Get your own Guinness World Record certificate

Were you one of the 225,000 players who played the $1 tournament which made the Guinness World Record as the largest tournament ever? If you were then you might want to pick up your own official personalised certificate to show that you are a record breaker, a Guinness World Record Breaker, no less. It's a nice touch, perhaps something to stick on the wall near where you play. It's a bit of history to be celebrated.

Okay, here's the thing. It will cost you at least 30 of those buy-ins to get your hands on one at the quoted price of £20 (or your local equivalent). That's not going to be a problem for the likes of Mr.SlavaPro, the Russian player who won that giant tournament back in June for $25,000.

For the rest of you? Well, it's not really a strategic, financial or ROI decision. It's whether you want that snapshot of poker history or not. It's about heart, passion, history, legacy, and validation. Okay, maybe it is a bit of a financial question, too. It's your shout, we're just showing you where you can get one.


I did not play (see 'sample' splashed everywhere).

How to get your certificate
You need to click through to the Guinness store and use the details below.

ID: 130711-1015
Code: azgr1076AZ

The cost to receive the personalized certificate is £20 (or equivalent amount depending on local currency) plus postage and packaging.

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