September 2013

30 September

WCOOP 2013: Mrp1neApple savors fruits of victory in Event #64 ($215 NLHE 8-max.)

Playing out in the shadow of tonight's WCOOP Main Event was another big two-day tourney, Event #64, a $215 buy-in eight-handed no-limit hold'em affair that ended up attracting a huge field of 9,678 entrants and creating its own whopping prize pool of $1,935,600 (well over the $1.5m guarantee). Following two...more

WCOOP 2013: And that's how the bubble bursts

As of right now, there are about 200 players left in the 2013 World Championship of Online Poker Main Event. Everyone who just cashed made at least $12,700. The bubble...well, the bubble was brutal. This hand pretty much tells its own story, so I'm not going to belabor it. I'm...more

Win with 7-2 suited for extra big blinds

The ol' seven-deuce may well be the worst starting hand in poker but starting from tomorrow a special 7-2 Boom! week (October 1-7) will reward anyone who wins with that maverick hand (just so long as it's suited and you remember to Boom! it). How to win with 7-2 Boom!...more

WCOOP 2013: Main Event on $10.6m tipping point, Alex "BiatchPeople" Luneau wins 8-game High Roller

The World Championship of Online Poker Main Event yesterday burst through its large $8,000,000 guarantee to take its total prize pool to $10,665,000, and the overall festival prize pool to $62,362,757. Not one dime has been paid out in the Main Event yet though: 296 players hold their stacks overnight...more

Swimming with sharks & running off cliffs

Earlier this year, rather than flying out to APPT Cebu right before the tournament started, I flew in a few days early to make sure I had time to really experience the place. The Shangri-La (Mactan) is one of the best venues I've ever been to for a poker event....more

29 September

WCOOP 2013: Alexandre "BiatchPeople" Luneau shines in Event #65 ($10,300 8-Game [High Roller])

By far, the 8-Game High Roller draws more stars per table than any other WCOOP event. A quick scroll through the list revealed COOP champions, WSOP bracelet winners, cash game legends, and plenty for whom all three apply. Defending champion Jason Mercier was ready to go back-to-back while Daniel Negreanu...more

UKIPT Series 3: Dinh Tuan Nguyen wins UKIPT Series 3 and £15,348

When the blinds ticked up to 60,000 - 120,000, ante 20,000 there were just 58 big blinds in play between the four remaining players. They were spread incredibly evenly too, with just just five big blinds separating worst from first it really was a case of 'insert tournament winner's name...more

Women's Sunday: VVVictorYYY for the Ukraine, Van Brabander sixth

Once again, the Women's Sunday final table was peppered with familar faces. Three final table veterans made the final nine, one with a shot at a repeat win. CaWa11 and Charlotte "Sjlot" Van Brabander finished fifth on June 30th and May 19th respectively, while _valitsaki_ won her first Women's Sunday...more

Battle of the Planets: Four K for all, nine-way deal highlights September final table

Pride can get in the way of rational thinking at times. $3,995.56 is more than fourth place money and slightly less than $500 off of third place at the final table of the $50,000.00 monthly Battle of the Planets freeroll. Most of the time, pride jumps into the chatbox after...more

WCOOP 2013: Victory for ValueFolding in Event #62 ($700 NLHE Super-KO)

The excitement is building around here, WCOOP-wise, with the final day's tourneys kicking off today -- including the big $5,200, $8 million-guarantee Main Event -- among other events finishing up. One that concluded on Sunday was the two-day Event #62, a $700 no-limit hold'em "super-knockout" tourney that ended in dramatic...more

WCOOP 2013: Maximum123 maxes out to win Event #61 ($700 PLO Heads-Up)

What do players in the heads-up contest do in between rounds? A match can last anything from a few minutes to a couple of hours. That means if you win fast you're left waiting, at the mercy of the slow coach having trouble finding hands. Then the process starts again....more

UKIPT Series 3: Day 2 , level 25-32 updates (blinds 100,000/200,000, ante 30,000)

12.45am: Dinh Tuan Nguyen wins UKIPT Series 3 (£15,348); Daniel Bonfield eliminated in second (£12,055) Heads-up play lasted all of one hand and it's Dinh Tuan Nugyen who's taken down the UKIPT Series 3. He simply open shoved for just over 5,000,000 from the small blind and Daniel Bonfield snap...more

UKIPT Series 3: Day 2 , level 19-24 updates (blinds 15,000/30,000, ante 4,000)

7.11pm: End of the level That's the end of level 24 and the players are now on a 15 minute break. You'll find level 25 updates and beyond in a new post shortly. 7.10pm: Petros Malaktos eliminated in 13th place (£1,480) Another elimination to tell you about now and it's...more

WCOOP 2013: Blom beaten, Katchalov too, as Vachette17 claims first bracelet in Event #63 ($2,100 HORSE)

You may read of H.O.R.S.E. tournaments won by players whose knowledge of the game came from a quick thumb through the "how to" book prior to the start. Then at breaks between levels they'd then swot up a little more on their way to an unlikely win. But history tells...more

UKIPT Series 3: Day 2 , level 13-18 updates (blinds 4,000/8,000, ante 1,000)

3.35pm: Half a dozen Level 18 has just come to an end and just 43 players remain, spread between six tables. You'll find level 19 updates in a new post shortly. 3.30pm: Mackie at the double again Adam Mackie survived an all-in an call on the bubble and he just...more

28 September

UKIPT Series 3: PokerStars qualifier Daniel Galla leads charge for £21,770 first prize

It was another sold out day at the UKIPT Series as 248 hopefuls paid their money and took their chance. Add them to the 216 who did likewise yesterday and the UKIPT Series 3 topped out at 464 runners. The powers that be ran the numbers and the winner of...more

UKIPT Series 3: Day 1B , level 7-12 updates (blinds 1,000/2,000, ante 300)

9.10pm: Play is done for the day And that's Day 1B done and dusted. Roughly 75 players have made it through meaning somewhere in the region of 140-145 players will be coming back for Day 2. A full wrap of the days play is on the way and overnight chip...more

UKIPT Series 3: Day 1B , level 1-6 updates (blinds 200/400, ante 50)

5.35pm: End of the level That's the end of level six and late registration. You'll find level seven updates in a new post. 5.25pm: Chip counts A few chip counts from the upstairs room: Dale Garrard is on 16,000, Lee Taylor has 18,000, Joe Stapleton has a lot of ante...more

WCOOP 2013: Taiwan's joe1224 victorious in Event #59 $215 NL Omaha Hi/Lo

Once joe1224 seized the chip lead, it was no looking back for the player from Taiwan. After accepting the role as the "Terminator", joe1224 picked off six players at the final table and shipped WCOOP Event #59 $215 NL Omaha Hi/Lo. Event #59 $215 NL Omaha Hi/Lo attracted 1,121 runners....more

WCOOP 2013: cosi is the comeback kid in Event #60 ($1,050 FL Hold'em [6-Max])

In it's richest and most competitive limit hold'em event, the 2013 WCOOP produced yet another deadly final table. Last year's champ, SlickDickey was back for another title run, as was PikkuHUMPPA, who finished sixth in this event in 2011. ADrENalin710 was going for a double-COOP, having won a SCOOP watch...more

27 September

WCOOP 2013: Second chance produces second bracelet for pistons87 in Event # 58 ($530 NLHE 1R1A)

It looked dire for pistons87. He was almost certainly out. And then he wasn't. If he had been on TV, he would've been picking up his iPad and getting ready to walk out. With two tables remaining in Event #58, pistons87 had only a 4.35% chance of surviving while holding...more

UKIPT Series 3: Haresh Thaker leads after Day 1A

Another UKIPT Series and another sell out as 216 hopefuls rolled up to The Hippodrome hoping to follow in the footsteps of Jake Cody and Gabriel Dragomir, who won the first and second UKIPT Series events respectively. By the end of a dozen 30 minute levels 148 of them had...more

Flying for WCOOP, waiting on a baby

I'm writing from Florida where I've been enjoying some down time since returning from EPT Barcelona, spending time with family and enjoying watching my Miami Dolphins get off to a good start this season. However, I'm just about to enter another very busy period of travel starting with a trip...more

UKIPT Series 3: Day 1A, level 7-12 updates (blinds 1,000/2,000, ante 300)

9.05pm: Done for the day Play is over for the day, roughly 80 players remain from the 216 who started and with 244,100 Haresh Thaker is the overnight chip leader. 8.50pm: Last four hand The clock has been paused and players will play four more hands before being done for...more

PokerStars puts on a massive home game

Happens to me and every one of my PokerStars colleagues when we're out playing poker. They find out we work for PokerStars and the questions start... "Where do you work?" "What's it like working for PokerStars?" "Do you know ?" This one is always interesting, particularly if they ask about...more

Safety Nets and double bottoms

I have just returned from an unforgettable three-week vacation on the US West Coast. You can read all about it and see a lot of pictures from that road trip in my blog at PokerSchoolOnline. The timing for such a trip couldn't have been any better as I had just...more

PokerStars Strategy: Beware the shaking hand (even at the PCA)

Almost everyone in the game knows the shaking hand rule in poker. It doesn't mean that the player is nervous, it means that the adrenaline coursing through your opponent's body is too much to control because they've hit an enormous hand in a big pot. Now, with experienced players, the...more

Poker´s evolution!

I started playing poker soon after Chris Moneymaker won the 2003 WSOP Main Event. Back then, there were around 20 to 50 people playing online poker in Portugal and whenever I told someone how much I enjoyed playing tournament Poker, they looked at me suspicious and disapproving. Fortunately, those days...more

Better Body for Better Poker: Hit the Stairs!

Poker players are in a constant state of learning. They study hands and strategy to better their chances at the tables, and they improve their bankroll management skills over time. Many of them have also come to realize that health and fitness are a necessary part of a successful poker...more

UKIPT Series 3: Day 1A, level 1-6 updates (blinds 200/400, ante 50)

5.30pm: Halfway there That's the end of level six, you'll find the second half of today's updates in a new post. 5.15pm: Zimbler has zilch It's not been a good day for those players who made the final table of this event last time out. Defending champion Gabriel Dragomir is...more

WCOOP 2013: The WCOOP $8,000,000 Main Event starts Sunday

We're turned the final corner of the World Championship of Online Poker and are powering down that WCOOP home straight with a mind-boggingly $8,000,000 guarantee on the $5,200 Main Event (WCOOP-66). There's currently 279 players signed up for the tournament, which starts this Sunday at 14:30 ET, giving a nice...more

Watch the 2013 WCOOP-51 final table

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ACOP Twitter Contest - Win a free package to 2013 ACOP worth USD $5,000

The 2013 Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP) takes place at PokerStars LIVE Macau from October 18 to November 13 and now you have a chance to win a free ACOP package with the ACOP Twitter Contest. Just tweet a nickname for the 'ACOP Title Event' trophies (pictured) from September 27...more

26 September

WCOOP 2013: 68ioweyou1 now debt free following big win in Event #56 ($530+R NLHE)

It's always tough to be the short stack when it comes time for deal negotiations. You don't have a lot of bargaining power. 68ioweyou1 tried hard to leverage some extra coin on today's WCOOP final table but the other three were having none of it. 68ioweyou1 reluctantly accepted the deal...more

WCOOP 2013: C is for Coookay, Event #57 champion ($215 FL Hold'em)

Limit hold'em tournaments aren't just about hitting a rush. They're about hitting that rush at the perfect time. Almost every player at this final table went on a chip-chomping tear at one point. Stevopoulin led things off by scoring the first two knockouts at the final table. Mdif saved himself...more

WCOOP 2013: RichieA7s wins one for Lithuania in Event #55 ($320 NLHE)

By the end of Event #55, a $320 buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament that attracted another big field of 1,526, the final two players were each gunning to grab the first WCOOP bracelet this series for their respective countries, with Dejan "dejanaceking" Divkovic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and RichieA7s of Lithuania...more

WCOOP 2013: dadowiec drops a bomb on Event #53, $215 NLHE (3x Chance, Big Antes)

Often times antes are an afterthought in tournament poker. They're usually just a small fraction of a big blind, but those small fractions can add up over time. In Event #53 of this year's WCOOP, a $215 NL Hold'em event with three re-buys and big antes, they were a little...more

The Bonus Cut: Vanessa Rousso Off Tour

Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso is currently fifth on the women's all-time money list with $3,504,091 in cashes, a fair chunk of which has come from High Roller events where she's had to beat the best players in the world. Put simply, Rousso's not afraid of a challenge. If...more

WCOOP 2013: Özgür "phaplap" Arda races to his first COOP title and $117,946

"I'm 32 years old. The biggest love of my life is the team I support, Besiktas! I love clicking buttons and like seeing new places around the globe." It may read a little bit like an online dating profile, but don't be mistaken, this football and horse racing fan has...more

Learning from the best: Vanessa Selbst

"Nice hand!" These are the mantra-like words I have started to associate with Vanessa Selbst. The expression can mean a compliment after a good play or the concealing of frustration after a terrible play. Or perhaps, she is just a terribly polite poker player. Selbst is one of the most...more

Chris Moneymaker is not a bartender

Chris Moneymaker cannot make an Appletini. In fact, up until recently, he barely knew what one was. I credit him as a better human being because of that. But that's not the point. The point is this: Chris Moneymaker is a good sport, and he tried to make an Appletini....more

Off the beaten path

I'm thrilled for the start of the new EPT season. They are my favorite events to play because not only is the competition top-notch, but the atmosphere and quality of service are unparalleled. I'm not just saying that because I work with PokerStars, but because I've played in many events...more

WCOOP 2013: Levy and Iacofano come close, Staudenmaier finally gets there

Yesterday's World Championship of Online Poker tournaments saw a few known players get in close to a bracelet win but, as the 1980's sci-fi adage goes, there can only be one. Well, in this case, three because three events finished, but I digress.* Luke "LukeFromB13" Staudenmaier won one event for...more

WCOOP 2013: LukeFromB13 finally breaks through to win first bracelet with a victory in Event #54 $2,100 PLO [6-Max]

Luke "LukeFromB13" Staudenmaier got close once. He almost won a WCOOP event three years ago, but finished just short of the mark in third place. LukeFromB13 was hoping to finally get over the hump and with a major score. Luke has an impressive resume in both live and online play....more

25 September

WCOOP 2013: Vgreen22 gets the green in Event #51 ($1,050 NLHE)

Diego "Vgreen22" Brunelli was a dominant force on today's WCOOP final table. He took control early, grabbed the chip lead, was relentless in the deal negotiations and then a dominant force when play was short-handed. He has some good fortune, but the result never really appeared in doubt as the...more

WCOOP 2013: maxxmeister to the max, masters Event #52 ($215 NLHE 1R1A)

Hailing from the tiny territory of Gibraltar (population around 30,000), it was maxxmeister earning the latest World Championship of Online Poker bracelet at PokerStars tonight, topping a field of 1,306 players from all over the globe in Event #52, a $215 buy-in no-limit hold'em tourney with options to re-buy once...more

Read this if you're playing UKIPT or EPT London

You'll kick yourself if you don't read this. It could save you time, stress and head scratching. Essential EPT10 London Poker Festival information All UKIPT and EPT London tournaments are taking place at the Grand Connaught Rooms in London's Covent Garden, but all cash games and cash registrations are taking...more

Making the VIP Club your best friend

We all receive promotional emails and see pop ups on the PokerStars client when we sign in and casually scroll past them making a side and mental note to watch out for "that VIP tourney on 16th of November" or "that sale that they are having which I'd take a...more

What do Gwyneth Paltrow, Pilates and PokerStars Women have in common?

Four celebrity green nutrition tips to improve your play I used to work in the women´s marketing department for the world´s biggest poker site. And after 12 years in poker marketing, I changed to a more holistic career. I spent the last four years retraining as a transformational life coach,...more

Having it my way

I'll confess, I've never been the biggest fan of American culture, but the more I come over to the States, the more I love it. I love the incredible service you get in the U.S. If you want your Caesar salad with mango and balsamic vinegar, it's no problem. Anything...more

WCOOP 2013: Event 45 - $2,100 NLHE highlights

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WCOOP 2013: Ireland fly the flag, Galfond almost pops COOP cherry

It's been another busy day of WCOOP action, particularly for the Emerald Isle who bagged a first, second and fifth in WCOOP-47 for a combined $260k haul. There were also four big time players shooting for their first WCOOP title; EPT Campione champ Jannick "EDWARDHOPPER" Wrang, high stakes legend Phil...more

Watch the 2013 WCOOP-45 final table

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24 September

WCOOP 2013: Philych_085 fills account with $33K after Event #50 win ($530 Razz)

In the COOPs and MicroMillions series on PokerStars, the razz events tend to draw smaller fields, although especially the higher buy-in razz tourneys often bring out many of online poker's best. Such was true of Event #50 of this year's WCOOP, a $530 buy-in razz event that had recognizable names...more

WCOOP 2013: forhelviti does it for the Faroe Islands in Event #49 ($320 Mixed NLHE/PLO)

Ever heard of the Faroe Islands? No neither had I. It sounded rather tropical, but a quick Google search revealed that the Faroe Islands are actually a small cluster of islands located halfway between Norway and Iceland, just North of Scotland. Not exactly where I would've guessed. Well, the Faroe...more

WCOOP 2013: Pluck of the Irish - gavonater and BIGMICK G secure one-two in Event #47 ($320 NLHE 3xChance)

It was a final table that started with talk of a drink or two, and will no doubt end in the same way. Not to get all stereotypical when it comes to Irish poker players, but when the talk is of celebrating Arthur's Day, there's really no way around the...more

WCOOP 2013: Darren Elias does it again, wins WCOOP number two

Darren "darrenelias" Elias last week won his second WCOOP title and came dangerously close to defending his $10,300 High Roller title the week before. For a player who puts quality ahead of quantity, Elias has enjoyed such phenomenal success that it's little surprise they named him twice.* *Darren "darrenelias" Elias...more

2014 PCA Main Event to guarantee $10 million prize pool

The 2014 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas will have a $10 million guaranteed prize pool. Read that again. The 2014 PCA Main Event will guarantee a prize pool worth $10 million. Got that? Okay, here's the thing: last year's PCA prize pool was...more

The fun experience of EPT Barcelona

Barcelona is an amazing city, and an EPT event only makes it more interesting. Not only is the casino very crowded, the whole city is very vibrant in this period of the year. To start my trip, I just had a few drinks at the bars at Olympic Beach. There...more

Thoughts becoming reality

There is a lot of talk about how important mindset and/or confidence is to your poker results, and here was a decent amount of debate on the topic on twitter recently after I posted what I thought to be a rather innocent tweet: "I win at poker because I believe...more

WCOOP 2013: Kenney and Batista battle for the big bucks as Grundy takes his maiden COOP

The last 24 hours have provided some vintage WCOOP action. There were a couple of large two-day tournaments to finish off, one of which almost featured far-from-best-of-friends Brynn Kenney and Chad "lilholdem954" Batista getting heads-up for the big bucks, while Ben "milkybarkid" Grundy also won his first COOP title. WCOOP...more

Watch the 2013 WCOOP-44 final table ($10,300 heads-up)

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23 September

WCOOP 2013: paphiti prevails in Event #45, wins $480K ($2,100 NLHE)

This year's WCOOP is big -- really big -- with guarantees getting crushed all over and six-figure scores becoming a matter of routine. And in a big series, Event #45 presented one of the bigger events on the schedule, a two-day $2,100 buy-in no-limit hold'em tourney with a massive $2...more

WCOOP 2013: RommyTheCute hits quick to dominate Event #48 ($215 NLH Turbo Knockout)

The last week of WCOOP 2013 is underway and Monday gave the players a quick tournament with big payouts. Event #48 was a $215 No Limit Hold'em Turbo Knockout tournament where each player had a $41.25 bounty on their head. Players actually had a chance to profit on the tournament...more

WCOOP 2013: milkybarkid tastes sweet victory in Event #46 ($320 PL 5-Card Omaha [6-Max, 1R1A])

Back in 2006, when Isildur1 was just a Swedish high-school student and Jamie Gold was the World Champion, Ben "milkybarkid" Grundy came tantalizingly close to a WCOOP title. He made the final table of the Main Event, but lost out on the bracelet when he busted in eighth place. Current...more

WCOOP 2013: Pushing, shoving, deals and drama as JNandez87 wins Event #43 ($215 NLHE)

Event 43, a leisurely stroll through the familiar territory of a $215 no-limit hold'em contest, would be defined by three things. There was some pushing and shoving in the early stages. Then there came a deal to keep things busy, before a heads-up finale to bring the curtain down on...more

WCOOP 2013: Meet The Talented mr.MaxRipper

In both the written and cinematic versions of The Talented Mr Ripley the key protagonist, Tom Ripley, adopts another identity with which to profit at the expense of others. It's quite a talent, even if it does get mired in tragedy and battery. It's a skill - adopting another identity,...more

The Bonus Cut: Hartigan, Stapleton, and the f-word

I've known James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton a long time. They're clever guys with a knack for making even some of the most boring poker in the world somehow seem interesting. They're knowledgeable, well-traveled broadcast professionals who have earned a great deal of respect for their efforts on EPT Live...more

Summer memories in autumn

As we kick off the first week of autumn, I'm thinking back to what a great summer I had. I didn't win a WSOP bracelet, but it was a good summer for me with several cashes and a big highlight making the final table of the $50K Poker Players Championship....more

Tetsuya Tsuchikawa takes No. 1 rank in Asia

The 'PokerStars LIVE at the City of Dreams' poker room recently completed the ACOP Platinum Series II (Sept 12-15) and crowned China's Jian Yang as the weekend's big winner. But perhaps overshadowing Yang's victory was the shake-up of the Asia Player of the Year (APOY) leader board and, in particular,...more

PokerStars weekend review (September 23, 2013)

The World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) is entering its final week with two massive tournaments on overnight hiatus. Before we divulge the huge names chasing down a $480,101 pay day, we should congratulate Vanessa Selbst who this weekend finished runner-up to Anthony Zinno in the Borgata Poker Open for...more

22 September

WCOOP 2013: mrGR33N13 goes the distance in Event #44 ($10,300 NLHE High-Roller Heads-Up)

The nature of heads-up poker dictates that a match can potentially last several hours or in can be over in a matter of moments. We saw a bit of both today with a couple of gruelling semi finals followed by a whirlwind final that crowned Daniel "mrGR33N13" Colman as the...more

LAPT Panama: Galal Dahrouj Wins Panama its First LAPT Title

Fabián Ortiz became the first Latin American to win an LAPT back at LAPT Viña del Mar in Season 2. Then Jose Ignacio "Nacho" Barbero joined him in Season 3 while also becoming the first Team PokerStars Pro to take home an LAPT trophy. After that the floodgates opened and...more

LAPT Panama: The Trophy Stays Home

There was another lull before a burst of action. The three players passed small pots between each other and the audience was quiet for quite some time. Jesus Kafati was also considerably less animated than he had been during the final table. Then he went all-in. Kafati called from the...more

Quantic0 conquers September 22 Women's Sunday

At PokerStars Women, we tend to focus our attention on the Women's Sunday every weekend because of the exciting action in the $55 buy-in event. And it certainly deserves our eyes on the Internet poker screens. Other events did as well. The 2013 WCOOP was in its third weekend of...more

WCOOP 2013: Nearly six figures for young_diam18, Event #41 winner ($530 NLHE Super-KO)

When is a knockout a "super knockout"? When it's worth nearly half your buy-in back, that's when, such as was the case for Event #41, a $530 buy-in, $500K guaranteed no-limit hold'em tourney that awarded a cool $256 per elimination along the way. It took two days for all of...more

LAPT Panama: Dahrouj Deals Back-to-Back Eliminations

Level 27's momentum continued into the next level. Level 28 opened strong with a double up and two eliminations in less than 15 minutes of play. In the third hand of the level, Carter GIll raised to 160,000 and Galal Dahrouj moved all-in for 1.2 million. Gill called and showed...more

WCOOP 2013: Near miss for George Danzer as ZIMMY86 earns WCOOP gold in Event #40 ($1,050 NLHE 8-Max)

You're supposed to be able to look around and spot the weak spot at the table. But in the case of event 40 of the 2013 WCOOP, that old adage might not have applied. Such was the scenario tonight when a final eight set forth on what would be lengthy...more

LAPT Panama: Fast Five

"Final table's going a bit slow," said Tournament Director Mike Ward. "By this time we usually have six or five." The seven remaining players were on break and they were coming back to Level 27 with 30,000/60,000 blinds with a 10,000 ante. The level seemed like it was going to...more

LAPT Panama: Brazilian Down, Gill Dips

No one expects to be the first elimination at the final table. The big stacks are in the most desirable position while medium stacks are hoping the short stacks hit the rail first. Then we have the short stacks. They're hoping to catch a quick double up and mount a...more

LAPT Panama: The Final Eight

A few days ago, hundreds of players bought and re-bought into LAPT6 Panama. After the dust settled and the registration room shut its doors, there were 570 entries. Now only eight remain. Leading the final eight is Carter Gill with 2.56 million. Gill, an American pro living in Colombia, has...more

Women of the World: Diana Nyad inspires women to "never ever give up"

Try to imagine 53 hours with no sleep. If you're like me, it's quite a challenge because I've never gone much beyond the 24-hour mark. I remember a few all-nighters during college when I barely managed to get through my morning classes before going back to my room to crash...more

21 September

WCOOP 2013: buzzard1881 swoops in, captures Event #42 bracelet ($320 H.O.R.S.E.)

Buzzard1881 wasn't the chip leader going into the final table. He wasn't the chip leader going into the four-handed deal negotiations and when he did take the chip lead into heads-up play, he lost it almost immediately. What buzzard1881 did have was patience, something most of us could probably use...more

LAPT Panama: Gill Leads Final 8

There are lights and players everywhere. Some lights are attached to video cameras and are within spitting distance of players. Another player is seated in front of a white background with a giant flash looming over his head. Others are still under the warm feature table lights scribbling on sheets...more

LAPT Panama: Top Ten

Panamanian traffic is terrifying. Trucks and cars zip around narrow streets at speeds that seem highly-illegal. It makes Frogger seem more like a life-saving training exercise than a video game. I'm trying to say cars go fast here. So do poker tournaments. Players have been racing to get to...more

LAPT Panama: Two-Table Tango

We haven't hit the second break of the day but we've already hit the final two tables. After Team PokerStars Pro Jose Ignacio "Nacho" Barbero's elimination, a few Brazilians took a tumble. Brazil's Omar Jacob finished 21st and then we got down to the teens. It was a three-way all-in...more

LAPT Panama: Downpour

It was a dark and stormy night. Well, not last night, but most nights here have been. Meteorologists and tournament staff are working together to determine whether the rain is affecting the rate at which players have been dropping out of this tournament. Or perhaps the tournament is affecting the...more

LAPT Panama: Table Down

There's been a bit more than an hour of play and a tables worth of elimination. It's quick, passionate and there's lots of yelling. Some is in celebration, some in disappointment, and some is in the neutral tone of a dealer. Sale uno! We're down to 24 players and they've...more

LAPT Panama: Ready to Go

Time is about to be unfrozen. There's 33 minutes and 36 seconds left in Level 19 and there has been since 10:45pm last night. While everything here stayed still, the remaining 32 players went on with their lives. Most attended the LAPT social mixture by the pool. While no one...more

20 September

WCOOP 2013: phaplap prevails in Event #37 ($215+R NLHE), ElkY eighth

On the live circuit, we call them "Tables of Death." Lineups that earn the moniker are littered with so many legends and bracelet winners it flirts with the absurd. And if there ever was a WCOOP incarnation of the Table of Death, the final table of Event #37 would make...more

WCOOP 2013: Former Sunday Million winner mypokerf victorious in Event #39 $215 NL [6-Max, 10-minute levels]

The spotlight was not new to mypokerf. In April 2012, mypokerf took down the Sunday Million (for $210K payday). Now, you can add a WCOOP bracelet to mypokerf's impressive resume. After winning both the Sunday Million and a WCOOP event, Russia's mypokerf only needs victories in SCOOP and TCOOP to...more

LAPT Panama: Days Stops at 32, Dahrouj Leads

Time is standing still. The tournament clock is stuck on Level 19 with 33 minutes and 36 seconds to go. There's no wizardry or funky daylight savings magic at work, the clock has stopped because we hit 32 players. Leading those final 32 is Galal Dahrouj. Galal Dahrouj Dahrouj finished...more

WCOOP 2013: tanya1604 wheels away the Event #38 ($530 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo) title

Invented by Neanderthals and people who decided to make a Hi/Lo Omaha variation, the wheel is a powerful tool that humans use in different way to make money. 425 humans showed up virtually this evening to turn wheels into a WCOOP bracelet and slice off as much as the $150,000...more

LAPT Panama: The Fast Track

Players are falling quickly and literally. Over at the feature table, Team PokerStars Pro Angel Guillen took a spill after being eliminated from the feature table. Guillen took the spot of fellow Mexican Team Pro Christian de León after de León hit the rail. After being chipped down to 80,000,...more

LAPT Panama: Professional Pros

Much to the relief of the two sushi chefs in the lobby, the dinner break is over. Poker players and sushi are a common combination and the tournament elevators spit players out right in front of it. The two chefs don't seem used to the strenuous load that the tournament...more

LAPT Panama: Breaking Bubbles

The remaining 90 players went on their second break of the day. On paper, it was just like every other break. It was 15-minutes long and happened after two levels of play. In reality it was different for though, it was the bubble break. Out of the 90 players that...more

LAPT Panama: The Perks of Being a Supernova Elite

It's good to be a star, but it's even better to be a Supernova Elite. Not everyone can do it though, in fact, very few do. In order to become a Supernova Elite, players have to rack up 1,000,000 VPPs on PokerStars in one year. If you like short-handed NLHE,...more

LAPT Panama: The Flop's Watch

Brothers of the Night's Watch have it tough. They dedicate their lives to protecting the realms of men atop a 700-ft wall made of ice. They take no wife, hold no lands and father no children. They live and die at their posts and win no glory. They also do...more

WCOOP 2013: Stevie444 floating, tanking, and calling his shot

Stephen "stevie444" Chidwick wasn't even sure he believed it himself, but he did it anyway. When he started played the WCOOP Badugi event earlier this week, he turned to his roommate (PokerStars players know him as ImaLucSac) and made the boldest of predictions. Chidwick looked up from his computer and...more

LAPT Panama: Reawakening

Not much happens in the tournament area in between days. The bagged-up chips get thrown in a heavily-guarded box and get carted off to a heavily-guarded location. There, the chips nap and take a break from being constantly riffled and shoved around all day. They'll need their rest too, there's...more

WCOOP 2013: Jonathan "Iftarii" Jaffe joins the two WCOOP club

Jonathan "Iftarii" Jaffe is one of an elite crew of poker players that holds two WCOOP titles, which stands at 19 names strong and counting. Among those is Team PokerStars Pros Jason Mercier, Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier and George Danzer, COOP king Shaun "shaundeeb" Deeb, Dan "djk123" Kelly and Anders "Donald"...more

Stars and Tiaras: #WCOOPLuckyHairCut winners

Well, that was contentious. This morning, the PokerStars Blog's Simon Young, Rick Dacey, and I got together to vote on the winners of the #WCOOPLuckyHaircut contest. We are three men who have traveled, eaten, and drank together. Extensively. Today was a whole new experience as we battled over who would...more

WCOOP 2013: Two for Yoo4 as the WCOOP-ometer ticks past $28m

An incredible $28,257,285 has thus far been paid to WCOOP-ers at PokerStars. That's a whole lot of money, a nice little chunk of which has been claimed by Yoo4 in the first double WCOOP bracelet swoop of 2013. Yoo4 won their first WCOOP six days ago in the $215 PLO...more

Keeping it professional

My 2013 World Series of Poker was the most productive and professional one I've had and it's not even close. I was up every morning, going to the gym, playing well and my hard work ended up paying off. I made the final table of the $1,000 turbo NLHE, but...more

WCOOP 2013: Darren Elias claims second WCOOP title in Event #34 ($320 NLHE 6-Max)

When a guy with over $1.5 million in live winnings and over $3 million in online winnings says "no deal", he means exactly that. Darren "darrenelias" Elias is clearly not a guy to be messed with. With a formidable online record, including a win in the 2012 WCOOP High Rollers...more

Watch the 2013 WCOOP-30 final table

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

19 September

LAPT Panama: Lemos Tops the Pack

No more poker today, it's done. Well, at least upstairs. The cash games are still raging below but the 97 survivors of Day 1b have bagged their chips and vacated the tournament area. This brings the total number of Day 1 survivors to 153. Leading those final 153 players is...more

WCOOP 2013: mikexace exhausts opponents to win Event #36 ($320 2-7 Triple Draw)

WCOOP 2013 Event #36 was one of those special tournaments which draw a small but talented field. The game was 2-7 Triple Draw and the limit game is tough to master. 386 players paid the price to enter the tournament creating a $115,800 whichd more than double the $50k guarantee....more

WCOOP 2013: One more for Yoo4, 2013's first double-bracelet winner

Six nights ago, Russia's Yoo4 leveled a PLO 6-max final table in Event #16, eliminating Marcel Luske en route to his first WCOOP bracelet. He banked nearly $52,000 for that win, but would nearly triple that sum tonight with another dominating performance. Well, not so much dominating but complete and...more

LAPT Panama: A Thrill for Gill

Carter Gill is a happy guy. He's got a smile and a bunch of chips, about 150,000. Gill is near the top of the leaderboard after an impressive level of poker. Gill started the day with 20,000 just like everyone else, but then saw it dip to about 5,000. A...more

LAPT Panama: Socializing

The tournament's in a "Social Area." Besides the casino, it's the only floor people without a room key are allowed to go to. If they're patient and lucky enough to catch one of the elevators that is. This "Social Area" -- located on the 7th floor -- hosts the tournament...more

LAPT Panama: Upgrades

El Rubio. Blond. In several countries that nickname would be useless and turn thousands of heads. It works here though. But if you mention that name in a card room here in Panama, chances are people will know exactly who you're talking about. Brent Sheirbon, aka El Rubio, is former...more

WCOOP 2013: CaLLitARUSH rolls over final table to win Event #32, $700 NLHE (Progressive KO)

Bounty tournaments are one of the more popular spins on the traditional freezeout. Offering a prize for knocking out other players is a nice little bonus that can help to give the player a return on his investment even if he doesn't go deep in the tournament. But by the...more

LAPT Panama: Free Panama

There's plenty to be afraid of over at the feature table. It's littered with big name pros, former LAPT champions and Team PokerStars Pros. All are incredibly accomplished and experienced players who know their way around the LAPT. But some players at the table are new to the experience, brand...more

LAPT Panama: Raised From Above

An Angel descended onto the tournament. He came from above. The slow and fickle Veneto elevators ticked down and when the doors opened, he emerged. With a bright smile, sharp hair and stylish yet comfortable beach attire, Team PokerStars Pro Angel Guillen made his appearance at LAPT Panama. The charismatic...more

WCOOP 2013: Team Online falls just short of gold

If you were watching the World Championship of Online Poker final tables last night as I was, you would've been looking at a red spade on more than one of them. As mr.MaxRipper ripped his way through the $1,050 NLHE's second day, Team Online made a run for gold in...more

LAPT Panama: From A to B

It's the LAPT bustle with a Panamanian twang. Dealers are counting out their decks and setting stacks of chips in front of them. Each tiny tower is worth 20,000 and by the end of this thing, they'll all belong to one player. The tournament directors are running around, each busy...more

PokerStars announces #starsworldchamp winners

Partial nudity for the win! More on that in a second. So, you might have heard about the recent #starsworldchamp Instagram contest in which players were given a chance to win World Championship of Online Poker tickets simply by taking a picture of themselves doing something at which they thought...more

PokerStars Women Quiz - We have a winner!

Over 1,000 women entered the PokerStars Women quiz; the competition was offered via PokerStars Women's Facebook page and challenged players to answer five poker questions for a score based on accuracy and speedy answering. The 100 highest scores were placed in a giant hat (or computer equivalent), and a random...more

UKIPT Series returns to Hippodrome

Listen, there will be seats for alternates at the upcoming UKIPT Series event at the Hippodrome in London. The good folks there will do all they can to make sure you don't get shut out of the popular tournament. But, really, do you want to have to fight with that...more

WCOOP 2013: mr.MaxRipper tears through Event #30 ($1,050 NLHE)

Twenty-two hours. Fifty-two levels. It's a good thing this one was a two-day event. We're in the thick of the WCOOP now, the prize pools soaring to even greater heights as the series plays out its back nine. Event #30 was no exception, beating its guarantee by over 60% and...more

18 September

LAPT Panama: Oliveira On Top

One down. After 10 levels of play, Day 1a of LAPT6 Panama is in the books. The internet books. Two-hundred and one players started the day but only 56 survived. Leading the final 56 players is a Brazilian online qualifier, Marco Oliveira. Marco Oliveira Oliveira finished the day with 213,200...more

WCOOP 2013: Bassysaffari best, talonchick takes fifth in Event #33 ($320 8-Game)

Another day at the World Championship of Online Poker and once again we saw a Team PokerStars Pro on the final table. Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome was in fact supposed to be hosting the final table of WCOOP Event #33, but we're sure she was much happier playing as she made...more

LAPT Panama: End of Day Zombies

There were zombies outside the tournament. No, not recently eliminated poker zombies or hypnotranced iOS 7 zombies, we're talking about bloody, scarred up zombies. They did differ from your standard Hollywood zombie a bit though. These zombies were far more polite, very well dressed and incredibly coordinated. The zombies walk...more

LAPT Panama: A Land of Choices

Players went on dinner break and were greeted with several choices. Right outside the tournament area, there's an assortment of quick bites. Chow Mein, "Mega Nachos", paella, hamburgers, sandwiches and salads await players in search of poker fuel. Some players didn't even eat at all, they chose to laugh with...more

WCOOP 2013: V_RouNder binks Event #31 $215 5-Card PLO Hi/Lo; Team Online Naoya 'nkeyno' Kihara finishes in fourth place

Despite the odd time zone differential, Team Online Naoya 'nkeyno' Kihara from Japan tries to play in as many WCOOP events as he possible can. He made a few deep runs in various COOP events, but has never won an elusive WCOOP bracelet. The grinder from Japan came close in...more

LAPT Panama: Races and Hope

There are a lot of faces in Panama. Not just on the streets or the ever-packed elevators in the Veneto. There are faces plastered all over poles and billboards throughout the city. They're an assortment of men and women sporting different colors and saying different things. One of them is...more

LAPT Panama: The Sudden City

When you land by plane, the Pacific Ocean suddenly turns to land. When you're taking a cab from the airport, the dense forests and multiple shades of green suddenly turn into finger-like skyscrapers that jut out of the ground. When you play in the poker tournaments, the online coverage suddenly...more

LAPT Panama: A Place to Learn

Poker tournaments are like the college of poker. They're both expensive learning institutions that provide life-changing opportunities. You can either take full advantage of them and go on to a successful career or drop out early and set up camp at the local bar. Each route has its own perks...more

Moving up stakes via the Freeroll Approach

The success of a poker player, especially the long-term success, will have a great deal to do with how that player manages themselves away from the tables in terms of money management. Aside from standard bankroll management (such as keeping X amount of buy-ins for a certain level), I think...more

My sources say "winner!"

Wouldn't it be great if there was a crystal ball that would show you what tournaments you're going to cash in or even win? I think two of my friends might have one, and I'll tell you why. The last couple of years at the World Series of Poker, I...more

WCOOP 2013: Guarantees in shambles as halfway point looms

I don't know if you've been keeping an eye on the 2013 PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker. If you are, you know something's happening in a big way. We're nearing the halfway point of this year's online poker championship series, and players are flocking from every part of the...more

LAPT Panama: The Poker Hub

"You don't just play poker in Las Vegas anymore," said Panamanian boxing legend, Roberto "Manos de Piedra" Durán at a press conference earlier today. "We're telling the world you can play poker in Panama." The beacon is lit. Right in between both Americas, where the continents are split by a...more

Marriage, award, and the 2013 ACOP

A lot has happened for me recently, and the biggest one is that I just got married! As if that wasn't big enough news for one month, PokerListings just had their first ever "Spirit of Poker" Awards, and I was named Most Inspiring Player. In all honesty, I was already...more

WCOOP 2013: $10,300 NLHE High Roller highlights

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Thomas 'hitthehole' Middleton, Vitaly Lunkin and Thomas Muhlocker all take trophies

Season 10 of the European Poker Tour kicked off in Barcelona with big wins for Thomas 'hitthehole' Middleton, Vitaly Lunkin and Thomas Muhlocker, with oh-so-close finishes for the all-time-money list combatants Daniel Negreanu and Erik Seidel. Middleton won the EPT Main Event for €942,000 after carrying the end of day...more

WCOOP 2013: Stephen "stevie444" Chidwick goes wire-to-wire, wins gold in Event #29, $320 PL Badugi

Badugi is far from the most widely spread game in poker, but it has a dedicated core of enthusiasts who are always willing to play. Even if it isn't the most prominent game, Badugi has provided for some memorable WCOOP moments for some well-known players since its introduction to the...more

17 September

WCOOP 2013: Redbaron1308 soars in Event #28 ($320 Mixed Hold'em)

Mixed Hold'em is not an oft spread format, creating potential edges for those equally versed in the big bet and fixed bet versions of the world's favourite two-hole card poker variant. It was Germany's Redbaron1308 who strafed across the table, eliminating seven of the other eight final table contestants on...more

Pretty ladies, ugly cards at EPT Barcelona Women's Event

My second time at an EPT event in Barcelona was a lot of fun. I played the €300+€30 Women's Event. I was a bit stressed at the beginning, but of course, I had my big sister, Charlotte Van Brabander, to look after me. She played, too, but registered later because...more

On taking a shot

I was recently sitting on a balcony in Croatia looking out over the Mediterranean Sea thinkig abut the time I spent in Velden, Austria playing a lot of poker. While looking into the distance, I thought I'd write something about bankroll management and shot-taking in poker. I'm inspired to do...more

Win a $215 WCOOP Main Event satellite ticket for free!

Do you want a ticket into the WCOOP Main Event? We're giving away a $215 satellite ticket into a tournament that has a minimum payout of $1,250,000 for first place. Of course, you want a free ticket! It's easy. Do this now. Tweet us a picture of yourself with your...more

The curse of the bubble

In every poker player's career, there comes that inevitable moment when they bubble. On the final table of any tournament, the fear of bubbling haunts players with all the venom of a gypsy curse. It literally separates the winners from the losers and can be career-changing. Recently, I fell victim...more

WCOOP 2013: NikolasDLP proves he's not a man to mess with

Take a look at the photo below. It's not someone that you'd necessarily want to play heads-up. Oreo-cracking Teddy KGB from Rounders looks like a fluffy stuffed toy in comparison. NikolasDLP didn't want us to use his full name and, quite frankly, who are we to argue? You know, aside...more

WCOOP 2013: Mercier and Jacobson come close as Iftarii takes COOP number three

Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier came close to winning his third WCOOP bracelet this morning, an accolade that Jonathan "Iftarii" Jaffe managed to achieve yesterday, while serial runner-up Martin Jacobson kept his rhythm going with a second-place $480,000 finish in the $10,300 High Roller (WCOOP-23). That big money high Roller...more

WCOOP 2013: Mercier takes third as vovanmillion victorious in Event #24 ($700 NLHE)

When a Team PokerStars Pro makes a deep run in a WCOOP event, PokerStars HQ start to get a little excited. Of course, as tournament reporters, we're totally unbiased, but we couldn't help but share in the excitement of seeing one of the best players in the world in Jason...more

WCOOP 2013: monpie120 obliterates final table and becomes 4-Max champion in Event #25 $215 NL

Four-handed tables are not for passive players. You can try to run, but can't hide. With only three other opponents at the table, you're forced to play significantly more hands than a full ring table. Players could not relax and take a few hands off every now and then. No...more

16 September

WCOOP 2013: veeea dominates final table to win Event #26 ($320 Seven Card Stud)

It was a small but talented field which bought into WCOOP 2013 Event #26. 390 paid the $320 price to play Seven Card Stud with some of the best at the game. They generated a $117,000 prizepool with a nice payday of $22,230 to the winner. Brazilian Rafael "R_Caiaffa" Caiaffa...more

WCOOP 2013: MauriceSch makes a splash in Event #23, $10,300 High Roller NLHE (8-max, 2x-Chance)

The first of three High Roller events on this year's WCOOP schedule kicked off yesterday. Event #23, a $10,300 8-max NL Hold'em 2x-Chance event, drew exactly the sort of star-studded field we're used to seeing in these tournaments. And why not? With a gradual structure and 30-minute levels, there's lots...more

WCOOP 2013: IN_THE_Z0NE locks in on Event #27 title ($215 PLO Turbo 1R1A)

Running well is always desirable in tournament poker. But when the tourney is a pot-limit Omaha turbo event, catching cards is all but essential, especially come final table time. Such was the happy experience of the appropriately-named IN_THE_Z0NE in WCOOP Event #27 tonight, who with a few tables left began...more

WCOOP 2013: Iftarii scores second career bracelet in heavyweight thriller Event #22 ($215 NLHE)

Sometimes a final table simply oozes class. Such was the sense you got when the final nine took their places ahead of a bracelet push in Event #22. Not only were there more than 3,000 people watching from the rail, they were watching some COOP royalty - former WCOOP winners,...more

WSOP 2013: Fatherhood first

When David Shallow won his first WCOOP bracelet several years ago, we asked him to give us a picture of himself to go along with the story we wrote about him. Shallow humored us and sent in a photo of himself swilling on a Corona. It became the photo we...more

Climbing the VIP ladder the right way

I've been playing a ton online lately. That was my plan heading into the summer -- to play only a little at the WSOP and try to put in a lot of volume online in June and July -- and it worked well. Even in Holland where I sometimes have...more

PokerStars weekend review (September 16, 2013)

We're knee-deep in WCOOP action here at PokerStars. The WCOOP prize pool, up to and including WCOOP-24, stands at $22,747,455, more than halfway towards it festival guarantee. Three of those events are currently on a night-long break with a host of big names looking to battle their way to a...more

15 September

Psycho1407 wins crazy September 15 Women's Sunday

The tables on PokerStars this Sunday were packed. It was the most crowded poker room on the planet, but luckily, everyone got a seat. The 2013 World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) was in full swing with events galore and millions of dollars up for grabs. Of course, the women...more

WCOOP 2013: NL_Profit earns a major ROI in Event #20 ($320 NLHE Super-Knockout)

As bettors around the world clutched their tickets and prayed to the gambling gods for Mayweather to knock out Alvarez, PokerStars players were fixated on a different kind of KO. Tonight's WCOOP no-limit hold'em extravaganza came with an additional wrinkle-- the Super-Knockout format. Eliminating an opponent resulted an instant $154...more

WCOOP 2013: David "Gunslinger3" Bach binks Event #21 $320 PLO H/L for his first WCOOP bracelet and takes one step closer to winning the PokerStars Grand Slam

David "Gunsliger3" Bach lives up to his moniker. His victory in WCOOP Event #21 put him one step closer to becoming the first player in the history of PokerStars to win a Grand Slam. A "Stars Slam" is designated to the ultimate champion who clinches a championship in four separate...more

WCOOP 2013: paulwiter beats JC Alvarado heads-up to win Event #19 ($109 NLH)

There is nothing like a major No Limit Hold'em tournament on the weekend to bring out a huge crowd and that's exactly what WCOOP Event #19 provided. For the relatively small buy-in price of $109, the $750,000 guarantee was well passed over when 9,748 paid the price for a chance...more

14 September

Katie's Anatomy of a Sunday Grind: September 8

Soon after blogging about maintaining balance in life while playing poker for a living, the scales tipped in an unfavorable direction for me. The Internet issues I've written about in this column before came back with a vengeance one Thursday in August, during which disconnections cost me about $1.5K in...more

WCOOP 2013: OhRaisyDaisy does double duty, wins Event 17, $215 NL 2-7 Draw

Poker is all about the long run. Variance can whipsaw you from high to low in the blink of an eye, so those who commit themselves to the game learn not to get too excited or too down based on any one result. With that said, all but the most...more

13 September

WCOOP 2013: Yoo-Hoo? Yoo4 is home to claim Event #16 ($215 PLO 6-max) title, Team Pro Luske third

After playing for over 13 hours alongside a Team PokerStars Pro and facing a severe deficit heads-up, most players might called it a day well spent, accept that runner-up check, and go have a celebration pint or five with friends. Yoo4 was in no mood to do so in tonight's...more

WCOOP 2013: proctus with quick-fire victory and newest ZOOM champion in Event #18 $320 NL

Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of Friday the 13th. But with the ZOOM format, players did not have any time to worry about hokey superstitions involving the numerals in today's date. In the fastest WCOOP event this year, proctus survived a deep field in Event #18 $320 NL [ZOOM Turbo] and...more

WCOOP 2013: Remrem123 takes center stage to win Event #14 ($530 NLHE 6-Max, Knockout)

Some final tables are dominated by a particular player, while others struggle to find a candidate for the lead role. When it came to Event #14 of WCOOP, however, there were three wannabies, each trying to catch the eye of whomever it was operating the spotlight. But eventually only one...more

WCOOP 2013: Open wide! Concepcion's root canal pays off

I recall today a young elf at the North Pole. Hermey, he was called, and he wanted to be a dentist. This was a problem, because, as we all know, Hermey was an elf, and elves make toys. Indeed, I think of Hermey today as I think of young Jonathan...more

Hana Soljan talks EPT Barcelona victory and sponsorship

There are many things about life that make 28-year-old Hana Soljan smile. From the memories of her father's love of card games and chess to the online poker site patch that she now wears, she glows when talking about poker. Many poker fans will recognize this photo from the recent...more

$10,000 TWITTERWCOOP freeroll is set

At last, we have our answer. Our final guaranteed TWITTERWCOOP prizepool has swollen to a massive $10,000. Let's set the scene... Ten days ago, we set you, our Twitter followers, a challenge. We gave you a mission to build a freeroll prize pool up from an initial $5,000 to as...more

The World Series of Déjà vu

Since the WSOP, I've been on vacation. I have a very tight schedule coming up this autumn and it was the only time I could squeeze in some relaxation. I took a trip by myself to a Greek island called Rhodes and went windsurfing for the first time in my...more

Vanessa Rousso gives as well as she gets

There are poker players who play all the big events, and dazzle photographers and fans with their million dollar smiles and their million dollar paychecks to match. There are other players who focus on earning money for charities and do their part in helping change the world for the better....more

EPT10: Introducing The Bonus Cut

Did you know how much footage is shot during your average European Poker Tour festival? Remember to factor in the roving floor cameras, the secondary feature table and the fact that the Super High Roller is also recorded for TV broadcast. Any idea what that number would be? Someone's got...more

WCOOP 2013: Prize pools growing, Toby "810ofclubs" Lewis among the winners

$11,886,220 has gone into the first 15 prize pools of the regular WCOOP schedule (i.e. not including any second chance events) making it clear that the $40,000,000 festival guarantee will be smashed. There are 51 events left which include a $10,300 High Roller, a $10,300 8-game High Roller, and, of...more

Watch WCOOP Event 9, $1,050 NL final table, cards up

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

12 September

WCOOP 2013: Scombat outlasts Ulett_23 to win Event #15 ($320 Stud Hi/Lo)

It takes a special kind of player to enjoy and split pot game, especially Stud Hi/Lo. There are plenty of grinders who excel in these events but it does tend to frustrate a lot. That didn't stop a large group of them from signing up to play in the WCOOP...more

WCOOP 2013: Nejra222 is KO master in Event #13 $215 NL [Progressive KO]

WCOOP Event #13 was one of those tournaments that seemed like it would run all night long and into the next day. Maybe it was the Progressive Knockout format that made everyone play with a little more heart and gusto. The protracted final table lasted much longer than anyone anticipated....more

WCOOP 2013: NikolasDLP outduels field to win Event #12 ($215 NLHE Heads-Up)

Lovers of relentless, adrenaline-fueled heads-up poker were eyeing Event #12 of the 2013 World Championship of Online Poker at PokerStars. That's because it was the only no-limit hold'em heads-up tourney on this year's WCOOP schedule with a buy-in of less than five figures, with the $10,300 High-Roller Heads-Up (Event #44)...more

WCOOP 2013: Tha Giggy transcends five hour marathon to win Event #11 ($320 NLHE Ante-Up)

The origin of the Ante-Up format of no-limit Texas hold'em is not fully known. One theory is that it was devised by the computer in War Games (WOPR) to take so long that it would leave no time for nuclear war. Others say it originated among an ancient order of...more

Get your #WCOOPLuckyHaircut to win Main Event satellilte tickets

Need a haircut? Want to play the 2013 WCOOP Main Event? This post is for you. See, I got a haircut yesterday. It's a conservative trim that will turn no heads and is most certainly not lucky at all. Then today I read this piece from George Danzer about his...more

WCOOP 2013: A bracelet for each CrabMaki claw

So, there is something about David "CrabMaki" Shallow in early September. Three years ago, I wrote this piece on him after he won his first WCOOP bracelet and more than $600,000. Then, on this very day last year, Shallow was leading the 2012 WCOOP-29: $1,050 No-limit Hold'em event headed into...more

Toby "810ofclubs" Lewis on his second COOP win

It's been a good couple of months for Toby Lewis. Last month he won a FTOPS (Full Tilt Online Poker Series) event for $253,000, last weekend he watched his percentage of Tom "hitthehole" Middleton multiply into an EPT title, and just a couple of days ago Lewis won his second...more

Giving it up

I had a great original idea this weekend. The idea to steal Leo Babuata's idea for an experiment which he calls "A Year of Living Without". The concept is simple - each month for the next twelve I will give up one thing in the pursuit of self betterment and...more

Luck of the Mohawk

Forget about the thousands of hours I've put in grinding, training, and studying to improve my game. It doesn't help. It turns out that style is what really counts, as my lucky Mohawk propelled me to a fifth-place finish in the WSOP $50,000 Player's Championship. This was my third year...more

Time to play in South America with Tag Heuer on offer

When you play on the Latin American Poker Tour or Brazilian Series of Poker, the joy of winning an event is almost always enough. The money never hurts. Now, both tours have decided to offer their Grand Final Main Event winners something more. At the end of this year, both...more

Vanessa Selbst performs ultimate double-range merge

It's not easy to find the right poker metaphor for what Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst did last month, but double-range merge seems to work. She got married! Vanessa Selbst met Miranda in December of 2009. "I was in my second year of law school at Yale," recalled Vanessa, "and...more

WCOOP 2013: OMGjonyctt survives intense deal to take it all in Event #9 ($1,050 NLHE)

We all know that deals are a big part of poker, especially online in a major series like the World Championship of Online Poker where hundreds of thousands of dollars are on the line. However it's rare that we see deal negotiations of the ferocity that we saw today. With...more

11 September

WCOOP 2013: Second WCOOP bracelet for CrabMaki in Event #10, $215 PLO (Knockout)

Between the large field sizes and tough competition, winning a World Championship of Online Poker bracelet is a pretty big accomplishment. If you earn gold, you've made your way into some pretty select company. But the company of those who have repeated the feat is even more select. In fact,...more

WCOOP 2013: No hold'em as multi-disciplined players win gold

Do you know who has won the most money in World Championship of Online Poker history? Do you know who has the most WCOOP bracelets? Do you know how much money WCOOP has awarded over the past decade? Well, we have all those answers right here in one handy graphic...more

50,000? You like us! You really like us!

It was five years ago on a hot August afternoon when it occurred to me that the PokerStars Blog needed a Twitter account. I'd been using Twitter since July 2007 (first under a pseudonym and eventually switching to @BradWillis), and it was developing into a serious medium for reporting. With...more

Mountain girl

I had an absolutely amazing World Series this year. Even though the poker was rubbish, it was the best summer I can remember, full of adventures and lots of parties. I got into really good shape doing lots of yoga and going rock climbing in Red Rock Canyon. After the...more

TWITTERWCOOP Challenge reaches final day

It's been a long journey. But we're almost there, the final challenge. And if you've ever wanted to play in the WCOOP, this could be your lucky day. For our final TWITTERWCOOP challenge, we're giving away a $215 WCOOP ticket. To win it, you've got to get the single biggest...more

WCOOP Event 3 final table, cards up!

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

10 September

WCOOP 2013: CaptainSmile grinning ear-to-ear with Courchevel victory in Event #8

CaptainSmile joined a small, yet elite group of Courchevel World Champions after the Norwegian player came from behind at the final table to bink WCOOP Event #8 $215 PL Courchevel H/L. Poker is always evolving. In the late 1800s, Five-card draw was the gambling poison of choice for cowboys and...more

WCOOP 2013: -Rebus1980- survives long battle to win Event #7 ($215 NL 5-Card Draw)

The game of 5-Card draw can summon up images of family poker games around the kitchen table or movies with badly filmed poker scenes complete with humorous string bets. None of those come to mind when playing the game for big money like the WCOOP Event #7 No Limit 5-Card...more

WCOOP 2013: Toby "810ofClubs" Lewis Double COOPs it

I stole the picture below from Toby Lewis' Twitter feed because... Well, damn it, just look at it. The guy is sitting in the dark, playing at the final table of a 2013 World Championship of Online Poker, and watching NFL football on a second screen. This is a boss...more

Second place forever

At this point, it's fair to say the Sunday Warm-Up is my favorite tournament on PokerStars. I made the money three times in July including a deep run where I made the final three tables. Unfortunately that time, I was in a situation where I was flipping for the chip...more

We are watching the women of WCOOP!

Don't call us the NSA, but we are watching you. We're tracking the women of PokerStars, waiting patiently to see who will become the Woman of the Series during the 2013 World Championship of Online Poker. The action started on Sunday, September 8, with three events. And the numbers for...more

WCOOP 2013: Geggo08 dodges trouble to win Event #4 ($320 PLO)

Pot Limit Omaha is a favorite among the player and the fourth event of the 2013 WCOOP was a $320 buy-in PLO drew a 1,607 player field. The game gives enough gamble for the those so inclined while the old pros can sit back and wait for their spots. Even with...more

WCOOP 2013: Aduobe4 wins Event #5 [6-Max NL Shootout]; Liv Boeree finishes in fifth

Aduobe4 outlasted four short-handed tables en route to a victory in World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) Event #5 $320 NL 6-Max Shootout. Along the way, Aduobe4 thwarted Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree's pursuit of a WCOOP title. Boeree advanced to the final table after she won her three previous...more

9 September

WCOOP 2013: murvl works a miracle, wins Event #3 ($215 NLHE, $1.5M guaranteed)

This year's running of the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker kicked off yesterday with three tournaments and three million in guaranteed prize money. Half of that guaranteed money was up for grabs in Event #3, a two-day $215 NL Hold'em tournament. This tournament ended up attracting 11,381 players, soaring...more

WCOOP 2013: Toby Lewis charges to victory in Event #6 ($215 NLHE Rebuy, Turbo)

Action packed Sunday tournaments may have left many with a case of WCOOP hangover. But on the second day of the world's marquee online tournament series 2,090 players were ready to give a little more action in a $215 turbo rebuy format. In just four and a half hours Toby...more

Rafa Nadal wins US Open

Say what you will about seedings. Say what you will about world rankings. Say what you will about whatever you will, but do not question Rafa Nadal's place in the tennis world tonight. Monday evening, Nadal put on yet another a clinic at the US Open and dispatched No. 1-seeded...more

WCOOP 2013: From out of nowhere, Mariusflush wins Event #2 ($215 NLHE 6-Max)

It was business as usual in WCOOP as Event #2 came to a conclusion tonight, a textbook display of endurance and competitiveness in a comforting vanilla flavoured $215 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Max format. It was Flush098765'S to win, then iñigovasko's, then wvoron81's and then Flush098765's again, before finally, after three hours...more

Tom 'hitthehole' Middleton lands the perfect approach shot

Just one day after winning the biggest tournament of his life for €942,000, topping the enormous 1,234-man EPT Barcelona field, Tom "hitthehole" Middleton has teed himself up for a shot at winning EPT London. Middleton, or "Middy" as he's known to many, last night won an EPT London package worth...more

PokerStars weekend review (September 9, 2013)

The first leg of the European Poker Tour's tenth season came to an end this weekend having paid out more than €17m in prize pool with 9,167 entries from more than 3,200 players. That's a whole lot of cheese, but still not as much as we expect to see getting...more

TWITTERWCOOP up to $8,500. Get your money in.

We're down to the final few challenges of our Twitter WCOOP freeroll and it's becoming apparent that the ever-growing prize pool is going to get, well, even bigger. Over the weekend, we set caption competitions, deposit targets and a poker riddle which had a few in the office stumped. But...more

Billy "The Croc" Argyros tames the APPT Melbourne

The final nine gathered in the Crown Poker Room this afternoon for the climax to the APPT Melbourne Main Event. It was a talented line up but at the end of the day just one man would remain standing. Or in this case, it was one crocodile. Australian Poker Hall...more

Dealing with and capitalizing on poker fatigue

One piece of advice I have given people about poker tournaments is that sometimes after a long day you'll find that players who have been playing at a high level suddenly start to make mistakes or play less well during the last levels of the night. It might be surprising...more

ACOP: Platinum Series II begins this week

The ACOP: Platinum Series returns this week to from September 12-15 and the regional series may have worldly outcomes for some of the expected field. Taking place in Macau and hosted by 'PokerStars LIVE at the City of Dreams', most of the field will be looking to win the HK...more

APPT7 Melbourne: Yan drowns on the river

Four hours, thirty minutes had passed since Ashley Mason was eliminated in fourth place. But finally, and thankfully, the three-handed deadlock has been broken with the elimination of David Yan. There were multiple double ups and a few suckouts in the three-handed war, but no one would budge an inch....more

APPT7 Melbourne: Round and round we go

Just when we thought we were in for an early evening today, the poker Gods caught wind of what was going on and promptly put us back in our place. With a deal struck three-handed and the clock yet to tick over to 4pm local time, we thought all was...more

WCOOP 2013: WithoutNickk's wild ride ends in victory in Event #1, WCOOP Kickoff ($109 NLHE)

After almost a year of waiting, every online poker player's favorite time of year finally came back around yesterday. The 12th annual running of the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker got started in fine fashion with Event #1, the WCOOP Kickoff, a $109 no-limit hold'em event with a $500,000...more

8 September

APPT7 Melbourne: Mason misses the deal

Down to the final four players and there were no soft spots as these titans battled it out with great intensity. Bowdy Tolhopf started to flex his muscle, winning a nice pot from Billy "The Croc" Argyros, while David Yan's rollercoaster ride continued after getting short and then doubling through...more

APPT7 Melbourne: Damelian done

We're approaching the first break of the day, and the players could probably do with one, after the rapid-fire progress of this APPT Melbourne Main Event final table so far. Five has been reduced to just four with Robert Damelian the next to go. Bowdy Tolhopf opened the action with...more

APPT7 Melbourne: Four to the floor

"The Croc" is biting today as Billy Argyros is making a serious comeback in a brave run at the APPT Melbourne title. Argyros landed an early double up with ace-jack against David Yan's pocket sevens, and just now, he's taken care of Phi Luu with the very same hand. Luu...more

APPT7 Melbourne: All that Jazz

It was always going to be a tough ask for Jazz Mathers at this final table. Starting the day as the short stack with 146,000 in chips, equating to just over six big blinds, it was a treacherous position to be in and one that would require some luck to...more

APPT7 Melbourne: Final table kicks off!

After three long, gruelling days the APPT Melbourne Main Event has been reduced to our final nine. They are currently finding their seats on the feature table here in the Crown Poker Room and unbagging their chips in preparation of a potentially life-changing day ahead. They've already guaranteed themselves $16,650...more

Women's Sunday: Haufniensis runs the table en route to second title

Less than four months after her first win, Haufniensis is a two-time Women's Sunday champion. Third in chips to start the final table, Haufniensis quickly morphed from an average stack to a one-woman wrecking ball. She scored five knockouts before getting heads-up with onetime chip leader uwbabe and survived a...more

APPT7 Melbourne: Final table player profiles

After three days of toil in the Crown Poker Room, the 2013 APPT Melbourne Main Event has been reduced from 309 players to our final table of nine. Let's get to know them a little better: Seat 1: Joe Cabret (Melbourne, Victoria) - 501,000 chips What a run Joe Cabret...more

Mason the man to catch after Day 3 of APPT Melbourne

It was time to get down to business as 42 players returned to the Crown Poker Room today for Day 3 of the APPT Melbourne Main Event. It has been two long days to reach this point, but for six players, their efforts would go unrewarded as only the top...more

APPT7 Melbourne: Cabret's chip and a chair

Everyone in poker, has heard of the old saying of "a chip and a chair". It, of course, refers to a situation where a player has been decimated and all-but eliminated. They are down, but not quite out, sitting with just one single chip, a chair and the faintest of...more

Rafa Nadal faces Djokovic in US Open final

PokerStars' Rafa Nadal breezed past France's Richard Gasquet to set up a US Open final against Novak Djokovic tomorrow. Nadal may have had to fight hard in the second set, but the 6-4 7-6 6-2 straight-sets victory told a story of power tennis. Nadal, who won at Flushing Meadows in...more

APPT7 Melbourne: Dinner time

We've hit another wall. 18 players. They're spread across three tables of six, and while the short-handed play should produce some action, it's been pretty slow going in recent times. The original plan was to try and play through to reach the final table without taking a dinner break. We...more

7 September

APPT7 Melbourne: The rail report

The life of a rail bird is not an easy one. It's long hours, you're on your feet all day, and the pay stinks. You're either a friend, a family member or a fan. You love the game of poker enough to stand around all day and watch the action,...more

APPT7 Melbourne: Bubble goes pop

The bubble has finally popped here at the APPT Melbourne Main Event. It took almost an hour to burst with several short stacks hanging on valiantly to try and sneak into the money. For most of them, they were successful, but for Kwong Phung, his APPT Melbourne journey has ended...more

APPT7 Melbourne: Brabin and Harji eye POTY honours

While reaching the $5,000 min-cash is certainly a significant achievement for our players, it potentially means a lot more for two of our final 42 players. Luke Brabin and Pravin Harji would love nothing more than to reach the cash, but they also have one eye on a bigger prize....more

APPT7 Melbourne: Delicately poised

The final 42 players are currently finding their seats and unbagging their chips in preparation of a big day ahead. It's Day 3 of the APPT Melbourne Main Event and this tournament is poised delicately at a very exciting stage. The first battle will be the money bubble. 36 players...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Thomas Middleton "hits the hole" to win Main Event title and 942,000 Euros

Even if there had been a moment in which Tom "hitthehole" Middleton thought he wouldn't be able to win this one by himself, he could always have counted on his rail full of pals, flown in for this very purpose, to carry him home. In the event the young Englishman...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Joao Barbosa wins €70,900, trophy and the Portuguese top spot

EPT Warsaw champion Joao Barbosa this evening won the EPT10 Barcelona €5k NLHE Turbo tournament event for €70,900 to push him to the top of the Portuguese all-time money list. Barbosa's live tournament winnings now total close to $1.6m, which is enough to topple Jonathan Aguiar who is (currently) listed...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Thomas Muhlocker High Roller champ; Negreanu runner-up, now tops GPI POY

The High Roller is done, with an up-and-coming Austrian having emerged from a high caliber field, a tough final table, and a huge heads-up deficit against Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu to claim victory, as Thomas Muhlocker claimed the title and €390,700 first prize. Thomas Muhlocker It was a record-smashing...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Kurko cuts down Fiorini, Nielsen; two remain

The long, ultimately unproductive deal discussion having ended, the final four in the EPT10 Barcelona Main Event have been cut in half to two, with Kimmo Kurko the cause. During those negotiations, Luca Fiorini had the chip advantage, slightly ahead of Kresten "the Killer" Nielsen with Tom Middleton and Kimmo...more

EPT10 Barcelona: The delicate balance of EPT negotiations

Four heads staring at a laptop on the final table of the EPT Barcelona nod as Tournament Director Toby Stone explains what the six-digit numbers they're staring at mean. The four remaining players; Kresten Nielsen, Luca Fiorini, Tom Middleton and Kimmo Kurko, listened intently as Stone said, "I'll leave you...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Sormunen ouch, Sormunen out

Pasi Sormunen knew he'd done well to reach fifth place, but may now be thinking he departed too soon. Sitting with king-seven of diamonds he opened for 400,000 in early position. Luca Fiorini found ace-king and raised from the small blind. Sormunen might have been expected to fold, at least...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Kurko cracks the Killer's aces

We've mentioned before how the two Finns left in the EPT10 Barcelona Main Event, Kimmo Kurko and Pasi Sormunen, each have donned a shiny chapeau, a reprise of sorts of a Finnish final table fashion from a year ago. Kimmo Kurko (left) and Pasi Sormunen (right) When those hats were...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Don't forget about the Slyde watch

The winner of today's EPT Main Event and High Roller events win huge amount of cash, €1,067,000 and €390,700 respectively. That's not all they win though. Sure, they get the accolades that come with an EPT title and, of course, an enormous trophy. Yeah, they also get a great winner's...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Schemion, Duhamel out in High Roller; Negreanu leads final four

Two more levels are in the books in the High Roller, marked by two more eliminations as Ole Schemion and Team PokerStars Pro Jonathan Duhamel have joined those sent railward thus far today. Meanwhile Duhamel's teammate Daniel Negreanu continues to lead, tweeting during the most recent break that he's been...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Gury Gury gone

The loneliest man in Spain right now is Benoit Gury. The Frenchman just became the sixth place finisher, sent to the rail by a delighted, if slightly tactless Kersten Nielsen, whose star just keeps on ascending. Gury will have had hopes of at least laddering one place in the pay-outs....more

PS Women: Rose Genest on friendships, travel, and poker

Rose Genest's (screen name rcgs59) love affair with poker began 37 years ago when she watched from the sidelines as "a bunch of old men" played poker in her aunt's bar in Niagara Falls. The game of choice for that group was Stud, so she watched and learned, and when...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Seventh for Bhaggoe still satisfying

They formed an interesting contrast, Eduard Bhaggoe and his wife, Siema. Not knowing the context, an observer might have thought the woman leaning against the rail, holding her hands clasped and her gaze worriedly directed above was the one in some sort of peril. The man, meanwhile, with an air...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Andreas Christoforou out in eighth place

And so we say goodbye to Andreas Christoforou of Cyprus, our eighth place finisher. One of the shorter stacks at the start of play he picked his moment after Kresten Nielsen opened from the hi-jack for 335,000. Christoforou had looked down at ace-jack of clubs thought "this is it!" and...more

EPT10 Barcelona: High Roller down to half-dozen; Negreanu new leader

It's a sparser poker room today at the end of the long hall where EPT10 Barcelona has been playing out over the last week-and-a-half. There's still some side event action happening, though. And despite there being fewer tables in play, the overall excitement level in the room has increased considerably...more

Yan and Dong dominant on Day 2 of APPT Melbourne

Saturday September 7th 2013 was always going to be a big day. Sure, there was this little thing called the Federal Election going down, but there were bigger decisions to be made inside the walls of the Crown Poker Room as 168 players returned for Day 2 of the APPT...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Middleton goes all Middle Ages on his opponents with unique winning tactic

Tom Middleton may well win this final table. He's certainly one of the most experienced and talented of the final eight. But if he does so he'll have won it using an unorthodox style of play which has delivered him the chip lead for each of the past three days....more

EPT10 Barcelona: Time for the big money and title!

The Main Event and High Roller final tables start today with a whole lot of money on the line. Sarah Grant and Rick Dacey (that's me) from the PokerStars Blog tee up the action. After nine days of reporting in Barcelona I've run out of shirts and look - and...more

APPT7 Melbourne: Slow and steady

As is often the case in a poker tournament, it appears that the play has slowed right down as we head towards the end of the day. There's a number of factors that may be contributing to the lack of action. It can often happen after a dinner break as...more

APPT7 Melbourne: Roy is the oyster king!

As the players are about to head off to enjoy their dinner break, we thought we would whet your appetite with a report from one of the side events of the APPT. It's a side event that's a little different to the norm. If greed is the deadly sin associated...more

6 September

APPT7 Melbourne: It's all Yan

New Zealand's David Yan is starting to make an impression - not only in this APPT Melbourne Main Event, but on the local poker circuit. Yan burst onto the scene at the Aussie Millions this year when he finished in 6th place for a massive $220,000 score. Since then Yan...more

APPT7 Melbourne: Finals fever

If it's your first time to Melbourne, then September is not a bad time to visit. That is, as long as you like Australian Rules Football. It's finals time, and the only thing that Melbournians care about in September is watching AFL. Every local has a "team" and even if...more

APPT7 Melbourne: It's time to decide

Poker is a game of information and decision making. Observe your opponents, take in the limited information presented and then make a decision on the best way to use your chips. Well today, our players have had the importance of their decision-making skills tested at a whole new level. September...more

APPT7 Melbourne: Stacked field awaits Day 2

It's a gorgeous Saturday afternoon in Melbourne. The sun is out and the locals are out and about and enjoying everything this wonderful city has to offer. Even those still in the APPT Melbourne Main Event had the morning to soak in some rays and grab some brunch before heading...more

EPT10 Barcelona: It's Middleton once more, leader of final eight

Day 5 is done at the EPT10 Barcelona Main Event, and as has been the case the last two nights, Tom "hitthehole" Middleton earns the headline as end-of-day chip leader once more. Seizing and extending his advantage once more during the night's final orbits, Middleton bagged 9,850,000. Tom Middleton, still...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Main Event final table profiles

Seat 1: Andreas "daskalos20" Christoforou, 32, Nicosia, Cyprus - 2,560,000 Andreas Christoforou has been a professional multi-table tournament player for the last four years. The Cypriot plays all the Sunday majors and made a Super Tuesday final table on PokerStars as recently as July playing under the name "daskalos20". Christoforou...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Hats off to Joni Jouhkimainen who leads High Rollers to final table

As usual the High Roller event provided an enticing undercard as it played on in the wings of the Main Event. As play stopped tonight with nine remaining, Joni Jouhkimainen held the chip lead. But it had been a struggle to obtain it. Others had similar intentions. The Finnish pro,...more

EPT10 Barcelona: So long Eid, but it was one heck of a send off

That's how it was going to end for Michel Eid, with the old six-deuce all-in shove. The hand had everything - tension, drama, a Lebanese, sportsmanship, an Italian, some praying, tense loved ones, and even a pretty girl. But given that it had taken so long for the 14th place...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Mercier talks Piqué, picture-taking, and poker

They're down to 15 now in the €10,000+€300 High Roller event. Gerard Piqué was finally ousted in 19th place, with Toby Lewis (18th), Emil Mattsson (17th), and Niklaus Teichert (16th) following the footballer to the rail. Gerard Piqué Meanwhile Richard Yong still occupies first position in the counts, having recently...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Hope remains for Spain's first EPT title

As we noted earlier, two Spaniards were part of the field of 24 to start Day 5 -- Alejandro Perez and Emilio Jimenez -- and with just 14 left both remain alive with hopes of capturing the first ever EPT Main Event title for Spain. Both sit with around average...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Who's been crushing the side events?

The Main Event, High Roller and, of course, Super High Roller are the tournaments that have been taking the headlines here (and the record ESPT Main Event, too), but they're not the only tourneys that have been played out at EPT Barcelona. A packed schedule of EPT and ESPT events...more

EPT10 Barcelona: It's every Finn's duty to reach the last 16 and put on a sparkly hat

One minute your mood is up, the next minute down. Such is the life of a poker player intent on wearing the most bling at the final table. Up until this point Kersten Nielsen topped this category, wearing a baseball cap covered in gold that shines under the television lights....more

EPT10 Barcelona: How the High Rollers roll

A half-dozen players have hit the rail since the money bubble burst in the €10,000+€300 EPT10 Barcelona High Roller event, with Anton Morgenstern, Philipp Gruissem, and Benny Spindler among the fallen. That leaves 21 at present to continue to battle forward. Richard Yong still enjoys the chip lead at present,...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Kresten Nielsen on fire! He doubles up

We've had a first major emotional outburst of the day, and it came from Kresten Nielsen on the feature table. "The Killer", as he is affectionately known, owing to his performance one year at EPT Copenhagen, found a spot to move all-in with. He looked down at pocket kings, and...more

EPT10 Barcelona: High Rollers in the money, Yong leads

The second day of the three-day €10,000+€300 High Roller keeps rolling along, with a big field full of big names building towards what promises to be an exciting finale tomorrow. A few more last-minute additions helped bring the overall number of entries for the €10,000+€300 buy-in event to 180. That...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Silverman super in booth for EPTLive

Besides bringing all of the key action from this next-to-last day of the EPT10 Barcelona Main Event, the EPTLive webcast also provides ongoing commentary that is both entertaining and informative, with frequent guests stopping by to add further grins and/or insights. One such guest who has been appearing frequently this...more

WCOOP 2013: Time to be a champion

You can win a tournament any day. You can win a festival Main Event at least once a month. But there is only one time a year you can be an online poker world champion, and that time is now. The 2013 PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker begins this...more

Busto in Barcelona (but still happy)

It was a great summer, but I'm eagerly looking forward to the start of the new European Poker Tour season and going to Barcelona. It's such a great place to go, and also I have a history of doing well here. This time I busted early, but my brother made...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Feeling exposed

With 17 players left, all three remaining tables are short-handed, two with six players and the other with five. The five-handed table is situated out in front of the main stage, and with other tables cleared out there's lots of space for reporters and cameramen to fill as they closely...more

TWITTERWCOOP freeroll growing! Now add more!

When a superstar former Brazilian footballer and the most successful female tournament poker player meet up, you know the conversation will be good. Thanks to our team of photographers in Barcelona, we grabbed a snap of the two together, and asked for your captions as part of our TWITTERWCOOP promotion....more

EPT10 Barcelona: Is Aranas Alekberovas about to unravel?

Are these the first chinks in Anaras Alekberovas's armour? The first loose threads in his sports coat? Anaras Alekberovas, who led for much of the day yesterday after an unstoppable performance, lost what appeared to be his first pot in that time, allowing Nicolau Villa-Lobos to double-up in the first...more

£50,000 Super High Roller event makes debut at European Poker Tour Season 10 London festival

38-event festival heads to Grand Connaught Rooms from October 2-12 The European Poker Tour today announced the 38-event schedule for the Season 10 London Poker Festival, which will feature a £50,000 Super High Roller event for the first time. The London stop, which will take place from October 2-12, is...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Mercier and Piqué best of friends in record-breaking High Roller

Jack Nicholson and Marlon Brando lived next door to each other for years on Mulholland Drive, which was tagged 'Bad Boy Drive' thanks to Brando and Nicholson's hellraiser antics (often assisted by Warren Beatty who lived down the road). But when they were not tearing it up, what did these...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Tilt tackled, it's a new start for Negreanu

An interesting side story to the hubbub surrounding Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu's first elimination from the €10,000+€300 High Roller yesterday was how he stepped away for several hours, then re-entered the event after dinner after having calmed down following what had been a fiery exit. Negreanu managed to end...more

EPT10 Barcelona: On Kresten the Killer and Other Qualifiers

Earlier in the week we were noting the preponderance of players who qualified for their EPT10 Barcelona Main Event seats online at PokerStars, following the fortunes of a couple in particular, Harley Stoffmaker (who made Day 2) and Tom Gallagher (who cashed). The rise and continued success of the UK's...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Some news is good news for the Spanish

There are only two Spaniards left in the field. But according to Alex Hernando of the Spanish press, this is a good thing: "Last year at this stage we only had one player!" Such is the passion among the Spanish for a home grown winner, that they have this kind...more

Play the EPT London Women's Event? There's an app for that.

The European Poker Tour is still raging on in Barcelona, and the next stop is London. Players will begin to descend on the poker festival on October 2, with the special £300 + £30 NLHE Women's Event scheduled for Saturday, October 5. You need to know this because you could...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Kurko and Sormunen fly flag for Finland

This time last year the Finns were on top of their game. Ilari Sahamies would go on to finish second to Mikalai Pobal, while the two young pretenders, Aku Joentausta and Joni Jouhkimainen, would make names for themselves by finishing 14th and 3rd respectively. This year the scene is slightly...more

EPT10 Barcelona: The world's game

Setting aside the World Series of Poker which routinely attracts players from 100-plus different countries to Las Vegas, the European Poker Tour tends to draw the most diverse fields nationality-wise of any of the many tourney tours that criss-cross the globe. Earlier this week we shared a breakdown of the...more

Oh gee! Yanji Ge leads Day 1b of APPT Melbourne

It was the second and final opportunity for players to take their seat in the APPT Melbourne Main Event. After a strong field of 111 players took to the Crown Poker tables yesterday, we were looking for an even bigger turnout today. And we weren't disappointed as 198 players ponied...more

APPT7 Melbourne: It's all about the money

Registration has now closed and the number crunchers have done what they do best, as we can now reveal the final and official numbers for the 2013 APPT Melbourne Main Event. We had 111 entrants yesterday and that has been surpassed today as 198 players took their seats in the...more

5 September

APPT7 Melbourne: Like father, like son

We wandered past the table of Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang to see how he was getting along here on Day 1b of the APPT Melbourne Main Event. His chips were looking pretty healthy with an above average stack of around 50,000 but he was a little slumped in his...more

APPT7 Melbourne: Something on the side

While the APPT Melbourne Main Event is in full swing, there's plenty more going on in the Crown Poker Room for those who haven't got the three large to spend on a Main Event seat. Throughout the week there have been a fantastic range of side events which have been...more

APPT7 Melbourne: The champs are here

It's natural that with any tour that continues to evolve that the number of former champions also grows with it. The European Poker Tour is up to Season 10, which means they now have quite a number of former champions, and interestingly, no two-time champions as I only discovered today...more

APPT7 Melbourne: The buzz is alive on Day 1b

There's no better feeling than the buzz of a full poker room. The clinking of poker chips, the chattering of friendly players and the hopes and dreams of a profitable day ahead. There was a healthy registration line at the desk in the Crown Poker Room this morning, so it...more

EPT10 Barcelona: The High Roller explosions of Daniel Negreanu, Gerard Piqué and Ole Schemion

It was an explosive day in the EPT Barcelona High Roller with minds blown left, right and centre. Now then, we're certainly not saying that a man can't lose his temper from time to time, nor a woman for that matter, but when a brain blow-up costs you a €10,000...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Tom Middleton outstanding, leads again heading into penultimate day

Sometimes you cannot tell what kind of day it's been until the last hand has been dealt. At various stages of play today various players led, but it wasn't until the close that another player, seizing on the style of play that had served them well for four days, surged...more

EPT10 Barcelona: It ain't over until the fat lady stops singing*

Is it ever a good thing when your friends on the rail start to sing in your honour? Nicalau Villa-Lobos from Brazil has that question to think about. He's in seat one on the table closest to the rail. That means he's within easy sight of his four pals who...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Jamila joyous after river save

As the final level of Day 4 begins, less than 30 players remain in the EPT Barcelona Main Event, with Jamila Von Perger the lone woman remaining among the field. Von Perger nearly left us a short while ago after a wild hand that saw her all in for nearly...more

EPT10 Barcelona: From the green to the felt for Sergio

All week we've been accustomed to talking about Spanish sports figures. After all, we're at a poker tournament, and poker and sports overlap in enough ways to make the topic a kind of common ground among players and media alike. We've seen a few this around the Casino Barcelona week...more

EPT10 Barcelona: "Check check... Ride on the River"

How do you best celebrate the start of the tenth season of the EPT? The EPT bigwigs put their heads together and decided that whatever it was it should be loud, it should sum up the last nine seasons and it should, if at all possible, have flashing lights. ONe...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Big names, big numbers for High Roller

With characteristic understatedness, the €10,000+€300 High Roller has been quietly rolling along today on the opposite side of the large room in which Day 4 of the Main Event has continued somewhat more raucously. They've reached the dinner break with most of the 133 entries for the High Roller thus...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Kevin Vandersmissen will NOT be the Skrill champ

This morning there were nine. Then there were five, one of which was Kevin Vandersmissen, the Belgian pro who finished runner-up to Vladimir Geshkenbein in a fiery heads-up at EPT Snowfest. These were the players left in the Skrill last longer promotion. The last player left in the Main Event...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Alain Roy beats Jonathan Duhamel to €118,200

Frenchman Alain Roy earlier beat Team PokerStars Pro Jonathan Duhamel and Marton Czuczor to the trophy in a large €2,000 No-Limit Hold'em side event. The tournament played an immense session yesterday but couldn't quite close the action out leaving those three players to come back today. Roy picked up €118,200...more

EPT10 Barcelona: There are no atheists in poker tournaments, son

The moment when a player faces elimination is often a defining one. You can stand there and take it like a man, stand there and go to pieces, or stand there and do something in between. Some though hope to avoid the situation entirely, bringing with them the instruments of...more

Lombardo rolling on Day 1a of APPT Melbourne

Following stops in Korea, the Philippines, Macau and New Zealand, the Asia Pacific Poker Tour made its way to Melbourne today for one of the most popular stops on the tour. With the Crown Poker Room looking in tip-top shape, a field of 111 players took their seats for Day...more

EPT10 Barcelona: How much?

Poker is a game full of questions, both verbalized and communicated otherwise via a host of actions and gestures. Taken individually, each question is unique, affected by the seemingly endless list of "it depends" qualifications that characterize each situation. But in a way, many of the questions are similar. So...more


I write this post at a time when writing happens to be first and foremost in my thoughts, as I am busy at the moment writing a new book. It's not a poker book, but a novel -- a thriller, in fact -- and so that's what I'm focusing on...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Christophe still with chips

We've noted already today how Christophe de Meulder has emerged as the last Team PokerStars Pro standing in the EPT Barcelona Main Event. He began Day 4 with a below average stack, and after some ups and downs through the first few levels today remains in contention as the field...more

APPT7 Melbourne: Pittock taking a shot

Registration is about to be locked out here on Day 1a of the APPT Melbourne Main Event with the big screen showing 111 players in action this evening. There were a few notable late arrivals with Billy "The Croc" Argyros, Tino Lechich and Joe Hachem all recently taking their seats....more

VIP Club Live: Party in Berlin

I'm badly in need of a party. I really am. I love a good soiree with an open bar, happy people, and cow milking contests. What? I grew up in a rural community. Fortunately, I got a little taste of all of that when I read Felix 'xflixx' Schneiders blog...more

EPT10 Barcelona: "If I happen to be wrong..."

Niall Farrell returned to one of the biggest stack's to start Day 4, and found himself at a seat on the feature table to start the day. Here's Farrell from late last night sitting next to Team PokerStars Pro Christophe de Meulder. Niall Farrell (left) and Team PokerStars Pro Christophe...more

EPT10 Barcelona: For Anaras Alekberovas everything's a grey matter

Anaras Alekberovas was the dark horse of the final table last season, made darker perhaps because the spotlight was directed firmly at the Finns Ilari Sahamies and Joni Jouhkimainen. But while Alekberovas could never match them for sparkle (he had no sequined trilby for a start), he impressed with his...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Talking Day 4 of the Main Event

Back to the tournament room for Day 4, where a stellar cast of players seek a safe route through to the penultimate day tomorrow. Sarah Grant and Rick Dacey bring all the information to bring you up to speed. Chips, chips Click through to live coverage of the EPT Barcelona...more

EPT10 Barcelona: High Roller, Day 1 seat draw

Action proceeds in the EPT10 Barcelona High Roller, with Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu among the many vying for one of the stop's more coveted titles. Here's the Day 1 seat draw for the €10,000 High Roller event at present (at the start of Level 2), although more players will...more

APPT7 Melbourne: In with the new

Is there such a thing as having too much sport to watch? We didn't think so, and that notion has been confirmed for us with the newest redevelopment in the Crown Poker Room. So long Vegas Bar, hello sports betting heaven. The old bar has been upgraded to a more...more

Win another $500 for the #TWITTERWCOOP freeroll

Challenge set, challenge completed. There was never any doubt really, as our Twitter followers came good once again in Day 3 of our TWITTERWCOOP promotion. And once we hit the magical 500+ RTs, $500 was duly placed in the Twitter WCOOP Freeroll, taking the guarantee up to $6,500. So how...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Meanwhile, the High Roller begins

While Day 4 of the European Poker Tour Barcelona Main Event gets going over on the right-hand side of the spacious playing area here at the Casino Barcelona, a look to the left reveals players having assembled around a handful of tables for the start of the €10,000+€300 High Roller...more

APPT7 Melbourne: The right man for the job

Plenty has happened in the Crown Poker Room over the past few months. We've already hinted at the new bar area, but there have also been some changes in management of the room since we were last here. Following the ANZPT Melbourne event in early June, the well-respected Christian Vaughan...more

APPT7 Melbourne: A room with a view

The players have taken their seats and play is underway here on Day 1a of the APPT Melbourne Main Event. And for most of them, it will be feel a little different from previous trips to the Crown Poker Room. Just last week when I was in the poker room,...more

Rafa Nadal powers to US semi-finals

I'm no great tennis expert, but I'm told that Rafa Nadal's service is not necessarily the strongest part of his game. So when I write that the Spaniard stormed through his quarter-final at the US Open last night without losing a service game, you'll have some idea of just how...more

4 September

The stage is set for APPT Melbourne

The Asia Pacific Poker Tour has already visited Korea, the Philippines, Macau and New Zealand this season, and now we find ourselves at the home of poker in Australia with the Crown Poker Room set to host the APPT Melbourne Main Event over the next five days. It's always great...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Middleton over a million, leads to end Day 3

The story turned serious today at EPT Barcelona. After the light-hearted introductions and generally joyous early levels, today's Day 3 saw most of the field depart, and with the money bubble bursting earlier today just 79 players remain to continue sparring in Spain. Leading that group to start play tomorrow...more

EPT10 Barcelona: If the future is anything like the past

Quietness descends over the tournament area as the field that numbers more than 230 this morning is reduced to fewer than 100 players, all with money on their minds. At this point of the Main Event you begin to get a picture of who might stick around for the rest...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Celebrating 15 years of Rounders

The EPT is starting its tenth season here in Barcelona but 15 years ago today a certain movie which helped kick off the poker revolution was premiering at the Venice Film Festival in Italy. Rounders starred Matt Damon as Mike McDermott and Edward Norton as Lester 'Worm' Murphy, and came...more

fahim69 defeats Connor "blanconegro" Drinan to win 09/03/13 Super Tuesday

Another week gave the top players in the world a chance to battle it out for a big payday in a smaller, deeper tournament. The big buy-in tournament continues to draw the best online grinders and 440 of them put up the $1,050 to play. It was a talented field...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Gallagher makes good

We met Tom Gallagher back on Day 1A, then shared his story here regarding the remarkable sequence of online satellite hurdles he had jumped in order to leap all of the way from his home in Ireland to a cheaply-purchased seat in the EPT Barcelona Main Event. Tom on Day...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Bring me the bag of Nuno Da Camara

It proved a sturdy rear guard, but Nuno Da Camera has departed the Main Event on the bubble today, leaving 183 players an appointment with the cash desk on their way home. It was not an impressive performance by Nuno Da Camara, nor was it spirited, but it was memorable....more

EPT10 Barcelona: The Blain game

Dermot Blain has been on his game in 2013. The Full Tilt Poker Tour Ambassador has several cashes to his credit so far this year, including a couple at this summer's World Series of Poker, and a recent third-place finish in the €2,000 no-limit Hold'em High Roller Championship at UKIPT...more

When only your A-game will do

The WSOP this year was a winning series for me. When I last checked in with you guys, I had just made 5th place in the $1,500 NLHE shootout for $67,000. It really sucked not getting that bracelet - winning is so much of what tournament poker is about for...more

Ready your retweet button for PokerStars #TWITTERWCOOP giveaway

Yes, you guessed it. Another day and yet another @PokerStars #TWITTERWCOOP giveaway. Yesterday we gave away 500 $1 tickets to WCOOP satellites which were gobbled up within six hours. If you're waiting to discover whether you've won, we're still processing the Player IDs, but your accounts should be credited within...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Benefield on how to play a short stack

2013 WSOP November Niner David "Raptor" Benefield is here, keeping his game tuned up while he waits for the final table of the WSOP Main Event to resume in November. David Benefield Benefield sits with an above average stack of about 250,000 at the moment, while in the WSOP Main...more

EPT10 Barcelona: The buzz around Duracell Powermat

The European Poker Tour just loves a superlative. Bigger, better, richer and now... buzzier? Walk into the tournament room and one thing that you won't see this season compared to last is that pained expression of a player cut off mid-tweet as their smartphone runs out of juice. Thanks to...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Drama over every shoulder

For lovers of narrative, the inherent plotting of poker tournaments never fails to satisfy. With the start of Day 3 we have reached the familiar "pre-bubble" stage of the story, a stage necessarily punctuated by a series of triumphs and tragedies as players' tourney journeys are ended or extended. A...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Ten years of Memory Lane

This being the tenth year of the European Poker Tour, certain elements of our reporting have become more difficult. The passing of time is all too real and the inevitable effects of a decade watching poker are starting to take their toll. For instance, there are five previous winners in...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Picture this

Play is underway on Day 3, with our start-of-day chip leader Pablo Tavitian having earned some early attention thanks to his having managed to end last night bagging more chips than anyone else -- 465,000, or about three times the average to start today. Believe it or not, Tavitian had...more

3 September

EPT10 Barcelona: From Chile to Barcelona, Pablo Tavitian leads Main Event

Day 2 is always good for adding a dash of reality to a poker tournament. EPT10 Barcelona has proven no different. Aside from the trial of surviving six more levels that slashed the field from 697 to 235, there's the pressure of knowing just what's at stake. The talk this...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Winners galore!

Have you been to the European Poker Tour website recently? If not, you should. It's been given a fresh lick of paint and is now the place where you can find all the EPT side event results as well as details for buying in (which you can do online), structures...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Players in Spain span the globe

Our ever helpful EPT Media Coordinator Mad Harper has once again provided us further information regarding an EPT field, in this instance breaking down in handy pie chart form the nationalities of the 1,234 entrants in the EPT Barcelona Main Event. Once more the EPT has managed to attract an...more

EPT10 Barcelona: From politics to poker and back again

We first noticed Mario Adinolfi during EPT Berlin two seasons ago. Adinolfi, who would finish 22nd that year, played with a notebook by his side, on which was a picture of Pope John Paul the II. When Alessandro Laubinger moved all-in against him Adinolfi called. Laubinger made a drama of...more

Off the road, onto WCOOP

Even though I didn't win my second bracelet, I still had a really great World Series. I cashed three times and made two fourth-place finishes so I really can't complain. I had planned on getting in a lot more cash game sessions this year but that didn't end up happening....more

EPT10 Barcelona: De Meulder keeping mum

These days many of us are more or less up on how Twitter works. How it can be used to publicize to your followers your thoughts, one-liners, pictures of cats riding skateboards, or whatever else might seem worthy of sharing. Most also understand how even those who do not follow...more

PokerStars perks


EPT10 Barcelona: Celebrating 10 seasons of the EPT

Can you believe that we're entering the tenth season and tenth year of the European Poker Tour? Those of us who have been here from the outset can't. My first appearance at an EPT was the Season 3 Grand Final when Gavin Griffin won and that seems a lifetime ago...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Bigger and better; record field means huge prize pool

The official totals are in, and as far as the final turnout for the EPT10 Barcelona Main Event is concerned, the number is an easy one to remember. Just pretend you're counting out the beat before that first rocking chord is struck... 1-2-3-4! A total of 1,234 players are competing...more

Ssssshhh...I just won $100,000

Keeping a $100,000 secret is hard, especially when you're the guy who just won it. There's this guy in Toronto. We're not going to tell you his name because he's sort of private. He goes by magnum123524, he's 49 years old, and he's engaged to be married. He needs a...more

Win a free WCOOP satellite ticket

Yesterday PokerStars kicked off a #TWITTERWCOOP promotion by asking you to read a blog post. More than 2,000 of you read about the ten-day promotion that is currently running on Twitter, thus completing the challenge (our target was 500) and adding $500 to the prize pool. This brings the total...more

EPT10 Barcelona: See the sea for free, thanks to the EPT

The EPT Concierge service provides all sorts of amenities and other delights to players on the European Poker Tour. A highlight at EPT Barcelona has been to arrange free speed boat rides around the Mediterranean, fun two-hour trips that afford many great sights up and down the Barcelona beaches, and...more

From novice to final table in six months

When I first began to play poker, it was with a whole other agenda in mind. But over the last six months, my interest in poker has developed from a passing curiosity into a borderline obsession. Recently, I have been exploring various ways of playing, but I find that I...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Stevic holding steady

Alexander Stevic -- winner of the very first EPT event back in Season 1 here in Barcelona -- returned today to a stack of 103,900 and has held steady so far on Day 2 as he tries to repeat his performance of nine years ago. In the second part of...more

PokerStars LIVE Macau releases 2013 ACOP schedule

PokerStars LIVE Macau has officially released its schedule for the 2nd annual Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP) which takes place in Macau from October 18 to November 3, 2013. The ACOP is the flagship poker series for the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) and acts as the grand finale for...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Gerard Piqué shows off his poker passing skills

The biggest names in poker - think Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth and Doyle Brunson - are used to being in the media spotlight. Cameras are thrust in their recognisable and marketable faces whenever they're playing a tournament. They're the stars of the show and they know it. Few players that...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Win a satellite, go to Europe, tell a cool story

Of the big 1,200-plus player field at this year's EPT Barcelona Main Event, nearly a quarter of those who entered earned their way in as online qualifiers. Looking at the list of almost 700 players returning for Day 2, around 175 of the qualifiers are still in the hunt to...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Registration deadline: Minute-by-Minute!

11.30am: The record for a non-PCA event stands at 1,240 players, set in Sanremo in Season 6. The field in Barcelona yesterday had reached 1,226 meaning 15 more players were required before registration closes at the start of play today to break that record. I went to stake out the...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Big numbers in the Main Event

Catch up with the Day 2 EPT Barcelona action here. The EPTLive webstream starts at 1.30pm today. Get yourself up to speed now! Click through to live coverage of the EPT Barcelona Main Event. Check out all the festival results here or take a look at what happened in the...more

2 September

EPT10 Barcelona: Night falls -- and a record, too -- as Florian-Dimitrie Duta leads Day 1B

The second and last Day 1 flight of EPT10 Barcelona has come to a close, and after another busy and exciting day of poker it appears Florian-Dimitrie Duta's stack of 187,000 will be the closest challenger to Dragan Kostic's Day 1A tally of 215,000 to start play tomorrow. Florian-Dimitrie Duta...more

EPT10 Barcelona: The hubbub before the end

The end of a big EPT Day 1 has a very distinct feel. There's a lot of dreamers left in as well as a lot of journeymen grinders. Both approach the end differently. Most of the dreamers slow down, careful not to blow their chips and miss that bittersweet overnight...more

EPT10 Barcelona: First ever EPT winner Stevic looks back

Way back in September 2004, Alexander Stevic won the first ever European Poker Tour Main Event right here in Barcelona. He came back again this year with hopes of earning a second Barcelona trophy. Alexander Stevic Sarah Grant talked to Stevic about what that first EPT event was like and...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Once they were random dudes -- how to become a "notable"

Poker reporting is riddled with vague references to a certain shadowy figure that lurks in the corners of the world's tournament rooms. If you look close enough you'll see them, bit part characters whose role is crucial but whose identity is difficult to fathom. Often all we know is their...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Another first for Fatima

"I was happy to be able to eat the fish eyes." So said Team PokerStars Pro Fatima Moreira de Melo a little earlier to our Sarah Grant, explaining what we assume was a first instance of having faced the challenge of eating a dozen fish eyes. Don't worry... it made...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Steve O'Dwyer, sunshine and the guilty pleasure of ice cream

The European Poker Tour takes you around some fantastic destinations. Some, like Barcelona, shine in the sun, while others, like Prague, glisten best under a fine layer of snow. The problem is that if you're either very good at poker or an indentured member of the PokerStars Blog you often...more

EPT10 Barcelona: The case of the bloody two-dollar bill

We'd heard something recently about a big creative project in the works for Team PokerStars Pro Dag Palovic. Something to do with a novel he'd written. Spotting Palovic among the field for today's Day 1B, we headed over to his table to learn more about the rumor. Was it true?...more

Weekend review: Big time in Barcelona with Lunkin, ESPT, and EPT

Let's be clear about this: if you're not paying attention to what's happening in Barcelona right now, you probably don't give a hoot what's happening in the poker world. In just the last couple of days, we have seen a monster €50,000 buy-in tournament, a record-breaking Estrellas Poker Tour event...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Mediterranean meditations

Players and others gathered for EPT10 Barcelona have a wealth of options available to them for exploring the historic coastal city, with the friendly EPT Concierge service at the ready to help facilitate such ventures. Such exploration can even extend beyond the coast out into the Mediterranean Sea, as some...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Music to watch girls by

Daniel Negreanu is learning Spanish. He announced this to his international table, at which are an Austrian, a Hungarian, an American, two Germans, a Dane and a Swede. The Swede happens to be Sofia Lovgren, a young, attractive, photogenic pro who, as someone trying to make a name for herself...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Criss-crossing tours

The start of the 10th season of the European Poker Tour in Barcelona is inspiring a lot of looking back into the EPT's history, with recognition of the tour's considerable growth over the last decade an unavoidable consequence of doing so. Of course, the EPT was just the beginning as...more

Peace and Sport in East Timor

After the WSOP madness each year, the rest of summer is calm for poker players. Everyone takes a month to decompress and prepare for the start of another year on tour. For the last few years I've used that month to go on holidays in Asia. I love Asia. I...more

Freeroll! Thousands on the line in PokerStars Twitter challenge

Ready for a freeroll? You better be, because PokerStars is getting ready to throw one. The prize pool is already $5,000, and it has a chance to get richer every day. Here's how it works. If you deposit at least $10 using the bonus code TWITTERWCOOP, you will get a...more

EPT10 Barcelona: The building begins

Having worked through the initial Day 1B levels, players are now necessarily diverging from the uniform stacks of 30,000 with which all began. Those suffering losses are afforded fewer and fewer alternatives for stacking their dwindling chips, while the accumulators are given more options for how to play their hands...more

EPT10 Barcelona: The number to beat is 1,240. Will Barcelona set new records?

For those with an eye on history there is another distraction, with the number of players registered edging closer to setting a new record for a (non-PCA) EPT field. That figure came in Season 6, in Sanremo, where the ever popular Riviera stop amassed a field of 1,240 in April...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Paul Vas Nunes looking to continue Estrellas success

Yesterday's Estrellas Poker Tour Main Event final table was a big money affair, as befitted a PokerStars record-breaking field of 1,798 players. It was, as we've been all too keen to trumpet, the largest ever 1k event to ever take place outside of Las Vegas. British grinder Paul Vas Nunes...more

EPT10 Barcelona: A smile, a selfie, then serious business

With a new room full of players in place EPT President Edgar Stuchly did the honours for a second time, welcoming everyone to their first day of the new season, and thanking them for their continued support. His greetings are accompanied by a short introductory video played on the big...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Looking back at events of yesterday

It was a busy day on the European Poker Tour yesterday, with the conclusion of the €50,000 Super High Roller event, won by Russian pro Vitaly Lunkin, and the opening day of the main event, with a field in excess of 500 players. Sarah Grant talked to reporter, and bracelet...more

1 September

Sunday Million: Jim1983Pim finishes strong to capture title and $169k

It was another good crowd at the biggest online major when 6,659 entered the Sunday Million to create a $1,331,800 prizepool and the winner schedule to win over $200,000. A great turnout considering the number of players currently playing the EPT Barcelona events. The final 990 of the field made...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Palsgaard1 plows through final table, wins $88K

The final table of this week's running of the Sunday Warm-Up featured several players who have previously enjoyed some time in the spotlight here at PokerStars, whether it was in one of our big tournament series or one of the Sunday majors. The record shows that experience can come in...more

AAnyaLucKK combines skill and luck for Women's Sunday victory

The first day of September brings much excitement, especially with the 2013 World Championship of Online Poker just around the corner. By this time next weekend, WCOOP players will be involved in big pots and looking at massive prize pools. There is $40 million guaranteed over the course of the...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Dragan Kostic roars to Day 1A Main Event lead

If we've come to understand one thing during the past ten years on the European Poker Tour, it's that it's not exactly easy to win two Main Event titles. Some have come close, but no-one has breached this last barrier. But when Alexander Stevic sat down today more than a...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Memories of drinks and hats as Jouhkimainen busts

While Alex Stevic works his stack up beyond the 100,000 mark, one player who will not be making a repeat Barcelona performance today is Finnish pro Joni Jouhkimainen. Twelve months ago EPT Barcelona was something of a coming out party for the young Finn who, along with Aku Joentausta and...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Quixotes by the hundreds

Tournaments. By definition, the odds are long, especially in a large field tourney like the EPT Barcelona Main Event. Last year's winner here, Mikalai Pobal, claimed a head-spinning €1,007,550 first prize for his €5,300 investment. But to get there he had to best a field of 1,082, the largest of...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Vitaly Lunkin beats Erik Seidel to win the Super High Roller and €771,300

Vitaly Lunkin tonight won the EPT Barcelona Super High Roller to claim the first trophy of EPT Season 10. The Russian player won €771,300 and a Shamballa Jewels bracelet after beating one of the toughest fields in poker, as highlighted by his heads-up opponent, Erik Seidel. The tall American, whose...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Going a long way on a little

The first four levels have been rough ones thus far for PokerStars Online Qualifier Tom Gallagher of Ireland. Returning from the break, he's found himself in the position of fighting an uphill battle, his stack down from 30,000 to start to just 6,000 to begin Level 5. But Gallagher is...more

EPT10 Barcelona: The two sides of the Main Event

It's a tragic thing to have to witness -- the nearly haves, exposed to the happiness of the haves. Perhaps there's a case that each should stick to their own. On one side of the barrier the players from the Main Event were filtering out of the tournament room for...more

EPT10 Barcelona: FIESTA!!

We mentioned last night's party at the Opium club where the EPT Season 9 awards were handed out. Our own Sarah Grant was there to check out the scene and to talk to several of the revelers, including James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton of EPT Live. Take a look: Click...more

EPT10 Player of the Year award announced

The European Poker Tour has today announced that the EPT Season 10 Player of the Year Award will come with the biggest prize for a single player of any "Player of the Year" contest in the poker world. The EPT will award €50,000 to the Player of the Year, which...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Bendik headlines Season 9 award winners

As play begins on Day 1A and nearly everyone who started the day still has chips, all remain upbeat as they continue to harbor hopes of lasting the week to become the next EPT Main Event champion. The mood seems extra festive as well either thanks to or despite hangover...more

EPT10 Barcelona: The difference a year makes for Ole Schemion

Last April at EPT Berlin (Season 8) we were on the lookout for some breaking local talent. Who were the future stars of the poker weld? Who would be tomorrow's new Tobias Reinkemeier or Philipp Gruissem. Thanks to some inside tipping courtesy of the German blog, we picked out Ole...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Alexander Stevic looks back on making EPT history

Alexander Stevic sleeps like a baby. He may look tired, that much he'll confess, but the Swede insists that he's fine. Actually he looks fine, using his arms as he speaks to emphasize his infectious enthusiasm for everything, and doesn't look much older than he did in his winner's picture,...more

EPT10 Barcelona: Schemion leads Super High Roller, bubble fit to burst

It's going to have been a restless night for some of the eight Super High Rollers who bagged up at the end of play last night. After 10 levels, including two somewhat improbable ones where players simply refused to bust, we were still on the bubble: eight players fighting for...more

EPT10 Barcelona: The wait is over... bring on the Main!

It has been less than three months since Season 9 of the European Poker Tour came to close -- a relatively short span according to most measures, although in rapid-moving poker-time the wait has been all but endurable. Finally those many weeks of anticipation for the EPT to resume ends...more