August 2013

31 August

EPT10 Barcelona: Ole Schemion leads as Super High Roller play ends on the bubble

It was a day of great change in the Super High Roller event today. Stacks that started big ended small. Others, who had scrambled for whatever chips they could keep hold of earlier in the day, found themselves seated behind massive towers by the close. And still, we never quite...more

EPT10 Barcelona: The mighty fall as the ESPT monster plays on

The ESPT Main Event broke records here in Barcelona becoming the last ever 1k event to have been played outside of Las Vegas. It was also, in terms of bums on seats, the largest tournament that PokerStars has ever held live. A massive 1,798 players entered bought, satellited or scrapped...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Mike McDonald talks blinking and The Stare™

When Mike McDonald first shook the EPT circuit he used a particular facial expression to instill fear into his opponents. It was his grin. When the then 18-year-old grinned he revealed a front row of gap teeth harnessed by braces. It was a stark reminder that you had just been...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Mike "SirWatts" Watson talks through a hand

Mike Watson may not be the most wellknown player in this Super High Roller and he's certainly not the loudest, but he is one of the best thinkers in the game. We got him to talk through a big hand from the feature table in which he clashed with EPT...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Jason Mercier on Super High Rollers and slow Germans

Jason Mercier is a recognisable face on tour, albeit one which operates at polar extremities; hangdog indifference and infectious hilarity, and it's good to see the American back to winning ways. A few years ago Mercier was the man that couldn't lose. He started with a €869,000 win at EPT...more

EPT10 Barcelona: How to pick a Super High Roller TV table

A fascinating vignette on the tournament floor as the Super High Rollers slim down to two tables. It leaves just the television table and the primary outer table left occupied. It also means a redraw, with players given detailed instructions as to how this particular redraw will work. First, with...more

Mixing health and fitness with online poker

Playing online poker can be a grind. It's often difficult for players to find time to eat healthy or exercise when sitting in front of a computer. Five-minute breaks in tournaments don't allow much time for cooking healthy meals, and multi-tabling at the gym can be quite a challenge. It...more

Planning for WCOOP with drkamikaze1

A first place finish at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in January of 2010 in the Limit Hold'em 6-Handed event started the year off right for Kami Chisholm when she cashed for $10,080. Another first in June of the same year at the Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza in the HORSE event...more

EPT10 Barcelona: The Oracle O'Dwyer talks predictions and Grand Final weirdness

This time last year Steve O'Dwyer was the chip leader in the Super High Roller. With typical understatement he'd put his progress down to some luck, at the same time pointing at Dan Smith, walking by, as the man most likely to win. Smith promptly won the season opener, and...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Making play while the sun shines

The weather outside may be fantastic it seems the population of Barcelona has relocated to the confines of Casino Barcelona. That includes working tourists Sarah Grant and Rick Dacey, who share everything you need to know to kick off the weekend's coverage... Outside yesterday, but today looks identical...more

30 August

EPT10 Barcelona: Sandor Demjan steals late Super High Roller lead on opening day

After the waiting the tenth season of the European Poker Tour finally got underway today . A record breaking Estrellas main event ramped-up the excitement earlier this week, but the Super High Rollers heralded the proverbial ribbon cutting, as the summer break came to a close. Season 9 was book-ended...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Who is David Benefield?

Who is David Benefield? Well we're glad you asked, because Sarah Grant talked to the November-Niner-elect earlier today to answer just that, and to dig a little on the social media side of things to talk, well, back flips... David Benefield in action today Click through to live coverage of...more

WCOOP 2013: Final Table Friday and Bash Saturday

The World Championship of Online Poker is now less than two weeks away, and PokerStars is ready to give away a ton of seats. Today, as we celebrate Final Table Friday, PokerStars is prepping tomorrow's VIP Bash. Beginning at 2:30 ET tomorrow, there will be 100 WCOOP Main Event seats...more

Win with the EPTLive Instagram competition

Do you want to win some free PokerStars goodies? Yes! All you need to do is take a pic and post it on Instagram to put yourself in the running to do so. We want you to upload a pic on Instagram, using the #EPT10 hashtag, which shows us how...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Not all Super High Rollers are created equal

You could be forgiven at first glance for assuming all poker players look alike. There's an even bigger case for this when a Super High Roller events takes place. Its players are predominantly young, well groomed (clean at least), wear comfortable designer clothing, and omit a kind of sparkle that...more

New York, New York - It's a wonderful town

I'm in Barcelona this week for the EPT, but I'm still thinking about my trip home. The six weeks after the end of the WSOP is the only time off in poker that's lengthy, so I decided to spend a month of it in one of my favorite places in...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Daniel Negreanu puts a ring on it

What's on your phone, Daniel? Come on, spill the beans. TELL US NOW! Daniel Negreanu is a busy man. He's chasing down various player of the year rankings here in Barcelona where he's chipping up nicely in the €50,000 Super High Roller. In fact, he's so busy that he's got...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Watching the super high railers

One thing dominates the tournament area at Casino Barcelona today. It's not the Super High Roller event, nor is it the new look décor that has smartened the place up a bit. It's the long queue, three-men wide and stretching from the tournament area back to the casino floor. It...more

EPT10 Barcelona: So it begins...

As our intrepid video reporter Sarah Grant so eloquently puts it, this festival is going to be epic. Check the full EPT Barcelona tournament schedule here. There are 27 EPT events and a slew of ESPT side events, too. You can check all the results here at the official EPT...more

EPT10 Barcelona: The new season gets underway

And so the new season begins, bringing with it all the hope, optimism, and general sense of well-being that the only the world's best poker tour can really deliver. In the traditional fashion we're in Barcelona to kick things off, turning our backs on the sunshine and beach less than...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Day 2 ESPT Main Event seat draw

1 1 David Narboni 38,000 Switzerland 1 2 Tigran Yazychyan 115,200 Russian Federation 1 3 Josef Birchler 22,000 Switzerland 1 4 Jon Skiple Sataøen 116,800 Norway 1 5 Karathanos Spiros 69,700 Greece 1 6 Oscar Guaita Castillo 10,800 Spain 1 7 Carles Campas Rius 26,600 Spain 1 8 Georgi Abuladze...more

29 August

Estrellas Barcelona crowd breaks PokerStars record

Well, that escalated quickly. This week's Estrellas Poker Tour event in Barcelona has just become the biggest freezeout event in PokerStars tour history. Up until today, the 1,626-strong field at UKIPT Nottingham held the record for the biggest PokerStars event. It seemed like a tough record to beat. But, this...more

My first VIP Club Live experience

Last Saturday in Berlin, PokerStars hosted their first German edition of the VIP Club Live series of parties for PokerStars players. Not one to miss a good party, together with my wife, I made my way to Düsseldorf airport early that Saturday morning for the one hour flight to Germany's...more

Vanessa Selbst takes her fitness routine on the road

No matter where in the world Vanessa Selbst travels for poker tournaments, she seems to find a place to exercise. In particular, she finds basketball or tennis courts and tries to get in a few games during her stay. She's not the only one. Many poker players decide to join...more

Macau, then and now

In my last blog post I wrote about the renovations I'm doing to an apartment I recently bought in Macau and how I'm making it into my perfect home. We're in the cabinet-building stage now, and I'm hopeful that everything will be ready to go by the end of September....more

28 August

WCOOP 2013: Last year's champ looking for a job

"I wont million." Nearly a year ago, those words reverberated through the online poker world, an instant catch phrase that defined a moment in World Championship of Online Poker history. The words came from the fingers of Marat "maratik" Sharafutdinov, a Russian taxi driver who qualified for the 2012 WCOOP...more

Pier Paolo Fabretti beaten to IPT Nova Gorica title

Team PokerStars Pro Pier Paolo Fabretti yesterday came close to scoring his second live title but just missed out heads up to fellow Italian Claudio Di Giacomo. Fabretti scored €70,000 for his runner-up finish but Fellow Italian Claudio Di Giacomo pocketed €90,000 after topping the €700 Italian Poker Tour Accumulator...more

Stay focused!

A few months ago, I wrote that I was hoping to start playing billiards competitively again this year. So far, that hasn't happened. I've been so busy with poker I haven't had the time that I need to practice and get in shape. Competing at the highest levels of billiards...more

Caveman or victory!

In my last blog, I told you I was moving to Thailand on July 1st for 9 months. For the couple months before that, I was working on my game, improving my strategy a little and my mental approach a lot. I had nice scores after that, liked my focus...more

Tim "blumenkind53" Ulrich captures second Super Tuesday title 08/27/13

The weekly big buy-in Super Tuesday event rolled around and drew some of the best players in the world. 470 players registered for the $1,050 No Limit Hold'em tournament creating a prizepool where the winner was set to earn more than $90,000. There were plenty of big names in the...more

27 August

The scoop on WCOOP

In 2007, I finished second in the WCOOP Main Event, winning $700,782. Since then, I have several more top-ten finishes in subsequent WCOOPs (and SCOOPs) and am 18th on the all time WCOOP money list. Admittedly, online tournaments traditionally necessitate a strategy quite different from that of the big buy-in...more

Sunshine state

Like many other pro poker players, I spent a month after the 2013 WSOP trying not to think too much about poker. I shuttled back and forth between Florida and Toronto to see friends, and worked hard on getting into good shape. I have really started to pay attention to...more

EPTLive: Set your Barcelona TV schedule now!

The wait is almost over. Season 10 of the EPT is about to start and with it will come the all-singing, all-dancing EPTLive webcast. Expect nine days of great poker action, superb commentary, guest appearances from the biggest names in the game, and even, if you're very lucky, some contributions...more

26 August

Weekend review: talonchick wins...on a boat

So, a great many thousands of you sat down over the weekend to compete in one or more of PokerStars' weekend majors. But, how many of you won? Okay, yes, there were a lot of you. But how many of you won with a view like this? Okay, I'll admit,...more

Find your inspiration

In August I was nominated for the Most Inspiring Player Award as part of the PokerListings Spirit of Poker Awards. I have to admit that I was a little surprised. Up until April, it had been a quiet nine months for me because of my visa problems. I managed to...more

EPT awards half billion euros in first nine seasons

As the European Poker Tour gears up for the start of its tenth season in Barcelona next week, EPT President Edgar Stuchly revealed today that the EPT is on the brink of a major milestone having paid out almost half a billion euros - €499,908,225 - in tournament prizes to...more

Sunday Million: jony_lv goes wire-to-wire, wins $180k

Get chiplead, check. Keep chiplead, check. Pick up kings, queens, and jacks in key situations? Check. Come back from 2 to 1 chip defect in only four hands to win? Check. It was undoubtedly a long road to get there, but tonight jony_lv made quick work of the Sunday Million...more

25 August

Team Online's Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome wins the Women's Sunday

Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome spent the afternoon on the sun-drenched deck of a boat, sailing around a pristine Canadian lake. But even the pursuit of a little R&R in the great outdoors didn't have to cramp her style. Befitting an online grinder who played much of last year's WCOOP on her...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Return trip successful, RibyJl9R wins $96K

The $500,000 guarantee Sunday Warm-Up final table tonight proved once again that experience in these situations seem to go a long way towards banking something special like a Sunday Major title. This week's champ RibyJl9R was here just last month, and was joined by SCOOP champs and other players who...more

Battle of the Planets: Numero Uno, Mikel Unanue wins $12K and August freeroll title

Showing the flags of cultural diversity at tonight's Battle of the Planets monthly $50,000.00 Triple Shootout freeroll. All nine players were from different countries: Mexico, Slovakia, Canada, Sweden, Ireland, Finland, Belgium, Russia, and Germany all represented at the final leg of the triple shootout. But, it was Mexico's Mikel Unanue...more

24 August

On the move with talonchick for WCOOP

Adrienne Rowsome, or "talonchick" as she's known online, is a pro at juggling lots of tournaments at one time as a member of Team PokerStars Online. Adrienne is an Omaha specialist, who was grinding out wins at local casinos years before it became popular online, so she seemed like the...more

23 August

WCOOP 2013: Final Table Friday and a reload bonus!

It's Friday, and that means it's time to take a look back at a big final table from World Championship of Online Poker history. And we will get to that in just a second. But of a reload bonus has just landed on the doorstep. Beginning today, you can...more

The Off Season

People often ask me when "poker season" is over, and it's a fair question, but there really is no off season for a professional poker player unless you choose to create one. The summer World Series of Poker grind is always taxing on both the mind and body, so for...more

22 August

Joel Micka vs The Grinder

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

Decision Hell 101: Joel Micka vs The Grinder

Welcome to today's strategy course: Decision Hell 101. It's here we ask, if in the middle of your own personal Decision Hell, what would you do? I am no poker expert. I don't claim to be and never have. That said, I do play and I have found myself in...more

Professor Akkari freerolls the Million

I've been playing on PokerStars for eight years now. Can you believe it? For the first six years, I played every single day and I still grind online three or four times a week. Back in 2007, I was one of the first players to reach Supernova, and I've maintained...more

PokerStars Women, step your way to 2013 WCOOP

Unless you've been away from the Internet for a month or two, you probably know that the 2013 World Championship of Online Poker is about two weeks away. WCOOP is the largest online poker tournament series in the world, and players are trying their best to win their seats in...more

It's good to be innerpsy

I watched Mikhail 'innerpsy' Shalamov go deep in this year's WSOP Main Event, and I remember thinking, "That kid is quite a poker player. I wonder if he does anything besides play cards." After seeing the video at the end of this post, I am now wondering how the member...more

EPT partners with Duracell Powermat to offer free live charging at events

The European Poker Tour will become the first live poker tour to offer players free wireless mobile device charging, as part of a deal struck with Duracell Powermat for EPT Season 10. The deal will see Duracell Powermat incorporate wireless charging 'hotspots' within the design of the custom-made EPT10 tables....more

21 August

Rafa sets sights on live tourney debut

It's no secret that tennis legend Rafa Nadal took up poker in 2012 and became a PokerStars ambassador. It's no secret that he got hurt and had to spend months in recovery. It's no secret he got better and has spent the past eight months racking up title after title....more

Risk and reward off the table

I am a long-distance runner and have in fact run several marathons before. In fact this year I ran a marathon for the eighth consecutive year; one was in Paris and the other seven have been in Barcelona. I've run a lot of half-marathons around the world, too. But right...more

LStrelec outlasts Kurganov, Obrestad, Batista, wins 8/20/13 Super Tuesday

This week's Super Tuesday, the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament that routinely attracts big fields and online poker's best, ended with a final table full of tough competitors. Among them were Igor "lechuckpoker" Kurganov, Annette "Annette_15" Obrestad, and Chad "lilholdem954" Batista, all of whom made the final half-dozen. But in...more

20 August

Knowing when to play that hand with PSO

Your favorite hand is J-10 and you love to play it every time it comes your way, but you end up folding it more often than you would like after a big raise. (I always tell people my favorite hand is A-A, and they shake their head and call me...more

Learning to teach

Life is good. I just got back from the French Riviera where I went with my girlfriend after spending five weeks at the WSOP in Las Vegas. It was a very relaxing time there on the coast, just resting and not playing any poker at all. But now that I'm...more

Sunday Million - August 18th

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"I wont million" - The story of million dollar Maratik

Every time the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) rolls round you know that it's going to throw up some surprises, but no one could have anticipated the dream story of Marat 'maratik' Sharafutdinov. Last year Russian low-stakes player maratik, a taxi driver by day, managed to satellite into the...more

19 August

Weekend Review: Big win for a Baby, new title for Rafa, win for Van Brabander

In the span of just a couple of days, the PokerStars Blog circled the globe once again. In that time, we saw a man called Baby win a big one on Macau, a man called Rafa turn himself into the Cincinnati Kid, and a woman called Sjlot picked up a...more

Is it real or not?

I'm writing from Spain this time where I'm vacationing after having been in Las Vegas for the WSOP. I'll be here a little longer, will go back home to Norway for a while, then will return to Spain for EPT Barcelona soon. As far as tournaments go, the World Series...more

18 August

Sunday Million: smk2113 earns title, nearly $166K after four-way chop

This week's Sunday Million saw yet another huge field with 7,458 runners entering online poker's most popular weekly tournament. That turnout meant a prize pool of $1,491,600 -- beating the $1 million guarantee -- with the top 1,080 finishers dividing the money. Almost exactly 12 hours after it began, it...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Identifying the champ, Poker id 4me wins $99K

August brings some lazy days both at home and here at PokerStars. The month is after the latest installment of MicroMillions and SCOOP and before the 2013 WCOOP kicks off on September 8th. However, it's not all sitting on the porch with a Dogfish 90 minute IPA and a couple...more

Women's Sunday win in the bag for Bags&Shoes

It's the middle of August, which means the online poker world of PokerStars is heating up with opportunities galore. With the new European Poker Tour season on the horizon, women have special opportunities to qualify PokerStars Women Live prize packages for Women's Events all over Europe. Win a seat for...more

"Baby" Tom Alner claims the Red Dragon

If we thought the early speed of play on Day 3 of the Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Main Event was going to be an indication for the day ahead, we were sadly mistaken. It took almost 12 hours of play, and an unprecedented 29 levels in the tournament to...more

Rafa gets first Cincinnati win

Today, there is a new Cincinnati Kid in town, and his name is Rafa Nadal. Rafa showed up to the Cincinnati Open fresh off his Rogers Cup win in Montreal. He faced Roger Federer in an epic quarter-finals battle, then dispatched Tomas Berdyc in straight sets in the semi-finals. That...more

17 August

Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon: Day 3 Updates

1:20am: Jason Chong eliminated in 2nd place; Tom Alner wins! On the first hand of heads-up play, Jason Chong moved all in and took the blinds and antes. On the second hand, Tom Alner tried the same with 7♦7♣ but Jason Chong made the call with Q♣T♣ and the race...more

Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon: Yip in control after Day 2

Day 2 of the Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Main Event saw the 168 survivors of the three opening flights come together in the PokerStars LIVE Macau Poker Room for the first time. At the start of the day, they had two goals. One was to make the money. The...more

16 August

Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon: Day 2 Updates

10:50pm: 21 survive to reach Day 3 Eight levels have come to an end with our field now down to just 21 players. As we mentioned, it was a dominant display today by Brian Yip who led pretty much from the first level of play, and never relented until one...more

The House of Dancing Water - one of the highlights of Macau

Described as an epic spectacular that transcends time and space, "The House of Dancing Water" at the City of Dreams in Macau is one of the most unique, innovative and breathtaking stage shows you will ever see. A cast of over 80 international performers thrill for 90 mintues in a...more

Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon: Gary Chen thrives on a wild night in Macau

Fred Leung had his lucky green tie on today and that could only mean one thing - we were in for a big day ahead on Day 1c of the Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Main Event. The PokerStars LIVE at the City of Dreams poker room was full to...more

WCOOP 2013: Final Table Friday with djk123

It's Friday, and that means it's time to look back at a WCOOP final table. Ordinarily, we'd make it a point to not spoil the ending on one of these, but this is one that--if you know much of anything about WCOOP--you probably already know. As told by Kirstin Bihr...more

Face-to-face poker versus playing online

It's 10:30 p.m. the night before a deadline, and I am still staring at a blank page. Why is this, you may ask? Not very professional, you may think. But I am afraid to say that I have recently become hooked on playing online poker. I got into poker by...more

Get rich quick: The EPT Grand Final in 60 seconds

We've been told by some guy named Billy that brevity is the soul of wit. These days, brevity is the soul of pretty much all communication. If it can't be said in 140 characters, most people won't read it. But it would take more than 140 characters to tell how...more

The difference between online and live: location

There is something magical about live tournaments for online pros. They become our vacation time. We spend most of our time grinding at the virtual tables on PokerStars, so it's a great pleasure to attend these events. We meet our friends. We get to know new places, new people, and...more

My New York City

I recently decided to give up my bi-coastal life, and have moved my US-base from Las Vegas back to New York City--Brooklyn, more specifically. I have lived in New York intermittently for a lot of my life, but haven't been here with any regularity since I went to law school...more

Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon: Day 1c Updates

2:50am: Day 1c is done It's been a whirlwind end to the day, but after eleven levels, the players have now bagged and tagged. Gary Chen will hang on to the chip lead with a stack of 215,600 while Raiden Kan's late surge got him to 187,200 which is good...more

15 August

Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon: No Yips for Brian on Day 1b

We were hoping for a strong turnout today, but tournament organizers were rather chuffed to see a very healthy field of 234 runners hit the felt of the PokerStars LIVE at the City of Dreams poker room for Day 1b of the Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Main Event. After...more

Vanessa Selbst: "It's all about winning" in 2013 WCOOP

Let's just acknowledge that Vanessa Selbst is a good poker player. I doubt anyone would disagree with this statement. Her live tournament poker results are impressive, to say the least. She has nearly $7.4 million in lifetime earnings, for a career that began with her first cash in mid-2006. Those...more

EPT Barcelona: Saturday night's alright for...winning

Do you have €215? Yes? Read on. No? Read on anyway, because whether you have €215, €5.50, or 750 PokerStars Frequent Player Points, you have a chance to win one of three EPT Barcelona seats and your share of €50,000 in cash and prizes this Saturday night. Saturday at 14:30...more

Overtaxed and recovering post-WSOP

It's been a fun poker-filled summer. Looking back I can say I've been playing a lot of different kinds of poker -- live and online, tourneys and cash games, lower buy-in events and higher ones, and in different places, too. I am writing a few weeks after the conclusion of...more

PokerStars Strategy: Test yourself with the Couch Cannons

How would you fare in a high stakes cash game against some of the best players in the world? We're not able to buy you into the game unfortunately (or we'd be doing that ourselves) but we can sweat some hands for you. Would you play the hands the same...more

Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon: Day 1b Updates

2:50pm: That's all she wrote Day 1b of the Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Main Event has been brought to a close with 63 players surviving the eleven levels of play from our starting field of 234. Brian Yip is the clear chip leader, having a massive day on the...more

14 August

Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon: Laidlaw tames the storm

The Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon kicked off today at PokerStars LIVE at the City of Dreams in Macau with a healthy field of 131 players taking their seat for the HK$11,000 Main Event. Despite a Level 8 typhoon raging around the South China Sea, players from all around Australasia,...more

WCOOP 2013: Player of Series worth a bundle

Let's do some math, shall we? We're going to need some numbers. So, let's just pull a few out of a hat. $15,000 $700 $10,300 $5,200 There we go! Alright, what shall we do with them? I say we add them up. Grab your calculator or a very big abacus....more

Vote Humberto!

I am very happy with the way this year's World Series of Poker turned out for me. I played 24 tournaments and cashed five times, but my most meaningful accomplishment was making the money in the Main Event. It enabled me to tie Doyle Brunson with eight overall Main Event...more

Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon: Day 1a Updates

2:50am: Bag, tag and party! That's it! Our day has come to an end with approximately 35 players surviving the typhoon that was the opening flight of the Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Main Event. It was a close tussle for the chip lead, with Kenny Leong (108,000) looking a...more

Ariel "ArielBahia" Celestino ascends to top 8/13/13 Super Tuesday, earns $115K

It was yet another large field this week for the Super Tuesday at PokerStars, with 609 runners creating a prize pool of $609,000 -- once again more than doubling the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tourney's $300K guarantee. The top 72 finishers divided those riches, with the biggest share ultimately going...more

13 August

Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon: The calm before the storm?

A trip to Macau is always an adventure. Whether it's on the poker tables, the casino floor or the night life, there's plenty of action and excitement to make your trip a memorable one. It's been over 12 months since I've been back here, and this time around, just getting...more

WCOOP 2013: Champion JC Tran still chasing bracelets

Two months before Chris Moneymaker won the 2003 WSOP, JC Tran was playing $120 tournaments at the Peppermill in Reno, Nevada. Ten years later, he has more than $9 million in live tournament winnings and is among the November Nine of the 2013 WSOP Main Event. What happened in between...more

Sunday Million - August 11th 2013

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Boeree: "Incredible atmosphere" at PokerStars Women's Events

It is easy for us to say that a PokerStars Women's Event at any of the European Poker Tour stops will be fun. We hear it from the players and the staff regarding past events. And those who win satellites and turn their small investment into a lucrative poker win...more

Behind the scenes at a VIP Party

Today, I am experiencing a little bit of envy, and if you're the type of person who digs a good party, free drinks, and Lee Jones in a tuxedo, you might feel the same. A few weeks back, Jones gave an an inside look at the PokerStars VIP Club Live...more

Looking back to look forward

Like many others I'm just coming off of being in Las Vegas all summer for the World Series of Poker. I'm very happy about my time there this year. Things went well at the tables and the experience helped give me back some confidence in myself as far as live...more

Red Dragon ready to take flight at MPC

PokerStars LIVE at the City of Dreams is all set for the 19th Macau Poker Cup (MPC) main event as the legendary HK $11,000 Red Dragon tournament begins on Wednesday night. The Red Dragon takes place from August 14-18 and comes with a HK $5,000,000 prize pool guarantee. Tomorrow's Day...more

12 August

Across an ocean for one hand

I'm writing during what is basically a month off for me between the end of the World Series of Poker and the start of the new season of the European Poker Tour. I'm definitely enjoying the down time, but am also looking forward to the EPT and especially Barcelona, where...more

Alan Gold wins UKIPT Galway

The UK & Ireland Poker Tour event in Galway this weekend marked a lot of firsts: a full poker village, a Full Tilt Poker sponsorship, and Alan Gold's first major poker title. Gold has put up a couple of small four-figure cashes before, but last night, he pocketed a reported...more

Weekend Review: Rafa wins, Pros pounce Macau, Hamagami binks Million

It was a good weekend to have the flag of the big red spade flying over one's head. Sunday began with Team PokerStars Pro Martin Hruby finishing runner-up in the Sunday Warm-Up, and it only got better from there. A longtime PokerStars rounder finally won a Sunday Million. PokerStars' ambassador...more

Lin, Wu win opening events of Macau Poker Cup festival

The Macau Poker Cup is underway at the City of Dreams Casino, and Team PokerStars Pros are racking up the titles. On Saturday evening, Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin won the Macau Poker Cup (MPC) opener after defeating a 205-player field in the HK $2,000 Deepstack NLH event. Lin was...more

11 August

At long last, Clark "snake8484" Hamagami wins the Sunday Million

We've watched Clark "snake8484" Hamagami slither through high-stakes MTT fields for almost eight years now, beginning with the 2005 WCOOP. Online, he's final tabled the Super Tuesday, the Sunday 500, and multiple SCOOP events. Live, he's done the same at the Aussie Millions and the World Series of Poker. However,...more

Sunday Warm-Up: PokerSavage1 rips through final table for $102K win, Team Pro Hrubý runner-up

It is possible the Team PokerStars Pro Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hrubý is drafting a book "How to build your bankroll from the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up" after taking home the runner-up check this evening for $76,471.20. Showing the results he has for the past few months from this tournament alone is just...more

Women's Sunday: safe304 cracks the competition, banks $2,147

Not sunny skies, not breezy beaches, not cool waters nor the warm trade winds of summer could keep away the 210 ladies who turned out for this week's Women's Sunday. The prize pool topped out at $10,500.00 and 36 players earned a share of it, with $2,147.25 set aside for...more

Roger that! Rafa wins Rogers Cup in Montreal

Who knew what to expect from Rafa Nadal when he hit the hard court in Montreal this weekend? It was his first tournament since a first round exit at Wimbledon. It was impossible to say what was going to happen. It was a court Rafa knew well. The Montreal tournament...more

10 August

Managing motherhood and poker passion

Here's an understatement: Online poker is convenient. Everyone who plays on PokerStars knows that the options are endless for players: tournaments and cash games available at all times of the day or night, games for every bankroll level (including free play and freerolls), and tips/advice accessible when a player is...more

9 August

Post-Tournament Depression (PTD)

Now that the World Series of Poker has ended for the summer, I see a lot of players walking around like zombies with what I call PTD -- Post-Tournament Depression. When you talk to those affected by PTD, often they will tell you about how much money they left on...more

Planning for the EPT season with Fatima

When it comes to making plans for the upcoming EPT season, we knew that PokerStars SportStar Fatima Moreira De Melo would have the answers. Fatima has already racked up major wins in the competitive sports world of field hockey, where she won Olympic gold and bronze medals. Her recent endeavors...more

WCOOP 2013: Final Table Friday reprises $10,300 8-Game High Roller

This year's World Championship of Online Poker is upon us and poker purists have a lot to be excited about. Although the huge WCOOP Main Event gets the most headlines (thanks to seven-figure payouts) there's some incredible poker to watch, such as last year's $10,300 8-Game High Roller. In fact,...more

8 August

UKIPT Galway Main Event underway

The UK & Ireland Poker Tour Galway Main Event is underway in Ireland, and some of the best poker players in the region have made their way to the Emerald Isle to see if they can take home the title. And, we'll be honest. It's a little awkward for us....more

Meeting the mixers

I have been back in the poker grind of late, once again living the often-hard-to-resist poker lifestyle. It makes sense, though, since I'm just back from the World Series of Poker and am presently readying for the new season of the European Poker Tour. I only played two events this...more

WCOOP 2013: Start qualifying now

It must be said: PokerStars is proud of every championship event it puts on. Whether it's the hyper-fast TCOOP or the multi-buy-in SCOOP, PokerStars puts on a show every time. But this is WCOOP. This is the unquestioned, undisputed, big papa of all online tournament series. This is the World...more

7 August

The curious case of Mister 2,2,3

I've just arrived back from another WSOP trip, and I've got plenty of time for a blog since Im severely suffering from jet lag. I forced my self to stay awake until 10pm, which was a huge struggle. Two hours later Bambi's eyes are only the second biggest set of...more

Adventures in NLO8

Over the last few weeks I have been experimenting with a new game. It goes by the name No Limit Omaha High Low Split....or for simplicity NLO8. I took the game lightly, not expecting the games to challenge me; however, after playing a few sessions I realized I was wrong...more

Listening and learning lessons from the ladies

On the break at a small ladies tournament at an unnamed casino, I put on my "please don't talk to me" short-stack face and devoured many varieties of macaroons while eavesdropping on my fellow competitors. "The people in this tournament," a woman in her 20s in ripped jeans said, "have...more

Jordan 'JWPRODIGY' Westmorland's talents on display in Super Tuesday, earns $103K

The Super Tuesday is on the rise again. Earlier this year the weekly $1,050 buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament broke records by eclipsing the 600-player mark for the first time, ultimately hitting an all-time high of 663 entries back in March. The fields shrunk back down into the 400s for much...more

6 August

Breaking my own rules

I saved myself a lot of money by winning an EPT Grand Final package on PokerStars in a $500 satellite. However, my play down the stretch in the Main Event ended up costing me even more. Now that I have a little distance and can look back on how I...more

Finish your summer in style at FPS SunFest Cannes (23-29 September)

Don't let the sun go down on your summer. There's a €250,000 guaranteed France Poker Series (FPS) tournament taking place on the high rolling French Riviera this September. It's the perfect way to finish up the season, taking in some late summer sun on the coast on the PokerStars beach...more

Watch the Sunday Million final table (4 August 2013)

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

5 August

The Sundae Million - Ice cream style

As it's the holiday season, I decided to invent a poker recipe for sunny days. Here's how to make a Pokerstars Ice Cream Sundae Million: PokerStars Sundae Million Ingredients Ice cream of various flavours, perhaps chocolate, strawberry and vanilla Jelly (optional) Fruit Whipped cream Wafer biscuits Sprinkles and sweets 125g...more

My summer has gone to the dogs

Hello from my home in Germany located out in the country where I'm spending the summer. I live not too far from Berlin, but it's well away from the loud, busy city and so it's a nice place to get away. With the last European Poker Tour season having ended...more

Weekend Review: Queenstown, Lima, and PCA

If you had found the time, you could've just sat back, clicked refresh, and watched the weekend play out here on the PokerStars Blog. From Queenstown, New Zealand to Lima, Peru to the ethereal world of PokerStars online majors, there was hardly a moment when new news wasn't popping up...more

PCA 2014: Get your seat

Warning: this post may require sunscreen. It's still 153 days away, but you can start winning your seat to the 2014 PokerStars Caribbean Just a few minutes ago, PokerStars announced the kickoff of the insanely popular Mega Path satellites. Every day for the next several months, you can play...more

goodvibe1 wins Sunday Million for over $200,000

The Sunday Million produced another huge field as the biggest online tournament of the week drew over 7,000 entrants. Each paid $215 to send the $1,412,600 prizepool well over the guarantee. It took nearly 11 hours for the players to knock each other around and get themselves deep into the...more

4 August

Sunday Warm-Up: luetch1 reigns while collecting $96K with title

Once the bridesmaid now the bride as luetch1 claimed tonight's $500,000 guarantee Sunday Warm-Up victory. Sometimes it takes a while to get back to the final table of a Sunday Major as proven by luetch1 who was the runner-up here in 2009 claiming $73K after leading wire-to-wire only to lose...more

First win for evjersen in first Women's Sunday of August

For quite a while, we've been telling you how easy it is to play your favorite poker games on PokerStars Mobile. There have been a number of promotions running during "Poker Anywhere" that awarded cash and prizes. PokerStars Women had our own competition in the form of the PS Women...more

LAPT6 Peru: Patricio Rojas rolls to victory

There might have been a temptation to overlook start-of-day chip leader Patricio Rojas of Chile before play began for today's Latin American Poker Tour Main Event final table at the Atlantic City Casino in Lima, Peru. That's no slight to Rojas, even though some might have looked upon the fact...more

LAPT6 Peru: So close! Pardo runner-up at fourth LAPT final table; Rojas wins

When the day began we noted the presence of Rafael Pardo, the Colombian who was coming to his career fourth LAPT Main Event final table. That puts him one behind the overall leader in that category, Team PokerStars Pro Jose "Nacho" Barbero, and immediately garners him respect among his peers...more

LAPT6 Peru: No victory for Victor, Lay out in third

Level 29 is done, marked by three big all-ins, all full of drama and third reducing the field down to a final two. With Patricio Rojas enjoying a big chip lead three-handed, both Rafael Pardo and Victor Jesus Lay weren't left with too many options before the flop besides folding...more

LAPT6 Peru: Chauriye cut down in fourth

When play began today there were two Chileans among the final eight, start-of-day leader Patricio Rojas and Ricardo Chauriye. The pair happened to be seated next to each other to start the day, and in fact both had indicated on their bio sheets how they'd like to make it to...more

LAPT6 Peru: Diver down, four remain

After more than 28 one-hour levels of poker to make the final five, it was a tumultuous final 15 minutes for Scott Diver before finally falling in fifth. The sequence began well for the Canadian. After Victor Jesus Lay raised to 300,000 from under the gun, it folded to Diver...more

LAPT6 Peru: Spitsyn stopped in sixth, Pardo pushes up

Level 28 is done, and with it the run of the Russian Andrey Spitsyn is over as well with a sixth-place finish. The Colombian Rafael Pardo -- here today at his fourth career LAPT final table -- had been chipping up all day to move up close to 2 million...more

LAPT6 Peru: Noriega out in seventh, collects bonus after deal

The Peruvian Carlos Noriega entered today's final day as the short stack out of the final eight players. But he took his seat and battled gamely, all the while once again sitting behind the eyeglasses-wearing octopus he kept close to his chip stack for the entire tournament. Noriega's run has...more

LAPT6 Peru: No second title for Menendez, out in eighth

The rest of Level 27 provided some thrills, including the first elimination of the final table, one guaranteeing that Team PokerStars Pro Jose "Nacho" Barbero would continue as the only player ever to win two LAPT Main Events. There were four big all-ins as the level played out. Three survived....more

LAPT6 Peru: Slow and steady

With a little extra time being taken with final preparations and introductions of the final eight players at the LAPT Peru Main Event, the tourney was a little slow getting started today with the first hand of the final table not dealt until about 12:30 p.m. local time. Play has...more

LAPT6 Peru: Meet the final eight

We arrived for yesterday's Day 3 along with 27 players, survivors from the massive field of 557 entries for the Season 6 LAPT Peru Main Event. Not knowing what to expect, we resisted making predictions about how long it might take to play down to a final eight. But once...more

APPT7 Queenstown: Kings up his sleeve gives Bredin an amazing victory!

It's been an amazing week in Queenstown. The town has given us everything it has to offer and beyond. We couldn't ask for anything more, yet today's APPT Queenstown Main Event final table has delivered one of the most memorable final tables of all time. It was an enthralling affair...more

APPT7 Queenstown: So long, Mr Lee

If Raj Ramakrishnan endured a rollercoaster ride, then Chiu Lee was on a ride all of his own. At times he was entertaining, other times he was infuriating. But in the end, Lee should be pretty satisfied to have survived long enough as the short stack for most of the...more

APPT7 Queenstown: The ride ends for Raj

In 2009, Raj Ramakrishnan finished 4th in the Aussie Millions Main Event. Now he can add another 4th place to his poker resume after his recent elimination from the APPT Queenstown Main Event. It was a rollercoaster ride for the best part of two days for Ramakrishnan. There were times...more

3 August

APPT7 Queenstown: Narbey no more

After doing his bit to contribute to the world record hand we posted previously, Jon-Pierre Narbey was perhaps a little rattled as things went south soon after. It was a big hand against Daniel Laidlaw that did the damage on a board of A♠J♥A♦9♥J♣. Laidlaw had the ace for aces...more

APPT7 Queenstown: World Record Hand!

It's not often we have time on these final tables to report on much else but the bustouts on the table, but the following hand deserves a post of its very own...sadly. There were no double ups. There were no eliminations. In fact, we didn't even get to see a...more

APPT7 Queenstown: Bad timing for Kroesen

It was a tough final table for Ricky Kroesen. He had the two most experienced players in Daniel Neilson and Daniel Laidlaw on his direct left to keep him in check, and struggled to find a spot to get involved. Eventually Kroesen found a spot to make a move but...more

APPT7 Queenstown: Neilson and Carpenter on the rail

The eight remaining players dug their heels in for the best part of two levels before we saw our next elimination here at the APPT Queenstown Main Event. Prior to that, the chips had been passed around the table with Raj Ramakrishnan copping two devastating blows with pocket queens as...more

APPT7 Queenstown: Chon chomped

It hasn't taken long to lose our first player on the APPT Queenstown final table as Michael Chon is the first casualty. After defending his big blind with a preflop call, Chon check-raised all in on the 9♣K♠5♥ flop with K♣7♥ for top pair but the giant-killing Jonathan Bredin wasn't...more

APPT7 Queenstown: It's go time!

126 players took their seats three days ago in the APPT Queenstown Main Event with dreams of fame and fortune, but now those dreams are still alive for just nine. They are here today in the SKYCITY Queenstown Casino for the last stanza -- the final table and just eight...more

LAPT6 Peru: Final table set, Rojas leads final eight

A fast day of play at the Atlantic City Casino in Lima, Peru has concluded and just eight players remain with hopes of claiming the next Latin American Poker Tour Main Event trophy. Of that group Patricio Rojas of Chile currently enjoys the chip lead with a stack of 2,165,000,...more

LAPT6 Peru: Ibanez bubbles

The nine-handed not-quite-final final table played through a few orbits, crossing the half-hour mark as the chips moved back and forth across the table and Chile's Patricio Rojas pushed up over 2 million to assume the chip lead. Carlos Noriega, positioned in the five seat with the smallest stack at...more

LAPT6 Peru: Fernandez, Fuentes, Postigo fall; 9 remain

Aside from a few fleeting stretches of calm here and there, it's been an afternoon of mostly uninterrupted all-ins and bustouts as the 27 starters have already played down to just nine players before the fifth one-hour level of the day could finish. Three more quick knockouts marked the second...more

LAPT6 Peru: Down to a dozen

Three quick knockouts at the start of Level 25 have reduced the field to just a dozen players. First came a double-knockout hand with William Saba of Peru going out in 15th ($6,140) and Julio Grimau of Argentina being eliminated in 14th ($6,720). As reported earlier, Saba lost a huge...more

LAPT6 Peru: One step at a time

After Victor Jesus Lay maintained the chip lead for a while with a stack hovering around 1.3 million, start-of-day-3 chip leader Julian Menendez regained the top spot after winning a huge all-in hand versus William Saba. That one saw Menendez overcome Saba's pocket kings with A♥Q♠ when an ace appeared...more

LAPT6 Peru: Countrymen in conflict

There are still a few players from Peru left in the field, all hoping to emulate the triumph of Kemal Ferri who won this event for his home country back in Season 4. Recent developments have pitted some of the Peruvians against one another, however, as will necessarily happen in...more

LAPT6 Peru: Four more out (what the shouts are about)

The end of Level 22 and start of Level 23 were marked by a rapid sequence of knockouts. And shouts, too, as players animatedly responded to the big all-ins and their consequences, as is customary on the LAPT. First Costa Rica's Arturo Morales fell in 21st ($4,440). His end came...more

LAPT6 Peru: A milly and more for Mubarak

Three more players have fallen during the first part of Level 22 at the LAPT Peru Main Event, trimming the field to 21. Meanwhile Walid Mubarak of Peru -- who took fourth at the inaugural LAPT Panama Main Event in Season 5 -- has moved way out in front to...more

LAPT6 Peru: Getting closer

The first level of Day 3 is nearly done, with all of the active tables now situated within eyesight of the ultimate goal each of them seek here at the LAPT Peru Main Event. There are multiple trophies sitting near the playing area, actually, including one for "Ganador Evento NLH...more

Making Progress: Casual poker interest reaches new heights

Recently, I have being blogging about our Women's Poker League I set up after falling in love with Texas Hold'em poker. The purpose was to get more women interested in poker and dispel the myth that it's a man's game. That first night of my Women's Poker League, I planted...more

LAPT6 Peru: Finding a final table; Day 3 awaits

A huge field of 557 -- the largest ever in terms of entries for a poker tourney in Peru -- has now played down to just 27 in the Season 6 LAPT Peru Main Event, and over the next couple of days from that group a champion will at last...more

APPT7 Queenstown: Final Table Player Profiles

It's taken three days of toil but our field of 126 players has been reduced to the final nine at the APPT Queenstown Main Event in New Zealand. Only one can be crowned champion and walk away with the trophy and NZ$93,600 in prize money. Let's meet our final nine...more

APPT7 Queenstown: Bredin leads strong final table

At the start of the day we predicted that we'd need six levels to see our returning field of 23 reduce to just a final table of nine. Well, we were slightly wrong. We only needed five levels and 50 minutes. Those ten minutes are going to come in very...more

2 August

LAPT6 Peru: Menendez moves up to lead final 27

Another long day of poker has concluded at the Atlantic City Casino where the LAPT6 Peru Main Event marches on. Just 27 players survived the night, and after the dust cleared it was the Argentinian Julian Menendez bagging the most chips with 740,000 after winning a big all-in hand near...more

APPT7 Queenstown: Bubble bursts on local Kiwi

The bubble is a fascinating time to watch a poker tournament. At least, it's fascinating for us observers on the rail. It's not so much fun for those players who are hanging on for dear life, watching each blind and ante chew up their stack every pass of the button....more

LAPT6 Peru: Four more fall

Relatively speaking, Level 19 was slower paced that what has been the case for much of the day, with less frequent eliminations -- just four -- as the field further shrunk down to 32 players. Shortly after the break it was Jacobo Bucaran of Ecuador going out in 36th, having...more

LAPT6 Peru: Nacho and Humberto out, 36 remain

Level 18 is done, the field has been reduced to 36, and there are two fewer Team PokerStars Pros among them since our last missive. Jose "Nacho" Barbero -- winner of this event back in Season 3 -- had been enjoying spending his Day 2 with a top five starting...more

APPT Queenstown: FTP Perks

The purchase of Full Tilt Poker by the Rational Group, who also own PokerStars, has had a number of benefits for players in the Asia-Pacific region. Firstly players were reunited with funds that were frozen on the site, before they were then allowed to access the games that they loved....more

LAPT6 Peru: Toranzo tearing it up

The field continues to shrink, with Team PokerStars Pro Christian de León among the fallen in Level 17, his LAPT6 Peru Main Event run ending in 56th place ($2,960). De León had been scrapping with a below average stack for a while, then found himself all in and at risk...more

APPT7 Queenstown: Brabin falls; No changes in ANZ POTY

It appears that there won't be too many changes at the top of the leader board in the ANZ Player of the Year race after the recent elimination of Luke Brabin from the APPT Queenstown Main Event. Brabin committed his last chips in on a flop of A♦A♣3♣ holding A♥9♥...more

LAPT6 Peru: Akkari cut down, 59 remain

By the time the dinner break arrived tonight just 59 players remained. In other words, exactly 100 were eliminated during the first six levels of the day, thereby bursting the bubble (at 88). Players are now back from their evening meals, the lines at the buffet for those who stuck...more

APPT7 Queenstown: Super Saturday

Every day in Queenstown brings something new and exciting to enjoy. This morning some took on the Shotover Jet Boating experience on the lake -- we'll have an update and video on that for you later today. While others enjoyed a more relaxing morning. The Queenstown Arts & Crafts market...more

LAPT6 Peru: The Team's travails

Today began with five Team PokerStars Pros plus two more members of Team Online still part of the field with 159 players remaining. All seven of them were still around almost four levels into play today when the cash bubble burst and just 88 players remained. More than 20 players...more

LAPT6 Peru: Lozano loses out

It happened quickly, too quickly, in fact, for much suspense to develop or for the short stacks to have time to brood over their situations much at all. The big board reported that 90 players remained, meaning two more eliminations and the cash would be reached. Play had been halted,...more

LAPT6 Peru: The bubble approaches

Play has reached the latter stage of Level 14 with the field having shrunk down to 91 players -- just three off the cash. Here are a few updates from what's been happening as the field has whittled down. Hodali hanging on Samar Hodali finished fifth in the LAPT Peru...more

LAPT6 Peru: The tourney journey

As is generally the case on the Latin American Poker Tour, this week's event in Lima has attracted a field mostly comprised of players from Peru and other nearby countries of South America, although some have come from much further to play. The ability to qualify online to LAPT events...more

LAPT6 Peru: Empezamos rápido

We're off to a fast start today, with a couple of Team PokerStars Pros claiming some big pots early on in the first level of the day. Three Team Pros began the day in the top 10 among the 159 players who began Day 2 -- Jose "Nacho" Barbero, Leo...more

LAPT6 Peru: Back to work

It's Friday morning in Lima. The roads are starting to fill with traffic as commuters make their way to their various workplaces here in Peru's picturesque coastal capital. A few hours from now 159 poker players will head back to work as well at the Atlantic City Casino in the...more

PokerStars Strategy: Phil Ivey shows how small mistakes can blow up

Let's face it, the likes of Phil Ivey are a breed apart. They've won millions, have mastered stares that can turn marines into blubbing bundles of nerves, and approach poker in a way that's not easy to break down. It's all circles within circles upon levels within circles. In other...more

Grinding it UP! (with xflixx) - the July update

Another month, another review! June wasn't a great month looking at some of my poker results, but July is pretty much making up for it. Here we go. Cash game results I didn't get a lot of volume in, but that's not bothering me at all. I managed to reach...more

Why I skipped the Main Event

Those juicy cash games I was enjoying so much this spring unfortunately dried up. After a few more weeks of great action, a lot of the players moved on to Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker. I traveled there myself in the middle of June to play a...more

This or That with Team PokerStars Pro Angel Guillen

If you were to make a list of top pros from Mexico, Team PokerStars Pro Angel Guillen could very well be at the top. The man from Mexico City, who plays on PokerStars under the screen name "angelguillen," burst onto the poker scene in a big way four years ago,...more

APPT7 Queenstown: Bredin best on Day 2

The three opening flights were in the books, and from the smoke emerged 66 survivors with dreams still alive on Day 2 in the quest for the APPT Queenstown title. Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang was the chip leader, but a tough table draw saw Huang have to content with...more

1 August

APPT7 Queenstown: Frisbee fun

On Thursday morning, approximately 30 participants ventured to a nearby park in Queenstown for the official PokerStars Frisbee Golf Qualifier. The aim of the day was to classify players for the Sunday 'Pro' and 'Amateur' finals. There was never a doubt that locals Glenn Maiden and Denver would qualify for...more

LAPT6 Peru: Kou Claims Lead to Conclude Day 1b

The last hands of Level 10 have been played, the survivors' chips have been counted and bagged, and another exciting day of poker in Peru has come to a close. From Day 1b there were 104 players surviving to join the 55 who made it through Day 1a, and emerging...more

APPT7 Queenstown: Bredin proves poker knows no boundaries

The chips are moving around at the top of the leader board here on Day 2 of the APPT Queenstown Main Event with young Jonathan "Jono" Bredin storming right into contention after a big clash with Matthew Wakeman. The chips were in preflop with Bredin's pocket rockets making quads on...more

APPT7 Queenstown: Friendly fire

This tournament does have a bit of a home game vibe with plenty of familiar faces and lots of table banter, but there's one unwritten rule that applies at the poker table no matter where in the world you might be. And that rule is that there are no friends...more

LAPT6 Peru: Not a hand to sneeze at

The poker room where the LAPT Peru Main Event is playing out is air conditioned, and even on the cool side. Most players are wearing sweaters or jackets to remain comfortable, such as the Argentinian Martin Centra. Martin Cetra Several are wearing caps, too, and there are even a few...more

APPT7 Queenstown: A new day dawns

It's moving day at here the APPT Queenstown Main Event. Our final 66 combatants have come together in the same room for the first time to endure six more levels, and by the end of today, we should have a good idea of who our contenders are. Our players have...more

LAPT6 Peru: Hilu creating some space

With the Day 1b shrinking from 334 entries down to about 200 players, all can now fit inside the main ballroom here at the the Atlantic City Casino. Most of the available tables are filled, and with the tourney staff, cocktail servers, massage therapists, and media criss-crossing in between, things...more

LAPT6 Peru: Midterm grades for the red spades

Registration has closed for Day 1b, with the chance to re-enter having concluded as well. The big board shows 334 entries altogether today, which added to yesterday's 213 pushes the overall total up close to 550. Official figures -- including prize pool and payout information -- should arrive before too...more

LAPT6 Peru: Another stamp for the poker passport

"Considering heading down to Lima, Peru for the LAPT in a few weeks. Would achieve a long time goal of playing poker on six continents." So tweeted Scott Montgomery back in mid-July. Most remember Montgomery as one of the original "November Nine," having made the final table of the 2008...more

LAPT6 Peru: If at first you don't succeed

As mentioned previously, the $1,500+$150 LAPT Peru Main Event is a re-entry tournament. And with two Day 1 flights come extra opportunities for busted players to continue playing by re-entering, if they possess the means and inclination to do so. Late registration remains open for both Day 1 flights through...more

LAPT6 Peru: Call me Ishmael

Chapter 42 of Herman Melville's Moby Dick finds the narrator, Ishmael, meditating at length about "The Whiteness of the Whale," referring, of course, to the beast of the book's title and object of the mad, obsessive quest of the Pequod's captain Ahab. Ishmael's goal in the chapter is to attempt...more

PokerStars unveils VIP Club Month

Strap in. Hold on. Keep your arms and legs inside the car, because today marks the beginning of the PokerStars VIP Club Month, a full 31 days of promotions and money-making opportunities for PokerStars VIP Club members. PokerStars is giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars in free money, and...more

Andre Coimbra invites you to VIP Club Month

In September 2008, I finished my degree in Computer Science without much money, or parents that would cover my expenses. I decided to deposit $200 to see if poker could work as a full-time job. By the end of the year my bankroll was around $10,000 and I could help...more

Free advice for first-time depositors

As a former financial advisor, I take a very rational, conservative approach to poker. Although I have the bankroll to play higher buy-ins, I specifically choose to play mid-stakes. I play smaller because it's in my comfort zone and I have a higher rate of return because I'm going against...more

LAPT6 Peru: Second helping

It's another brisk morning in beautiful Lima. We awake today with thoughts of enjoying another delightful meal or three in this gastronomical capital of the Americas, studying some of the interesting architecture and other sights when again walking over to the Atlantic City Casino a little while from now, and...more