Greatest Poker Hand: MacPhee's hero call tilts Selbst

Have you voted in the hunt for The Greatest Ever Poker Hand in the History of PokerStars?

Well, have you? Here are a couple more choice clips we're putting under your nose, one of which is a clash of two big-name players in a levelling war that could wreck friendships (which we've written about before). The other involves a different kind of hero call, one that played, somewhat strangely, through the streets of Latin America.

The top three clips will go to a panel and one of those hands could win you a lot of money. Check out the the ZOOM and BOOM page for more details. It runs 24-30 June. If you don't know about the $5,000,000 100 Billion Hand Celebration then you should find out how you can win here.


"Look what this fish called me with!"

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Rick Dacey
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