Home (happily) for the summer

Years ago, when I was chasing the first Hungarian bracelet, the World Series of Poker was very exciting for me. I couldn't imagine not to play all the World Series events I could. For 40 days I'd wake up every day, maybe have a training run, and then start to play at noon. There was a feeling every day of expectation, of playing something different and new. A limit game, a no-limit hold'em game with a small buy-in and a big field or a bigger buy-in with a better structure. Every day is different at the WSOP.


The downside is that after grinding for 40 days I'd feel like my brain was burnt out. After the World Series I was so tired every year. Some of the structures aren't the best and the crowds can get frustrating. There were a lot of reasons to be unhappy with the experience.
This year is the first year since 2006 that I decided to enjoy the European summer. My girlfriend and I are planning a holiday in Sardinia and Sicily. I've never been there but it looks like a beautiful place in pictures and my girlfriend is crazy about all the Italian food and the gastronomy. It's going to be a lot of fun.

I'll go to a lot of music festivals and concerts here in Hungary as well, which I'm very excited about it. Mostly R&B and hip-hop is what I really like. And when I'm not doing that I'll be riding around on the new 700cc Ducati motorbike I bought a few weeks ago. This is my first bike so I think I have to be in love with my first bike, and I am.

That's the plan for the summer. It's an exciting feeling, not being in Vegas and planning things other than poker. But at the same time when I saw all the early reports, the tweets, the Facebook posts by all the other guys playing in Vegas, it kind of hurt. It wasn't easy. I started I feel like I had to go to Vegas.

But, when I stopped to think about it, I realized I didn't want to go to Vegas that much. I was able to get a good poker fix at home anyway. The 100 Billionth Hand promotion on PokerStars created great cash game and tournament action. The fields were soft.

Anyway the cash game action at the Rio during the WSOP doesn't compare to the cash game action in Europe at the EPT events. Those games are a lot better than the games in Vegas.

When I was chasing the first Hungarian bracelet, I couldn't imagine being anywhere but in Vegas for the summer. Grilling a couple of steaks at home with my friends and my girlfriend suits me just fine.

There will always be another cash game or tournament somewhere, but somewhere doesn't last all that long in Hungary!

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Richard Toth
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