Greatest Poker Hand: ElkY runs like ElkY for the first time

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A phrase came around a few years ago that meant to run really, really, really well. It meant to run like God, but probably a little better. That phrase was 'to run like ElkY'. Bertrand 'ElkY Grospellier, now a long-serving Team PokerStars Pro, used constant loose-aggression to pile pressure onto his opponents, but he sometimes actually turned up with a hand and even when he didn't something incredible would happen... often on the river.

EPT3 Copenhagen was the point that ElkY got his first big time moment in the poker spotlight on his way to a runner-up finish (and some months later a PCA win). Richard Toth, now also a Team PokerStars Pro, was the on the receiving end. Take a look at that one for sure.

ElkY: stacking chips as per usual

The other video? Well, we're not entirely sure what it's doing in running for 'The greatest ever poker hand in the history of PokerStars'. Perhaps it was misfiled from the box that should have read 'The most butchered poker hand to have somehow found itself into the running for the greatest ever poker hand in the history of PokerStars.'

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ElkY announces himself to the poker world

Amusing? Yes. Greatest ever? No.

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