Confidence Man

I set two goals for myself in poker this year. The first one is to play more EPTs. If you can believe it, I've only been to two! At the end of 2012, I traveled to Prague for my second one ever, and had such a wonderful experience I vowed to make it happen again in 2013. I want to at least play Berlin and Monte Carlo. I'd have played London too, but I couldn't miss the LAPT Chile. It's a re-entry tournament this year and it was too big to miss.

The second goal is to become the best online MTT player I can be. Before last year, I didn't have any big results online. I wasn't playing much and was content just to grind MTTs on Sundays. Then, last September I finally made my first really big online score when I came in fourth in a $1k WCOOP event. Not only did I win over $100,000, I gained a lot of confidence in myself as a player. To be honest, before that win, I didn't consider myself a great online player. I wasn't even sure I was capable of winning a tournament like the Sunday Million or the Super Tuesday. Now I know I can and every time I play I feel I'm about to have another big result.


After the WCOOP, I was really motivated when it came to online MTTs. I upped my volume a lot and sought out advice from friends who were doing well online. My results are starting to reflect that effort. Although I haven't landed at the final table of the Sunday Million yet, I did finish in the top 40 a few weeks back. I've been deep in the Wednesday Hundred Grand too and I've had some good results in turbo MTTs, winning a $215 event and getting a few seconds and thirds. I feel like my game is consistently improving and I'm finally catching up to some of my friends in the Mexican poker community. We have a great group of players here and these days it seems like everyone is running deep and making final tables. Many in our group have worked so long and hard to develop as players and we're finally hitting the sweet spot when it comes to results. I'm so proud of how we've evolved as a community and I think it will be a great year for Mexican players.

I'm more committed to poker now than I've ever been. Although I have a lot of work to juggle between the restaurant business and running a poker room, I've never been more motivated to play, to study, and to improve. For some reason now, I feel I can do it. That big win is coming closer and closer each day.

Christian de Leon is a member of Team PokerStars Pro from Mexico

Christian de León
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