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Daniel Negreanu wins WSOP APAC, $1m and bracelet number five

Daniel Negreanu today won the WSOP APAC Main Event for A$1,038,825 collecting his fifth WSOP bracelet in a dominating final table performance. The Team PokerStars Pro never looked out of his comfort zone and held a significant chip lead from pillar to post.

"Number five," said Negreanu when handed the bracelet. "More to come. It's pretty, very pretty."

Negreanu claimed the jewellery after finally knocking out the tenacious Daniel Marton, the last of his opponents from a field of 405. Negreanu had entered the heads up with a dominating lead of around 11m to Marton's 1.2m but a quick all-in double for the Australian breathed some life back into the contest when Negreanu's A♦8♠ couldn't hold against Marton's J♠Q♠. He had Marton all-in again with A♥8♣, this time dominating a loose 8♦4♠ three-bet shove, but an incredible A♦5♦7♠6♥9♦ gave Marton a gutshot straight on the turn and a chopped pot on the river. Then they both flopped a straight for another split. It took just one more all-in to settle it with Negreanu's pocket deuces holding Marton's suited ace.

It was George Tsatsis who had seemed to be providing the most problems, thanks to his position on Negreanu's left, but he lost the pot of the tournament to bust in 4th when his flopped trips lost all-in to a two-outer with one card to come. Some would say he deserved it for nit rolling Negreanu's top pair, top kicker shove but given the money at play a little reticence is excusable.


Daniel Negreanu books another bracelet

Negreanu's vast live experience paid dividends throughout as he seemed to exploit the big bucks pressure felt by his opponents. Did Kid Poker feel any stress? No. "This is fun. I'm having fun," said Negreanu. It was just another shot at another title. Before play began today Negreanu already had 3 seven-figure scores and 29 six-figures to his name. That's a phenomenal amount of know-how and final table familiarity.

Today's win, which is worth USD$1,081,750, pushes Negreanu's live winnings up to $17,471,425 pulling him in close behind Erik Seidel on the all-time money list. Seidel and Phils Ivey and Hellmuth are all now within shooting distance of Negreanu.

All-Time Money Top Ten
1. Antonio Esfandiari, USA, $24,050,081
2. Sam Trickett, UK, $19,835,680
3. Phil Hellmuth, USA, $17,877,921
4. Phil Ivey, USA, $17,633,676
5. Erik Seidel, USA, $17,584,493
6. Daniel Negreanu, Canada, $16,389,676
7. John Juanda, Indonesia, $14,980,323
8. Michael Mizrachi, USA, $14,436,188
9. Jamie Gold, USA, $12,245,468
10. Joe Hachem, Australia, $11,819,530

negreanu staring down katchalov.JPG

Negreanu staring down Eugene Katchalov in the PCA Super High Roller

Negreanu also extends his lead over fellow Team PokerStars Pro Jonathan Duhamel in the Canadian all-time money list. Duhamel has clocked up an impressive $11,504,712 in live winnings since his first cash in 2006.

Negreanu's WSOP bracelets
April 1998: WSOP $2,000 Pot Limit Hold'em, 1st, $169,460
May 2003: WSOP $2,000 S.H.O.E., 1st, $100,440
May 2004: WSOP $2,000 Limit Hold'em, 1st, $169,100
June 2008: WSOP $2,000 Limit Hold'em, 1st, $204,863
April 2013: WSOP APAC A$10,000 Main Event, 1st, A$1,038,825

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