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Do you have the Sickest Setup?

In my day we played poker one table at a time on a single screen! Like men! Like...old men.

Oh, let's just face it. The times have changed. Even the slowest of grinders is working on a few tables at once. People like Team Online's Randy Lew need at least a couple of monitors to keep their volume up.

These days, a good grinding set-up can mark you as a balla among ballas. Your ergonomic chair, track lighting, and machine that makes birdie sounds are just the beginning of your super-duper-ginding cockpit. Your 50-inch dual monitors, Red Bull dispenser, and custom grape-peeling machine are the stuff of legend. Heck, it almost makes Randy Lew's stuff look quaint.

But now, PokerStars wants to give you something for having the sickest set-up around.


Beginning today and running through April 7, Team Online wants to see your Sickest Setup picture. There are ten prizes worth 50,000 Frequent Player Points apiece.

To enter your setup, take a photo and post it on Intstgram with the #starssickestsetup hashtag and your PokerStars ID in the photo. Team Online and PokerStars players will vote, and the top ten setups will win a prize.

The competition closes at the end of the $1 million Sunday Storm Second Anniversary tournament, so get your pictures in now.

To see all the rules, how to enter, and how to vote on your favorites, check out the PokerStars Sickest Setup page.

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging. He has a 17-inch monitor and no mouse.

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