EPT Grand Final set to be best yet

The EPT Grand Final is the crown of the European Poker Tour's crown; it's big, bright, glittering and has a huge price tag. Today the European Poker Tour has released the full schedule, facts and figures, and it looks incredible.

This season the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino EPT Grand Final in Monaco - to use its full name - is set to be the best yet, running from 6-15 May. Not only is there a 50-event schedule, including every variety of poker under the sun, three separate High Roller events and the €10,600 EPT Main Event, but there will be EPT-run cash games for the very first time. It's going to be quite the finale to close Season 9.


Mohsin Charania won the Season 8 Grand Final for €1,350,000

We at the PokerStars Blog are more than a little excited by it all. It's going to be huge, massive, magnificent and all those other superlatives that say something is going to be great.

You want it? You got it!
The EPT Grand Final schedule boasts 10 days of top quality poker action featuring a sliding scale of buy-ins and a super wide variety of formats.

Open Face Chinese Poker? You got it. (Event 2, €2,150)
Three High Roller events? You got 'em (€10,300, €25,500 and €100,000)
Low buy-in events? You got 'em, too (15 events have a buy-in of between €120-€550)

Take a look at the full schedule here.

EPT-run cash games
We've been told that EPT President Edgar Stuchly is very excited (okay, very pleased) about the changes to cash games taking place in Monaco and what it will mean for the players.

"There will be a variety of cash games at the EPT Grand Final and we are sure this will appeal to players of all levels. We are particularly pleased that we will be able to offer these games with a very attractive rake level, and we are expecting this event to become the biggest cash game festival in Europe," he said.

Gus Hansen, a Monaco resident and well known nosebleed player, has already expressed his backing of the move; "It's great that the EPT will be running cash games for the first time this year. I'm looking forward to some exciting action at the tables."


The EPT Grand Final takes place 6-15 May

EPTLive webcast
The award-winning EPTLive webcast will be covering the festival from Day 1A of the Main Event (6 May) all the way through until a winner takes the title. Expect all the fun, info and analysis from the EPTLive guys backed up by the great tournament coverage, news and views that the PokerStars Blog rolls out each day, every day. Don't forget to sign up to the @PokerStarsBlog Twitter account to stay up-to-date.

First EPT Team Event
If you scroll down to event #44 you'll see:

EPT Team Challenge - Day 1 - €5,150 buy-in per Team Member

If you want more details about this, well, you can't have them quite yet. We're not being contrary, the format is still being worked on by our live poker and scheduling wizards but if you're interested in taking part (it does have a $5k buy-in) then email ept@pokerstars.com to register your interest and ideas. If you're thinking of putting a team together it would make sense to get involved in the process early on. Who knows, maybe you can steer it towards your own speciality; alternating rounds of No-Limit Badugi and Fixed-Limit six-card Hold'em...

Make the subject matter of the email 'TEAM EVENT' so it finds the right home.


Just your typical Monaco street scene..

Whether you join us in person in Monaco or follow along with the PokerStars Blog and EPTLive, we'll be here providing coverage of all the biggest news throughout the event.

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