Greatest Poker Hand: Haxton and Lykov bossing it

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There was a time that players whose faces are now plastered everywhere were pretty much unknown. They were just grinders at home, possibly known by their online moniker better than the one on their birth certificate. Among them were Team PokerStars players Max Lykov and Isaac Haxton.


Haxton with teammates Daniel Negreanu and ElkY

In the PokerStars search for the Greatest Ever Poker Hand the TV team have pulled out two bigguns that broke Lykov and Haxton into the poker collective concious. Lykov's stationing is impressive to say that least, while Haxton's read of the action on the river is out of this world. The fact that he actually manages to pull the trigger heads up for a title is just something else. No wonder he can win €1,000,000 pots!

These hands, and many more, can be found on the PokerStars Youtube page, the winner of which could make you some money at the tables. Check out the the ZOOM and BOOM page for more details. It runs 24-30 June. If you don't know about the $5,000,000 100 Billion Hand celebration then you should find out how you can win here.

Haxton showing why he is the boss

Lykov before being crowned king

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