Greatest Poker Hand: Spindler ships and Parise bluff-raises

Have you voted in the hunt for The Greatest Ever Poker Hand in the History of PokerStars?

As part of our the upcoming 100 billion hand party we're taking a look at some of the best, funniest, memorable and strategically sound clips of PokerStars history. Not only is it a great way to while away a few minutes during your lunch break (or minutes 55 to 59 of each hour if you're an online tournament grinder), but will also dictate the hand that plays out in a ZOOM and BOOM promotion that can pocket you extra dollars!

Check out the the ZOOM and BOOM page for more details. It runs 24-30 June. If you don't know about the $5,000,000 100 Billion Hand celebration then you should find out how you can win here.

We're picking out a couple more today, including the absolute beasting talent of Benny Spindler at EPT8 London. He went on to win the event, which you can read about here.

ept london_day 6_benny spindler.jpg

Spindler wins big in London

Benny Spindler sticks it in Paul Foltyn's eye

Brett Parise punishes the blocker bet

Watch all the videos here at the Greatest Hand website.

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