$694,209 given away in 100 Billion Hand milestones, much more to be won

PokerStars has given away almost $700,000 in milestone payments since the 99,700,000,000th hand was dealt on Friday. Given away. Not awarded in prize pool. Given to these players. That's an incredible amount of free money to shower upon the cash game tables. But not, maybe, as impressive as this number: 100 billion.

100 Billion is one very big number

It's enormous. Look at it in its full form: 100,000,000,000. That's a whole lot of noughts and an unfathomable number of hands to have been dealt at PokerStars. Have you got involved in the Billion Hand Celebrations yet? If not, you really need to make The Mega Milestone is yet to drop and you could win $100,000's. It's currently looking like the big 100,000,000,000th Mega Milestone hand will drop some time on Thursday. Clear your diary. You do not want to miss this one.

The winner of that hand will win a minimum of $100,000. It could hit at one of the six 1c/2c tables that you have open. As long as you're dealt into the hand you'd be guaranteed at least $10,000, plus another $2,000 per VPP you'd accrued over the previous 50 hands. Check out all the Mega Milestone details here. If that's making your head spin then know this. If it hits your table you're going to win a lot of money. Even if you're playing at the same limits you could win in the stake share!


Join the celebrations!

But that's not all. There's a $300,000 World Record attemp taking place this Sunday which costs just $1 to enter, a $1 million guaranteed Zoom tournament on 23 June, and a $1 million Golden Sit & Go promotion (17-23 June). Find out more about all of those by clicking here. And don't forget to Zoom & Boom when that kicks off for extra cash.

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