December Festival: $5m Sunday Million this weekend

This weekend the Sunday Million will carry an enormous $5,000,000 guarantee as part of the December Festival. That's one huge prize pool for a $215 buy-in (which you can, of course, satellite into for significantly less). There's also a ramped-up version of the Sunday Warm-Up during the first of two Million Dollar Sundays.

Whether you're a regular grinder or just liking taking the occasional stab at a big tourney you should think about playing one, if not both, of these tournaments. We know it sounds like a cliche, but there is genuinely some life-changing money to be won. The $5m Sunday Million will have a first place payout of at least $475,000!


Sunday: the day of the grind

There's a total of $27,000,000 to be won during the PokerStars December Festival. The Million Dollar Sundays are just one part of the festive celebration. Check out the full schedule of fun and frolics here. December Mission Weeks start on Monday and the Milestone Hands the week after that.

Next week, both the $11 Sunday Storm and $530 Sunday 500 are being given a $1m price tag. There's some incredible value there. A $11 buy-in for a $1m guarantee? That's like a MicroMillions Main Event.

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