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Kroko-dill up for PokerStars Grand Slam, nearly 30 set for Triple COOP

As the Turbo Championship of Online Poker kicked off this afternoon, we started looking at some numbers, and we realized something. In the history of the World Championship of Online Poker, Spring Championship of Online Poker, and Sunday Million, no one has won what we call the PokerStars Grand Slam--a title in all four.

But someone could win the PokerStars Grand Slam this month.

This is Kroko-dill, a man known to his family as Andrey Zaichenko. He's a Russian poker pro in his mid-30s. Over the past several years, Kroko-dill has won SCOOP, WCOOP, and Sunday Million titles. He is the only person in PokerStars' history to tick three of the four major columns on our spreadsheet. A TCOOP win this month would make him the first person to win the PokerStars Grand Slam.


Andrey "Kroko-dill" Zaichenko

While Kroko-dill is the only person with a shot at the Grand Slam, there are several people who could win a TCOOP title this month and tick a box in every major COOP column, the PokerStars Triple COOP. Among those players are some of the biggest stars of the game. Here is the full list of people with WCOOP and SCOOP titles to their name.

  • shaundeeb
  • djk123
  • cal42688
  • Donald
  • Darreta
  • ElkY
  • GeorgeDanzer
  • jmonnett
  • Unassigned
  • 7PRS
  • Andy McLEOD
  • Astrolux85
  • Beckersen81
  • Big_Nemo
  • buck21
  • flashdisastr
  • FlyingSumo
  • GermanBraine
  • Iftarii
  • LuckyGump
  • marroca5
  • mig.com
  • niccc
  • PiMaster
  • pistons87
  • Sowerss
  • Ulett_23
  • It's an elite bunch to be sure. Many of them have multiple SCOOP or WCOOP titles. As TCOOP just got started last year, the top players in the game haven't had nearly as many chances to pick up a title.

    Will any of them get the Triple COOP this year? Well, we're about to find out, because TCOOP starts...now.

    Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging

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