I'm a TV star... again!

I have just started a new project. I'm a TV star... again! Let me explain.

Up until the end of last year, I used to host a web-based poker talk show called "Mich interessiert Poker" (which basically means "I'm interested in poker"), but the company who produced it ended up moving onto other projects and the show was cancelled. The program was quite popular, actually, but that company had other things going on and pulled out.


"What do you mean you're cancelling my show?!?"

But now a new company has come along and the show is back! Or at least a very similar one, anyway. The new show is called "Table Talk mit Jan Heitmann" and the first episode has already been produced and posted.

I think during the previous run of the show we made about 20 episodes total, most of which featured me talking with top German pros. The idea was to have someone interview these people who is somewhat on the same level as they are -- not that I consider myself necessarily the equal of some of these guys -- who could get these top players to share insights to a wider audience.

With this new version of the show we are playing around with some new ideas, but again the show is based on the same premise of featuring interviews lasting about 20-25 minutes. That tends to be a good length for such a show, although with most of the guests I find I could talk to them for two hours if I could.

We'll again have some high-stakes players -- guys like Tobias Reinkemeier and Philipp Gruissem -- and talk to them about what it's like to play at the top level against such tough competition. But I'd also like to do what we did on the previous show and have other guests on, too, such as when we had the editor of a big German poker magazine on, or when we had an expert on tells -- kind of the German Joe Navarro -- which made for a very popular episode.

I was really sad when the previous show was canceled because I really enjoy talking about poker, especially to such a variety of people. The fact that the show was well received in the German poker community also made it harder to let go. That's why I'm very excited to get a chance to start it again.

Previously we shot episodes in a studio, but this time we'll be doing some of the shows at other locations, including at EPT stops where it's a little easier to get access to some of the pros. I mentioned that the first episode has already been posted. That one was shot during the taping of the popular "German High Roller" show in Velden -- kind of our version of "High Stakes Poker" -- on which I was playing.

I spoke with Martin Finger for that episode, and as you can see we were able to sit in front of the picturesque Wörthersee lake which provided a nice backdrop for our conversation.


Jan Heitmann speaks with EPT champ Martin Finger

Like I say it's great fun to talk to players and guests, and I also enjoy the interaction with viewers, too, who give feedback and make suggestions regarding future guests and topics.

The show is hosted over at the Pokerfirma website here's a link to that first show with Martin Finger, if you are curious. There's also a channel on YouTube where should be able to find it without too much difficulty.

Wish me luck as I continue to work on my "Table Talk"!

Jan Heitmann is a member of Team PokerStars Pro.

Jan Heitmann
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