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Open-Face Chinese Poker has been dominating my life the last few months. I saw on Twitter that everyone went crazy about the game so I just started playing it with my friends. We tried to figure out a scoring system and a strategy together. In my Hungarian poker circle, with my friends, I was the big winner. My friends told me they're not going to play with me any more unless I give them odds.

I've been playing the game almost everywhere. When I went home to visit my parents for Christmas I tried to hook them on the game. They liked it but not as much as I do. My girlfriend, on the other hand is crazy about it. She is an excellent player of regular Chinese and now is trying to play as much OFC as she can.

My family is full of card players. My parents are general card-loving adults. They play a lot of rummy and those sorts of things. My girlfriend has the same family background with card games. She goes crazy about poker and OFC and whatever comes her way. She likes to take on a challenge, whatever it is.


We spend a lot of time together, so usually we're playing four or five games on the iPad at any time. Games where we can challenge each other - puzzles, Sudoku, anything where we can set up a match against each other. From there it's on. She tries to kill me every time we play poker. She gets really mad if I try to tell her that she didn't play the hand optimally. She doesn't care. She just wants my bounty.

We're very competitive. It doesn't matter if we're in the pool or the room or wherever. We're going to challenge each other. The other day we had a drinking competition. She lost. I'm a big guy, which makes it difficult for her.

That's how our whole relationship started. I lost in a competition against her so I had to take her out to dinner. And I really lost. There are a few times when I might lose on purpose but that wasn't one of them.

As far as losses go, that one worked out pretty well. But losing to her now is painful. Whenever she wins, she starts to dance like the penguins in Happy Feet and scream and go a little crazy. I always know when she wins.

Hopefully she'll never get good enough to beat me in OFC regularly. We already play OFC twice a week. I don't want to start losing to her at a game that's so addictive.

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Richard Toth
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