: NLHE turbo Players:...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Irina Batorevich wins the women's event for €10,300

Irina Batorevich has been busy racking up results around Europe and her €10,300 chop here in Monaco takes her close to $200,000 in live winnings. Good work, Irina. EPT9 Monaco, event #28 Date: 11-12 May, 2013 Buy-in: €1,100 Game: NLHE Players: 35 Prize pool: €33,950 Irina Batorevich 1. Irina Batorevich,...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Night Shift

First, cue this tune up in a separate window so you can listen while you read... It's Saturday night, May 11, 2013 at the PokerStars and Monte Carlo Casino EPT Grand Final, and poker history is unfolding before us. At about 5:00pm this afternoon, six men settled down to play...more

Another final, another title for Rafa Nadal

Rafael Nadal has done it again. After reaching his seventh consecutive tourney final, Nadal has won another title. Today he beat Stanislas Wawrink for the ATP Madrid Open championship. Nadal speaks perfect-postgame. Every opponent was tough. Every match has some importance. But when it came to this week's Madrid Open,...more

EPT9 Grand Final High Roller: What to get the high roller who wants everything?

What do you get for the poker player who has everything? In the case of Fady Kamar it was nothing. Steven Silverman and Anthony Gregg found this a short while ago when play in the high roller went three-handed, with Kamar the obvious short stack. The three of them discussed...more

EPT9 Grand Final Day 6: Grand final pop quiz with Sarah Grant

We are yet to discover the identity of the ninth EPT Grand Final champion. But as Sarah Grant finds out in the video below, some top players struggle to remember the names of the eight predecessors. By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Get me a flux capacitor! The difficulties of the EPT space-time continuum

The "cards up" coverage of live poker tournaments on EPT Live is a relatively new addition to the multi-media experience. It means that viewers at home can actually learn more about the tournament than the players involved in it; they see all the cards all the time and there's not...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Rumen Nanev wins side event trophy four

Four. Yes, Rumen Nanev has racked up four side events on the European Poker Tour. We wrote about his third bit of silverware back in London, which you can read about here. EPT9 Monaco, event #32 Date: 11 May, 2013 Buy-in: €1,100 Game: €300 turbo Players: 146 Prize pool: €42,486...more

EPT9 Grand Final High Roller: The Vanessa Selbst language problem

Is Vanessa Selbst going to win the High Roller event, because if she is, I'm going to need help finding some way to describe it. Selbst has won a big title every year since 2008, and having reported on several of them I've used up all my "describing" words. I...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Niccolo Ceccarelli binks €13,300 in turbo

Niccolo Ceccarelli booked a bankroll boosting €13,100 win here at the EPT Grand Final beating, among others, EPT presenter Natalie Hof, who herself did pretty well in the EPT Berlin Main Event last month despite some pretend sulking. EPT9 Monaco, event #24 Date: 10 May, 2013 Buy-in: €1,100 Game: €300...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Mihails Morozovs wins trophy and €37,110

Mihails Morozovs yesterday won big at the EPT Grand Final after a three-way chop, the second largest of his career. EPT9 Monaco, event #23 Date: 11 May, 2013 Buy-in: €1,100 Game: €1k PLO 1 rebuy or add on Players: 76 (plus 75 rebuys or add ons) Prize pool: €146,470 Mihails...more

EPT9 Grand Final: It's the best ever, but why? Your cut-out-and-keep guide

It doesn't get any less thrilling through its continual repetition, but this is the single most exhilarating final table ever assembled on the European Poker Tour, and quite possibly even further than these boundaries as well. But how so? What's so good about it? Well, let's just look at what...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Spotlight on Lamborghini Aventador but Bugatti Vitesse restarts at 3pm

Parked outside the Fairmont Hotel this morning was a pristine Mercedes SLS AMG, in black, fresh out of its wrapper and a tribute to everything that's great about cars. Next to it though was a white Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, all right angles and gruff, encapsulating what happens when mad scientists...more

Overlay rumours as Day 1B of the €500,000 Monaco Cup begins

There could be a tasty overlay here in The Monaco Cup with its €500,000 guaranteed prize pool looking some way off at the moment. Yesterday pulled in 109 players and so far 78 players have sat down today, meaning the prize pool is currently juiced with more than €300,000! Of...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Final table player profiles

Welcome to the single most pointless post ever to appear on PokerStars Blog--and there's some pretty stiff competition. Here's the official introductions to the eight players around the Grand Final final table, all of whom need no introduction. Seat 1: Jake Cody, 24, Rochdale, UK - Team PokerStars Pro -...more

EPT9 Grand Final High Roller: Who you gonna call? Vanessa Selbst, that's who

We have been mentioning throughout this EPT festival that the €25,000 High Roller event has been taking place largely out of the public gaze. This is mainly owing to the staggering line up at the main event final table, which is more fascinating even than two hamsters on a piano,...more

11 May

EPT9 Grand Final: Roll-up roll-up for the biggest (cash) game in town

The world of cash games is a lot different to that of tournaments. Forget all that strategy stuff, it just looks and feels different. For a start the chips are different. This is big money. The yellow chips are worth "one" and the blue chips "five". Two or three of...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Johannes Vervuren wins sit-and-go

It's not often that you can win a PokerStars EPT trophy in an event which has a smaller prize pool than the after hours media tournament, but then again most events tend to start with more than one table of players. That's the beauty of the enormous EPT tournament schedules:...more

EPT9 Grand Final High Roller: Not even at the bubble

Who would be a High Roller? If it wasn't bad enough that eight of your peers have already made it to an EPT main event final table -- and let's be clear, all of Steve O'Dwyer, Andrew Pantling, Jake Cody, Daniel Negreanu, Johnny Lodden, Noah Schwartz, Jason Mercier and Grant...more

EPT9 Grand Final Day 5: Steve O'Dwyer leads Negreanu, Mercier, Cody, Lodden and "the rest" to all-star final

We've seen great final tables, and not so great ones, epic ones and those that a day later you can't recall at all. We've watched boring ones and exhilarating ones, quick ones and slow ones. Actually we've seen quite a few slow ones. But never before have we seen one...more

EPT9 Grand Final: That 'ridiculously big' cash is on! Six buy-in for €500,000 in Monaco

It's happening! It's happening! There's €3,000,000 on the table! In the lead up to the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final a rumour emerged of a big cash game. No, scratch that, big doesn't cut it. Chatter filtered through to the PokerStars Blog that a huge, enormous, gigantic,...more

EPT9 Grand Final Day 5: Daniel Negreanu talks through busting LuckyChewy

Daniel Negreanu is looking like an exceptionally strong bet for the second EPT main event final table of his career. With nine players left, he has an absolute pile of chips. But Kid Poker hasn't got this far without making some difficult decisions, and he was in a really tough...more

EPT9 Grand Final High Roller: Can the squeezed high roller wake up with aces?

Players have been squeeze playing in poker for as long as anyone can remember, and certainly for longer than the term itself has been used. It means, loosely defined, putting in a chunky three-bet after one opponent has raised and another has called, putting both opponents in a tight spot....more

EPT9 Grand Final Day 5: Textbook Lodden slips to short stack

Are the wheels now falling off the Johnny Lodden apple-cart? From the last hand of last night to the end of the second level of play today, things have turned against the Norwegian after the best part of two days as the chip leader. Andrew Pantling took Lodden's chips late...more

Feeling the rock star vibe in Monte Carlo

Most recently, I was the on-camera hostess at the European Poker Tour in Berlin. In Berlin, I was astounded by a rich and fascinating history. And now, just a few days later, I find myself at the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino EPT Grand Final. While Monte-Carlo has a fascinating history...more

EPT9 Grand Final Day 5: Sarah Grant talks tanning with Johnny Lodden

In the latest video from Day 5, Sarah Grant talks to Johnny Lodden about his progress in the main event this week, the hand that robbed him of the chip lead last night, and his tan... By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and...more

The €500,000 Monaco Cup opens for business at the EPT Grand Final

The €1,100 Monaco Cup started today picking up 108 players meaning there's a huge overlay at the moment. The event has a €500,000 guarantee attached meaning that anything less than 500 entries is going to see free money poured into the prize pool. Today, however, is just the first of...more

EPT9 Grand Final Day 4: Mateusz Moolhuizen, TV star whether he likes it or not

"Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them." It's from Shakespeare, of course. Twelfth Night to be precise. And isn't it just like Mateusz Moolhuizen to have some pretentious blog writer reaching for the bard to introduce this unassuming...more

EPT9 Grand Final: The rise and rise of Ole Schemion

Ole Schemion was one of the breakout tournament players of 2012 racking up more than $2m in twelve months, and he's not doing too bad in 2013 either. The young German finished fourth in the $25,000 High Roller at the PCA for $354,860 in January and just last month won...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Workers of the world unite, and then ante up

If anyone had work to do today it was Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody. Returning as the short stack, Cody had Victor Ramdin on his right and Freddy Deeb on his left, not to mention the regular interrogations of Daniel Negreanu, the man who four months ago had ceremonially slapped...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Max Lykov wins €101,010 as Jan Bendik seals Player of Year title

Team PokerStars Pro Max Lykov last night won €101,020 in a three-way chop at a final table that all but sealed Jan Bendik's grip on the EPT 9 Player of the Year title. Lykov chopped the money three-ways with countrymen Dmitry Grishin and Dmitrii Grinenko. Lykov came close to a...more

EPT9 Grand Final: A 16 to beat all 16s

It's day five of the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final, and it is an insanely good line up for the final 16. Here is how they arrange themselves this morning, and there's really not much more I can add to this; it's arguably the strongest final...more

10 May

EPT9 Grand Final Day 4: Andrew Pantling leads Team Pros and champions in main event thriller

There's an argument that says we shouldn't even talk about the Main Event, in case we ruin it. By talking about it we run the risk of ruining what could potentially be the best final table in EPT history, a Grand Final. And we don't mean this in one of...more

EPT9 Grand Final High Roller: Defending champion Kurganov the first to make moves

One of the best things about the season nine style festivals on the EPT is that once the main event is done for the night, the High Roller plays on. One of the worst things about the season nine style festivals on the EPT is that once the main event...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Greg 'River Prayer' Byard celebrates his 5,000,000 VPP milestone with a turbo win in Monaco

Greg Byard is a name that you might not recognise given that he's really not played that many live tournaments. Sure he managed a 30th finish at the PCA 2008 ($32,000) and a 34th in the WSOP Main Event a few months later ($193,000), but live poker just ain't his...more

EPT9 Grand Final High Roller: Antonio Esfandiari keeping his feet on the ground

To see Antonio Esfandiari is to see a man in perfect health. Since winning the Big One for One Drop last year he's looked a million dollars - actually 18 million dollars. He sits in his high roller seat in an aqua-coloured t-shirt that clings to him, and some sweat...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Sharky staker Max Silver talks to

UKIPT Dublin champ Max Silver cut his teeth on the British Isles national tour where he's made three final tables, but he's since made the step up and seems at home playing in big money tournaments. He bust the PCA High Roller in 22nd for $54,980 having had been fairly...more

EPT9 Grand Final High Roller: The unbeatable German High Roller mafia

If a malevolent comic book nemesis wanted to cook up a plot to win an EPT High Roller tournament, he should start by sending a crack team of henchman to table eight of the Salle des Etoiles this afternoon. With one vial of purple sleeping gas, or a few minutes...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Marcin Horecki books a micro win

Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki has twice won the MicroMillions Player of the Series, which is a pretty incredible feat, but trying his hand at more variants pays out at bigger events. This might only be a €220 buy-in for a €1,552 win but it's not often the EPT holds...more

SCOOP 2013: Action kicks off Sunday

The 2013 PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker is less than 48 hours from kicking off, and PokerStars has piled up $40 million in guaranteed prize money to pay out during the two-week festival. Running May 12-26, SCOOP will feature 44 events each with three different buy-ins. That's 132 championship...more

EPT9 Grand Final Day 4: The Team Pros' route to the deep stages

Day four of the EPT Grand Final Main Event started today with five Team PokerStars Pros still in the field: Johnny Lodden, Daniel Negreanu, Jason Mercier, Victor Ramdin, Jake Cody and Ville Wahlbeck, plus Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen from Team Online. There were a lot of Team Pros starting this event,...more

EPT9 Grand Final Day 4: What's app? Sarah Grant talks mobile applications

Modern technology is taking over the world and that includes poker, or at least for that period of time between hands. Keeping it old school Sarah Grant talks to Lee Jones who runs through some of the new features available on mobile apps. By use of this code snippet, I...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Zachary Korik wins career-best €152,020, Bonomo misses podium

American grinder Zachary Korik last night won the €5,300 NLHE 8-handed for €152,020, blowing out his previous career-best live score out the water. Korik made a three-way deal with Alejandro De Arruabarrena and PCA 2013 final tablist Andrey Shatilov after knocking out Juston Bonomo out of the big money. Bonomo...more

EPT9 Grand Final Day 4: Time's up for Naxache

Time has finally caught up with Patrick Naxache. The Frenchman arrived at his seat this morning to coax his two big blinds from out of hiding. The three of them would have to take on the might of Steve O'Dwyer, Andrew Lichtenberger and Ville Wahlbeck if the day was to...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Chris Moneymaker back to winning ways

Former World Champion Chris Moneymaker last night won the €1,100 8-Game for €12,000 and a lovely shiny PokerStars trophy. Okay, it's not the $2,500,000 that he won back in 2003, nor is it going to boost his $3,488,787 in live winnings radically, but a win's a win. Moneymaker, whose WSOP...more

Chris Moneymaker a decade later

It's hard to believe that it has been ten years since Chris Moneymaker helped spark the poker boom by winning the 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event. The then 27-year-old baby-faced accountant from Tennessee sported a pair of Oakley Straightjackets sunglasses on his way to a $2.5-million payday and...more

Digital Nomad (Part 2)

(Part 1 is here) As a professional online poker player I have the privilege of being able to earn a living from almost anywhere in the world. In part 1 of this blog I gave some advice on how to select the right laptop for the job and set it...more

Racing for life

I returned from EPT Berlin to find a really sweet and uplifting message in my Facebook inbox. It was from a fellow named Michael who wrote to say he'd been grinding the small stakes MTTs online for a few years and had developed a huge love for poker, but had...more

EPT9 Grand Final Day 4: Charity begins in Monaco before game-faces return to play for real

The last time a day of an EPT Main Event began at 3pm was...well, I'm not sure it has ever happened before. In the very earliest seasons, the whims of the various casinos we visited sometimes dictated we start only when they had got their s-word together, by which time...more

EPT9 Grand Final High Roller: Action set to start soon

The €25,300 High Roller was set to start at 12 noon today but in typical 'balla' fashion most of the players haven't arrived on time, so cards are likely to start shuffling around 12.30am. These guys literally won't get out of bed for €25,000... We're going to be playing 10...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 4: Seat draw

We're on to Day 4 of the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final in Monaco. Some 34 players remain from the original field of 513, with a place in the last 16 at stake today and beyond that who knows. A first prize of more than €1.2...more

9 May

EPT9 Monaco Day 3: The only way is up for Lodden as competition gets fierce in the Principality

As day three of the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final entered its late stages tonight, PokerStars Blog began aggregating the player-to-bloke ratio of the remaining field. Loosely translated, that means we started looking at how many of those still in the hunt for €1,224,000 we already...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 3: Photo gallery of the day's play

With one level of play remaining Johnny Lodden still leads, having been out front since the start of play today. Behind him are the likes of Steve O'Dwyer and Jake Cody, Andrew Pantling and Calvin Anderson. As we mentioned earlier, the field is heavily stacked when it comes to talent....more

EPT9 Monaco: Jesper Onrust wins trophy two

Jesper Onrust is having a great time here in Monaco: he's won two trophies, the second of which was this boutique €220 7 Card Stud high-low turbo, and he's currently grinding away in another €2k event with Gaelle Baumann on his direct left. The 28-year-old store owner from Amsterdam qualified...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 3: We'll look at Daniel Negreanu's underwear, but we won't smell his pits

We are always grateful for the shout-outs we get from EPT Live. All of James Hartigan, Joe Stapleton and Matt Broughton continually drive traffic to our Blog and sometimes even imbue their appeals to viewers with an enthusiasm that hovers above contractual obligation. We love you too guys (and we...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 3: Field full of familiar faces. And some other blokes

We call it the "Player to bloke ratio". Loosely translated it means the ratio of well-known players to the blokes we've never really seen before, and right now it's running at an all-time high. A look through the chip count page demonstrates. Among the remaining 48 players there are four...more

EPT9 Monaco: Aleksei Krylov wins the button and €6,100

Aleksei Krylov beat Albert Mykhaylyuta in what could all too easily like a chess battle from the 1970s, especially when you toss in third-place finisher Konstantin Puchkov. Krylov may well take the glory and the trophy but it was Mykhaylyuta who collected the most (€7,000). Well done, Aleksei and Albert....more

EPT9 Monaco: Jan Bendik bounding towards Player of the Year title, wins another

Jan Bendik has enjoyed an extraordinary season on the European Poker Tour and has been mashing up its side events since finishing 5th in a €1,000 event at EPT Barcelona last August. Bendik won €17,760 then and has been spending the last nine months stuffing his pockets full of Euros....more

PokerStars building online museum

PokerStars is building an online museum to archive the history of PokerStars. Most importantly, however, the history of PokerStars is the history of our players and customers - over fifty million players who play for high stakes, medium stakes, low stakes, and play money. Consequently, we would like your assistance...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 3: Congratulations with a catch

When a dealer gets a promotion they are elevated to the status of floor staff. In this case they are given the task of giving out the "Congratulations you have placed..." cards to those finishing in the top 80. It's a type of newspeak widely used in the poker community,...more

Talk it out!

People often talk about how much tougher poker is today than it was four years ago. They're right about that but that doesn't mean that the games are unbeatable. It just means that the old ways of improving aren't the best ways anymore. When I started to play poker 8...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 3: Another chapter featuring the enduring enigma of Luke Schwartz

In December 2008, on day one of EPT Prague in season four, there was a guy I didn't know sitting with an enormous amount of chips and I asked him for a quick explanation of how he got them. "I owned him, I owned him, I owned him, and then...more

Stoked for the SCOOP!

I wanted to take the time to briefly share my plans for the upcoming 2013 SCOOP series. I want to spend about $3,000 on tournament buy-ins, so my plan will be to diversify them over a lot of the Medium events in hopes of making a deep run or two....more

Win big with the 100 Billion Hands Celebration

Yesterday morning if you just so happened to be passing by a certain €10k tournament in Monaco you would have seen a big booming presentation. Was it a trailer for this year's summer blockbuster? No, but it certainly could have been mistaken as such. It was an explosive teaser about...more

EPT9 Monaco: Thomas Couquet catches first trophy, wins €18,900

Frenchman Thomas Couquet made a straight chop with former casino manager Rumen Nanev for €18,900 apiece. Nanev has proved himself to be quite the Omaha player this year winning three and, with this result, coming runner-up in two others. Couquet picked up a couple of small cashes at EPT Deauville...more

EPT9 Monaco: Juan Mecho makes a wedge in event #10

Spanish hands have not yet lifted an EPT Main Event title but at least Spaniard Juan Mecho has got his mitts on a smaller side event trophy. Mecho won €17,400 after a heads-up deal, his first recorded live cash. Enhorabuena, Juan. EPT9 Monaco, event #10 Date: 8 May, 2013 Buy-in:...more

EPT9 Monaco: Arlo Dotson talks to Sarah Grant

Yesterday morning, we caught up with Arlo Dotson, our friend from Houston, Texas, hoping to claim his maiden cash on the EPT. He didn't manage it. He brought back a smallish stack this morning and lost it in the first level. However, he did manage to secure his maiden

EPT9 Monaco Day 3: Video update

Due to some kind of power outage the EPTLive webcast is currently off-air. This video update, which introduces the day's action, is no replacement for feature table action and pro insight, we admit. It is, however, all you're going to get right now. Enjoy! News on the street is that...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 3: Out of the darkness and grudgingly into the light

It's a little known fact about Monte Carlo that there is no shade. Not on the streets, the beaches, even behind the tower blocks. Nothing. Now that also applies to the tournament room. Monaco is swathed in beautiful, punishing sunshine this today and, to mark the occasion, organisers have removed...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 3: Victor Ramdin in the zone, and staying there for good

As Victor Ramdin stacked up chip after chip after chip yesterday afternoon, taking him up to about 260,000 overnight and a real shot at a deep run, he tweeted to his 3,000+ followers that he was playing "extremely well". But that was not accompanied by news of a huge hand...more

EPT9 Monaco: Yachts, cars and caviar, but can you get a fuse?

Monaco is dripping in wealth and opulence. Look to the sea and you'll spot luxury yachts and sailboats which the average man's salary would barely cover the bucket which pails out the water. Look to the street and supercars roar by every couple of minutes, so much so that you...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 3: Seat draw

It's day three of EPT Monaco and 105 players are returning to the Salle des Etoiles with the intention of finding their way to its payouts cage by the end of the week. Some will no doubt do so today: the bubble will burst probably within a couple of levels....more

8 May

EPT9 Monaco: Johnny Lodden thinks chip lead at close of Day 2

The second day of play in a main event is always about crossing the gap between the safe pastures of the start of day one, to that tricky time on Day 3 when the money comes into view. Today would only ever be about eliminations. Nobody can win on a...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 2: Team Pros charging up the leader board

The main event just went on a lesser-spotted 30-minute break. We're accustomed to pauses in play lasting 15 minutes or 20 minutes and even those of 60 or 90, ie, a dinner break. But this "snack" break is a new one to both players and reporters alike, the result apparently...more

EPT9 Monaco, Day 2: Just how old is Humberto Brenes?

Do you know how old Humberto Brenes is? What would you say?'s Sarah Grant caught up with some of the field to see what they thought. Word to the wise, don't bet on guestimate games with Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown. By use of this code snippet, I agree...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 2: Poker community urged to show some bottle as corkage panic spreads

We're not often called upon to publish public service announcements but in this case we feel compelled to chip in, for the sake of everyone, and that bottle of scotch we have hidden away under the mattress back at the hotel. Quite a few players have run into the arcane...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 2: Why Randy 'nanonoko' Lew is a better player than you

There are a lot of decisions in poker tournaments that are pretty much automatic. Most of them are fold, fold and fold. But there are also plenty of spots over a long event that require some in depth analysis, and the very best players are calculating all kinds of things...more

EPT9 Monaco: Siarhei Sharkota takes biggest bite of bounty, wins €43,400

Siarhei Sharkota last night won the €2,100 turbo bounty for €43,400 beating the likes of Joep van den Bijgaart, Jonathan Duhamel, Sergio Castelluccio, Mario Puccini and Pratyush Buddiga. Well done, Siarhei. EPT9 Monaco, event #7 Date: 7 May, 2013 Buy-in: €1,100 + €1,000 Game: NLHE turbo bounty Players: 143 Prize...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 2: Busted, but a birthday for Brenes

Today is Humberto Brenes's birthday. The great icon of Costa Rican poker is 62 years old, celebrating it in Monte Carlo, where the sun shines, the sea sparkles and the chips rattle. At least everyone else's chips rattle. Brenes is not as well-endowed in that department right now, looking down...more

May 5, 2013 Sunday Million

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

Open-Face Chinese Poker: Still in its infancy

Around the time of the 10th anniversary of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, Open-Face Chinese Poker (OFC) hit what appeared to be its peak. On flights, on breaks, on drives, during meals, and whenever someone had a deck of cards or access to the mobile application, professionals, amateurs, and media members...more

PokerStars women race in aid of Cancer Research UK

"Cancer, we're coming to get you!" This is the battle cry of the women who run, walk or jog Race for Life to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Since Race for Life started in 1994, six million women have taken part, raising more than £493 million for Cancer Research...more

Defining "bad beat"

I'm writing this post from the World Series of Poker Asia Pacific where Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu were among those winning bracelets. In the tournament Ivey won (the 8-game mixed event), he actually knocked me out in a no-limit hold'em hand with around 20 players left. In fact, that's...more

EPT9 Monaco: Jesper Onrust is one Crazy Pineapple

You can jab Jesper Onrust onto a stick with a chunk of cheddar because the Dutchman is one Crazy Pineapple. Onrust last night won the €330 side event for €6,800 and a nice shiny trophy. The Dutchman is an amateur player, a store owner so we've been told, who qualified...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 2: Money, money, money

The prize pool for the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final has been announced, and the winner of this thing will almost get as many euros as there are letters in the official name of the event. There's an amazing €1,224,000 up top from this €10,000 event,...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 2: Taking care of it with Arlo Dotson

It pays to be confident in poker and it pays to have experience. It pays to know that the game will swing in your favour sometimes, and other times you'll be the one to suffer the beats. The perfect poker player has respect for his opponents, but is not in...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 2: History is about to be made

If anyone was feeling slightly thick headed after eight levels of play yesterday, making for a 2am finish for anyone whose job it is to count things at the end of their working day, today's introduction boldly blew away the cobwebs. Richard Strauss perhaps knew he had a hit on...more

EPT9 Monaco, Day 2: What's going on at the Grand Final?

Catch up with what's going on here in Monaco with this handy morning (well, afternoon) review of the action courtesy of me (Rick Dacey) and's Sarah Grant. We cover the Main Event, who's still in and the burgeoning rumours of that big €1,000,000 cash game. By use of this...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 2: Make or break in Monaco as stars return to do it again

Day two of the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final is now under way in the Salle des Etoiles, and although none of us can yet write that full title without resorting to copy/paste, we are certainly getting used to being in Monaco this week. The tournament...more

Negriin all grins after 5/7/13 Super Tuesday win, earns $106K

This week saw the first Super Tuesday of May, and the last before the Spring Championship of Online Poker -- which starts Sunday -- comes along to take over the tourney calendar for the next couple of weeks. A total of 559 took seats at tonight's weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em...more

7 May

EPT9 Monaco Day 2: Seat draw

Here's the seat draw for day two of EPT9 Monaco. Play begins at noon CET on Wednesday. 1 1 Mohamed Mamouni France 49,100 1 2 Mikhail Ustinov Russia 19,400 1 3 Bryn Kenney USA 25,600 1 4 Pratyush Buddiga USA 45,400 1 5 Primoz Adamic Slovenia 45,400 1 6 Robert...more

EPT9 Monaco: Victor Sbrissa heads all star cast as Day 1B wraps

Day 1B of EPT9 Monaco ended with more players than started Day 1A. We were not surprised. Although opening flights of major tournaments are identical in all the most important factors -- number of levels, structure, etc. -- the opening flight is always the runt of the litter compared with...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 1B: The hidden four-wheeled treasures of Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is an exclusive kind of town. It's hard to think of Frank Sinatra calling it his kind of town, in fact it's hard to think who exactly would lay claim to it, but its' certainly exclusive. Nobody really knows how the local afford to pay their bills, although...more

EPT9 Monaco: David Dayan freezes out Duhamel and MacPhee, wins €64,600

Brazilian David Dayan tonight bagged €64,600 and a PokerStars trophy in one of the first side events here at the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final. Dayan may have had to beat Brit Senh Ung heads-up but it's the 5th and 6th place finishers that most will recognise;...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 1B: An EPT season digest (Part 1)

The clue is perhaps concealed in the lengthy official title, but the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final is the last (ie, "final") event on season nine of the EPT. And in true American television tradition when seasons draw to a close, it's time to look back...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 1B: Dinner break photo call

Heading into the dinner break it was Noah Schwartz at the top of the chip counts, with 150,000. If things were to stay the same, or at least if Schwartz is able to win just enough to cover the blinds and antes for the next two levels, that would be...more

EPT9 Monaco, Day 1B: Gus Hansen on Million Euro cash game

There's been a lot of talk about a big cash game that may or may not be playing out here in Monaco. The buy-in could be as much as a €1,000,000, or might be just €500,000, and with stakes that big one of the names that has been speculated on...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 1B: Is that Ivey? Or is it a wallflower?

There's a quote by the writer CLR James about cricket, but which really examines life in general. "What do they know of cricket who only cricket know?" It implies a need to look outside what we know to really understand what we do. To understand cricket you had to understand...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 1B: Prager, Levy and 'not that' Mouawad take satellite route to main event

It will have escaped almost nobody's notice, but we have a very lop-sided tournament here in Monaco. The opening flight was a slender 108-player affair, but its twin today is a bulbous 413-entrant beast. By way of analogy perhaps we can use Eugene Katchalov: today is the equivalent of his...more

Nicola Sasso wins IPT Sanremo

PokerStars qualifier Nicola Sasso beat a field of 428 players here in Sanremo, Italy this weekend to win the lion's share of the €830,320 prize pool. Sasso pocketed €185,000 for his efforts. America David Peters finished runner up for €155,000. Sasso got Peters all in with A♥T♥ versus Peters' A♦2♦....more

Win your seat to the Guangdong Asia Millions

It's going to be one of the richest and biggest poker events you've seen, and now PokerStars is ready to help you win your seat to the Guangdong Asia Millions. Last week, PokerStars Macau announced the Asia Millions event, one that looks to be the richest event outside of the...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 1B: Mohsin Charania, one year on

Victory at an EPT Grand Final is always likely to represent the biggest tournament score of a career. Unless you have also taken down a World Series Main Event or another EPT title, the €1m-odd payday is likely to be right up there on your list of achievements. Last year,...more

Traveling to play a local championship

It has been another busy year of traveling again, with a big highlight so far being the Norwegian Championships in March. As far as playing went, I came in third in the heads-up event, although the rest didn't go so well. But it was still great fun and I wanted...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 1B: Keeping pace with nanonoko and mement_mori, online friends and live rivals

It is difficult to the point of impossible to estimate how many hands of poker Mickey Petersen and Randy Lew have played against one another. Or, to be slightly more accurate, how many hands their online alter egos mement_mori and nanonoko have contested. Both are members of Team Online and...more

EPT9 Monaco: Jason Mercier back to mashing methods, win Open-Face Chinese for €48,000

Jason Mercier has broken an uncharacteristic tournament dry spell by winning the €2,150 Open-Face Chinese poker event here at the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final. The Team PokerStars Pro registered late into the event, dropping in by helicopter at the last second to play. That technique seemed...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 1B: Lights, camera, more lights, action, as main event reverts to type

Well this is more like it. Le Sporting is recognisable again. As well as the usual Ferraris and Maseratis on the driveway there was also a crowd which, with receipts combined, were financially more striking than any vroom-vroom trinket parked outside. Several hundred players currently listed as more than 300,...more

EPT9 Monaco, Day 1B: Welcome to more Grand Final action

Day 1B of the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino EPT Grand Final has just started with players including Daniel Negreanu, Galen Hall, Marc-Andre Ladouceur, Xuan Liu, Luca Pagano, Kevin MacPhee, Fatima Moreira de Melo, Vicky Coren, Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, Jason Wheeler, Liv Boeree, Rupert Elder, ToddTerry and EPT London High Roller...more

6 May

Rafa drops in on PokerStars Madrid

You never know who you'll run into when you're out for a night of poker. For instance, if you had been in Madrid and visiting the PokerStars room at Casino Gran Madrid, you might just have seen one of the most famous tennis players in the world. You recognize him?...more

EPT9 Monaco: Dan Smith rides "1-1" superstition to Day 1A chip lead

He's a living example of how poker is a game of skill, but right now Dan Smith will happily campaign on pure luck. By chance the random table draw put him on table one, seat one this morning, making his ID card read "1.1.A". Smith must have been delighted when...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 1A: Seconds out, round three in Hellner and Northug's personal duel

As a general rule, it is wrong to stereotype. But I make an exception for those blue-eyed, blonde-haired, hurdy-gurdy-spouting dingbats from Scandinavia for two reasons: firstly because they bloody love it and can take a joke (at least they do when they're not too busy listening to death metal, playing...more

EPT9 Monaco: Gleb Privalov beat Artem Litvinov to the PLO punch, wins €48,000

Gleb Privalov collected the first trophy of the EPT Monaco festival beating the excitable Russian Artem Litvinov heads-up. German player Privalov collected €48,000 whereas Litvinov - who is well known for his martial arts antics away from the table - pocketed a healthy €35,600. Litvinov has chalked up six Main...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 1A: Boris Becker back where it all began

We first saw him five years ago, striding in, all six feet three inches of him. Actually we only thought we saw him. Someone was behind the mass of security guards at the time and we were working on the assumption that nobody else that tall would get the same...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 1A: Ville Wahlbeck on haircuts and live grinding

Ville Wahlbeck, one of the highest high rollers on Team PokerStars Pro, is playing his customary few hours of the main event today. As a mixed game specialist, used to the highest stakes online, where he plays countless tables at once, this one-table of hold 'em seems to be a...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 1A: Postprandial overview

Players have just returned from their dinner break -- 71 of them remain from a starting field of 108. I don't think that anyone would deny that that's fewer than we would have expected here, but there are plenty of reasons why we could expect an absolutely monster field tomorrow,...more

Statement regarding Atlantic Club action

The Rational Group (d/b/a PokerStars) today filed a lawsuit in New Jersey Superior Court seeking to restrain the sellers of the Atlantic Club Casino and Hotel from continuing to breach the purchase agreement which was entered between the Rational Group and the seller (who are led by Colony Capital LLC)...more

SCOOP it up with PokerSchoolOnline

The Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) kicks off in less than a week and is ready to give out at least $40 million in guaranteed prize money. As players flock to register, PokerSchoolOnline is about to throw some free money around. New players who create and fund an account...more

Doffing my cap

It's been a good year so far. As far as live poker goes, in March I played in the 2013 Championship of the Slovak Republic in Bratislava. I've been playing in that series for seven years now, and it is always a lot of fun. Unfortunately I busted the Main...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 1A: Monte Carlo survival skills: Breakfast, and basic toilet training

Monte Carlo is a town of surprises. Around every turn there's something you've never seen before, as two players rather touchingly discovered while in the gents toilets. "You can pee on the toilet seat and it cleans it for you," said one to the other who then disappeared behind a...more

EPT9 Monaco: Deeb, Horecki and Nacho on Open-Face Chinese

We told you a little earlier about how there were some changes in the Open-Face Chinese poker rules. Well, we've spoken to some of the game's keenest advocates to find out what they think about it. By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and...more

PokerStars weekend review (5-5-13)

As the stars lit up over Monaco where the EPT is celebrating the end of its tenth season, the PokerStars weekend majors caught fire online. More than 7,200 players showed up for a Sunday Million. The final table featured the likes of Tobias "PokerNoob999" Reinkemeier, but the top prize went...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 1A: Tatiana Barausova and a bite worse than a bark

You probably wouldn't be too fearful if Tatiana Barausova sat down at your table - assuming you hadn't played against her before, that is. Barausova is diminutive of stature and silent of demeanour and she is - it's difficult not to notice - female. According to the Russian poker commentator...more

EPT9 Monaco, Day 1A: Speeding through Monaco like a race car's Sarah Grant takes you on a tour around Monaco and shows you some of the course highlights from the Formula 1 racecourse, including that hairpin turn*. *It's just outside our hotel. By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at

EPT9 Monaco Day 1A: Seeking professional help, from amatuers

Part of poker's appeal is its openness to all generations. The old play alongside the young, and against whoever it is that fills the bit in between them. It's not age that's important, but your level of ability. Bankroll size too I suppose, but the point still stands. None of...more

Rafa hits ESCOOP during off weekend

Just a week after hoisting the Barcelona Open trophy above his head, Rafa Nadal had another championship in mind. This weekend, in advance of the upcoming Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP), Rafa hit up PokerStars Spanish version of the festival, ESCOOP. Rafa chose event #6 yesterday, a six-max no-limit...more

EPT9 Monaco: New tweaks to Open-Face Chinese

There was a whole lot of commotion around that first Open-Face Chinese tournament which took place in the PCA less than half a year ago. We asked then whether it was passing fad or not. If you take a look in the Salle des Etoiles, past the Day 1A line-up...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 1A: Neuville, Wahlroos and Teltscher: some we see, some we don't

The EPT season ten schedule was released this morning, which no doubt resulted in several of the circuit regulars assaulting their diaries with a big yellow highlighter pen. Pierre Neuville, for instance, now knows precisely where he will be for eight of the next 52 weeks, and the time in...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 1A: A room full of stars for the Salle des Etoiles

The PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final should be more than just another poker tournament; certainly a name that long would suggest such. As things go the hosts at the Le Sporting have cracked it. The Salle des Etoiles is not only a beautiful place to play,...more

EPT9 Monaco Day 1A: The grandest of Grand Finals is go

Around this time a couple of years ago, the European Poker Tour went to Madrid. It is a fine city, the capital of Spain no less, and the tournament there was a predictable success. But no one talks about EPT Madrid as one of the defining events on this circuit....more

EPT Season 10 schedule announced!

The end of season finale may be about to start here in Monaco but, as always, PokerStars has one eye on the future and just announced the Season 10 schedule (which you can see below). It's been a bumper season with some enormous fields, fantastic side events and the introduction...more

5 May

Neeeeek nicks Stammdogg for Sunday Million title

Tonight, three formidable forces in the PokerStars universe clawed their way back to the Sunday Million final table. Ten months ago, Austria's Gambler4444 won the Million, banking $159,000 on July 1 of last year, Tobias "PokerNoob999" Reinkemeier captured his Sunday Million crown in May 2011, and Kevin "Stammdogg" Stammen made...more

Sunday Warm-Up: worst_nuts has the best hand, winning $94K after two-way deal

We await the return of the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) next week as 132 watches look for a wrist to claim as a new home. Tonight's Sunday Warm-Up with 3,264 runners looking to claim a Sunday Major before the around-the-clock low, medium, and high stakes tournament test all...more

Buniaka bests the rest in May 5 Women's Sunday

The start of May shows quite a bit of excitement on the horizon. As I write, players from around the world are in Monte Carlo - or in transit - for the much-anticipated season finale of the European Poker Tour. Those of us who aren't in Monaco, well, we're living...more

Getting to know Leo Margets

With her recent addition to the PokerStars Team Pro roster, Leo Margets has become a recognizable and formidable force for women in the game. Her 27th place finish at the 2009 WSOP Main Event brought media notoriety and a cash of $352,832. Her first place finishes at the Full Tilt...more

APPT7 Cebu: Jae Kyung "Simba" Sim reigns supreme

Each day seemed to belong to one player. Daniel Spence finished atop the leader board in Day 2 and then Jim Collopy knocked out player after player and ended Day 3 with a massive chip lead. Today belonged to Jae Kyung "Simba" Sim, who ran through the final table and...more

APPT7 Cebu: More in Macau

As we've mentioned before, poker is expanding throughout Asia. The fields, prize pools, buy-ins and even amount of tours have steadily been growing over the years. A few weeks ago, PokerStars announced that they were going to start sponsoring the China Series of Poker (CSOP). Now, the people over at...more

APPT7 Cebu: Table views

The final table has dwindled down to three. But before we continue to provide you with the chip carnage that's been going down at the final table, how about a picture of unity. The final nine players were all ecstatic when last night came to a close. They were one...more

APPT7 Cebu: Simba's kingdom

Things sometimes take a bit longer in the Cebu. It's a vacation location that runs on vacation time. Scheduled times are constantly pushed back and when there's a "5-minute wait" you can expect to be waiting for at least 10 minutes. A simple to-go order of just chocolate cake can...more

4 May

APPT7 Cebu: Heating up

The man. The hair. The mystery. Daniel Spence popped up on the APPT chip radar near the end of Day 2, but we noticed him earlier. The friendly Canadian with friendly hair stuck out a bit from the regular hoodie crowd at the APPT. Daniel Spence Lynn Gilmartin went with...more

APPT7 Cebu: The final table

Throughout the past few days, the list of potential APPT Cebu winners has dwindled from 158 to 9. Here's a little glimpse of those players occupying our final table. Seat 1 Sim "Simba" Jaekyung This 47-year-old poker pro will start tomorrow with 371,000. Sim Jaekyung has only been playing poker...more

PS Women in April: Online/live results and prepping for Monte Carlo

The month of April was full of excitement for the women of PokerStars, with everything from our ever-growing lineup of online tournament offerings to the live events like EPT Berlin and the upcoming EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final. And it all provides the setup for May, when players converge on...more

APPT7 Cebu: Collopy leads final nine

And we've got our Season 7 APPT Cebu final table. Day 3 went by fairly quick as we got down to nine players in just under six levels. We're on Level 18 and the clock has stopped with 32 minutes and 54 seconds to go. In a tournament of short...more

APPT7 Cebu: It's good to be Collopy

"It's been a good day," said Jim Collopy. He's leaning back in his chair sipping a coke and occasionally taking a bite of a sandwich. His attire consists of shorts, sandals, sunglasses and a t-shirt that reads "Cartels wont kill surfers." While we can't verify the validity of that statement,...more

3 May

APPT7 Cebu: Microphone bubble burst

Sometimes our hostesses over at PokerStars.TV seem to have a Midas touch. Every player they interview goes on to double-up, make the money and keep going. The more they interview them, the stronger they get until they dominate all the chips. Some days the complete opposite happens. Today is one...more

APPT7 Cebu: Through the looking glass

There are a bunch of polarizing debates in sports with diehard fans on each side. Manning or Brady? Kobe or Lebron? Designated hitter or no designated hitter? Greedo or Solo? Some of these debates can rage on for centuries and there will never be a clear-cut answer. Poker has a...more

APPT7 Cebu: Levels to people

We've been playing to levels and now we play to players. Twenty-five players have come for Day 3 and we won't stop until only 9 remain. Not only will we hit our final table today, we'll be hitting some pesos. The final 20 players of this tournament will cash for...more

SCOOP 2013: Two players to vie for elusive Triple COOP

When the 2013 Spring Championship of Online Poker begins a week from Sunday, two PokerStars players will be vying for the elusive Triple COOP crown, an as-yet-unawarded laurel for people who have won WCOOP, TCOOP, and SCOOP titles. There are more than a few people out there who have two...more

Itching for SCOOP

It's springtime, and if you're like me you're starting to think about the Spring Championship of Online Poker on PokerStars. SCOOP is a great series and I always look forward to starting the grind of playing all of those tournaments. One very nice aspect of SCOOP is how accessible it...more

SCOOP reload bonus! Get up to $100 with our 20% reload

Spring is here (in the Northern Hemisphere) and while flowers are blooming and trees are turning a luscious green we've got other green on our mind: millions and millions of SCOOP dollars to be won! To celebrate this most happy time of the year we're putting out a 20% reload...more

Digital Nomad (Part 1)

One of the best things about playing online poker for a living is the freedom to work from almost anywhere in the world. As long as I have a computer and an internet connection, everywhere is my office. I'd like to share with you some tips based on my experience...more

APPT7 Cebu: 25 left, Spence leads

The sun has set and chips have been bagged-up once again in Cebu. Day 2 has come to a close and we're down to our final 25 players. They'll all come back tomorrow -- hopefully -- and only nine will end the day. Leading these final 25 players is Daniel...more

PokerStars launches HKD $1m buy-in Guangdong Asia Millions

PokerStars and the Guangdong Group (Macau) Ltd today announced the 'GuangDong Ltd Asia Millions' (GDAM) tournament, and tipped it to be the biggest poker tournament ever held outside of the World Series of Poker in terms of prize pool, and the largest ever high-roller event by number of players. The...more

APPT7 Cebu: Expansion

The poker seed is very effective. Wherever it's planted, it sprouts and grows like wild. The game may have its roots in the United States of America but the seeds have spread far and wide. One of those seeds floated across the Pacific Ocean and found itself taking up root...more

Ankush Mandavia big after Day 1A of IPT Grand Final

Ankush 'pistons87' Mandavia has got off to a thundering start in the Main Event of the Italian Poker Tour Grand Final in Sanremo. The talented online player finished Day 1A with the second largest stack, positioning himself nicely for a deep run in the €2,000 event. Although Abduraimov Enver holds...more

APPT7 Cebu: A clash for the lead

There was a massive hand brewing over on table five. It started with a simple raise to 3,000 and a call. Action went to Chane Kampanatsanyakorn who called from the button. Shingo Cho was on the small blind and upped the price to 13,000. There were a few more folds...more

APPT7 Cebu: Floating with a boat

"We wanted players to have fun and relax before Day 2," said APPT Senior Regional Events Manager, Robin Lim. To do that, Lim and APPT staff took players on a boat. It was a different kind of boat that poker players are used to. It wasn't a five-card boat, it...more

2 May

APPT7 Cebu: Preparation

Lynn Gilmartin and PokerStars.TV caught up with our chip leader coming into Day 2, Ivan Zalac. Zalac discussed his preparation leading up to this event and his plans for the rest of it. He wants to win: By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T...more

APPT7 Cebu: The Aditya Agarwalii

There's occasionally some confusion in player lists. Sometimes a player's country has a question mark as we hunt down their true origins. Other times players attempt to sign their end-of-day bag with a nickname that isn't on records. There are also a few times a player seems to have grabbed...more

APPT7 Cebu: Back at it

The flights are over and the hunt has begun. We've had 158 players sign up for the tournament the past two days and now the survivors have plopped down in the same room. The money is now in sight as well, with the end of Day 1s came the birth...more

EPT Grand Final stirs up talk of €1 million buy-in cash game

Anyone who has been around a major poker festival knows what can happen. Where there are big-money tournament players, there is a lot of money, and where there is a lot of money, there are people looking to play cash games. We've seen it happen time and again. It happens...more

Give me seven cards

Hello from Germany, where we are basking in the afterglow of the European Poker Tour returning to Berlin. It's always a great time, and one aspect of the schedule I really liked this year was the inclusion of a couple of seven-card stud events, one of which is a pot-limit...more

Marcel Luske books five wins in five months

Five titles in five months, no problem for Team PokerStars Pro Marcel Luske, also known as the "Flying Dutchman". In fact, Luske's last five cashes have all been wins in PokerStars events. Luske's good fortune began back in December 2012 when he topped a field of 130 players to win...more

The Advocate's 40 under 40 honors Vanessa Selbst

The current issue of The Advocate recently named Vanessa Selbst to its list of "architects of the next decade" by including her as a member of its "40 under 40" list. The magazine/website is the oldest LGBT publication in the U.S. and has been very influential in the gay rights...more

APPT7 Cebu: Gurung tops Day 1B

Day 1B has come to a close and Milan Gurung is leading the surviving 36 players with 99,900. Day 1B chip leader Milan Gurung This makes our Day 1A chip leader, Ivan Zalac, our overall leader with 109,100. Day 1A also produced the next to biggest stacks with Khac Tran...more

SCOOPing a $100,000 with Andre Coimbra

As a full-time satellite player, the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) was my favourite series of the year! Everyone wanted to play the biggest events and satellites would be full of inexperienced players, making those games awesome! This year I'm not a satellite player, but I'm just as excited...more

APPT7 Cebu: Regulars

The numbers are in and the players are playing. Late registration for APPT Cebu Season 7 is now over and we ended up with a total of 158 players. As is standard for the APPT, Chinese, Australian, Korean and Japanese players showed in droves, repressing the majority of the field....more

APPT7 Cebu: Beach bash

It was warm and the sky was clear. The ocean calmly broke on a white sand beach that had temporarily transformed itself into one of the best parties on the poker circuit. Starting at about 6pm, players were treated to cocktails, live music and a giant buffet of Filipino delicacies...more

1 May

APPT7 Cebu: Day 1 Wu

Team PokerStars Raymond Wu is in the field today. Like many players, Wu enjoyed last night's festivities and is now here to play. Lynn Gilmartin caught up with the Taiwanese pro before play started for PokerStars TV: By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T...more

APPT7 Cebu: Round 2

Another day, another pig. Day 1B of APPT Cebu is now underway. The lechón is being chopped up, the smell of poker is in the air and players are seated at their tables. "It's a wonderful place," said APPT President Danny McDonagh. "Come up, have some beautiful lechón." Beautiful lechón...more

EPT Grand Final Super High Roller prize pool crests €3 million

More than 30 people--high-rolling, nose-bleeding, poker playing people--are ready to kick off the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final in style. Each of them have already put up €100,000 to secure their seat for the Super Higher Roller. Running May 13-15, the Super High Roller will kick off...more

April 28 Sunday Million

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

EPT9 Berlin in review: Pidun and Benger the big winners

The European Poker Tour stop in Berlin was always going to a big one (with no little thanks to the huge Berlin Cup which preceded the Main Event). Daniel Pidun, the first domestic player to win in the capital, collected €880,000 after beating the 912-player field and building an insurmountable...more

EPT9 Berlin: Big, late wins for Lehmanski, Rossiter and Verkaik

The glitz, glamour and mega bucks of the Main Event and High Roller always scoop the focus on the last day of an EPT. Daniel Pidun scooped €880,000 after taking an enormous lead into the heads-up against EPT Player of the Year contender Robert Haigh. Online crusher Griffin Benger finally...more

George Lind III goes crazy...again

George Lind III--you might know him as Jorj95--might be clinically insane. I don't know what the medical manuals would call the sickness, but I'm going to dub it "Sick Challenge Syndrome." Lind announced yesterday that during the month of May, he's established three goals for himself. Any of them could...more

Ready for SCOOP

I am back now from the World Series of Poker Asia Pacific. Poker went well for me there, highlighted by a final table in the first event (the "accumulator") where I finished fourth. It was a lot of fun being in Australia, too, where it was my first time ever...more

APPT7 Cebu: Zalac leads Day 1A

And that's it. We started at noon and we finished by 6:30. We saw 81 players sign up for the day and 40 ended it. It was a splendid little tournament. While a short Day 1 contributes to an extra day in the tournament, nobody's complaining. Today's finish time lets...more

APPT7 Cebu: Flying around

We're only in Day 1A of APPT Cebu and we've already seen more animals than in any other tournament. One was delicious. We've already written about the amazing lechón, but we'll write about it a little more. It was delicious. There are also a few less-delicious animals fluttering about. There...more

Win a Eureka Side Pass (worth €1,200) for free!

Do you want a free €1,200 package to play at Eureka Croatia? Of course you do. Nine side event packages, each worth €1,200, are up for grabs and you can freeroll one of these Eureka Side Passes into your pocket today. You'll win entry into a €330 side event, three...more

David "Betudontbet" Emmons takes 4/30/13 Super Tuesday; Goldenboys chops for 2nd

It was another big crowd gathered around the virtual tables for this week's Super Tuesday, the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament on PokerStars. A total of 541 entered, building a $541,000 prize pool which once again crushed the $300K guarantee. And after 10-and-a-half hours it was David "Betudontbet" Emmons of...more

APPT7 Cebu: Take and give

As we've mentioned before, Cebu gives a lot to its visitors. Sometimes, a few of those visitors like to give a back. For the past three years, Lynn Gilmartin has been sponsoring a Cebuano child through Kadasig Aid & Development Inc (KAID). Gilmartin's sponsor child, Bret Manigos, 14, has a...more