EPT Deauville: Listen to Stapes and Hartigan (and Boeree) all over again

This year PokerStars broke new ground (yes, we know, again) at EPT Deauville by providing EPTLive coverage from Day 1A of the tournament. James Hartigan (tall, British, occasionally funny, often cranky) and Joe Stapleton (beardy, American, often funny, occasionally cranky) hosted a week of feature table streaming direct from the EPT crammed full of poker goodness. If you're old enough to remember the cartoon 'Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends' then you're in the right ballpark: a couple of wise-crackers surmounting everything that's thrown at them with the support of an all-star cast (and members of the PokerStars Blog).

PokerStars.tv has put up every single minute of the final four days of the webcast, which you can find by clicking here. We've picked out a final table episode for you below with some great commentary from EPT reg Dominik Nitsche and Team PokerStars Pro starlet Liv Boeree.

EPTLive lite (that means it's cards-down) will be running from the beginning of EPT London starting on Friday, 10 March. Click through to see the full PokerStars London poker festival schedule.


James Hartigan (left) and Joe Stapleton

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